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Ice Cream Sandwich Build 3.13.605.7 Leaks for the HTC Rezound

Owners of the HTC Rezound, a new Ice Cream Sandwich treat has been made available to you today. We know that an official update to Android 4.0.3 is in the works for this device, but if you want to get a taste of something close to that final build ahead of time, this is your chance. The source is calling it “official” yet a “release candidate” so they are clearly a bit confused as to which it is. What we know is that it is a full ROM, so this will almost undoubtedly wipe your entire phone. Approach with caution.

This will bring you to software build 3.13.605.7, Android 4.0.3, and Sense 3.6. It also has new radios. 

Download Link


*Your bootloader needs to be locked. If you unlocked using the HTCDev tool, this won’t work.

1.  Download the file from above and rename to PH98IMG.zip.
2.  Place the file on the root of your SD card and power off your device.
3.  Reboot to bootloader by pressing Volume Down and Power.
4.  Once in the bootloader, the process will start automatically with on-screen instructions.
5.  Enjoy ICS.

Via:  Android Police

  • Tim

    i was just told by a verizon rep that the 9th is not going to happen for the rezound

  • daisy

    i got too impatient for the official so i went and used this just to be clear now i wont get updates from verizon??

  • brando56894

    Just saw this on XDA about a half hour ago and I just flashed it. I have S-Off so I have no worries about flashing this, I’m actually using scrosler’s stock rooted version of this leak so It doesn’t really matter that much though. I’m just waiting for AOSP.

  • Hetal Desai

    once i update and if i want to go back how do i do that?

    • capecodcarl

      Got any 22-gauge insulated wire handy?

    • nicotinic

      You’ll need to get S-OFF with the previously mentioned wire.

      Go to the xda forums for the Rezound.

  • Babyboy14622

    File doesnt exist

  • steve30x

    Quick question.. if you get this update will you still reveive an official update via verizon when it is official or will my Rezound not get it since i installed this leak.  I mean who knows if it isnt a the final build.

    • DoctorOta

      I’m not sure on the beats audio part but if this leak is anything like the old leaked GB build on my old Droid X then you’ll have to SBF back to the old official build to recieve ICS.  SBFing isn’t that hard but if you don’t feel like the hassle then you’re probably better off waiting.

      • steve30x

        Thank you for the response.. its all coming back to me now… I had a Droid X and remember now having to SBF back when gingerbread was a leak as well to get official OTA..

        • DoctorOta

          Yeah while it wasn’t a big deal to do it was more a pain in the ass since i don’t use anything to back up my phone. If the screen shots are true the ICS official for the rezound should be rolling out in a week or two so it’s up to you if you’d like to wait or not.  I know I’ve been waiting on my Maxx which is projected to get the update around 5/21 according to the screen shots.

        • Bkcharter

          i dont  think that is correct. htc releases this as an RUU which can be updated by any RUU of the same or higher build number. all without tje aid of a pc. there are ways to get around the build # too by unlocking.

  • Drew

    Anyone know how to speed up the download of this file? It is projecting 2 hours +. Or, anyone have it downloaded and could provide a link? Thanks!

    • People are listing mirrors in this thread here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1631630

      • Drew

        Thanks!!! Downloading now!!

  • LiterofCola


  • Mmoreimi

    so if I like my current radios (as in stock) because I feel they are the most solid radios that HTC has put out to date….should i be concerned about new radios?

  • Anthony Semosky

    The real ICS update should have Sense 4.0 if I’m not mistaken….

    • mtbhk44

      You are mistaken.  3.6

  • Fattie McDoogles

    Is the Thunderbolt on the list? I don’t remember hearing about it getting ICS is why I’m asking.

    • Anthony Semosky

       It will get it. Later down the line, though.

    • Havoc70

      supposed to but who knows when we will actually get it

  • Jacobp1997

    i hope my thunderbolt gets ics soon

    • Towelie420

      Any chance this ril can be kanged to help on the thunderbolt front? (Probably not)

    • LionStone

      Come ooonn Thunderbolt…won’t be too long now!

  • Fattie McDoogles

    Why won’t the Rezound get Sense 4.0 too?

    • Anthony Semosky

       I was under the assumption it was supposed to. I’m gonna wait for the OTA.

      • No. It will get Sense 3.6. If you want 4.0, you will have to get a custom ROM.

        • Right now there are some good 4.0 roms. Team Pkmn released their build yesterday. Little buggy, but works great for the most part. Animations don’t work, so those have to be toggled off. I’m not going to hold my breathe for an official 4.0 for the Rezound.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            can you send and receive MMS with it?

          • Reyztec

            yes there is a fix.

      • Tim242

        It has been reported everywhere that current devices will get Sense 3.6, instead of 4. That was even explained officially by HTC reps. Believe what you will.

    • nwd1911

      HTC mentioned they put a “special chip” (my non-technical term) on the new phones that make the camera so awesome and does a few other cool things, but only on phones since the One line was released.  I’m assuming it is made from the unicorn horn that everyone talks about.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        Smh… so what you’re saying is new Sense is exclusive to whatever the new phone is. Ala Thunderbolt not getting the version of Sense that was put on the Amaze and such.

        • nwd1911

          Not exactly, just did some quick reading on the Amaze and when it upgraded to ICS, it received Sense 3.6.  Basically, if the phone didn’t ship with Sense 4.0, it will not be receiving it in an upgrade…according to HTC.  Their reason was a special chip they put on the new phones that is not present on a previous releases.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            I was talking about when the Thunderbolt came out and then 2 months later HTC updated Sense and released the Amaze and none of the older phones were gonna get updated too it.

      • In the business world, I think they call it a ‘sales tactic’ 🙂 

        • nwd1911

          I hope it is a sales tactic and the Rezound can get Sense 4.0 eventually.

          • ryan lamb

            it already does
            http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1501512 the only things that don’t work are animations and mms. just turn animations off in development under settings. and turn auto mms receive off in the message. other then that the rom is getting really close to fully functional. soon as the kernal source is released all those issue should be resolved

  • Craig

    I think I can wait one more week or so for the official release…

    • Probably a good idea.

      • Agreed; if installing RC roms for the Dinc2 and Charge has taught me anything….the official never is too far away, and they are most certainly less buggy. lol

    • CaptainHowdy13

      Couldnt have said it better myself. Hopefully (not counting on it) my battery life gets better. I dont want to have to buy a giant ass battery

      • tvjrc603

        at least HTC gave you the option of buying a giant ass battery.

        • CaptainHowdy13

          That is true. I could have got it for $25 from verizon a while ago I really should have. I have to charge half way through the day no matter what I do with it. Love the phone other than that.

      • Subservience

        my battery life stock is amazing for the size, it last longer than the razr

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  • Buy This

    Was this phone released after Bionic too? I am admittedly less confident in my prior assumption that my Bionic would receive ICS for sure. Or at least less confident in my timeline of releases.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Yes, the Rezound was released after the Bionic if that’s what you meant. I wouldn’t hold out too much hope that your Bionic will get an ICS update in the near future.

      • Bionic will see ICS, but it’s not on top of Verizon or Motorola’s list from what I can tell. 

        • Dr_Buttballs

          That’s what I figured. Wasn’t sure if the Bionic was said to get an update, I haven’t been keeping track due to not owning a Moto device that is relevant to the ICS update.

          • Bionic is confirmed to get it. Since we haven’t seen any leaked builds though, it seems like they aren’t even working on it yet heh. Razr will surely be first by a long shot for Moto.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          What’s up with the Windows Phone ads at the bottom of the page homie?

      • Buy This

        Well I had originally suspected that the .904 (should it end up being a final/OTA build) was a primer update, like the previous Razr update. I was guessing we would get it like a month maybe after the official OTA ICS pushed for Razr/Rezound. I was okay with that but if July rolls around and we haven’t even had a leak I will be pretty peeved. I love my Bionic and have had zero dissatisfaction with it (especially after flashing eclipse 2.2) The ICS based ROMS, especially Gummy, have so much potential. I just have a very tough time believing it won’t be updated. I knew I should have recorded that slimy VZ rep assuring me it would be promptly upgraded around the time of Razr ICS updates.

        • Josh Groff

          I never believe carriers, I just flash ROMs till I hear news of an OTA and maybe consider swapping to it for a minute then just stick to whatever I have installed.

    • Josh Groff

      HTC is generally quick with updates, so I wouldn’t be concerned with them having one out for their top tier phones before the Bionic gets updated. For now, you could give Axi0m B15 a try on the Bionic, it’s pretty stable and is definitely fast.