Sensordrone for Android, a Kickstarter That Actually Looks Worthy of My Money

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We recently came across the Sensordrone project on Kickstarter, and frankly, it looks pretty awesome. With the sensor hardware that connects through Bluetooth to your device, checking the carbon monoxide levels in an area, natural/artificial lighting, and even your BAC is made possible. The hardware comes with a ton of various sensors onboard which is what makes some of the following things possible:

Application examples:

  • Air quality
  • Breath alcohol
  • Color matching
  • Non-contact thermometer
  • Weather monitoring
  • Crowd sourced Sensor Data
  • Games (totally new concepts)
  • Flatulence (use gas sensors for both serious and not so serious measurements)
  • Totally new applications/Multi-sensor mayhem!

To receive a beta of the Sensordrone you only have to donate $99, which isn’t too bad. The project has already reached its goal, so this will in fact come to fruition. Does checking your BAC before you drive home from the bar interest you at all?

Via: Kickstarter

Cheers Isaac! <3



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