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Analyst: Motorola’s RAZR MAXX Outsells iPhone 4S on Verizon During Q2

According to a network analyst, Motorola’s uber-popular RAZR MAXX has completely outsold Apple’s iPhone 4S on Verizon during this year’s second quarter. Motorola is beginning to see success again, thanks to Verizon’s constant marketing of their all-powerful 4G LTE network and the device’s 3300 mAh battery. But what will happen in the fall when Apple unleashes its iPhone 5 onto the masses – Will it feature LTE? Will it have a larger 4.0″ display? Let’s see if Goo-Moto can keep this success streak going forward with the RAZR HD.

Via: Phandroid

  • Nole-Android User

    I want a Nexus phone from MOTOROLA! Make it 1080p quad-core 2.5Ghz hahaha!!

  • Man the iPhone is like 8 months old and smashed all records.. what is there to be proud of? An announcement is looming for the new one, and whilst that is happening, people are waiting – great time to brag about mad sales figures! What a joke, iPhone still offers the best overall experience, best selection of apps, and best version of apps. Look at NBA.TV – I used it for a month on the ONE X before I went back to my iPhone 4S.. mate its chalk and cheese, the android version sucks, as does the popular game scramble. On iPhone the nBA videos are smooth and high quality – on android it looks like cheap ass 240p on youtube. Then there is that perfection of the scrolling of the touch UI on iPhone, cmon guys, i know they make big profits, and charge a lot – but dont hate on the BMW of phones – its the best so dont hate as you cruise past in your Hyundais!

    • David

      True fact, Some people actually want to drive hyundai’s over BWM’s. Just as some of us want hybrid’s over ferrari’s if given the choice and that’s honestly what it comes down to. There truly isn’t a “best” device. Because as you’ve shown, the best device for a person really depends on that person. Like an iphone is great for someone who want’s a phone that just works. it’s great for people who want to be told what’s okay. Android on the other hand is the “best” for people who want to take control of their device and know what they want. The only reason that iPhone’s are so “smooth” is because apple control everything that goes onto the device. I don’t know about you, but if i wanna use google map’s vs apples implementation i should have a choice. If I want a dictionary to be complete with “dirty words” I should have that choice, But that’s just it.. when you use an iOS device the reciept for buying it is pretty much a warning saying “you have just given us complete control so SUCK IT”. If i pay for a phone and i want to put porn on it till the thing explodes in my hand.. i should have that choice. Sure it’s smooth, but at what cost? If im gonna pay 300-500$ for a device. Which is rather common for mobile tech now I want to have control over it, not be told “lol you’ll use it how we see fit” basically it’s lease vs buy. Lease work’s for some and so does buy. it just comes down to what your preference is.. either you want to be told how to use your device, or you want to use it how YOU see fit. So you may think iphone is the BMW of mobile phones, But in reality… That’s nothing but opinion. The best depends on the person.

      • This guy has it right. I mean really I can’t do anything but reiterate what he said. You either want to be in control (Android) or you want toBe controlled (Apple). Period. Not only that, all of the iPhone’s “features” have been done by Android for months or years depending on what “feature” you’re talking about.

  • adam

    i upgraded to the maxx on the 5th, and verizon has a 14 day return policy. can i return it, and pre-order the S3?

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    I travel a lot between las Vegas and the bay area and I’ve yet to even see a single person on the street with a RAZR O.o

  • Its becasue people are waiting for the 5 to come out….they dont wanna get f’ed by apples ridiculous update cycle

  • Someguy

    Who knew that people actually want large batteries on their phone? Oh wait. Everyone except the OEMs. Props to Moto for doing it right.

  • r0lct

    I guess it shows at the end of the day battery is more important to the average user than tech specs.

  • RonsterWVU

    Seems to me like the people are waiting for the iPhone 5.
    I bet iPhone sales are down all around.
    GASP! *Did he really just say that!*

  • stubbX

    I’ve convinced a couple people to get the Razr/ Razr Maxx instead of the iPhone. Not bragging but just showing how if more people advertised what Android can do, then maybe people would realize how stale the iPhone is.

  • Akashshr

    It was a winner, just a surprise it took so long!
    Looking at the RaZr HD so far, It a total knockout, Will blow everything out.

  • dang haters going to hate. A lot of people hating on an Android phone winning on Verizon.

  • droid

    its just because verizon tries to sell this phone to every single person who walks through the door.

  • truename

    Could it be that the iPhone mania is coming down and peeps are choosing a better phone?
    Nah, that can’t be, can it?

    • Oh I think it can. And the iPhone5 will end up a disappointment because… Well, there’s nothing about it that any other high end phone can’t already do Today! And they are months from even announcing it… I can’t wait to laugh when I see this thing

  • John

    A new model that’s outselling an old, outdated and soon to be upgraded model…Duhhhh!


    How is that I don’t know a single person that owns one??

  • Paolo_Ozaraga

    This isn’t surprising to me. I was in Verizon last week and ended up having to buy a new phone since they couldn’t fix my old one. They were pushing the Razr Maxx hard. At least 3 salespeople had one, and I overheard one lady calling her husband saying she got a Razr Maxx instead of an iPhone.

  • Counsel Dew

    You know what is “magical?” Not having to say “Battery Aziz” to anyone you are filming! 😉

    • Pfigurella

      Never tell that to The Sand Spider!

    • David

      Pardon me for asking, But is that a fifth element reference to the whole, “Aziz, light!”

  • frankandsimple

    There has been absolutely no love toward windows on Verizon. Too bad.. because windows phones are pretty decent actually.

    • r0lct

      True, but most of us are looking for something better than decent.

  • nightscout13

    NICE! Way to go Moto! See? that bigger battery DOES make a difference….

    • Diablo81588

      Tell that to HTC, lol..

      • Oh, they are finding out. So many complaints about the HTC One X on forums.

  • +1 for #TeamDroid

  • Maggs

    I’m the 98% who don’t care, lol. I do love my Maxx but wish I had known about the SIII coming out before I went and upgraded. I did a panic upgrade when I found about Verizon getting rid of the unlimited plans. We have no internet at home so my cell is used alot once I leave work. We totally need to keep our unlimited plan. The more pics and video’s I see of the SIII it kinda of looks too big to me now, i’m a woman with short fat fingers and getting used to handling the Maxx without dropping it is taking some time. Prior to the Maxx I had the Droid X and was very happy with it.

    • michael arazan

      Rumors of the sg3 started in February this year in full force, i even read rumors of the sg3 back in November not too far after the sg2 launch. For the latest and greatest, you have to do your research, imo, if you want the best 2 year phone. My contract was up last september, and I waited after the bionic, htc, razr, and nexus all were released before I made up my mind. I would have waited longer but i was so sick at how slow my og droid was it was driving me crazy. I wanted to wait till better processors were out but settled for the gnex as I didn’t want a skinned phone and I wanted a pure android experience, back then in early january.

    • arthur2142

      I also made a panic purchase of the RAZR MAXX. I loved my RAZR, but knew the battery wouldn’t last me two years, and I also wanted to keep my Unlimited Plan. Thankfully, the GS3 announcement came within 14-days of purchasing the MAXX, so I was able to return it, get my upgrade re-instated and pre-order the GS3… Unfortunately, I sold my RAZR on eBay and had to activate my wife’s old DX2 while I wait for my GS3…ugh!

      • Maggs

        I called to return my Maxx but missed the 14 days by 2 days, guess I should have been following more closely. The last time I upgraded my phone was Christmas 2010 and I had 30 days to return it, didn’t know that was only during the holidays, oh well, keeping the Maxx which is a great phone so far.

  • donnydon

    Btw saying that noone buys a Moto because of a locked bootloader is ridiculous. 99% of android buyers dont even root. So stop that nonsense.

  • donnydon

    I have a MAXX but lets be realistic. Iphone 4s came out last year. MAXX came out 2 months ago. Iphone craze is dieing down. Not a impressive stat guys sorry to burst bubble.

    • 2 months ago? It came out in April? lol.

    • Alexander Garcia

      Umm… I bought mine on Feb 2, 2012. So if I do my math right…

    • Diablo81588

      Maxx came out in January..

  • fanboy1974

    I’m really shocked! Speechless!

  • Crakalakin

    My local Verizon store was REALLY giving me the hard sell on one of these when I went in to play with a Gnex vs. a Rezound. It’s a fine phone, I’m sure but it doesn’t appeal to me. The manager literally would not talk to me about the Gnex and made me talk with one of his other sales associates (“I don’t like that phone”, he said; “You obviously don’t like my money, either”, I thought). But, he was more than willing to hock the Maxx to me every time I turned around. I think that’s a big reason the Maxx is doing so well: Verizon is really pushing it. But, c’mon; assuming the iPhone 5 has LTE, Motorola could dip their phones in gold and it’s not going to change most people’s minds. You buy an iPhone because it’s an iPhone, not because you were unable to find something better. People who want an iPhone are going to continue to buy them and people are going to want iPhones for at least a couple more iterations; Apple has that much momentum right now. A “poor” quarter on one carrier isn’t going to change that. Now if the iPhone 5 doesn’t have LTE . . . then maybe there is an opening.

    • Lord_Vader1941

      Ahem…. when you crawl out from your iDerp meeting, please take note the iPhone 4S is the 5th installment of the iPhone line follow me here….. iPhone 5. Ergo, the new iPhone would be the iPhone 6 not 5. Come one sheeple….

      • Are you kidding? I’ve seen the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. Where have you seen a iPhone 5?

    • Yes Verizon reps give the hard sell for the Razr it’s because they get a better commission from a Motorola sale than a sale of any other phone. People want a phone with a set of features that they want. Ithingy or otherwise, the Maxx sells because it has something people have OVERWHELMINGLY said that they want better battery life. Is it the phone for me not a chance is the ithingy the phone for me again not a chance.

    • Steve Wojciechowski

      I agree with what you are saying in regards to people will buy iPhones because it is an iPhone. Like you mentioned, the RAZR could be dipped in gold and sprinkled with diamonds, while the iPhone is rolled in dog sh*t and covered in p*iss and people would still buy it.

  • I can’t celebrate with this piece of news because there’s nothing happy about it. It may be a financial success, but it’s a total failure to Google when it comes moving the Android platform forward. First of all, it still don’t have ICS — why should I be happy with a top seller that still doesn’t have the latest Android OS over 6 months after ICS was released? Next, the screen just doesn’t compare well with other flagship released around the same time. It’s qHD + PenTile! Then, no NFC. Let’s forget whether NFC is useful or not — but Google definitely wanted it to be useful, right? And, to make something useful, you at least want to deploy it to the market so that it has a chance to be useful. Nah, now we got a top seller in Verizon that has no NFC. No wonder NFC in Android is not taking off like Google wanted it to be, because many people still don’t have those damn NFC chips in their phone!

    The only thing I find out from the report is that if Verizon really wants to sell you something, they can succeed. Imagine what will happen if they put the same amount of effort into selling the Galaxy Nexus. It just highlights how bad Google is when dealing with its relationship with the carrier. They simply can’t convince the carrier that the Nexus is the phone to promote back then. Look at Motorola, look at Samsung. Hell, even HTC manages to get Verizon to put more money into marketing its Incredible 4G LTE (which is a far inferior phone than the One X.)

    • Diablo81588

      Verizon will never give their advertising money to a development phone. Imagine the warranty nightmare if everyone started flashing custom kernels and radios.

      • r0lct

        That makes no sense, unless they advertised in the commercial it was for rom’ing.

        • Diablo81588

          What part of it doesn’t make sense? Verizon isn’t going to heavily advertise a phone that could end up losing them money in the long run due to warranty claims. Give the majority of customers the ability to brick their devices by flashing custom firmware and see how many people bring the phone back for warranty replacement. To add fuel to the fire, I’m sure Verizon asked Samsung to lock the bootloaders on their phones, but they refused. Make friends with Verizon and they will take care of you. It seems to be working for Moto.

          • r0lct

            But it’s next to impossible to brick your phone. That hasn’t been real problem in years.
            I get why they won’t advertise a non droid phone. I just don’t see an average consumer all the sudden deciding to Rom just because they bought a nexus, that’s the party that doesn’t make sense that you insinuated.

    • hkklife


      I’m glad to hear that Moto is selling *something* *somewhere* but it could’ve been even hotter. Just imagine if the RAZR had been equipped with a MAXX battery when it launched before the holidays in 2011! And the RAZR HD should have appeared in the April-June timeframe (ie prior to the GS3 arrival) as VZW’s first skinned ICS device to receive major marketing $.

      But the most inexcusable bungle of them all is that the RAZR line should’ve been VZW’s first legacy GB devices to receive ICS updates. At this rate the SGS3 will arrive in stores with ICS out of the box before ICS hits any of Moto’s devices. Another sad reminder of the Jha era.

      A commentor below said it best, the incremental RAZR–> RAZR MAXX upgrade path was nothing more than a ploy designed to let VZW & Moto milk aging hardware for another 6 months. It also let Moto & VZW stall in bringing out both ICS and large HD screens until after the new tiered plans arrived. The only reason they “threw us a bone” with the SGS3 release was likely because Samsung forced their hand. These endlessly recycled hardware “refreshes” reek of Palm and RIM…and look where those smartphone pioneers are now!

    • Wow..

      Android isn’t all about Google’s wants, that’s why it’s open sourced, or
      maybe that’s just a consequence….either way. It’s a project lead by
      Google, Google is not its Lord and Master…

      So it doesn’t really matter what Google wanted with NFC really. Though
      if they cared about it so much, they could’ve been pushing for more than
      2 years since the Nexus S launched…and yet they haven’t really done
      that. I mean Nintendo pushed NFC harder than Google did, and that was
      for a few gimmicky launch games. No, I’m not convinced Google really even
      gives a damn.
      Seems to me like you just want the best selling android device to adhere to what you want Android to be, which to me is way more against moving android forward than any non-HD screen having, NFC lacking android phone could ever hope to be.

    • Droidzilla

      If you really think that the only reason people purchase a RAZR over a GNex is advertising, you’re not being very objective. I got the RAZR over the GNex and I’m very, very far from an uninformed buyer who simply eats what Verizon feeds me.

  • Jon

    I’m starting to think that the Galaxy SIII launch might actually be on the level of an iPhone launch. As long as they have sufficient supply for the demand, I think this will give the industry pause at a different way of selling lots of phones that doesn’t involve Apple.

    • Honestly, look at your facebook wall right now. Is anyone talking about the SIII? I doubt it.

      The general population walks into a store, look at the options on a shelf, and buys the one they like the most. Or they want an iphone before they walk in and walk out with that.

      • michael arazan

        Launches are just for corporations and press

      • Jon

        well the funny thing is….to answer your question, no…but I have had 2 friends tell me they are waiting to buy the S III. They aren’t tech geeks like I am. I think this phone is getting way more buzz than the average Android release. Verizon has the phone plastered on their front page. Sprint has it among their rotating banner. Presales are going to be huge, and there are going to be a lot of people using it early on because it’s on 4 carriers. That’s a big deal. The phone is kinda huge and memorable when seen, so I think it will certainly get noticed “on the street.”

        I’m just sayin, this phone could easily surpass the brand awareness of the OG Droid…and that was the phone that put Android on the map.

  • So a phone that was released last year is finally getting outsold by a phone that was released months ago….makes sense.

    • Diablo81588

      Name another phone that outsold the iPhone on Verizon then…

      • I cant bro, i was saying that the article doesnt really do justice cause the two phones werent released at the same time.

        • Diablo81588

          It’s still quite an achievement. Up until now, the iPhone was the top seller on every carrier that it was available in the US. During every iPhone announcement, Apple likes to flaunt how well their current generation product is doing. First, it was iOS still has more marketshare than Android. Now, they can’t say that, as Android has twice the market share as iOS currently. Then, they state the iPhone is still the number one selling smartphone. Pretty soon, they won’t even be able to claim that!

          • NicholasMicallef

            Probably the hardest achievement to take from them would be greatest profit considering how *cough*Overpriced*cough* I mean high end their phones are.

          • Steve Wojciechowski

            Right on brother! What will their next dwindling thread of hope be?

    • Stew

      I’ll vote you up man… I’m happy for Moto but this is an unfair fight.

    • google

      according to an analyst who has no sales information. haha, this is a pathetic report.

  • OreoMan

    You mean the iPhone5 that has the back plate look as the HTC One S? First they steal the Android functionality and now they take the look of an Android phone. Envy much?

  • Ahku Droid

    Excellent!! I was at a very large bachelor party last weekend and too many of them had iPhones, though they were all supremely jealous of me running entertainment all weekend from my own cloud via MotoCast. This is something else for me to taunt them with.

    • TD

      Yep, i*hone is pretty common at bachelorette parties.

  • Allen Byrd

    The only carrier worth getting a 4S on is AT&T. Even then, it still isn’t worth it. Lol.

    • Diablo81588

      Why? To have to deal with constant dropped calls? Everyone that I’ve seen on ATT with an iPhone complains of dropped calls and general connection issues.

      • RAZR_FANN

        Because it gives everyone the illusion that it has “4G” because that’s what it says in the status bar, even though it says that regardless of 3G or 4G and if you’re actually anywhere near 4G signal at all. I laugh at HSPA+. LTE rocks. Oh and then there’s the dropped calls. That’s pretty bad.

        • Oh but it’s an iPhone that scrolls really smooth, so the dropped calls are ok.

    • Droidzilla

      AT&T has the GNote and the SGSIII. If the 4S were free, it would still be too much on AT&T.

  • ace

    All new phones on verizon have to be LTE capable.

  • I’m confident that the success of the RAZR Maxx is precisely why we won’t get a sniff of the HD before the 28th is over.

    Glad I get to pick between the MAXX and the SG3 because Verizon is greedy.

    • TD

      Go with the SG3, spec-wise its a better phone, and it will have much better developer support. If Samsung decides not to update it, you can find someone who has. I will be surprised if any of the Razr phones ever get Jellybean at this point. I can imagine the list of ICS patches will be plenty.

      • Jon

        Samsung also released the source code for the Galaxy SIII European version. That’s about as close to encouraging the development community as you can get.

      • Maybe I don’t have to choose after all:
        I have 4 upgrades available on my account. 2 of which are on basic phones for the parents. I spoke with a rep today. I plan on upgrading my Droid X to the MAXX (for $50 dollars with my NE2 discount and the $100 off coupon), then immediately transferring an upgrade to my line to pre-order a SG3. Since I’ll never be using the extra upgrades I figured at the very least I could sell the phones to buy the RAZR HD off contract. If this is successful, I may repeat it again on the other line we want to have unlimited data. You definitely keep your unlimited if you pre-order the SG3 before the 28th.

    • Microsoft also has a standing ban on all Motorola imports into the USA due to a patent dispute. So there is THAT.

      • BigRed4X15

        Um isn’t Moto an American company based out of Illinois?

        • How is that relevant?

          • Akashi_Raikoh

            Because then its not an “import”.

          • Yeah it is. They come from overseas. They aren’t made here.

          • Also, instead of being ignorant, just google “Motorola fans banned from US” and you’ll see tons of links from top sources. Have a day.

  • Emilio_Buttsextivez

    Maybe this would be a relevant statistic if they released at the same time… Good for Moto but come on.

    • Diablo81588

      The Maxx was released at the beginning of Q1. I slightly see your point but its not like the phone was just released. Were almost at Q3 already.

    • Yeah but, new phones were released on other carriers and they didn’t beat the iphone on those carriers. That’s why it’s significant. For example, Galaxy Note…

  • S23

    Damn my dad (Works at Moto) Kept tellin me this! Hopefully they can fully recover and get close to samsung’s level with Razr hd releases on all carriers or something like that

  • Diablo81588

    Damn those locked bootloaders! Moto, if you don’t unlock em, noone will buy! You will soon go the way of the dodo!!

    • that guy

      Moto is still losing customers from people who care about that sort of thing but it is gaining way more than it is losing

      • Diablo81588

        That just goes to show that about 2 percent of people on Verizon care about locked bootloaders. The other 98% either don’t care, or don’t know any better. As I’ve said all along, marketing from Verizon is way more important to Moto than unlocking their phones to satisfy the few who care about such things.

        • Liderc

          It also proves that 98% of people buy into marketing, instead of buying something with a nicer screen, or better features.

          • or 98% of the people want their phone to work as a phone and last all day.

          • Diablo81588

            There’s nothing wrong with the RAZR’s screen. I’ll take great battery life, a usable speakerphone, and reliable phone calls over a marginally higher DPI screen any day of the week.

          • Liderc

            My phone works perfect, so your argument doesn’t work for me. All things equal, I want the better screen. Plus, it’s not just the DPI, it’s a totally different screen tech.

          • Diablo81588

            Totally different? Last time I checked, they both were Super AMOLED, and both were pentile. If I had to guess, I’d say Samsung supplied the screens for both phones. The ONLY difference between the two appear to be the resolution. Even then, the average person probably couldn’t tell the difference if they were placed side by side.

          • Liderc
          • Diablo81588

            Great, lets all bring DSLR cameras to the store and take macro shots of what screen is better. The only thing that article proves is what I’ve said before, the Nexus has slighty higher DPI.

          • Liderc

            Razr- 256dpi, Nexus- 316.

            There’s a difference, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t.

          • Dain Laguna

            His point still stands though: you are incorrect about it being a totally different type of screen tech. They are both super amoled. One just has a higher resolution and better dpi.

            If you buy a 400 dollar plasma and a 1000 dollar plasma, one is probably better….but they are still both plasmas/still the same basic screen tech, not TOTALLY different as you put it

          • jeesung

            No one with normal vision can see the difference from a standard viewing distance (~1 ft). You’ll have to be staring at your phone inches from your face to have a chance.

            Plug in some numbers based on science. Let us know what you find.

            The facts about visual acuity are valid for phones as well as home theater or other TV screens. It’s useless tech for phones.

          • Droidzilla

            I had the choice to get a GNex or a RAZR, and I got the RAZR. I guess I just buy into marketing. I had the OG Droid, rooted/ROM’d it to hell and gone, have had a few Android tablets, Android devices on other carriers, done a (very) little bit of developing, had an article published on DL; but at the end of the day I’m just a slave to Verizon’s marketing. I just don’t know any better.

          • Liderc

            I was mocking his 98% statistic.

            Be a little less literal, it’s the internet kid.

          • Droidzilla

            Your point was that the people buying the Maxx over the GNex are uninformed, and that’s what I was replying to. I couldn’t care less about the made up statistic.

            By the way, what’s the “internet kid”? Is that like the “Star Wars Kid”? Post a link!

          • The Maxx screen is brighter, but the GNex screen is slick looking… Like a picture. either way I wish I had a GNex with a Maxx battery. lol

    • TD

      I don’t buy based on this principle.

      • MikeSevenfold

        Congratulations…for once in your life you are part of the 1%

    • I lol’ed.

  • YourFriend

    I wonder if BGR will dare report this.

    • Ahku Droid

      Doubt it. They couldn’t possibly retract their claim from today about how much iOS 6 is widening the gap of superiority and leaving our paltry “high school science project” of an OS in the dust.

      • evltwn

        I just read that article and it is such a joke. BGR’s Editors are the worst I’ve ever seen. Even their so-called Android guys are idiots. That site is so shameless in its love of Apple and iOS.

    • Steve Wojciechowski

      LMAO, I was just coming into the comments to post that. Those guys are so delusional and in such denial about Android being more popular these days.

    • Mario

      Hahahaha.. that my was first thought as well.. perhaps they should rename the website iBGR.com

      • tomn1ce

        crapple would sue them even if they favor crapple in every article that they write….

        • Immolate

          The wages of boot-licking are contempt.