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Wednesday Poll: If There are 5 Nexus Devices This Winter, Who Should Make Them?

A report out of the Wall Street Journal last week claimed that Google will potentially welcome in up to 5 “Nexus” or lead devices this winter to help launch Jelly Bean. Once launched, all of the devices will be sold directly to customers unlocked and off-contract (hopefully at reasonable prices too). It’s just a rumor at this point, but it makes a heck of a lot of sense for Google to go this route. They are sick of carriers interfering with updates, release schedules, etc. and this would give them ultimate control.

With that said, there has only be speculation at this point as to who will make what. Will we see 3 phones and 2 tablets? 4 phones and 1 tablet? All phones? Who will make them? Will HTC, Samsung, and Motorola produce the phones with Asus and Acer making the tablets? Maybe LG will get their first shot at a Nexus phone and Samsung on the tablet front?

In today’s poll, let’s discuss it and sell each other on what combination we think would be the best. Go!

  • yazan hasan


  • Troubled_Asian

    Asus for both phone and tablet.

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    No disrespect, but who cares, if you are on Verizon or Sprint your pretty much beat and at very best you would have like one device to choose from.

  • pd240

    Kellen – what white case is that on your gnex.

  • Alexander Garcia

    As long as Motorola and HTC are in the game, I’m happy. In my opinion, Moto and HTC are hands down the best Android OEMs out there. Again… my opinion. Cheers.

  • ojaymayo22


    …one can dream, right?

  • dsass600

    I say Samsung with a large-screened phone, HTC with a mid-sized phone, and Motorola with a slider.

  • if 4 phones and 1 tablet i would choose, huawei, zte, k-touch, and ……, nexian, the tablet would be an ipad 2 knockoff.

  • Prime7

    They can use anyone they want, but I’m never going to buy a Motorola or HTC device.

  • BAoxymoron

    -Motorola needs to make a slider/tank phone reminiscent of the OG DROID
    -HTC needs to make a premium model for those who want the best screen, best audio all wrapped up in a high quality attractive body
    -Samsung needs to make a medium sized phone that is all screen and no bezel
    -ASUS… Premium tablet w/ keyboard dock… although I guess that goes with out saying
    -Samsung budget friendly tablet with good specs…

  • App4That
  • master94

    If there is a tablet then ASUS FTW.

  • MechaEx

    The only one I care about:

    Asus: Nexus Padphone

  • brando56894

    Moto, HTC and Asus. I don’t care about the rest.

  • iconwodan

    Samsung (High end phone)
    huawei (Low end phone)
    HTC (mid range phone)
    Asus (Tablet)
    and I guess a motorola something since they spent so much money on it, not that I would ever buy a moto phone or tablet but hey unless they want to repeat Hp’s mistake they had better use what they bought.

  • tomn1ce

    Motorola, HTC, Sony, Asus and Samsung…I put Samsung last for the wonderful job they did on the G-Nexus speakers…..I’m not too happy with the speaker quality…Hoping that with the update that should come in the next 5 months /s, that problem is somewhat resolved….and don’t tell me to root, I’m not into rooting…

  • Tyler

    1) 4.5+” HTC (or Samsung) Nexus
    2) 4.3″ Motorola Nexus
    3) 4″ LG (or HTC) Nexus
    4) 4″ Motorola Physical Keyboard
    5) Asus Nexus Tablet
    I fell there needs to be a variety of phone sizes to accommodate the different types of people. LG and Motorola don’t have a nexus device so i think they should get one, while Samsung needs to learn to make heavier duty phones so let them sit out on this potentially. Motorola should get both a medium sized phone along with a slider physical keyboard phone because they can make a nice thin slider using the same design that makes the droid razr so thin with maybe og droid look. But considering not everyone wants a keyboard the 4.3″ would be good for Motorola as well (Droid Razr HD?). LG could make a smaller potentially cheaper but yet still powerful phone to accommodate women and non-power users who wouldn’t have the biggest pockets or hands. HTC would be my candidate for the largest of the bunch with powerful specs and a great graphics card but also holding a significant battery to keep it charged. And for the tablet Asus would be a great brand who is fully capable of making a great tablet to compete with the iPad and hopefully surpass it.

  • Jwhap

    I would love to see something equivalent to the
    1. Asus Pad Phone (tablet and phone)
    2. HTC Phone
    3. Motorola Phone
    4. Samsung Phone
    5. Asus or Samsung tablet (200 dollar tablet)

    These would be my pics. I would probably have a hard time choosing between these options. Though if the padphone option was one that would be difficult to pass on.

  • Ryan Scott Miller

    HTC, HTC, HTC, Asus, Samsung

  • no one makes a better phone than motorolla, samsung just plain sucks,nice screen but all junk inside

    • will bartlett

      my gnex is wonderful.

  • why release jelly bean when they havent got all the bugs out of ICS yet, they are tryin to move way to fast, get one working correct,then move to the next

    • will bartlett

      what ics bugs are you talking about?

  • motorola has to create a nexus device preferably a droid with keyboard, I dont really care for the other 4.

  • One of them better have a goddamn sliding keyboard.

  • dan4patriots

    Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, Asus

  • sk3litor

    4 phones one tab. Give’em all a shot at doing the best job. Motor, HTC, Samsung, LG, nokia

  • Motorola with a sliding keyboard.

  • SammyRocker5150

    I hope HTC Moto and Samsung make the phones. Samsung allows for huge worldwide sales. Moto could make an LTE Version for us Verizon folk. Asus would definately kill with a Nexus tablet, as well as Samsung I’m sure.

  • Droosh

    Let’s get some new blood to see what innovations in hardware design can emerge. How about:

    & Moto will always be their anyway.

  • stubb

    HTC Nexus X ( one x meets pure jelly bean)
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus+ (5.3 inch 720p Super amoled plus. Note meets Nexus)
    Motorola Nexus Pro ( Razr design with sleek keyboard and business oriented)
    Sony Nexus Play ( PSP controls that slide out, Google Play evolves with games that can be played on a PSP or this device)
    Asus Optimus Nexus ( the king of tablets, quad core, 4g, jelly bean, 260+ppi Super IPS 10 inch.)

    LG……you’re not worthy!

    • Kevin Schotts

      Only if the Motorola comes with soft keyboard as well

  • ob Martin

    how about for just 1 phone Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and Google all work together to make the ultimate Nexus. And it can give u the ability on setup to choose what type of skin u use. whether it b touch wiz, Sense, Motoblur, or stock. and its unlocked with all the popular features from every manufacturers phones.

  • tonysam1

    1. high end Asus or Samsung Tablet
    2. $200 Asus Tablet
    3. Successor to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    4. Moto Nexus Razr
    5. Small Form Factor HTC Nexus

    I’d be so ecstatic for this line up I’d buy every one of them.

  • Bob Martin


    Let the flame war begin

  • C-Law

    Asus. I love their stuff. Give em a chance with a phone

  • Champlification

    Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung, and HTC.

  • sofunnytom

    Moto-Keyboard slider
    Asus-Convertible Tablet

  • Thing342

    Here’s what I think.
    3 Phones –
    -A low-end phone by Samsung (Nexus Mini, maybe?) for $99
    -A mid-range phone by HTC for $299 (With One series branding, perhaps?)
    -A high-end phone by Motorola (Droid Nexus) for $499

    2 Tabs-
    -A budget 7″ by ASUS for $299 (Nexus Play Tab 7)
    -A high-end 10″ by Samsung for $599 (Nexus Play Tab 10)

  • EC8CH

    I’d like to see an Apple built phone running stock Android.

    Their hardware is very nice… to bad about that app jukebox ui.

  • Josh Flowers

    their screens are the nicest, imo

  • chris125

    htc, sony, samsung, moto, lg

  • RedPandaAlex

    I want a nexus padfone more than anything

  • topherct

    5 phones: Samsung, HTC, MOTO, LG, and ASUS or SONY
    Then there will be a separate category for tablets (maybe 2 or 3): Could be Samsung, MOTO, ASUS or ACER

  • zhihaoquek

    HTC, Samsung, Sony….



  • DanWazz

    4 phones: HTC, Moto, Samsung, Sony
    1 tablet: Asus

  • Shawn

    Idc who makes what as long as it comes directly from Google I know my updates will be on time but I do have 1 request can one of the phones be like the note in screen size and have a pen ^_^

  • burpootus

    Anybody but motorola. Unless they change under Google’s ownership and become friendly to the developer community, they deserve to sell zero phones. All the press reports say there will be a firewall between the two companies. I hope moto goes out of business.

  • dang, now i don’t want to buy an phone this Q

  • swagmar

    1. Asus
    2. HTC
    3. Huawei
    4. LG
    5. Xiaomi (the company who made MIUI and the Mi-One)

  • Trevor

    Phones: Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson (they have some cool-looking phones sometimes)
    Tablets: Asus or Samsung (for the Exynos processor)

  • Big_EZ

    3 phones and 2 tablets, or 4 and a tablet

    1. Motorola 4.5-5″ (same size or slightly bigger than the RAZR Maxx with less bezel)
    2. Motorola 4-4.3″ qwerty
    3. HTC
    4. Samsung

    1. Asus 7″
    2. Asus 10″