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Video: The HTC One X Has Hidden Bluetooth Camera Controls?

You have to give it up for some tech-tinkerers out there. Someone over in China with too much time on their hands have found that if you pair certain Bluetooth headsets with the HTC One X, that you can remotely control the camera’s shutter. Seriously, that’s neat. Depending on which headset you have, it could be as easy as a single click or sometimes a variation of certain button presses to get it working properly. It’s a nifty video and thankfully, it comes with subtitles. 


Via: Android Community

  • David

    Also works with a Motorola H350 – Long press (2 sec or so) on the accept call button.

  • aalf

    I wish this phone was on Verizon fml-_-

  • Wait — this isn’t a standard feature of most phones? (perhaps other HTC phones?) It’s about the most obvious thing you can do with Bluetooth after, say, pairing.

    I have a feeling that if you tried, you’d find the ability to do this with many other phones provided you are using the right Bluetooth device.

    On the other hand, most “Bluetooth enabled” cars don’t have headset profile compatibility to control your device via the steering-wheel controls. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the engineers or marketers at car companies to not figure this crap out… Maybe the same idiots working for GM also work for Samsung, Moto, LG, and HTC…

  • meta96

    geek phone

  • It there was a decent car dock for the GN, I could see how this may be a cool option, Other than that, it seems pretty useless.

    It IS pretty cool though.

    • Liderc

      This is about the HTC one X and how would a car dock be helpful? lol

      • kretz7

        Wasn’t it evident that he wants to take pictures of himself standing in front of his car?

        • Liderc

          lol, my brain hurts.

        • Negative sir. My point was that the only way this would make any sense is when you can’t have both hands on the phone/camera which will probably be in the car. UNLESS you build some kind of cool tripod and take family pics with it lol.

      • There is a comment above where someone said ‘Come on AOKP, give us this option’. I guess I could have replied to him specifically, but my guess is he has a GNEX. IF that is the case, the only way I see this being useful is in the car while you’re driving and are not able to have both hands on the camera… If you’re walking around, it would be useless to use the bluetooth to take pictures as you’ll only be holding the camera with one hand and it won’t be steady at all.

        Get where I was going with it now?

    • J Dub

      Pretty useless? With peoples smart phones becoming their main camera these days this is pretty awesome. I mean remote snapshots. Come one. Imagine you are out with your wife/family/friends/whatever and say you want to get a shot of all you at the base of a waterfall or something. Pair to your phone, set your phone up to get the view just right, everybody can take their time for the pose, then presto! Remotely operate the shutter. No running fast into the pose to beat the timer.

      I can also see this being pretty cool with Project Glass. Like a remote view finder almost. Take a pic. See it on Project Glass. Looks good? No? Take another without moving.

      • I can see what you’re saying, but like you said you’re going to have to set the camera up perfect. That’ll be difficult to do unless you have a tripod of some sort. You COULD set it on a rock or log, but it would be kind of a pain in the ass haha. Plus if you’re at some cool waterfall, chances are there will be someone else around to take a pic.

        With that said, it could be useful with a bit of work I guess.

  • come on AOKP, give us this option!

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