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Galaxy SIII Event Happens Tomorrow – What Can We Expect to See?

Can you believe it? Tomorrow is finally the day that everyone in the Android world has been waiting for. Samsung will unveil the Galaxy SIII or “next Galaxy” at 11AM Pacific. The event will be broadcast live via Facebook for you all to watch, but we plan to have a live blog around these parts as well, since this is the most anticipated tech device to launch in some time. The Galaxy Nexus was a big deal, but after seeing how many smartphones Samsung shipped in the last quarter, we aren’t sure that it’s fair to even compare the two. This is huge.

So what can we expect to see? After months of rumors and speculation, it will all be official tomorrow. That won’t stop us from diving into it all one last time to make some predictions. Follow along below.  

Device Specs

We have a lot to go on here, but deciding which is right or wrong is the difficult part. Benchmarks, leaked videos and hands-on treatments have at least allowed us to get in the ballpark of what Samsung may show off on stage in the morning. My guess is that the phone will have a 4.7″ HD Super AMOLED Plus display (1280×720), 8MP camera, 2MP front camera, 2050mAh removable battery, 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos 4412 processor (1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 in the U.S.), 1GB of RAM, NFC, expandable storage, 16GB internal storage, and Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz. Nothing in that necessarily reads like it will blow our minds, but I’m thinking the HD Super AMOLED Plus will be the big sell here on the spec front, along with the quad-core processor and some sort of new camera tech. The Galaxy S2 had one of the better cameras on any mobile phone, so part of me is expecting Samsung to up the game again with this phone.

Look and Design (Hardware or on-screen keys?)

What will it look like? I’m putting money on it looking a lot like the Galaxy Nexus, but with a better display, a ceramic exterior (in blue or white), a notification light in the top left, and on-screen navigation keys. I know that plenty of leaked photos show physical home, back and menu hardware keys, but it makes no sense. Why would Samsung, who helped invent the on-screen keys for phones, revert back to hardware? Plus, the menu button has been killed in Ice Cream Sandwich, so including a hardware button for it would be flat out silly. Also, the only times we have seen the GT-I9300 (the rumored model number for it) in the wild with the screen on, has included on-screen keys.


When Samsung takes the stage tomorrow, we are expecting them to announce that a retail release will happen very soon. Sammie pushed back the announcement of this device to be closer to a shipping date, similarly to what Apple does. If they had announced the phone at MWC in February, it would have been months before it ever hit store shelves, possibly decreasing the buzz. They also want this phone to be tied to the Olympics in London since they are one of the major sponsors. For reference, the Olympics start on July 27, but there are plenty of related events that lead up to the opening ceremonies. I’m thinking late June for the device to arrive across the globe. And yep, you have to think that this will be a global launch, rather than a slow rollout from Korea to Europe to the States. Verizon is apparently already creating online pages for the device this early.

Verizon and U.S. Versions

Be surprised if the Verizon version has the quad-core Exynos 4412 inside. The U.S. version, just like what that UAProf said from this morning, will include the 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor. This sounds disappointing, but the S4 is quite a beast and should help to provide better LTE battery life than any previous LTE device. One thing I hope they don’t do is “DROID” brand it, but you just never know with Verizon. Big Red and other carriers apparently force their hand on every OEM in the business except Apple. It would be nice if Samsung told all carriers that this phone will be called the “Galaxy SIII” and that’s it. No “Epic Touch” or “Skyrocket” or “DROID” crap attached to it. Not crossing fingers on that though. It’s all about differentiating!

Wireless Charging

There was mention at one time that the phone would have the ability to wirelessly charge, but not through one of those Qi charging pads. Somehow, it would involve a charging module that could be placed on your desk that could charge your phone from up to a few meters away. This would be amazing if true.

Second Device as GT-I9800?

Any chance that Samsung unveils a second device tomorrow as the GT-I9800? One rumor from yesterday suggested that it will happen, but we know absolutely nothing about the 9800. Maybe it will end up being the SGS3 and everything we thought we knew, will all be false. Part of me hopes that’s true. Come on Samsung, go crazy on us.

Be sure to head back here in the morning as we’ll be covering every aspect of it that we can. Live stream here or here.

Those are my predictions.  Are you willing to make any bets on what we’ll see? Speculate away – this is your last chance.


  • Dominick_7

    I think they will have at least 2 devices, or hope at least, a 5.3 Note 2 quad and SGS3 with 4.6-4.7 inch screen.

  • Everyone who is freaking out about dual core for Verizon or the US/LTE versus 4 cores, read this article. I was to dissapointed when I read that we’re getting the dual core until I read this guy. We’ll be just fine with Qualcomm’s S4 MSM8960. read on please:

  • MicroNix

    Almost fell off my chair at 0:48!  LOVE IT!

  • Nexus RAZR

    I still enjoy the name DROID…
    Maybe not for a Galaxy, but I don’t think that is a “crap” name.

  • Trevor

    Maybe Apple should sue Samsung for keeping this phone secret for so long.  I’m pretty sure that was Apple’s idea, right?

  • Maybe another lawsuit from Apple will be released after the event? 🙂

    • MicroNix

      Apple may have to go home first and change their shorts.

  • Jzwerlz43

    Gotta love the part about “standing out from the rest” lol! Live how they used sheep in the commercial. Tame that apple!

  • pseudonym_b

    you called the skyrocket a ridiculous name, but what else were they supposed to do? they couldnt call it the galaxy s2, because at&t already had a galaxy s2.

    • cryop

      Galaxy s ii lte

  • Hocky

    Well now that I know that it will almost certainly have a S4 should I wait to see how the RAZR HD plays out or just grab this. Hmm

  • Tim242

    I find it amusing that DROID LIFE called the DROID BRAND crap : )

    • Diablo81588

      Thought the same thing lol

  • RoadsterHD1

    (1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 in the U.S.), This sucks!!!! US should get the 
    quad-core Exynos 4412

    • Ashadan

      it’ll never happen, the carriers don’t want us having TOO much fun with our phones 

    • Tim242

      Not compatible with LTE.

      • Benjamin Landwehr

        It’s compatible now. But has problems supposedly that still need to get worked out.

    • Butters619

      It’s either LTE or Exynos 4412…..I don’t know about you but I’ll take the LTE with the best mobile dual core out and better battery life any day.

      • RoadsterHD1

        I guess you’re right. I’d take LTE speeds too. I wish we can have the best of both worlds. Who is the HTC One X with? What carrier?

        • Butters619

          AT&T.  Comes out on Sunday! Woo!

          Or the HTC Evo 4G LTE is a One X variant coming to Sprint in a few weeks.  Bigger battery and removable storage, but uglier and Sprint has no LTE network yet lol.

    • Bill Mitchell

      Remember that quad-core isn’t everything, it’s all about how the processor and the software work together! That’s why Snapdragon S4 does so well against Tegra 3.

    • http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2400409,00.asp

      Read this arcticle my friend. You won’t be dissapointed. I posted this up top cause I to was initially disapointed until I read this!

  • moelsen8

     it’s awesome that the galaxy s launches have started to rival the iphone launches.  kudos to sammy.

  • wickets

    No predictions but it would have been nice if the glass was similar to the one the razr sports

  • kcmanuel

    If this goes to Verizon without the Exynos, it’ll be a big disappointment.

    I wouldn’t mind a thicker phone in exchange for a bigger battery and Exynos/LTE combo

    If it does come on Verizon with the the S4 chip, please make it the Pro version with the better GPU!

  • This would be awesome. I hope you are right.

  • askher

    Sorry to say but it looks like ATT is going to be seeing some business soon. Bye bye V.

  • ThomasGee

    No thanks, I’ll wait a few months for the HTC “Note”.  On can’t hear sh*t on my GNex during a phone call.  LTE is great with a good signal.  3G is non existent.  At least the radio my old Evo was reliable.

  • Liderc

    A few points I thought you hit on that I hoped for as well.  

    No crazy names for each carrier, that was ridiculous with the GSII. 
    Software buttons only, it’s the future of smart phones, if you don’t think so you haven’t used them. 

    Wireless charging is always something I think should be developed more, I don’t think they’ll come out with this tomorrow but it should be the focus of future charging. 

    Specs don’t really bother me except for the screen.  They have to use a Super AMOLED +.  I can deal with a dual core CPU, I don’t run benchmarks all day so it doesn’t matter, but the screen quality is highly important to the end user. 

    The one problem I think they will have is Touchwiz, it still doesn’t look as good(or work as well) as stock ICS.  I really was hoping Samsung would be the first to just drop the skin, this would be the best step they could take moving forward. 

    The design will probably not be revolutionary, I agree that it will be similar to the Nexus, which I think is a good thing.  

    I’m curious what the blue and white will look like, this is the first time a device has come out that I was interested in that didn’t come in black(or dark gray). 

    • Jason Purp

       I have a Galaxy Nexus and I will say that I wouldn’t mind going back to the old-fashioned buttons.

      • Butters619

        If you could keep the exact same size phone but move the buttons onto the bottom bezel as capacitive buttons, would you?

        • Jason Purp

           Indeed I would

          • Butters619

            That’s what almost every person I know who owns a G-Nex has said.

          • ddevito

            Not I

          • Liderc

            Of course someone would want a bigger screen with the same size phone, but you have to have some bezel or you’ll be hitting the screen every time you hold the phone. 

        • hkklife

          Hell yeah I would. I want as much usable screen space as possible. Bezel on the bottom doesn’t disturb me nearly as much as it does on the side of the screen (ala the RAZR). 
          When the virtual buttons are present on the GNex they eat up a tidy bit of your screen space. I read somewhere that the Gnex only 4.35″ of usable screen space when the buttons are on there.   Yes, I know rooting and ROMming can take care of that but it should be a stock option. 

          Heck, I’d be fine with someone sticking hard buttons for home & menu on the side of the device. Or bringing back the job wheel!  Or having a user-selectable option to move the virtual buttons (at least home & back) to the top status bar of the phone between the signal strength and your notifications.  I hate seeing black bars robbing me of my precious screen space and I find the onscreen buttons rather distracting when playing a game in landscape mode.

          • Butters619

            It’s funny because the Razr is only slightly wide than the G-Nex, but feels so wide in hand.  It really doesn’t feel good, but maybe that’s part of an optical illusion because the side bezels are so large.

            I personally don’t mind capacitive buttons at all. (I am however a little disappointed HTC is using both capacitive buttons with that stupid on screen menu icon)

    • Butters619

      I’ll still a little skeptical on the SAMOLED+ display.  I am sitting here thinking, “I mean they have to right?!”, but I am not entirely sure that they can/will.  You would think that somewhere along the line with all those demo phones out it would have leaked.  I guess we will find out tomorrow.

      As for TouchWiz, if any of the leaks so far manifest then TouchWiz is going to make ICS look like gingerbread.

    • bassman418

      I have to say I have a gnex and this is the best display I have ever seen. I am a fan of amoled screens because I believe blacks should be black and not gray. I compared it to the iPhone 4 s and the HTC resound and I still perfer this screen over the others. You can watch a you tube movie clip and put it like 3 inches from your face and not see any pixelation or artifacts in the picture.
      How much better is the super amoled plus gonna be? I can wait to see it . But I’m just saying the gnex screen is no sloutch.

      • Liderc

        Oh I completely agree, the Nexus screen is incredible, especially the blacks as you mentioned.  I was just pointing out that in terms of advancing technology, I’d like to see them move away from pentile displays. 

  • Lots of disappointments.

  • collin ferreira

    All the specs sound about right, but i hope they give us something unique software wise. EX: something with the FFC, like motion controlled gestures to answer ur phone or change songs. something of that nature will give them the “Siri” buzz apple had, even if its a little gimmicky.

  • cbstryker

    “Somehow, it would involve a charging module that could be placed on your desk that could charge your phone from up to a few meters away. This would be amazing if true.”

    And now, in completely unrelated news, many Samsung Galaxy S3 owners have begun to develop cancer at an alarming rate. The cause is yet known….

    In the end this cannot be healthy. I’m not one of those people that think cell radios cause brain cancer, but it’s been shown that people who live closer to power lines have a substantially higher risk of developing cancer. I don’t see this any different if it’s right next to you on your bed side table while you sleep.

    • Gabba

      On a less paranoid note, the wireless charging is a gimmick; wireless charging is less efficient so it takes much longer to charge your phone.   I doubt many people will be pleased once they over the novelty of it.

      • Gabba

        *get over

      • Liderc

        Except you don’t ever have to worry about plugging in your phone again, so while you’re not using it, it will be charging sitting on your bed, on your table, on your couch, on your desk.  So taking longer doesn’t matter since it will always be charging back up. 

        • Butters619

          For one, constantly charging has got to be bad for the battery.

          For two, I own about half a dozen micro USB chargers.  The cost about $6 a piece.  I couldn’t imagine having to buy inductive charging pads for my home, work, girlfriends, etc.  Not practical at all.

          • Liderc

            It’s not inductive charging, it’s wireless charging. Google it. 

          • Butters619

            Google wireless charging and every article brings up induction.

          • Liderc

            Good lord you’re an idiot.  Inductive is using a charging pad, wireless is having a wireless stand that emits a charge through the air that charges your phone. 


          • Butters619

            Please go look up resonant induction and slap yourself.  See the big coil in the article you sourced? Wonder what the coil is for?  Induction. 

            MIT was the first to publish about resonant induction back in 2007 I believe.  Look up the article.  Yes it is wireless.  Yes they are not touching.  But guess what? It is still induction.

            Good job trying to be tough on the internet.

          • Liderc

            I didn’t say it wasn’t induction you complete idiot.  I said it’s “true wireless.” Meaning not using an induction PAD.

            And Nikola Tesla received the patent for it in 1888. 

            Dumb ass. 

          • Butters619

            Yes you did! lol.

            “It’s not inductive charging, it’s wireless charging”

            Also your line “a wireless stand that emits a charge through the air,” is not true at all.  That would be horribly dangerous.

            I’m not going to argue with you though.  Please look up resonant induction, so next time you know what you are talking about.

            And again regardless, a wireless stand would still be more expensive and larger than a $6 charger, which was my whole point.  You think Samsung would charge any less than $40+ for the wireless stand?

          • Liderc

            Yeah who could have imagined a computer that can fit in our pocket and cost $100 back in the 1950’s either.  Inventions get improved upon, they get cheap and they become useful.  

            No wonder you can’t comprehend anything I say, your IQ is stuck in the double digits.

          • Butters619

            Samsung charges $60 for a dock that is just plastic and a few wires.  You really think they would make a wireless charging stand for cheap? Hahaha.

          • Liderc

            Please kill yourself so that you may neverproduce offspring.

          • MicroNix

            Dude, you were burned bad.  Give it up.

          • JavisSullivan

            Um…do you know how car batteries work. Battery technology is past the point of being affected by constant charging. And currently I personally have to buy multiple chargers because they break due to the bending of the wires or the connections. This would not be the case with a wireless charging system. 

          • Butters619

            Car batteries are built a little differently than electronics batteries. The way they discharge and recharge and the way your phone knows that it is “full” are definitely different. Also, if you really think about it, you don’t notice the deterioration of your car battery. Your car either starts (the battery has at least some charge) or it doesn’t (the battery is completely toast). I’m sure if when you first replaced your battery, if you leave your stereo on and your car off and time it until it dies, then recharge the battery to full, drive for a year, and retry the test, you would be able to quantify a difference.

            I too break (or lose) chargers, but if a single wireless station is 10-15 times the cost of a charger, is it worth it?

      • Diablo81588

        Not true. Inductive charging is just as fast as plugging in with micro USB on my phone. Although, we havn’t seen the Samsung version yet.

  • Bolton Alford

    Any chance that Samsung unveils a second device tomorrow as the GT-I9800? One rumor from yesterday suggested that it will happen, but we know absolutely nothing about the 9800. Maybe it will end up being the SGS3 and everything we thought we knew, will all be false. Part of me hopes that’s true. Come on Samsung, go crazy on us.^^^If this ends up being true I’m going to poo my pants!

  • Aaron Burroughs

    or u can just just work for verizon and get a new phone once a year

  • Rickerbilly

    Touch wiz = who cares.

    • Ashadan

      they’re easy enough to put custom work on anyways 

      • Rickerbilly

        Not easy enough! And very easy to brick if you screw it up. On the other hand, an unlockable device it is cake to customize. Enjoy your Touch wiz

        • Dr_Buttballs

          My Skyrocket was a breeze to root and ROM. Not sure where you’re getting your info from.

          • Diablo81588

            Agreed. Just installed CM7 on a friend’s new skyrocket. Just flashed CWR in Odin and then CM7 from there. Couldn’t have been easier. I will say one thing though, the earpiece for calls sucks, and no notificiation light is a huge downer. Other than that, pretty nice phone.

          • Dr_Buttballs

            The earpiece can be worked around if you have Volume+ and noLED works ok for the no notification light. I’ve gotten use to not having the notification light, but I still miss it. All in all this phone has been great to me, and I haven’t been so pleased with a phone since my D1.

  • Michael Forte

    I’m not actually expecting much. Unless it has an A15 processor, more than 1 GB of RAM, a huge battery, and at least a 720p Super AMOLED+ display, I’m perfectly happy with my Galaxy Nexus. Especially with these new radios.

    • Won’t have an A15 I don’t think. Samsung announced the processor that will be in the “next” Galaxy and it’s the 4412.

  • Dcvolcom909

    Not sure many are waiting … remember back in October when you posted about the Oct 18th even for the GNex or any post that contained the words Galaxy Nexus there would be 200 comments within the first 3 mins lol. Oh I hated it then but I miss that excitement of anticipation!

    • Gabba

      That was only on a few droid blogs; for the most part, the internet never took much notice of a phone meant for developers and ppl who wanna think they’re hip with a dev phone.  On the other hand, every tech and non-tech blog that has a pulse has put out multiple articles about the S3

    • Diablo81588

      That’s only because it was the first Nexus to come out on Verizon. The GS3 will sell many times more than the Gnex. Noone cares about the Gnex except crack flashers. Hell, even Verizon doesn’t care about it.. lol

      • trevorsalienarms

        I always assumed the same, that nobody cared, but my Gnex is the first phone that really anyone who has seen it or has noticed my “sent from my Galaxy Nexus” email tag has commented on. Even some of my iPhone 4 buddies have been like “ooooohhhh…Galaxy Nexus, that’s cool.” Given the almost non-existant marketing push behind it, I’ve been pretty surprised at the level of awareness from the average/casual smartphone user.

      • TC Infantino

        Heh, crack flashers?  Are the GNex people mooning people again?  Seriously, I wish they would cut back a bit on the drunken revelry. 

  • Michael_NM

    How many Apple attorneys are attending the event?

    • All of them!

      • EC8CH

        hope they’ve got a big venue

    • Aardvark99

      None, you assume they’d need actual facts to base a lawsuit on, they don’t.

      • Ashadan

        hence my guess as to why Sammy has kept such a tight seal on this thing

      • droidiac13

         Fabulous answer!

  • I think it will suck bc it will be hype hype hype hype over hype over hype lots more hype lots more hype…wait months and months for it to arrive. By taht time, the hype will be gone and everyone will forget about it by then. Also, the price point. If it’s anything more than the $299 for a high end device, it will be too expensive. Also, they need to make it easier for people to get one a a lower price if you are stuck with a phone. This always happens where the next phone comes out that you want but you gotta wait over a year because you can’t upgrade on your contract. They have to find ways around this BS. I don’t want to end up stuck.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      If you don’t want to spend $299 for a phone you’d have to look at a carrier other than Verizon.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      The MSRP for new phones are 600-700 dollars.  How can you complain that you aren’t getting handed a subsidized phone often enough and expect prices to stay where they are?  If you don’t want to pay 300+ for a phone you will have to start looking used.

  • EC8CH

    It’ll still have those crappy Samsung radios 😛

    • Surprised there aren’t 100 comments attacking or defending that joke. 😛

      • EC8CH

        think everyone’s trying to wrap their heads around the GSIII not being quad-core.

        • r0lct

          Or all the anti-sammy fans who realize they’re never getting an HTC One on Verizon and they have no idea when the RAZR MAXX HD Quad 12 MP (that’s 3 versions from now) will be coming out are thinking they may have to come around to Sammy if they want a top of the line phone on Verizon this summer.

          I’ll always buy from the oem who makes the best phone for my money at the time I need my phone.  As a result I’ve owned Moto, HTC and Samsung phones and liked all of them.

    • r0lct

      Yes, I think they made the one inside Subaru.  Never seems to pickup the NY stations as well as my other cars.

  • e_droid

    I have been pushing off upgrading my Droid X to hear about this device.  If there is no Quad for VZW I am going to be very disappoint….

    • Liderc

      It’s not going to be quad core on verizon, guaranteed. 

      • MicroNix

        Don’t complain.  At least the thing is coming to Verizon!

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I have been putting off upgrading my OG Droid – yes, an original Droid – for the latest and greatest and I can tell you, no quad core yet for VZW given 3G+LTE so… prepare to be disappointed

      I am also kind of disappointed, but if this does hit VZW like everything seems to point to, I will get it for sure as the S4 is no slouch and though I wanted moving forward more future proof technology – like quad core – I truly need a new phone so for me, the wait is finally over  I am starting to feel

      • e_droid

        You sir are a trooper. The DX has been great to me.  It’s really due to the strong community of root and customization through ROMs. I’m ready to upgrade and was really hoping a good choice Quad core phones would be out by now (or at least starting to).

      • Larizard

        Amen. My OG Droid still alive and kicking, although there have been times when I wanted to throw it face down on concrete…

        This might just be my next phone if it comes before scent of the next Nexus comes out, which in that case, might as well slug it for another 6 months… 

      • My thoughts exactly, my OG has served me well but I can wait no longer!

    • Same, can’t wait to get rid of my Droid X.

  • Ashadan

    i’m keeping my fingers crossed here, my droid X is running out of shelf life, and I’ve wanted a Galaxy ever since the first teaser shots of the EU release of the GSII (which yeah, the elegance and minimalist look was destroyed in the US versions) so come on Sammy, don’t let us down!

  • Michael_NM

    Samsung Facsinate HD coming to VZW this November… 😛

    • Stephen D

      Hopefully it isn’t the disaster that the Fascinate was(although I loved mine to death, it had it’s issues.)

      • Ashadan

        biggest issue is that it was just VZW throwing sammy a bone.  they released the device and forgot about it

        • Blade

          Amen, owner of a droid charge…and hate it.

    • This made me spit my soda all over the keyboard

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  • nwd1911

    I’m expecting to see something amazing that is a unique feature from Sammie.  Otherwise, they are putting out a top tier phone that will compete with the HTC One X.  Don’t get me wrong, they would both be amazing phones, but with HTC getting to the market first, Samsung needs to differentiate this phone with more than “The official phone of the Olympics.”

    • Ashadan

      honestly I’m not sure, while I agree with you that it’d be direct competition against the One X, VZW isn’t getting anything HTC sans the “fireball” aka the incredible 4g.  I can see this, if the GSIII is as amazing as what we’re all hoping, as a sort of apology for letting big red get too deep into the nexus, and wrecking what could have been an amazing device

      • nwd1911

        I was thinking about the phone more on a cross-carrier basis.  The hype for the phone makes it seem like it should set the bar for smartphones in 2012. I was just thinking that HTC set the bar at MWC and they need to exceed that bar if the phone is to live up to the hype.

        • Nelson

          I dont think they need to exceed it by much, just match it and fix the major problems with the One X: nonremovable battery, nonexpandable storage, capacitive and onscreen buttons (one or the other is fine, but not both!), which it sounds like all will come true. I’d be happy with that because those issues are preventing me from going out today and buying a One X.

  • I’m torn up about the dual core vs quad. They hype and hype and over hype and hype some more about their own quad cored chipset and then we come to learn in the US it will be another brand’s dual core. The BS is that it’s not compatible with LTE. WTF would they have made a brand new chipset for a brand new phone that “doesnt work” with LTE? It makes zero sense to me. They sold it on quad core yet all indications is that it will be dual in the US. It’s nothing short of false advertising that generates false impressions. It’s a deal breaker if it’s not quad in the US. They should combine the ideas of Galaxy S3 + Galaxy Note + Xperia Play into a phone. It feels like such a huge letdown after months, weeks of hype. 

    • Gabba

      A dual core A15, or in the S4’s case, a dual core based on A15, will likely be more powerful and more efficient than a quad core A9.  

  • napes22

    Most likely the unveiling of the Galaxy SIII.

  • Stephen D

    “Samsung, who invented the on-screen keys” Um, what? That was Google…

    • Well it’s their device. 😛

      Tweaked it a bit to be fair to Google.

      • ddevito

        uh oh I smell lawsuit :p

      • Stephen D


        I wonder how much, if any, input the hardware manufacturer of the Nexus actually has on the software, and vice versa.

  • This will be a bigger deal than the Gnex.  The Gnex is a Google phone and doesn’t see much advertisement.  The Galaxy S III is a Samsung phone and they will market the crap out of it.

    • Gnex was just a SGS2 variant

      • Is there something wrong with that? The S2 is a great phone, I nearly bought it. But an S2 with no buttons, stock Android, and direct Google support = win

        • Gabba

          Direct google support? lolno.  How long did it take the Nexus to get the 4.0.4 update?  A hell of a lot longer than when Google pushed it out

          • wickets

            ” How long did it take the Nexus to get the 4.0.4 update?”  It still doesnt have an update…call verizon to confirm!!

          • So you’re disputing Google isn’t responsible for the code development on the Galaxy Nexus. Who is then? I didn’t say immediate updates, I said direct Google support.

      • 800×480 = crap. The OG D1 had more pixels. To say that 1280×720 (even pentile) is a ‘variant’ on 800×480 is absurd. I would take a gnex over sgs2 any day even if that was the only difference.

      • Larizard

        Design-wise, the SGS3 will turn out to be a GNex variant. 😛

  • Devilsephiroth

    I upgrade on the 7th, on Verizon, I need to know what’s good , this greatly affects me .

    • ddh819

      i don’t think the vzw version is going to be out soon though.

      • Ashadan

        6 months of extended testing while the rest of the world gets to play.  just like the gnex

        • Devilsephiroth


          • I am a big believer it not rushing into anything. There are horror stories of well advertised smartphones that have hit the market sold big numbers. Only to have 50% return rates. BB Tour and Palm Pre are good examples (one of those two only had 33% return rate, can’t remember which).

            Again, I urge, never rush.