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When is My Android Phone Getting Ice Cream Sandwich? [Verizon]

ice cream sandwich updates

With Motorola and HTC finally giving us semi-definitive timelines for Ice Cream Sandwich updates for their Verizon devices, we thought it was best to gather them all into one place to make it easy for you to keep track of. As we hear official word from other manufacturers, like Samsung or LG, we will update this post to reflect those changes. We will also be adding a sidebar shortcut to it, so that you can check on it frequently. Yeah, you may want to bookmark this one as we make the push into a summer filled with ICS. 




  • Galaxy Nexus:  Already running Android 4.0+
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1:  Update started rolling out September 17.
  • Galaxy Tab 7.7:  Update approved on October 5.
  • Charge:  No time frame given – update doubtful*
  • Stratosphere:  No time frame given – update doubtful*
  • Illusion:  No time frame given – update doubtful*
  • Fascinate:  No time frame given – update doubtful*



  • Xperia PLAY:  Not receiving Android 4.0


  • Breakout:  No information provided – update doubtful


  • G’Z0ne Commando:  No information provided – update doubtful

Again, we will try to update this as we have more complete information including specific dates, so check back regularly.

*The Charge, Stratosphere, Illusion and Fascinate are all essentially original Galaxy S devices, which we are not expecting to receive Android 4.0. Samsung could surprise us at some point in the future, but you probably don’t want to get your hopes up.

**When announced, Verizon made it clear that the LG Lucid was “Android 4.0 upgradeable” but would not provide a specific date or time frame. Verizon also announced that both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 7.7 would receive the update – no time frame given.

***The LG Revolution is a first-gen LTE device with minimal specs. With LG not having the greatest track record when it comes to updates, we would be surprised if they took the time to update this phone to Android 4.0.

  • jocuri

    buy next time a nexus, they always have fast update

  • I’m pissed. I would NEVER have dropped Sprint and gone with Verizon had I known they were liars. I was promised a “free” upgrade to ICS on my Incredible 2. Now, if there is a class action lawsuit, I’m there.

  • I think about buying an HTC, at the moment I own a Samsung Galaxy but it´s a joke how long Samsung needs to update their phones. HTC is very fast and provides updates very fast. I would like to upgrade to ICS very soon because I have problems to view GIF images with the Android browser which results in a very bad experience for my WordPress Blog http://www.gratis-kontakte.eu when I log in to the admin panel.

  • Pff

    Your a lucky bastard if your phone wont receive ICS…

  • KellyGonzii

    Dang it, I’m screwed….my Xperia Play is STILL on 2.3.3 Android Version -.- still waiting for a company to be able to flash the Droid Razr Maxx HD from Verizon to Pageplus so I can get it O.o Hopefully soon :/

  • Okki125

    Well past august and no official roll out of ICS on the TBolt… sounds like this list needs an update.

  • Sadman

    Well Verizons flagship phone the Thunderbolt will be 2 years old from the release date here very shortly and still no ICS or update that works trouble free. Their b****** stepchild is dying on the vine and the customer service on this phone which people paid a lot of money for is now non existent. They should have been forced long ago to either refund the money on this phone or give free upgrades on a different phone.

  • abc1.zealforlife.com

    I I DO NOT RATE THIS A 5 STAR BUT IT WONT ALLOW ME TO CHANGR IT A ZERO IS MY RATING AN F hate this update….my phone is now a POS I will change providers after 14 years flash player no longer works. My screen shot no longer works says I have to buy the not rooted version of screen shot. Phone is so slow.. I will never buy another DROID if this is not fixed if I wanted a phone that acted like an iphone I would have bought an iphone how do I go back to previous soft ware. Why does a carrier feel they have the right to change everthing about the OS and the whole phone I purchased….this is not my phone in the slightest…sorry but I absolutely am discusted with verizon and droid for making these changes…youad no right…this is a completely different phone now!!!

  • Henry

    Ice cream sandwich for Thunderbolt is a deceptive dream. Vz has no intention of producing such software and has blown its deadline and its promises several times already.

  • Sam

    It’s almost November, and my Incredible 2 still doesn’t have ICS. What’s up with that?

  • My phone is saying that there is a update in progress but nothing is downloading what’s going on is my bionic getting ics or is it just messing up

  • Marc

    FYI… Bionic started getting ICS last week

  • Tom Z

    “Thunderbolt: July or August 2012” Ha, I call BS on this!

  • Vince

    I own the thunderbolt and still do not have ICS…………

    • Tyler Chappell

      Then you should try running the leak back from August 22nd, its a bit buggy but overall good enough to have been my daily driver for the past 2 months. And there is also Liquid’s ICS which I have not tried yet.

  • Jimmy Bowen

    i have a nexus 7 and cant watch espn watch can that be fixed?

  • Chadyady

    Is the US VZW HTC Rhyme ever getting ICS?

  • Rockrebel9

    What the hell happened to ICS on the Thunderbolt? 2 months after they said and nothing!

  • ERiggs

    That’s cute: Xoom rollout Q2. It was one of the first to run Jelly Bean-that was a couple of months ago now.

  • mikereed

    whats up with the incredible 2? its almost october……

  • cchamp22

    I was inform by samsung that the Charge would not be getting ICS or jellbean.