Video: ASUS Teases Us With Possible New Transformer Tablet at Upcoming Computex Conference

asus teaser

It’s been a full year since we saw the last launch of an ASUS Transformer tablet. The Infinity came out in February of last year and since then we haven’t heard much from ASUS about their flagship line of Android tablets. Today though, ASUS has taken to YouTube to post a teaser for this year’s Computex conference which has the tagline “We Transform.” Excited?  (more…)

Woot! Hosting Blowout Sale On Tons of Tablets and Accessories

woot tablet sale

Daily deal website Woot! is known for having Android tablets on sale every now and then, but today they are taking it to a new level. Just to name a few of the tablets that are on sale today we have the ASUS Transformer 10.1″ ($239.00), Motorola XYBOARD 8.2″ ($240.00) and the Toshiba Thrive 10.1″ ($249.00). You can also get the original Android tablet, the XOOM ($199.00) along with other tablets from ASUS, Viewsonic and VIZIO.  (more…)

Asus on Jelly Bean Updates: Transformer Pad, Transformer Prime, and Pad Infinity Receiving It in the “Coming Months”

Asus dropped a note into the DL offices this morning to update us on the status of Jelly Bean for their Transformer line of tablets. According to this statement, the Transformer Pad, Transformer Prime, and Pad Infinity will all receive Android 4.1, however, the only time frame they would give us is “in the coming months.” Asus has typically been faster than any other OEM on the planet when it comes to updates, so don’t be surprised if it happens fairly quickly.  (more…)

Asus to Unveil Dual-booting Windows and Android Tablet at Computex?

Earlier this week, Asus teased their upcoming Computex appearance by talking about “next transformations” and showing what appeared to be the outline of a new tablet and keyboard dock combo on video. Today, two new teasers give us a better hint, one that leads us to believe they have developed some sort of dual-booting tablet that can run both Windows 8 and Android. As you’ll see in the video below and the screenshot above, one water droplet is pulled into two, giving us logos for each separate OS.

There have been rumors of dual-booting Windows and Android tablets floating about for the last few months, so this move by Asus is not all that surprising. We are just wondering if anyone is interested. With the tablet and keyboard dock, plus what we would assume would be high-end specs, you could really have an all-in-one device here. Android tablet for fun, Windows tablet for work-related stuff.

Thoughts?  (more…)

Asus Plans to Unveil “Next Transformations” at Computex Next Week, New Transformers Already Ready?

Computex, one of the major tech conventions, kicks off around June 5, but Asus is planning to unveil something before that and it will more than likely be some sort of new Transformer. The teaser video for it – which is the cheesiest thing on the planet – talks about multiple form factors, the changing of the cloud, and their “Next Transformations.” We aren’t exactly sure why we need yet another Transformer tablet/keyboard combo, but why not, right? Are we thinking a 7″ version that is dock-able? Or is this another look at the Transformer TF700, which is Asus’ take on a retina-type display? (more…)

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Update Rolling Out, Bug Fixes and Face Unlock Included

Asus is continuing their excellent service record for “OG” Eee Pad Transformer owners with a new firmware update. The newest update will bring you up to build number and has a few needed bug fixes and added features. For starters, Transformer owners really wanted Face Unlock, a popular feature from Ice Cream Sandwich, which is now baked into the tablet. Go download the update and tell us if you can spot any other noteworthy features or fixes.

Cheers Jose and Mahers!

Asus Transformer TF101 Receiving Update to Build Number, Should Fix Newest Case of Lag

Asus is sending out another update to the Transformer Eee Pad that should address the newest case of lag and other bugs that have become apparent to TF101 owners. The build that is being pushed out now is numbered and as far as we can see on the About page, that is the only change. Once we find some additional info or an official changelog, we shall update the post.

Are you noticing some better performance on your Transformer Eee Pads this morning after the update?

Cheers Adam and Bret!

Asus Transformer Pad TF300 Review


The folks over at Asus were nice enough to send us a brand new Transformer Pad before they hit the US market here in a few days. The tablet itself is Asus’ attempt at creating a powerful tablet with strong on-paper specs, but keeping it at an affordable entry-level price for people who could possibly be shopping for either an Android tablet or a netbook. Coupled with the separately sold lapdock accessory, the Transformer Pad is capable of taking on your most important business and then handling your favorite Android apps with ease. Read on to see how it is almost the perfect example of when good looks meets affordable functionality. (more…)