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When is My Android Phone Getting Ice Cream Sandwich? [Verizon]

With Motorola and HTC finally giving us semi-definitive timelines for Ice Cream Sandwich updates for their Verizon devices, we thought it was best to gather them all into one place to make it easy for you to keep track of. As we hear official word from other manufacturers, like Samsung or LG, we will update this post to reflect those changes. We will also be adding a sidebar shortcut to it, so that you can check on it frequently. Yeah, you may want to bookmark this one as we make the push into a summer filled with ICS. 




  • Galaxy Nexus:  Already running Android 4.0+
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1:  Update started rolling out September 17.
  • Galaxy Tab 7.7:  Update approved on October 5.
  • Charge:  No time frame given – update doubtful*
  • Stratosphere:  No time frame given – update doubtful*
  • Illusion:  No time frame given – update doubtful*
  • Fascinate:  No time frame given – update doubtful*



  • Xperia PLAY:  Not receiving Android 4.0


  • Breakout:  No information provided – update doubtful


  • G’Z0ne Commando:  No information provided – update doubtful

Again, we will try to update this as we have more complete information including specific dates, so check back regularly.

*The Charge, Stratosphere, Illusion and Fascinate are all essentially original Galaxy S devices, which we are not expecting to receive Android 4.0. Samsung could surprise us at some point in the future, but you probably don’t want to get your hopes up.

**When announced, Verizon made it clear that the LG Lucid was “Android 4.0 upgradeable” but would not provide a specific date or time frame. Verizon also announced that both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 7.7 would receive the update – no time frame given.

***The LG Revolution is a first-gen LTE device with minimal specs. With LG not having the greatest track record when it comes to updates, we would be surprised if they took the time to update this phone to Android 4.0.

  • jocuri

    buy next time a nexus, they always have fast update

  • I’m pissed. I would NEVER have dropped Sprint and gone with Verizon had I known they were liars. I was promised a “free” upgrade to ICS on my Incredible 2. Now, if there is a class action lawsuit, I’m there.

  • I think about buying an HTC, at the moment I own a Samsung Galaxy but it´s a joke how long Samsung needs to update their phones. HTC is very fast and provides updates very fast. I would like to upgrade to ICS very soon because I have problems to view GIF images with the Android browser which results in a very bad experience for my WordPress Blog http://www.gratis-kontakte.eu when I log in to the admin panel.

  • Pff

    Your a lucky bastard if your phone wont receive ICS…

  • KellyGonzii

    Dang it, I’m screwed….my Xperia Play is STILL on 2.3.3 Android Version -.- still waiting for a company to be able to flash the Droid Razr Maxx HD from Verizon to Pageplus so I can get it O.o Hopefully soon :/

  • Okki125

    Well past august and no official roll out of ICS on the TBolt… sounds like this list needs an update.

  • Sadman

    Well Verizons flagship phone the Thunderbolt will be 2 years old from the release date here very shortly and still no ICS or update that works trouble free. Their b****** stepchild is dying on the vine and the customer service on this phone which people paid a lot of money for is now non existent. They should have been forced long ago to either refund the money on this phone or give free upgrades on a different phone.

  • abc1.zealforlife.com

    I I DO NOT RATE THIS A 5 STAR BUT IT WONT ALLOW ME TO CHANGR IT A ZERO IS MY RATING AN F hate this update….my phone is now a POS I will change providers after 14 years flash player no longer works. My screen shot no longer works says I have to buy the not rooted version of screen shot. Phone is so slow.. I will never buy another DROID if this is not fixed if I wanted a phone that acted like an iphone I would have bought an iphone how do I go back to previous soft ware. Why does a carrier feel they have the right to change everthing about the OS and the whole phone I purchased….this is not my phone in the slightest…sorry but I absolutely am discusted with verizon and droid for making these changes…youad no right…this is a completely different phone now!!!

  • Henry

    Ice cream sandwich for Thunderbolt is a deceptive dream. Vz has no intention of producing such software and has blown its deadline and its promises several times already.

  • Sam

    It’s almost November, and my Incredible 2 still doesn’t have ICS. What’s up with that?

  • My phone is saying that there is a update in progress but nothing is downloading what’s going on is my bionic getting ics or is it just messing up

  • Marc

    FYI… Bionic started getting ICS last week

  • Tom Z

    “Thunderbolt: July or August 2012” Ha, I call BS on this!

  • Vince

    I own the thunderbolt and still do not have ICS…………

    • Tyler Chappell

      Then you should try running the leak back from August 22nd, its a bit buggy but overall good enough to have been my daily driver for the past 2 months. And there is also Liquid’s ICS which I have not tried yet.

  • Jimmy Bowen

    i have a nexus 7 and cant watch espn watch can that be fixed?

  • Chadyady

    Is the US VZW HTC Rhyme ever getting ICS?

  • Rockrebel9

    What the hell happened to ICS on the Thunderbolt? 2 months after they said and nothing!

  • ERiggs

    That’s cute: Xoom rollout Q2. It was one of the first to run Jelly Bean-that was a couple of months ago now.

  • mikereed

    whats up with the incredible 2? its almost october……

  • cchamp22

    I was inform by samsung that the Charge would not be getting ICS or jellbean.

  • AnnoyedwitMoto

    I have a pretty decent ICS Port from Hashcode on my D3! I’m hoping the updates come fast n furious. Oh, and to moto, Screw You A-hats! I got ICS whether you like it, or not!

  • Sad-rhyme-user

    I thinks it’s safe to Say rhyme is never gonna get the update . It was only mentioned then that was it . It’s pretty much almost an extinct phone now . Such a shame . God big red is horrible at their upDates

  • Man of many Droids

    Its stupid the Droid 3 isn’t getting Ice cream sandwich they literally said in a statement droid 3 is capable of having it, ( duh considering the phone came out right before the update) but they just aren’t going to update it. Pisses me off

  • PC_Tool

    “Spectrum: First half of 2012”


    • smwandrie93

      shouldnt of bought a spectrum…

      • PC_Tool

        …and what would your suggestion be?

        A Galaxy Nexus? Got one, thanks.

        The hardware was solid. The dev support…lacking.

  • MikeAdams

    I guess that I’ll just have to wait for Windows phone 8, but somehow based on what they currently offer — I’d be shocked if Verizon carries them. Maybe time for a bigger switch. Not that VZ cares. We have been with them since GTE days. (I never had issues with Customer service back then)….

  • brittany warren

    don,t get the droidrazr it is a bad phone

  • Matthew Merrick

    you guys may want to update this… Xoom LTE updates are already out and droid charge will not be receiving ICS

  • Well “June or July” has come and gone and no ICS update for the HTC Rhyme… 🙁

  • Mike

    I’m going to guess the Bionic will get the ICS update the last day of Q3 which is an absolute joke. I LOVE my bionic but Motorola doesnt give a crap about the customers. When I can upgrade again, goodbye motorola & HELLO SAMSUNG!!!!!!

  • Lambo_21

    come on MOTO give us ICS on Bionic!!!!!! ITS PAST EARLY Q3!!!!

  • I’m over waiting for LG and VZW to update the Spectrum. Going to reactivate my Droid X, which is rooted and now on the Liquid ICS 4.0.4 ROM.

  • d_mobley14

    I have an LG lucid and I need ice cream sandwich now! Or Jellybean. That would be just as fine as ICS.

    • ERiggs

      I kept hoping too, but I think we’ve been shafted by a marketing ploy. :/

  • CaptM

    Q3 will be gone before we know it, when is my Bionic going to get ICS?

    • today if you flash the leak

    • abc1.zealforlife.com

      Nothing works since this update my suggestion is do not do it…nothing on my phone works now and it is so slow now

  • I have only had my Samsung charge for one year and update is doubtful. So it is doubtful that my next phone will be Samsung

  • Silver Veloz

    Any news on the “Official” ICS for Droid Bionic?

  • alkalitta

    what ever happened to Randolph Scott ?

  • robotturkey

    Kinda ironic that the ICS UPDATE List is not being updated. 😀

  • Matt

    are you seriously kidding me right now? like really, i’m stuck with the crappy DX and they’re not even gonna update it..
    screw verizon.
    screw motorola.
    I hate technology. ):

  • dw8labs

    HTC Rezound didn’t get an update yet and it’s July 31!

  • Chase

    What does “Update Doubtful*” mean? I talked to a guy at the Verizon store in my town and he said that the Stratosphere will get ICS 4.0 In November. I’m NEVER going to own another Samsung device from you guys.

    • Tyler Chappell

      Umm, he lied, the stratosphere will in fact not be receiving ICS at all. Samsung abandoned that phone as quickly as they did the Charge.

      • smwandrie93

        thats why they are remaking it….?

  • Morlok8k

    Q3 2012 has now started! “Sunday, July 1, 2012, – Sunday, September 30, 2012.”

    • Morlok8k

      man, screw ICS… when is my Droid 4 getting Jelly Bean?

  • Paigepop

    my 4G is worse since i got my update on my Bionic.

  • Matt

    Dear Verizon,

    We hate you so much.


    HTC Rezound owners

    • Terrance Steiner



      HTC Thunderbolt owners

      • Lambo_21

        and Droid Bionic users

        • And Charge Owners

          • Brandon Bevill

            Droid 3 owners still love you big red. We honestly didn’t expect much to begin with.

    • wlmeng11

      Not anymore.

  • RFTim

    Today my original HTC Incredible phone says updates available, do you want to update to Android 4.0? I say of course and proceed. The phone power cycles then states I do not have enough space on my device to install the update, please remove some applications to increase storage. Okay, I did. Now when I go back to System Updates it says my device is currently up to date. First, I didn’t know Verizon was pushing ICS to the org incredible. Second, how can I fource my device to check and receive the ICS push? Thanks

    • ERiggs

      Not sure if this is too late but I don’t think it was an upgrade to ICS though a lot of Inc’s, my husbands included, had that problem. Try HTC Inc won’t update into Google and check out the second GB update/patch won’t reboot solved forum. Seems to work great for many. Haven’t tried of ourselves yet from laziness but it looks promising. Good luck.

  • Bunie

    I seem to recall Sony announcing ICS for “All Xperia devices” lol

  • shohag

    Is this version (Ice Cream Sandwich) applicable for motorola atrix?

  • Pissed Off

    WTF…. I am tired of waiting for this update for my Rezound…

  • Ugly4Life

    Droid Razr MaxxTired of all the hype…….. Battery Life was the seller (up to 4 days of battery life)
    Its been wiped 3 times for weird crap.
    Verizon and the random text messages… along with Navigator wacking out with text messages popping up over the map I’m trying to look at.
    A phone that locks while I’m talking on it and can’t hang up……

    back to the iPhone!

  • Cesar

    You guys are the worst customer service company ever. You don’t care at all about honestyvor integrity. How’s it feel to go home all slimey every night. Proud i’m sure

  • Timmy

    Rollout beings… They sound pretty cute ;P

  • My Xoom updated to ICS on Friday, June 8th… OTA. Was fast and so far, problem free.

  • Baimer

    Where in the last month of Q2 2012… where is this update where supposed to be getting!!! GET WITH IT ALREADY MOTOROLA…. and RELEASE IT….. it’s been out over 6 months… is there a reason its taking so damn long…. oh yeah where dealing with Motorola… THEY ARE ALWAYS SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shaggy

    I guess since the Q1 ended on 4/31/12, then they will start rolling out ICS on 6/30/12. That will still be Q2 even if it is the last day of Q2.

  • Non_Sequitur

    HTC Evo. Galaxy S2. Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch. Galaxy S2 Tmobile. Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. Galaxy Note. HTC Evo 3D. HTC Evo Shift.
    All of the Xperias.
    There are a lot missing here.

    • Non_Sequitur

      Oh, wow, I’m a dumbass. This is the VZW list. *facepalm*

    • smwandrie93

      learn to read??

  • bennotae

    When is my GNex getting 4.0.4 already.

  • Justin

    This is why i dont upgrade with Verizon, i stay month to month. I sell my current phone at the time or trade. Either way every month i always have something different. I root and run custom roms. If i upgraded back in Nov. to the Razr and waited for ICS i would almost have 1 year of my current contract wasted. No thanks Verizon.

  • PyroHoltz

    I wouldn’t want Verizon’s implementation of ICS on the OG anyway, they’d honk it up.

  • joe buck

    Verizon is selling tbe nexus right now with 4.0.4 tbis sucks

  • migamix

    wow.. no ICS for the DX… tell that to my DX… it refused to listen to me and chewed some gummy
    moto doesn’t like this.. so they decided.. not only is locking the bootloader not enough.. you can’t recover or sbf the phone in case their update breaks the phone… the only eason my dx got rooted was after the gingerbread update mess bricked me… from that point on.. I rooted.. I was root green a year ago… now I’d say I keep up to speed with my gnex.. I will never own another locked device .. it is MINE

  • jbon

    You should get some phone OS insurance to guard you from mayham like me, Verizon. AOKP. FTW!

  • Haxcid

    LG Revolution and HTC Thunderbird have pretty much the same specs… LG blows. I will never buy another LG phone ever.

  • PC_Tool

    “Spectrum: First half of 2012”

    Well, they better get on that. It’s nearing June and not even a leak so far. Highly doubtful we’ll see this before mid-year at this point.

  • What the f*** why isn’t DROID x getting an update for,
    Better have an explanation. Then I have to wait for DROID X3.

  • Jorge Hurtado

    My family lines are coming up for an upgrade on Saturday. My wife’s running a D2 while I’m running a DX. I’m really, really tempted to upgrade to the GNex but I’m on the fence with grabbing something that’s already 6 months old and with a less than stellar upgrade track record. I’d like to grab something I can root, play with, and overall enjoy. Thoughts?

    Oh, and my wife’s probably getting a D4. For some reason, she really likes a physical keyboard. Not sure why?!

  • CPO Mike

    I’m really pissed that my son’s Driod 3 isn’t getting ICS, when the Tbolt is! It’s up to CM to develope a recipe for D3.

    • the thunderbolt has more ram.. and lack of ram is the d3 isnt getting ics

  • interstellarmind

    It’s fascinating to me that android developers can create powerful, elegant, working ROMs fespite their lack of resources and yet these big companies with their millions of $’s can’t do a simple update.

    The reasoning for these delays HAS to be “political,” money-making schemes. It can’t be because it’s too daunting to upgrade.

    It is this inability/ lack of desire to upgrade that will kill android – nothing else. Sigh.

  • equestriancolt

    I guess Quarter, means a way to buy more time.

  • equestriancolt

    For Motorola it was supposed to be May 24th now its Q2 whatever the hell that means

  • equestriancolt

    What the hell does Q2 and Q3 mean how bout at least a month

  • AndroidUser00110001

    I am convinced now that Google should do something like what MS does with Windows Phone. Stipulate what hardware goes into a device and pushes updates to all devices no matter what carrier or manufacture. Maybe they should do this with their Nexus brand since Verizon dirtied the Nexus meaning.

    Have a low, mid and high end hardware for phone and tablets. It’s the reference design for all Google devices. Any manufacture can build whatever they want using the same hardware and then Google can push out software updates to those devices. If a manufacture decides to do something different then it is up to them to push out updates like how it currently is.

  • Scott Holstein

    Funny…flashed CM9 on my DX2 today, so it is running an alpha version of ICS. I put my GNex in the underwear drawer…signal sucks so bad can’t use it much anyway…no battery life and terrible signal = doesn’t matter what OS you are running. Camera sucks too. The alpha ICS on DX2 is doing fairly well…who needs moto or verizon to update when the devs do?

  • cooksta32676

    Again, tell me why I need ICS, if my phone doesn’t have NFC for beaming? What do I really gain over GB with a ROM?

    • Josh Groff

      Hardware acceleration. General performance improvements and a different UI. Maybe a few security updates and bug fixes as any other update.

      • BmanCv60

        What Josh said. I was ready to drive over my Fascinate with all the stability issues on GB; took a chance and loaded THS ICS build 9 and its like a new, fully functional and fun to use phone.

  • Timmy Blume

    Actually on the Motorola page it said EARLY Q3.

    • Nick

      Link? I look on the motorola page every day and it’s been saying second quarter.. So where do you get that from?

  • There’s a leak for Razr that works perfectly. There’s plenty for Fascinate that work perfectly.

    • Jonathan Juanico

      Do you have to root the razr to get it and is it hard?

  • NorCalGuy

    Lol I like it when they say in the coming weeks ahead… followed by unforeseen circumstances…and A.O.K.P is dropping updates like its hot every week with what 10-20 people putting it together? How many people does Google have running the nexus program? 2-3 ? And its a bunch of BS blaming the carrier when you clearly state that as a Google experience device I should be getting my updates directly from Google not my carrier, but since you dropped support for Verizon devices does that mean all updates will now come through Verizon and not Google? Who every is in charge of this screw up needs to be sitting in unemployment with san ja

    • AndroidUser00110001

      It was not Google’s fault that they had to drop dev support from the faux Verizon GNex. They could not obtain the proper license needed to distribute the CDMA files. Verizon is also adding their apps in so they need time to make sure it works…

      It is all Verizon’s fault with the GNex LTE.

  • feztheforeigner


    -We’ve got you covered. No worries here!

    -Nope. You don’t get any support from us. Good luck with those bootloaders trying to update your phone yourself. Gingerbread forever!!!

    -We have a Nexus!

    -Ummm…we don’t really know anything but we’ll get back to indefinitely (never)

  • Dale C

    Yes, because ”
    Rollout begins Q2 2012 ” tells me so much. /sarcasm

  • Bionic

    Hurry the fuq up with Bionic. My update is may of 2013 which means I will have ICS on my Bionic for less than a year

    • Josh Groff

      There’s 2 fairly stable ICS ROMs for Bionic. Gummy and Axi0m I believe. The official update will probably be worse off than either of those 2 ROMs.

  • my nexus has been sad since day one

  • Erik Levine

    My Incredible is sad now.

    • Jwhap

      I suspect your incredible has roms and if not they will be coming! That phone was very well supported by devs. Not to mention very powerful even in today’s standards!

  • Capt. Crunch

    People really need to stop complaining about the DROID 3 and the DROID X2 not getting ICS. They just don’t have the RAM to handle it. Should have waited for the BIONIC.

  • Wmsco51

    this is junk realjunk if they can sell a phone with the latest software then the carriers could of already done it by now!! i dont care what they say it’s just smoke and to make you buy a new phone!!! ics has been out since nov..

  • Azazel_Hellion3

    Um… the first half of 2012 is over. Well, almost over anyway. I highly, highly doubt that the LG Spectrum will have ICS anytime soon.

  • thebluegod

    RAZR: Rollout begins Q2 2012

    So it’s not Q2 right now?

    • balthuszar

      it is q2, and will be q2 for another month or so

  • Jeremy Gentry

    lets face it Droid Lifers, we all know this would be more accurate if every device on this list said “Q1 of 2013”

  • DER

    Not to be a nagger….but I’m truly upset with Verizon regarding the Bionic. It was the most hyped phone last year for as far back as I can remember….and ever since its release, its totally been neglected and in the the shadows of the RAZR. Overall, it has been a good phone, but i’ve seen x amount of updates and I still have data connectivity issues. Seriously, come on Verizon. the RAZR doesn’t have that problem…..I don’t know if i can wait till Q3 for ICS. If the SIII or the RAZR HD are released before they switch to shared data i will get one of those, but if not….I might be going to sprint…..

    • Q

      Bionic was a beta test for the RAZR lol

      • Knlegend1

        D3<Bionic<Razr…I think you are right!!!

        • Knlegend1

          I didn’t type that???? wth

    • MicroNix

      Join the D3 crowd who not only got neglected from day 1, they’ve been kicked in the balls with updates that don’t fix the problems.

      • balthuszar

        could be worse, you could have a samsung that has updates that break functionality of the phone, but then when you call them out on it, they tell you that if you can still use it as a phone it’s not broken

  • paul_cus

    Still patiently waiting for the RAZR update. Getting tough.

    • LiterofCola

      You and I both bro

    • ThatGuy

      Razr will be able to update to ICS on June 30th.

  • LordStickMax

    this is an awesome list! thanks man!

  • mikel61101

    Just got off the phone with the customer retention department and they waived my upgrade fee going to a razr maxx. The way I see it better to have a maxx at unl data then a razrHD with only a couple gigs. So what the hell I pulled the trigger.

    • mikel61101

      no it has nothing to do with above article but i had to share! lol

      • New_Guy

        Love the profile photo…GO JAYHAWKS!!!

        • Jecht315

          Go Cats!

  • Josh Flowers

    This announcement comes just in time for Google to compete with the upcoming rumoured Apple Cellphone network reported a few weeks ago.

    COME ON GOOGLE–BRING ON A CELLULAR PROVIDER SERVICE ALREADY! i’d pay my entire family’s ETF just to switch to a Google phone service with what i could only believe to be timely device updates & fair prices.

    • Wmsco51

      if you’d like to make a call pls listen to our 15 sec add. ssorry to interrupt your call but your commercial is ready.

      • Non_Sequitur

        They wouldn’t do that on Android…

  • boybert

    Aw, poor D3. Guess I should’ve waited for the D4 but who knew it would be out like two weeks later. Running CM9 on my D3 these days and that’s pretty good but it gets wonky every now and again, and not all the features are there. Nothing like an official build 🙁

    • MicroNix

      Actually, the official build would have blur and still suck. Nothing like an official ICS kernel and a custom ICS rom 🙂 I’m seriously done with any phone that has a skin on it.

    • Nick

      Droid 3 was released Jule 14, 2011. Droid 4 was released Feb, 10 2012. That’s almost 6 months to the day. If moto want’s to release a better phone every six months, there’s nothing wrong with that. People who couldn’t upgrade until early 2012 would be far happier with a current phone than a 6 month old one at the rate technology is advancing. HOWEVER, it is not an excuse for the SHITTY updating moto has done.

      Just my views.

  • by June or July you mean August or September, right?

  • I’m really disappointed about the lack of support for the OG Droid, and especially the lack of coverage that DL is giving it. Come on, guys. I thought y’all were above this.

    • Knlegend1


  • Just in time for Jelly Bean :/

  • normmcgarry

    They should just release kernels and unlock bootloaders and let the devs do the rest and no one would care if they released updates.

    • Because everyone wants to root their phones to get security updates and bug fixes. 😛 These are things that should be provided by the manufacturer, period.

  • NewSmartphonesNow

    This is a pretty dismal list of phones, when is the last time Verizon released a new smartphone? Has it been over two months?- This is pathetic, especially with AT&T rocking the HTC One X, Sprint’s new Evo and T-Mobile’s One S.
    Hey Verizon, its time to step up your game!!!

    • paul_cus

      Wait till fall.

      • TexanwDroidX

        Why not just say wait until h*** freezes over? This is insanity.

  • Sporttster

    Razr….believe it when I see it….wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it doesn’t come till the end of the year or later.

  • Charlie

    Hoping the “Early Q3 2012” timeline for the Bionic means July. Might be giving my hopes up though.

  • Aaron

    What ever happened to that coalition that included all of these manufacturers where they promised to update their phone for 18 months?

    • Josh Flowers

      that’s once they decide on which Quarter to initiate that process

      • Butters619

        no time frame given**

    • Christopher Jansen

      update doubtful*

    • Jeff Tycz

      I have been saying this for a while now but their version of updates are not the same as ours. While we see updates as being new versions they see updates as bug fixes and such so they will continue providing that for 18 months

    • Haxcid

      Schedule to begin in Q3 of 2016

  • capecodcarl

    Why does a cell phone carrier determine whether or not my smartphone is going to get an operating system upgrade in the first place? I don’t have to ask Cox whether or not I can upgrade the firmware on my router or the OS on my computer, why should I need to ask Verizon for permission to upgrade the OS on my phone? This whole thing reeks of Ma Bell and renting out those awful black rotary phones for decades because you weren’t allowed to plug in your own third-party phone to THEIR phone system. Where the hell is the government in enforcing the open access rules on the 700 MHz spectrum?

    • Morlok8k

      No, but Cox (and every other cable internet provider) determines which firmware is running on your cable modem. And you are powerless to change it. (cause even if you were able to flash it, it would just be reflashed when you reconnected the modem back to the cable connection)

      • jsin

        This statement is 100% in true

      • o_O

        ^ this ^ isn’t how cable provisioning works..

        • Morlok8k

          yes, it is. You may be thinking of an integrated router/modem (the kind that also has wifi) where you can update the firmware of the router section.

          2 seconds on google gives me this: “Under an industry standard called DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification), cable modems only permit changes to their internal programming that are sent down the pipe by the service provider — users are prevented, Xbox-style, from running unapproved code, even on a modem they own.” – http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/02/05/cable_modem_hackers_conquer/

          • Morlok8k

            I’d also like to clarify that I’m referring to official firmware. lets say you buy a brand new modem. you connect it to a computer before you connect the coax cable. you check the firmware version. its the most up to date version. you connect it to your coax… the modem reboots and *bam* you have a much older firmware (of course with bugs) that the cable company provided because that’s their “recommended” version. (my modem is forced to have known buggy firmware! )

            now to mention modem hacking…. in the days of DOCSIS 1.0, there was a lot of cable modem hacking. my first comment is referring to current day modems on DOCSIS 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0.
            can you still hack current modems? yes. its no longer widely done (at least as much as it used to be), as the cable companies look for people who uncapped the bandwidth restriction (actually the system automatically flags people who are downloading much faster than should be possible.) it is doable, and it works by hiding itself as diagnostic firmware…

            I dont know all about modem hacking. I havent done it myself, as i dont want to be banned from comcast (or worse). I do know how modems work though, as i’ve done a lot of research.

    • You know why, right? Every company want to lock customers in and then squeeze them off every penny they have. Every company is trying to do this.
      This is exactly why Verizon want you be on contract. This is why Verizon doesn’t want you to buy unlocked phones for full price.
      Imagine a parallel universe where Ford built all major highways and now it’s controlling what cars are allowed to access them. Scary, right? This is exactly what we have in wireless telecommunications now.

      • Taglogical

        No no no no… it’s called quality control. If you want to run your own firmware on your modem, fine, just don’t ever, EVER call me (read: your ISP) for help with ANYTHING regarding your internet service.

        The phones are a part of the network, if they can’t/aren’t allowed to control their network, then it all goes to heck; everything unravels catastrophically. This sounds fantastic for consumers! /endsarcasm

        • Yeah right, Just look outside of Verizon, especially to international GSM carriers. ANY phone is allowed there, all that you do is to swap a SIM card and you in network. So if it’s working fine for the rest of the world, why can’t it work for Verizon? The fact that Verizon is using CDMA is only given them excuse to lock and block open access.

          • guest

            If your nationwide cell network is so fragile that any user buying an unlocked phone (or unlocking his own phone) crushes, cripples, and crashes your network… you already have 1 VERY unstable house-of-cards network.

            The carriers will continue to get you to believe just false info… as long as you are gullible enough to believe it.

            …. similar to…. “sending a few small 60 byte text messages cost $10-$20 per month”.

          • guest

            If your nationwide cell network is so fragile that any user buying an
            unlocked phone (or unlocking his own phone) crushes, cripples, and
            crashes your network… you already have 1 VERY unstable house-of-cards

            The carriers will continue to get you to believe just false info… as long as you are gullible enough to believe it.

            …. similar to…. “sending a few small 60 byte text messages cost $10-$20 per month”.

    • Rx7freek

      ROMs are always a good workaround. I’m running the 4.0,4 Gummy rom on my DroidX quite wonderfully 🙂

    • TexanwDroidX

      Government helping the situation? Let’s see, the same guys who operate the post office and Amtrak and bankrupt Social Security are going to help? Carl my friend. me thinks you believe in something far worse than the situation before us. We can at least buy different phones (hello Apple) and switch carriers. Last time I looked, I’m stuck with the PO, Ashtrak, Soc Sec, Dept of No Energy, etc etc.

  • ragg

    Aren’t we in Q2 of 2012?

    • Knlegend1

      April May June…yep…whats taking so long? My thoughts exactly.

    • balthuszar

      it is q2 of 2012, and q2 of 2012 still has a month left…quit complainin’

  • Guest

    If you owned a company, what would you do? Spend countless hours of manpower and money… updating software for very old devices… so that customers would *NOT* have to buy any of your company’s new products for the next few years????

    Duh. I would fire you in a heartbeat if you offered that suggestion.

    Face the facts: *USERS* will always want updated software. *MANUFACTURERS* will always want you to buy their new products instead. Did you really think it would be the other way around? No matter how hard you wish… it just isn’t reality.

    All you can do is this:

    If you feel a company stopped updating your device too soon (12 months)… buy their products again in the coming years.

    • Nemesis099

      While this should be the case it seems that a good portion of the time you have no real choice that will make a difference.

      I have to say that really I’m shocked the cell service providers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc..) aren’t focused on pushing updates as they will make more money if people do not upgrade their phones at a subsidized price.

    • chaosrv

      First of all, a phone less than a year old is not very old, not by a longshot. As much as I hate to admit, my girlfriend is more than content with her 3 year old flip phone. If you purchase a subsidized phone on a 2 year contract, the carrier & manufacturer should FULLY support that device for at least that long. The majority of people (vistors of this website obviously excluded) don’t purchase phones off contract and/or full price. Yes, manufacturers want you to buy phones more often but most people don’t. Plus manufacturers are just as much at the whim of the carrier (Verizon) as the customers. Verizon discontinued the 1 year contract for a reason – either they didn’t want customers jumping ship or most people weren’t going for them. The manufacturers will do what the carrier wants – not the customers. The Galaxy Nexus is the perfect example of the carrier dictating terms rather than the manufacturer.

      • Lord Degree

        (Note: I do work for one of the US cell phone carriers, and anything I say here is my opinion and only my opinion)

        Of course the manufacturers listen to the carriers, they’re, by far, the largest purchasers of their devices (most people don’t buy them directly from the manufacturer, they get them through the carriers at the subsidized rate).

        More to the point though, even though the carriers do dictate some of the terms of the updates, the major thing actually is the manufacturers, because they aren’t updating phones with ICS, they’re updating the phones with ICS plus Blur, Sense, etc.

    • Steve Vanartsdalen

      unlocked bootloader + dev support = kiss my ass Verizon. now you know why they push moto with locked bootloaders.

      • S_T_R

        Verizon would be perfectly happy with you keeping your phone for 3 years. That’s 50% more time to collect full-rate bill payments from you without the expense of paying for your subsidy on a new piece of kit.

        Hell, if they could get 3 years of support for phones, they could probably push people to get 3 year contracts like Canada.

    • dsass600

      Yea but if they don’t update, your more likely not to buy another phone from them. Just like with my Galaxy Nexus. Ill most likely go to T-mobile if google buys them. Google cares. Manufacturers dont. Customer do, and wont buy phones from manufactureres with bad track records.

    • MicroNix

      If you owned a company, and gave the customer what they wanted and kept them happy, that means REPEAT BUSINESS. Your one sided view of economics doesn’t take this into account.

      Most people have 1.5 to 2 years on their contracts. THEY CAN’T BUY ANOTHER SUBSIDIZED PHONE ANYWAY! If you at least make them happy with their phone for that 1.5 – 2.0 years, they just might go back to you for their next phone.

      Get it?

      The Droid 3 is 10 MONTHS old. That’s not old by a long shot. I’m not eligible for another upgrade until April 2013. If you screw me now, I’m not buying your phone next time around.

      Get it?

  • Matt Gondek

    My fridge has tons of ICS…I wish our phones did

  • First we were told April for the Thunderbolt, now we’re looking at July or August? I guess we should expect a new schedule in October saying we should expect to see the update around December or January.

    • Guest

      You’ll get the ICS update… just AFTER Jelly Bean is released in December.

    • BroRob

      So you are saying the ICS update is going to be exactly the same as the GB update? Seems to be on par with everything HTC has done with the TBolt from delaying the release date, the smaller updates and new OSs. I can’t figure out why anyone would want to root their phone and run other ROMs.

  • My Charge is very sad. It’s about to turn 1 year old and has already been abandoned for some time now. 🙁

    • Greg Morgan

      Agreed, my wifes Charge could seriously use an update, it’s lagging big time.

    • ddevito

      I think the Charge was Samsung’s LTE beta project for Verizon.

      • Personal opinion here, but all the first LTE Verizon devices, the T-bolt, the Revolution, and the Charge, were all beta devices.

        • And yet the T-bolt is being upgraded because HTC is apparently more on the ball with supporting their devices than Samsung (and LG)?

          • chris

            because it is capable of handling the update. it’s already been determined that most devices getting updates are the ones with more than 512mb of ram. thunderbolt – 768mb, charge – 512mb.

          • I’ve seen CM9 running perfectly fine on a Droid Incredible. jt1134 has an ICS ROM for the Droid Charge that runs fine other than the lack of 3g/4g, MMS, bluetooth, cameras, HDMI out, and autobrightness. The RIL is the biggest hold-up preventing him from completing the ROM. Your reason is just a cop out.

        • Justin

          You are forgetting the Bionic – but so did Motorola for a time. it only released about 5 months after it was initially rumoured to be complete.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Yeah? trying still using an OG Droid… over 2 years old and maxed out on HC.

      • At least the OG Droid received support for a pretty good period of time. The Charge was only released a year ago. I got mine in early June. It has gotten paltry support overall and has been almost completely abandoned at this point.

        • Justin

          The OG Droid was essentially a Nexus device – it ran Vanilla ICS. That’s why it was supported for so much more time than many other devices.

    • Matthew Merrick

      glad to know other people are still rocking the charge!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Jelly Bean is going to be out before some phones even get ICS. Some of these time frames are so vague and will get pushed.

  • i just want someone to get ics working on the droid charge so that i feel less bad about taking my moms upgrade and giving her my old phone.

    • Joey

      I agree, I just got the Droid Charge a little over 2 months ago. Although this is my first smartphone I would love to see it receive the latest update (ICS).

  • Masta Marc

    This is why i’m a fan of iOS. I know the last 3 or 4 models will get the latest OS. lol…

    • Sp4rxx

      …and why Apple can’t advance their software because they have to water down the latest versions of software to cater to the old hardware

      • Masta Marc


      • ddevito

        I wouldn’t quite call iOS watered down. Restrictive yes, watered down – hardly. iOS is very lightweight and well-engineered – which is why older models can run it easily.

        Hate it all you want, but no one can ever say it underperforms.

        • Jeremy Gentry

          isn’t another way to describe watered down, restrictive? because if something is watered down you can’t do as much on it, hence the “Restrictive” no one said anything about it underperforming.

          • Azn_Android

            Not really. iOS may not have widgets or any fancy customization features but it has ease of use (not saying androids don’t), an intuitive (though boring) UI that anyone can use, and it is very functional and runs very smoothly because of the way it is engineered. Remember, iOS’ smoothness is accounted for by the way it was made. Piority is put on the UI so if you scroll while a webpage is loading, the loading will stop so that the device can make sure it doesn’t show any sign of lag and focuses on the UI. Android however, doesn’t have a piority so the UI and the background loading works at the same. I don’t know the very specifics of it but all I know is that iOS is very well engineered for older hardware.

          • MicroNix

            I think what everyone is meaning is that as you install the “latest iOS” version on older and older iPhones, more and more *features are missing* to accommodate the older hardware and its lack of modern day performance. The latest iOS version on a 3GS is certainly not the same latest iOS version on the iPhone 4S even though they show the same version number.

          • AndroidUser00110001

            Which is kind of sneaky showing the same version number when they are not the same versions…

      • guest

        Can’t advance iOS???? Have you compared v3 to v5???? If that’s “watered down” that’s an amazing upgrade.

        • Nick

          He makes an entirely legitimate point. The version of iOS on the 3GS is missing many of the features that are on the 4s (even besides Siri) to accommodate the older hardware. The version #’s may be the same, but the OS’es aren’t.

      • Sp4rxx

        To those who have replied to me (since I don’t want to copy/paste over and over 😛 )

        …ok ok ok … maybe not watered down, but seriously – as advanced as a tech company Apple is, you have to admit they have to limit the full potential of their creation because they have to make it work for the older devices.

  • ddevito

    This is why Google needs to sell devices straight to consumers. 100% Pure Android. This will be the “virtual” end of Android’s fragmentation.

  • kfath1978

    What about the Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G on Verizon getting ICS?

    • kfath1978

      No time frame given now….FML…lol

  • june or july? lame

    • Jeremy Gentry

      or august, or september, or october, or november, if you’re lucky 🙂

  • AlexKCMO

    It might be helpful to post a link to ROMs for devices that aren’t getting it.

    I understand the Droid X ICS port is close to bug free. Camera almost working and everything.

    Would be hard to keep up to date, so maybe a “Being worked on independently” asterisk might help out for anyone who stumbles here from Google.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      head over to XDA and search

      • AlexKCMO

        What’s it like being so low to the ground? Do things go over your head often? This obviously went way over your head.

        Anyone could Google these dates and get the same results. The point is for anyone who finds or favorites this document to be able to easily find when their device is getting ICS. You might as well have applies to Kellex “Why post this when people can just Google.”

        I like how you down vote because I’m trying to be helpful. You’re probably one of those jerks who immediately responds to people on XDA to use the search as opposed to just being nice.

    • Liquidretro

      When the camera works I will install it, until then I will say at 2.3 to have a camera.

  • Greg Morgan

    You should add under Galaxy Nexus: 4.04?

    • There is no calendar that goes out that far.

      • John


      • FortitudineVincimus

        As of 2 weeks ago, that new Mayan calendar they found can handle it

      • Azn_Android

        Hahahahaha +1000. As a galaxy nexus owner, I feel a bit odd not being frustrated over the lack of updates. I guess the custom ROMs satisfy me 😛

        • ryanallaire

          try owning a tbolt…

  • Liquidretro

    When will my Android phone get ICS? Well if you have Verizon the answer is pretty much either a month before your contract is up for renewal, or never.

    I understand there is testing that has to take place but it should just not take years to do an update from when the OS is rolled out. Manufactures need to make fewer phones, with more common components so they can roll these updates out faster. I would pay extra “upgrade insurance” or pay a reasonable amount $15-20 (one time fee) if you would guarantee I would updates with in 2-3 months of Google Releasing the source.

  • These forecasts are always bullshit and it’s always the carrier’s fault. I don’t expect to see ICS on my Thunderbolt until sometime October or later.

  • fauxshizzl

    Any dates as to when their quarters start and end?

    • ph0oky

      Umm.. 12/4=3
      Q1- beginning of Jan to end of March
      Q2- beginning of Apr to end of June
      Q3- beginning of July to end of Sept
      Q4- beginning of Oct to end of Dec

      • Confused

        I don’t get it, were you trying to make all those mistakes in your post?

        • ph0oky

          Nope, thats what happens when I hear the boss coming down the hall and I haven’t finished posting yet 😉
          Fixed now.

      • fauxshizzl

        3 Quarter ones? I only ask when “their” quarters start because my companies don’t start on January 1st, and many others do not either.

        • ph0oky

          Typos have been fixed, check it now.
          Whenever a company references a release in Q1,2,3,or 4, they are referencing the above months.
          You are thinking of accounting periods, but that has nothing to do with this.
          Hope this clears things up.

          • fauxshizzl

            It did clear up my original inquiry. Thanks

        • balthuszar

          there’s a difference between “fiscal year” and “year” fiscal year is when their accounting quarters happen(i.e. john deere just posted a 2Q profit of 3 billion dollars, their 2Q just ended) but as far as release schedule, i believe ph0oky is correct

  • Oscar Botelho

    xperia play is getting 4.0 too right?

    • mustbepbs

      The GSM variants are. But as far as the CDMA one goes, it’s up to Verizon. I’m sure once the GSM variants get theirs we’ll have some sort of fix to use theirs.

  • IMNS

    The D3 is the redheaded step child of the Droid family. It deserves ICS but won’t get it.

    • dpn982

      I agree, perfectly capable of running it in my opinion

    • craig

      you people and your self-pity
      If there are any DX2 owners out there feeling the same way, the D3 guys are absolutely drowning them out.

      • chaosrv

        Self pity or simply vocal advocates? Plus we got doubly hosed by Verizon. Was there a DX3 released a few months after the DX2? Nope. As soon as sprint gets the Galaxy 3, I’m switching to credo mobile.

        • craig

          wait what? I hope you’re not talking about the D4. That was scheduled to come out half a year after the D3 and ended up being even more than that. That’s a pretty significant window if you ask me.

      • Don’t think the DX2 was a very popular phone. Poor screen, weak SOC, and no LTE kinda killed it before it even launched.

        • craig

          yeah but almost every other, if not every other, dual core device on the market at the time had the same SoC, it had the same “poor” screen as the D3, and also lacked the same LTE. I can’t fathom why there’d be more D3s sold than DX2s, especially given how little qwerty sliders seem to sell these days

      • Mojorizen

        I was a X2 owner. Told Moto to go screw themselves and bought a GNex. Never again will I buy a Moto phone, they burned their last bridge.

    • Knlegend1

      I agree it was the first out of the gate with this overall design that the other phones have currently. I think it’s only right to give it to the droid 3 owners. I’m slightly on their side because I once was a droid 3 owner.

    • mustbepbs

      The first slap was the D4. The kick in the nuts is no ICS. Moto, Moto, Moto..you sure hate your customers.

    • Jwhap

      I totally disagree….. the Droid charge is the redheaded stepchild!

  • BrianWenger


  • New_Guy

    Sure is a lot of “Not receiving” under Moto’s name. Let’s hope their new-found father will help change that in the future.

    • chris125

      Moto also has a lot more phones than the others. I do agree though that the x2 and droid 3 should be getting ics. The others I can see why they are not getting it.

      • New_Guy

        One might argue that they have released TOO many phones in recent past. This is also something I hope changes with the new acquisition. But alas, we shall see…

        • Tobi De la Cuz

          All they need to do is the same thing they’ve been doing but not so frequently, 1 Bar phone and 1 Keyboard phone every 8 months or so instead of 3 bar phones slighlty different specs and 1 keyboard phone every 6 months.

          • New_Guy

            I agree, I want to see higher quality and lower quantity moving forward. I think the Razr Maxx is the greatest product they’ve released since the OG and the phone that has made the most sense since then and the Droid 4 was a great keyboard-totting companion. With the ICS update, these will be the types of phones I want to see (minus “not”-Blur of course).

          • New_Guy

            I agree, I want to see higher quality and lower quantity moving forward. I think the Razr Maxx is the greatest product they’ve released since the OG and the phone that has made the most sense since then and the Droid 4 was a great keyboard-totting companion. With the ICS update, these will be the types of phones I want to see (minus “not”-Blur of course).

          • New_Guy

            I agree, I want to see higher quality and lower quantity moving forward. I think the Razr Maxx is the greatest product they’ve released since the OG and the phone that has made the most sense since then and the Droid 4 was a great keyboard-totting companion. With the ICS update, these will be the types of phones I want to see (minus “not”-Blur of course).

        • Jay

          So you’re blaming phones from late 2011 for the fact that phones from mid-2010 aren’t getting ICS? UGH!
          If Motorola didn’t launch the DroidX and the Droid Pro do you really think the D2 would be getting ICS? There are only two devices on the market with matching specs to those three that are getting ICS, the other 2 dozen or so devices with a 1ghz chip and 512mb of RAM just aint getting it. And hint hint, Motorola doesn’t make all of them.

          • New_Guy

            First of all…what the hell are you talking about…

            I want to argue against your statement somehow but I cant seem to locate what your point is…

          • Jay

            Uhh my point is the amount of devices they’ve launched in the recent past has almost nothing to do with which of them gets ICS.

          • New_Guy

            Really…hm, interesting. So, the number of devices that need support has nothing to do with the time it takes to support them? Or how about this, rather than needing to support so many devices, Moto focuses on making a few phones better than the rest rather than releasing a DX2 without LTE, or a Bionic that gets cut down by a Razr a month later. Or a Razr that gets eclipsed by a Razr Maxx two months after that.

            Is this what you’re talking about…

          • New_Guy

            Really…hm, interesting. So, the number of devices that need support has nothing to do with the time it takes to support them? Or how about this, rather than needing to support so many devices, Moto focuses on making a few phones better than the rest rather than releasing a DX2 without LTE, or a Bionic that gets cut down by a Razr a month later. Or a Razr that gets eclipsed by a Razr Maxx two months after that.

            Is this what you’re talking about…

          • Jay

            no because it isn’t really a support issue. It’s Moto taking the stance that devices that don’t “benefit” from ICS won’t be getting it. And notice the unifying theme for most devices not getting ICS is that they all have half a gig of RAM There are some exceptions but most everything from all the manufacturers with half a gig aren’t getting it.
            So say Motorola only released the Razr and Droid4 hypothetically. That wouldn’t change the fact that the Droid2, X, and Pro only have half a gig of ram. So they probably still wouldn’t get ICS, same for the D3 or DX2.

          • New_Guy

            Um-kay…goes back to my point, fewer devices and higher quality. No reason these devices should have been released with 3g only and 512 RAM. Not carrying the “Droid” moniker anyway…I understand they are weary of ICS being managed by 512RAM but they shouldn’t have had that amount of RAM in the first place (or 3g only) and I’m not sure many would argue with that…

            …and, I’m done.

          • BlueLetter

            Whoops wrong post

          • Jay

            Not really…
            For one thing it assumes that a device with more RAM is higher quality(not such a big deal I guess), and that half a gig of RAM is bad yet an operating system that requires double the RAM of its previous incarnation to run smoothly isn’t, and lastly theres a very good reason none of them had 4G: It wasn’t ready yet.
            The Bionic debuted with Motorola’s first LTE chip/modem/radio thingy, they didn’t get it from qualcomm like everyone else, and that’s what pushed the Bionic release date back so far, months after the X2 was released, and still some time after the D3 was released.
            So then we have CES, and the massive gap between it and when the Bionic was actually released. It seems X2 was a knee-jerk reaction to the realization that the Bionic was gonna take some time to get here. Now the D3, well I guess you got me on that one.
            And It’s easy to armchair quarterback and say they shouldn’t have had that little RAM but hell Google commissioned the Nexus S with 512mb of RAM, and there’s no way in hell the Nexus S was gonna debut and die on gingerbread so it shoulda been ok. Of course Google developers seemingly went through hell getting ICS to work on it and that was one of their own reference devices. I dunno know when manufacturers are given access to the new versions of android but it seems to like possibly they didn’t there would be a problem until recently, that’s just a guess though

          • lol bionic gets CUT DOWN by the razr.. i see what you did there

          • New_Guy

            Haha. I’m glad you appreciated that =).