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Asus Plans to Unveil “Next Transformations” at Computex Next Week, New Transformers Already Ready?

Computex, one of the major tech conventions, kicks off around June 5, but Asus is planning to unveil something before that and it will more than likely be some sort of new Transformer. The teaser video for it – which is the cheesiest thing on the planet – talks about multiple form factors, the changing of the cloud, and their “Next Transformations.” We aren’t exactly sure why we need yet another Transformer tablet/keyboard combo, but why not, right? Are we thinking a 7″ version that is dock-able? Or is this another look at the Transformer TF700, which is Asus’ take on a retina-type display?


Cheers Jacob!

  • Higher_Ground


  • Michael

    I hope this means that the transformer prime will come down a lot in price, Father’s day is coming up and would like to get this for him with the keyboard but am on a budget.

    • Higher_Ground

      The transformer pad tf300 is a more reasonable price and so far I’ve got no complaints. Still on the fence about the keyboard dock since it’s still $150 and I don’t do that much composing.

  • Jason M

    7″ with a dock sounds odd, but wonderful too. Would buy both in a heartbeat.

  • qwerty

    it looks like instead of a keyboard dock, it may present a 2nd dockable screen? idk what the point of that would be, though

  • Jason

    Hey Asus, what would be truly incredible would be to fix the software issues with the prime. Or better yet try doing something truly practical and useful like introducing an update that stops my prime from rebooting every time I play video. If not then do something exceptionally ethical and refund all those who spent money on a product you cant or wont support.

  • Non_Sequitur

    TF700 for my birthday, please.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Would you like some “cake cake cake” with that?

  • Trevor

    7-inch, please.

  • Guest

    When will these android tablet manufacturers realize that the constant flow of multiple and similar confuses the customer and cannibalizes the product line?

    • If there’s one thing Apple is getting really right is releasing only 1 product a year. Android manufacturers would do well to only release a product MAYBE every 6 months and don’t announce it 7-10 months in advance. God, that irritates me.

  • obie one