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Another Galaxy S3 Dummy Box Appears – New Details Plus a GT-i9800 Device to Launch With It?

The folks over at SamMobile believe with all their heart that the phone above is 100% the Samsung Galaxy S3. As you can see, it looks exactly like the other dummy box leaks that we have seen over the last couple of weeks. According to their source and blurry photos, this is the GT-i9300, runs Android 4.0.4 and received a kernel that was built on April 23. Clearly the box around the outside of this will be gone when the phone is unveiled, leaving a Galaxy Nexus-esque phone to drool over.

The odd thing again, is that the home button simply looks like a sticker, but if you check on each side of it, you can faintly see back and menu buttons. At the end of last week, we saw a device that reportedly had the dummy box removed that also had a physical home button and menu/back keys. Why on Earth Samsung decided to forgo on-screen soft keys is beyond us. We also aren’t sure how Ice Cream Sandwich is going to work with a dedicated menu button and no task switcher. Maybe they built the task switcher into a home button or menu long press as they did with the Galaxy SII?

In related news, the source of these pics claims that there is also a GT-i9800 device in the works and that the i9300 is “just the beginning.” The model number of i9800 has been rumored in the past along with i9300, so I guess it’s fair to say that anything is possible at this point. Ready to start speculating about a second device?

Thankfully, we will know it all in 2 days.

Via:  SamMobile

  • Awfredricks

    why is the shape of the home button always different in these leaked images? im really hoping those physical buttons disappear come thursday.

    • michael arazan

      Don’t they do several prototypes of devices and compile the good and bad to the next prototype and so on till they get a look and feel of the build they want? Or would the just use software designs to do all that to skip building expensive prototypes now?

  • bbbb

    I wanna say the home button may be real based solely on the fact that it looks like the notification LED has been moved to the top left of the phone face. On the Gnex, its on the chin of the phone. Shame…

    • Larizard

      That’s what I thought, too. I don’t understand why they cant’s just make the home button be the notification light (ala Nexus One).

  • Butters619

    Two flagship devices at the same time? Hmmm….doesn’t quite seem right.  i9300 = quad core Exynos? i9800 = dual core S4?

  • Dunnd4d4

    What are the chances that the phone is rounded like a nexus and that outer thing is a dummy case to throw people off. Same with the fake button and the capacitive buttons. If you break off the case the capacitive buttons would be really low on the phone.

  • fvqu

    Is that a nipple in the reflection? Oh yes, that is a nipple if I have ever seen one.

    • tvjrc603

      …I have never seen one.

    • biker bill

      No you can see the ceiling tiles and then a round light fixture and that’s the hardware knobb simple minds

  • mcblue

    The i9800 is a tablet dock for the S3. Like the padphone.

  • Kyle Cummings

    No on screen buttons? No thank you!

  • Jer85008

    I don’t like the rounded glass next to squared-off corners, looks like there is already a case on the unit (and it doesn’t fit right).

    • Butters619

      That’s because it is in a case….a dummy case to make it look like a GS2

  • rockstar323

    If they are using a sticker for the home button it is possible the capacitive buttons are fake too, just painted on under the glass. It would be fairly simple to do and they could even make them light up if they wanted.

  • I think the I9800 is probably the galaxy note 2

  • EC8CH

    This mess that has become the transition (or lack there off) to on screen buttons is becoming a joke that apple fanboys will point to, and rightfully so.

    • WittWendy84

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    • Josh Nichols

      Who cares? They all have the exact same phone. At least I have an option of on-screen or not.

  • Second device could be the exact same but with a massive battery meaning a thicker design. 

    • tvjrc603

      Samsung Galaxy SIII MAXX?  If this is only the beginning, then maybe we can expect a SGS3 MAXX HD a few months after that!

      Oh, wait…this isn’t Moto…nevermind.

  • RegKilla


  • RufusX

    Apps are not ready for a menu-less button design. You need a menu button! Maybe by Jellybean we can be free of a menu button.
     I for one am glad to have capacitive buttons. ALL of my screen is mine! all mine!
    P.S. Yeah I know the on-screen buttons dissapear when youtubing or video watching. However I use my phone for OTHER things too! I want my screen real estate all of the time.

    • MKader17

      You do realize that with out capacitance buttons they can extend the screen size to accommodate the on-screen buttons and effectively give you the same screen size that becomes larger once they dissapears, right?

      • Nicholas Micallef

         I believe that was the intention with the GN but its bezel is so large that they might as well have put physical/capacitive. For soft keys to make any sense, the combined area of the bottom part of the bezel and the soft keys must be, at least, equal to the area the bezel would have had with hardware buttons.

        Also, if they remove soft keys and use the task switcher key instead of the menu button they’d run into the same problem as HTC and will have to introduce a new bar at the bottom of the screen every time an app needs a menu button (i.e. most apps)…

        So I guess for now the hardware buttons with menu button is the best choice, maybe not the most future proof though…

        • MKader17

          There are other design parameters that go into making a bezel.

          1. They may have needed the space for internals and extending the screen wasn’t plausible.
          2. If there were capacitance buttons below the screen I would be accidentally hitting them all the time.

          • NicholasMicallef

            Yes i understand that, but unless they come up with a way to make the bottom of the bezel smaller it’s still pointless.
            Most android phones have capacitive buttons below the screen and I’ve never heard of anyone who had that problem xD

    • Drewfus0929

      Even with the buttons on my Galaxy Nexus, I still have about 4.3 inches of usable screen space. What other phone has more then that? Only one that comes to mind is the Galaxy Note. So in fact I have the same screen real estate as you during normal use, and MORE when I am watching videos, games, etc. Your comment just seems silly. And I do agree that the current menu button implementation is rather clumsy.

      • Orlando Ayala

         One X at 4.7″

    • Josh Nichols

      You do know the screen has to be smaller to give space for capacitive keys? And that you can turn off Galaxy Nexus buttons at anytime you want?

      • Orlando Ayala

        One X has a slightly bigger screen than the Galaxy Nexus. 

  • Bob Martin

    i’ve seen better photo shopping in a first grade school

    • CORYK333

      Its pretty amazing what the youth of today can do with a computer, isnt it? 😉

  • Adam Warner83

    Rack city

    • trenchkato

      Rack Rack City trick…

  • 9800 is a tablet im betting. tab 11.6 finally?

  • Ekknr

    ” Why on Earth Samsung decided to forgo on-screen soft keys is beyond us.”

    Because Apple didn’t do it!!

  • Murphy

    I’m calling in sick on the 3rd.

  • Maybe they’ll be two versions; one with onscreen buttons and one without?

    • hkklife

      I still say that there will first be an Exynos-powered version with physical button(s) and 4.6″ for EMEA markets. Following a few months later will be the “Americanized” variant with a Snapdragon S4 and 4.8″ screen with onscreen virtual buttons.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        That’s a sensible guess…. but why not jsut on Screen buttons for everyone? I really don’t understand what Sammy is trying to do here!….