ASUS to Settle Class Action Lawsuit, Paying $17 and Free Dongle to Owners of Transformer Prime Tablets

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This past Sunday, ASUS posted to their official North American Facebook page that the company has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit, resulting in the payout of $17 and a free GPS extension kit to every U.S. buyer of a Transformer Prime TF201 tablet. Previously, ASUS was handing out free dongles to affected customers, but for some folks out there, that must not have been enough and they decided to take legal action.  (more…)

Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out to Transformer Prime Owners This Morning

Now that’s what I call a turn around time. Yesterday, we reported that ASUS’ Gary Key took to XDA to let owners of the Transformer Prime and Transformer Infinity tablet know that they could expect to see a Jelly Bean update within 48-72 hours. Less than 24 hours later, we have Jelly Bean.

Prime owners, go update and we’ll update all of you Infinity owners as soon as we hear it has gone live.

Cheers Andrew, Nick, Angel, Bill, and Steve!

ASUS to Push Jelly Bean Out to Transformer Prime Tablets in Sweden, Still No U.S. Love

This morning, ASUS Sweden took to their Facebook page to announce that Transformer Prime owners would begin to see the Jelly Bean update for their devices as early as today. As you might have already guessed, we’re not in Sweden, but this is a good sign that owners here in the U.S. can expect to see JB sometime shortly as well.  (more…)

Having Trouble With Your Asus Bootloader Unlocking Tool? Send it in to Asus

Fortunately for all of us here, ASUS not only makes awesome hardware in their tablets, but they were also one of the first manufacturers to start voluntarily unlocking their bootloaders. Unfortunately, the tool has not been working for a while now, users who try and unlock are met with this message:

An unknown error occurs, which may be a network connection issue.
Please wait and try again later

It has been going on long enough for Transformer Prime owners to make their voices heard to ASUS. However, ASUS says the only way to fix this problem is to send it into the company and let them take care of the whole thing. There has been a “special repair process set up for the affected tablets” but who knows how long it will take ASUS to work through all these.

Have you run into this problem with your Prime?

Via: XDA

Asus on Jelly Bean Updates: Transformer Pad, Transformer Prime, and Pad Infinity Receiving It in the “Coming Months”

Asus dropped a note into the DL offices this morning to update us on the status of Jelly Bean for their Transformer line of tablets. According to this statement, the Transformer Pad, Transformer Prime, and Pad Infinity will all receive Android 4.1, however, the only time frame they would give us is “in the coming months.” Asus has typically been faster than any other OEM on the planet when it comes to updates, so don’t be surprised if it happens fairly quickly.  (more…)

Asus Transformer Prime Receives Minor Update, Face Unlock Now Available

Asus has begun to roll out the .28 firmware update to Transformer Prime owners. Included in the update are a few tweaks to the stock browser and a new notification for when your GPS dongle is attached, but the big news is the addition of Face Unlock. I guess some folks can never get enough of their beautiful faces. Go check out the update and let us know if you notice any other goodies.

Cheers Todd and David!

Asus Plans to Unveil “Next Transformations” at Computex Next Week, New Transformers Already Ready?

Computex, one of the major tech conventions, kicks off around June 5, but Asus is planning to unveil something before that and it will more than likely be some sort of new Transformer. The teaser video for it – which is the cheesiest thing on the planet – talks about multiple form factors, the changing of the cloud, and their “Next Transformations.” We aren’t exactly sure why we need yet another Transformer tablet/keyboard combo, but why not, right? Are we thinking a 7″ version that is dock-able? Or is this another look at the Transformer TF700, which is Asus’ take on a retina-type display? (more…)