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Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 IMM76K Update Apparently Rolling Out in Small Batches

Yep, that is a screenshot of the 4.0.4 IMM76K update for the Galaxy Nexus that is apparently rolling out to a select group of users. Well, either a select group or in super small batches. We have a handful of readers who claim to have received the update, however, we keep checking with folks on Twitter and almost everyone is coming up empty. Keep on checkin’!

Update:  If you look through the comments, it certainly sounds like it is indeed rolling out to quite a few G-Nex owners. Settings>About phone>System updates!

Update 5/31:  The update is still rolling out in small batches from what we can tell. It’s about 50/50 for users finding the update available in the comments. I hate to say “be patient” but that’s about all we can say.

Cheers Steve, Sean and Joseph!

  • Today at approximately 6:25mst I received a pop up that I needed to download the update and I did download it I still have no ideawhat this update added if possible pllease reply to me and let me know what is added to my phone!!

  • Sandman366

    Anyone got any idea why mine doesn’t work right? Starts to “update”, then does the green droid icon open like R2D2 with a door saying something is wrong. Pulling battery lets me boot, but the update itself doesn’t work. And it constantly is asking to apply something that doesn’t work. I’ve tried like 4-5 times…similar results each time…

  • Will I receive the update if I’m running 4.0.4 IMM30B?

  • jasdempsey

    My phone finally downloaded the update, today 5 June 2012.

  • so i tried the framework trick yesterday like 10 times with no luck, tried just now with wifi on and it worked second time, i think wifi is the trick..

  • desperate

    Texas got it yet?

  • achaf86

    Nothing in northwest Ohio yet I even did that trick 20 times and got nothing!!!! 🙁

    UPDATE: I just received it @ 9:32am est

    • MikeSaver

      Am I the only one in the world who hasn’t received it? Do you need to be on 4G to get the update? I don’t get 4G in my house (signal extender). -Boston, MA

      • achaf86

        No u don’t all I did was went to settings app all then click google framework clear data but didn’t force close it the last time then it finally showed up!

  • K

    Still not received here in southern Indiana.

  • steveP

    Got it overnight. Woohoo!

  • wickets


  • itheman23

    How I just manually got my stock 4.0.4 OTA update… Went to Apps; Running; Google Framwork Services; Clear Data; About Phone; Check for updates date shows 1969; Check Now; Boom IMM76K is downloading as I share this with you.

  • AndroidUser

    I received the OTA around 10:45pm PST, I’m in So-Cal as well.

  • msnight04

    I just received the OTA around 11:00pm PST. I’m located in So-Cal.

  • yellowcanary73

    You all enjoy your G/N done with it just traded mine for the RAZR Maxx. Loving it

    • yellowcanary73

      Did the same thing and all I can say after 10 hours still 90% G/N would have been charge twice.

  • Captain Johnny


  • sofarsogoodsowhat

    Got it, Cincinnati OH

  • Arturo Ledesma

    got it, got it, got it. Hopefully this can help someone.
    I got home to my wifi and the download started automatically. THANKS GOOGLE.

  • elden avila

    Just got mine 10 min ago I’m in North Carolina (visiting from LA)

  • Lol I just received mine while reading the comments fyi I’m just outside Chicago

  • Stereopc

    I got the 4.0.4 update tonight.

  • Bigsike

    Ok so upon getting the OTA and during the reboot to install all I’m getting is a flying Andy with a red exclamation point. It will not go any further has anyone else seen this? I am rooted and bootloader unlocked but that’s it no other mods. Little help 🙂

  • Predd

    Holy crap! The Google Framework trick actually worked! Downloading the update as I’m typing this. Here’s hoping it fixes my rebooting issues.

  • Just got mine too! Metro Atlanta area (although i’m not sure that matters much). This morning I tried the Google Framework trick about 20 times and no dice. I just did it now, once, and it immediately popped up. Update took about 3 minutes to complete with no issues

  • finally got it! tried the “google services” trick about 5-6 times and bam, there’s the update. been a happy gnex owner since it launched. looking forward to the next nexus.