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Is the End Near for Android? [Opinion]

Lately Business Insider (BI) has been announcing the imminent death of Android based on iPhone and iPad sales, reported disinterest in the platform by developers, and upset manufacturers. According to a handful of their writers, Android is poised to lose market share to both iOS and Windows Phone. Is the end near for Android?

The Tablet Problem

A couple of these writers are right to point out that the continued great sales of the iPhone and the iPad spell trouble for Android. While Android has continued to hold its own in the phone space despite carriers like Verizon selling more iPhones than all Android phones combined for two quarters, Android has been a disaster in the tablet space. Despite two major versions of Android for tablets, consumers have not taken to Google’s vision of how a tablet should look and feel. Based on analysts’ estimates, the Kindle Fire is the best selling Android tablet with 54% of the Android tablet market.

Why hasn’t Android been successful in the tablet space like it has been in the phone space? BI rightly identifies that Apple partnering with AT&T exclusively likely had much to do with Android’s success, but the tablet market is not the phone market. I am convinced that Android has not been successful in the tablet space because Android is significantly better on phones compared to tablets. The reason people are buying Fires is because they are cheap and the UI is dirt simple if inelegant. I cannot emphasize enough how certain I am that the main reason people buy Fires is because of the price, not the quality of the product. People are buying the Fire over a Galaxy Tab or Transformer because it is cheaper and good enough. So why are people buying iPads over Tabs and Transformers? Because at that price the iPad has a better ecosystem and experience.

So how does Google break into the tablet space? Make a product that is significantly better than the iPad. This isn’t rocket science. People aren’t buying Android tablets because they are around the same price as the iPad, which offers a better experience. Honeycomb was rushed, jittery, and buggy. Google should have waited to release it. ICS is gorgeous on phones, but just as disjointed as Honeycomb on tablets. The Kindle Fire may be the best selling Android tablet, but that doesn’t make it a strong competitor with the iPad. The only way to fight the iPad is with a better product.  Why did consumers buy the DROID instead of a Blackberry or a Touch Pro2 or Pre Plus? Because the DROID offered an obviously superior experience. Now that Android and iOS are in parity on phones, Google needs to ensure that the Android tablet ecosystem and experience are in parity or give up on tablets.

Disinterested Developers

BI argues that developers are becoming less interested in Android based on Instagram trying to sell itself for $500 million before the Android version was released, thereby insisting that it was valuable enough without an Android version. Louis goes even further, arguing that  developers will soon be leaving Android for Windows Phone. Both of these arguments are insane to me.

BI readily admits that the massive number of Instagram downloads on Android influenced Facebook’s decision to double Instagram’s initial evaluation, but he doesn’t give it enough credit. It’s one thing to pay more than the company is supposed to be worth, but to double the value is significant. Facebook has a ton of money, but that doesn’t mean it can just throw $1 billion around without consequence. Facebook clearly recognized that with an Android app it could reach far more users (and ensure that it would control Instagram instead of Twitter).

Based on BI’s own numbers, interest in Android development has hardly waned while Windows Phone and iOS have plateaued and Blackberry has plummeted. In general Android users don’t buy as many apps as iPhone users, but because of Android’s volume of users developers are still able to make money through ad sales. While developers may be more interested in platforms where their apps are actually purchased, the alternatives are two: iOS and Windows Phone. Many developers write apps for both iOS and Android to cover the largest number of users, but I can’t imagine why developers would start to favor Windows Phone over Android. Even if Windows Phone users were more prone to buy apps than Android users, the insignificant number of Windows Phone users don’t justify the switch in emphasis.


The final threat to Android is manufacturer discontent with Google buying Motorola. According to BI’s sources, manufacturers are considering forking Android or leaving for Windows Phone to avoid favoritism by Google towards Motorola. The question is, why would manufacturers like HTC and Samsung try their luck with forking or leaving Android?

While the Fire has been successful, it hasn’t been successful because it was a forked version of Android. It has been successful because a company that people actually recognized sold a cheap Android tablet. Forking Android wouldn’t solve any manufacturers worries – they’d still have to compete with Motorola and Google on top of competing with Apple. Forking Android may allow manufacturers to make their skins more integrated, but it would mean relying on the Amazon App Store (or their own forked app store). Unless forking Android meant creating an obviously superior experience then it doesn’t make sense for manufacturers to fork Android.

The even more insane option would be for manufacturers to leave Android, the only thing making them money, for Windows Phone. Windows Phone doesn’t have a large user base and doesn’t offer an ecosystem or experience that is competitive with iOS or Android. More importantly, shifting to Microsoft puts manufacturers in the same situation they’re facing with Google thanks to the Nokia-Microsoft partnership (Microkia? Nokisoft?). Why be in the same situation with fewer users? Even if Google does favor Motorola, manufacturers don’t have any appealing alternatives to Android under Google’s approval.

Is Android coming to an end? Not at all, but that doesn’t mean that Google has an easy road ahead of them. The reality is that the issues brought up by Business Insider are real (blown out of proportion, but real). Google needs to do better in the tablet space, maintain good developer relations, and continue to support its OEM partners. iOS is a growing threat in the phone space and continues to dominate in the tablet space. Developers may need to support Android now, but its possible that Microsoft or Google (or another party) could disrupt the ecosystem. Google also needs to be careful with how it uses Motorola so that it doesn’t upset the Android ecosystem by trying to compete with its partners. Android has a long future ahead of it, but it is a future lined with problems that need to be addressed by Google.

  • sggodsell

    Windows ce, windows mobile, windows phone. Now that is what is really dead. Microsoft just re-branding and flogging a dead (closed os) horse. Now that is near end of life. Android on other hand can do so much more than iOS and windows phone. You can customize anything and everything with android.

  • Mattfox27

    If iPhone’s had widgets it would be over for android that’s the only thing holding me back and i have been with android since day 1 and develop for it, i also have owned iPhones and they just always work.  The problem with android is they are just so slow and secret when it comes to there updates and such, apple is too but the apple experience is way smoother/nicer/brighter ect than android but iPhones beautiful screen is wasted with that stupid grid.  

  • Gooniegoogoo

    these are the same idiots that didn’t see the real estate market crash coming.


  • Ushio

    Android phone manufacturers announced 1st quarter 2012 results

    ZTE – profit crash
    Huawi – profit crash
    LG – profit crash
    HTC – profit crash

    Samsung – profit up

    There is only one phone manufacturer making money off android Samsung for everyone else it’s killing them.

    • I’m hoping HTC will do better with the One line. We’ll see. 

  • Christopher Riner

    After reading his article for the second time, I just can’t see how people can shoot it down.

    Soooooooooooooooooooooo many valid points in his three sections.  Why is the kindle doing well?  It’s cheap, and relatively easy to use.  The android tabs aren’t going to compete with the ipad at their high prices, unless they offer a superior experience.

    Sadly, if I was an app developer, I would probably feel more secure developing for apple.  It’s going to take a lot for the development/marketplace in android to catch up with apple.  BUT the release of instagram on android doubling facebook’s offer– that’s the best piece of news that I think we as android enthusiasts could get from this situation.  If anything, right now, android has numbers, and numbers mean hope. 

    And motoroogle– totally valid points.  Forking would still lead to direct competition with motorola and google, and leaving android altogether would just be starting over from square one.  It would be such a dumb idea for manufacturers to leave for windows phone when the numbers just aren’t there.  

  • nikol

    cant really make a screen with icons lag…and honestly ill get on symbian,webos or windows before i use an iphone

  • Dan

    I really think one of the biggest problems is non-homogenized versions of the OS.  The fact that we are all running different versions with different features is confusing to the average user.  An iPhone is an iPhone is an iPhone… which isn’t the case for android… which means, once you buy an iPhone, you know how it works, and you don’t have to worry about switching phones to learn that things don’t do what they used to do… I think it would help greatly if everyone got on the same version of android.

  • ojaymayo22

    As a Galaxy Nexus owner, I have to agree that I really think Android is declining (very slowly although). After using the Nokia Lumia 900, I really fell in love with Windows Phone.

    Apple: Has its mindless and pretentious people, followers, rich, teenager, and people who simply just want a beautiful product that works.

    Windows Phone/Nokia: Will soon have most of the informed, intelligent, tech nerds. Also Nokia’s beautiful devices appeal to teenagers and people just wanting a simple good looking phone. Many “indie” people. People who want to have integrated Xbox Live, skydrive, Windows 8 metro, ect…

    Android: Will appeal to people who just want huge specs, people who are very loyal and attached to Google, and people who refuse to change or acknowledge other platforms.

    I personally, will stick with Android for a couple more months at least, for I am tied in with a lot of Google’s services and apps. I won’t go back to expensive and restricted Apple (I do like their MacBooks and OSX though).
    But ultimately I will definitely make the switch to a Nokia Windows Phone 8 when it comes out. I finally acknowledged change is good, and have switched from a Apple fan, to a Android fan boy, now to a fan of all three, who prefers the Windows Metro operating ecosystem.

  • Stuhtc3d

    I own a kindle fire, and an HTC EVO 3D, great price for hardware, much prefer a 7″ to a 10″, too bad I can’t get apps without a US credit card, stunning near high definition screen, for $200, listening to word files. Don’t like Amazon’s walled universe any more than Apple’s, Waiting for nexus tab 7″, Jelly Bean, for less than a new iPhone, I get 3D thrown in for free, search for free, more free apps than apple. So what if they’res adds, they’res adds on apple too, and I don’t freak out because they’re on TV when I get free high def movies. Too bad I can’t edit this some things just ain’t made for Android, eg. there’s not they’res.

  • Jeff

    What happened to the old DROID DOES CAMPAIGN?? Now I know that the droid name doesn’t mean as much now but get a Transformer prime and ipad 3 and compare them. The commercial would probably bring more public awareness to what everyone is missing…. I personally love my Gtab10.1 that I bought one for my wife. Hell my 2 year old has the 7″Gtab (entertainment galore!) 

  • panzerapple

    No comment for me I will let the numbers speak for themselves.

  • Stephen D

    No. These articles by Ron all blow. 

  • Ben

    Under 200 comments Ron?  The VZW 4.0.4 update schedule has more and it only impacts one phone model from one vendor on one wireless network.

    Step your game up pal… throw something in there about fragmentation and include a note about how google glasses suck balls.

  • Eazy E Dlf

    i could write a better opinion than this…with my anus

  • Just curious: why are most of the opinion articles written by Ron?

    Also, I know HTC is already making phones that run Windows Phone. Isn’t Samsung doing the same thing too?

    • droidman101

      Yes, just not on verizon.

  • Ramp1188


    • CORYK333

      Please go away

    • Diablo81588

      Dude that’s enough. I sure will be glad when the nexus update finally comes out so people will stop whining about it. FFS..

  • NO,, in my opinion party has just started for android!! 
    we would see an insane increasing this year with jelly beans ..

  • Shaun.Ober

    Windows Phone ???? Please. I forgot they still make thoese

  • tervorsalienarms

    I used to enjoy reading truly insightful pieces about the tech industry, especially mobile devices. I generally found them enjoyable and would often come away having learned something, or gotten a perspective I didn’t previously have.

    Now, it seems there’s only opinion; or worse, extremely poorly informed opinion thinly disguised and cheaply wrapped in psuedo-business speak in a vain attempt to elevate the material as something legitimately news-worthy. Barely any of it comes from the actual sources that unfortunately find themselves the subject of the material; and at the end of the day it all boils down to the same “us vs. them.” (Which perhaps is the purest form of competition and capitalism I suppose…the nature of our world and industry.)

    Still, these articles have become incredibly tiresome. Nothing presented here is based on facts or hard data, it’s speculation heaped on top of speculation that adds absolutely zero value to anything. In fact, it’s far worse. However sketchy this material is, it will spawn and grow; rolling downhill like a snowball, picking up links and fwds, perhaps kicking off and spawning even more speculative nonsense in other forms as it goes. Before you know it, half baked graphs and charts are being re-used ad naseum as weapons of questionable accuracy intended to deflate countering opinions. 

    There’s no credibilty in any of this. Self-styled business “analysts” with precisely zero actual business experience are beholden as “reliable sources”. Rarely, if ever, does information that comes from the sources themsleves, and in such a vacuum, bloviation such as this pervades every corner of the web.

    The ultimate irony of course, is posting a pointless complaint about pointless unsubstantiated material. This difference of course, is that I do not purport to be an expert or privvy to any significant insider information, just a guy with an opinion. Be nice if we could all realize that in most cases, that’s all these types of “news items” are as well, and as such should be granted exactly that much weight.

  • jeff3yan

    I wish the whole Android, iOS dominance would be superseded by some disruptive new player.

  • Androidandwp7equalsPower

    Why are you reading BI? They always bash Android and praise ios and macs. Anyone else remember when they tried to blame the FlashBack virus on mac users rather then admitting its Apple’s fault.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    i swear you guys complaining about the article just look silly….you guys bash each other when someone doesnt like your favorite product (even though they’re also a fan of android)…refuse to spell IPHONE and now troll a guy for writing HIS OPINION on android?…what he wrote has some truth to it…fandroids are bigger sheep than apple fanboys these days..personally i like both platforms….why limit myself to just one ecosystem? 

    • CORYK333

      Best comment & probably the most reasonable too, well said

  • Christian Bennett

    Like many people are saying, the problem is capturing the attention of the average person. Android really doesn’t do that. While apple has one centralized, top down push for their products, android has smaller, disconnected marketing. Apple controls every aspect of how their product is presented. In store displays, demo units, where their product is displayed and what a sales person can and can’t say about it. No android OEM has close to this level of control of their product, and the result is less interest from the common man. They see the apple as a polished productand the slew of competing devices (mind you that these are in a desperate, less prominent, more cluttered display) as haphazard. Mind you I fundimentally despise apple, I am not so blind as to not see the effectiveness of their methods.

  • I hardly think Google is worried.

  • I dont believe Android will vanish in my life time…

    • Stuhtc3d

      They might be as short lived as IBM.

  • The real number on instagram was 500mil before android 2billion after. Zuckerberg talked it down to 1 bil. Just a little useful info.

    I’ve read a lot of the android “death articles” and they all seem to be grasping. Trying to create controversy that isn’t really there.

    • I hadn’t seen the $2 billion number reported. Interesting. 

  • balthuszar

    if the kindle fire sold so well, and the writer thinks it was because of it’s price…why not drop the price of android tablets? i’ve always asked “why pay 6-700 dollars for a tablet when i could take that 6-700 and buy a decent laptop…and not be tied to a certain network(wifi versions be damned)

    • Diablo81588

      Amazon takes a loss on every fire they sell. They make their money by selling content and services on the device. Not every manufacturer has this business model. That’s besides the fact that the fire has a relatively small screen, and not all customers want that. Hell, with the current trend in screen sizes for phones, pretty soon 7 inch screens will be the norm. Why not just buy a phone instead of having two seperate devices with the same functionality?

      • balthuszar

        i still would rather pay 700 dollars for a 17″ laptop than a 10″ tablet, i can’t see spending 700 dollars on a touchscreen, and operating system, and nothing else…

  • Mark Wilk

    Bring back WebOS

  • Austinrgoebel

    I agree android is successful but they have to look at ways to increase their sucess, then need a well quality google tablet that may take a 6 months to build, it needs to compete directly with the ipad. Also consumers need to know it competes with the ipad, google has a big enough name they just need a ipad killer, i would focus on perfecting ics on tablets then focus on a screen technology that is equal if not better then the retna display, battery life needs to be pushed as well. Have a better that can last 18 hrs on 4g, also make a high quality design.Google can easily make a tab to compete with the ipad they just need to focus more on it. Also the nexus is a clear example that google has no favoritism with moto, as long as google spreds the android ove with htc and sammie then there should be no issues

    • Austinrgoebel


    • CORYK333

      Well thought out & said dude. It just sucks that this is gonna get lost in the non-stop sh!t storm of usual b.s. that gets posted here by the same ass-clowns & dweebs that think they are “tech-savy” bc they followed step-by-step instructions to root their phone.

  • burpootus

    I bought a DroidX on launch day. After seeing all the cool stuff going on with the original Droid, I thought the locked bootloader was going to be easily defeated. We all know how that turned out. I will never buy another Motorola product. ICS has been out since last October, roughly 15 months after I bought my DriodX and the X is not going to be updated. Big bummer. I could easily see myself switching away from Android this summer when my contract is up.
    I bought a Toshiba Thrive last August. I could see right from the beginning that I bought an Android tablet way too early in the development of these tablets. I should’ve took it back but I kept it. ICS out since October, still only rumors of getting it on the Thrive. Every update that gets pushed out on both of these devices tries to mess with root. We are told one of the reasons is because of Google Movies and other such crap, when you can take part in the same services on a computer while being root or an administrator. All of these devices, IOS, Android, and probably Windows Phone which I know nothing about, are pushing us into a computing world where we are not even root users of our own hardware!! It’s beyond crazy that we allow this as consumers. I’m not going to have a basketball shooting app that also accesses my contacts and my GPS location, without controlling this behavior!! We’ve all descended into computer craziness. I can easily see myself not buying another Android product, and further more leaving these types of devices altogether if I can’t be the root user of the device and control the permissions of the apps it runs.

  • Charles

    Unfortunately, this is all true. I am a huge Android fan myself, but the G-Nex is officially my last purchase. The circus with my LTE Xoom update was the final straw. I will slip over to the dark side with my next phone. Apple products are more consistent, stable and reliable, hands down. It pains me to say it, but I can’t deny it.

    • Droid_Dude

      My Gnex is very stable and reliable for me :). The day you see me switch over to the padded, walled ecosystem of Apple is also the same day you seem me get thrown in my own padded room.

      • Charles

        Therein lies the problem and one of my biggest complaints: Android phones aren’t even consistent between the same handset. I’m glad yours has been problem-free, as have many other G-New owners. Unfortunately, there’s also a huge group of us that have been plagued from the start with the random reboots and poor battery life. Finally had to root and ROM to fix my problems, which is a downright shame.

        • Ilikeeverything

          Exactly! That’s why I returned my Nexus for the iPhone. Too many “issues” that I didn’t want to deal with for the next two years. There are many things I miss having with the Nexus (google wallet was so much fun) and that screen – wow) but I dont regret leaving at all. For me the iphone works well, has a good battery life, very little “issues” and the apps are awesome (android apps suck – and at the time when I had first purchased the Nexus many of the apps were incompatible or just didnt work.

          • Charles

            Agreed, my friend. The app consistency is terrible. I was absolutely appalled that the March Madness app wasn’t available for the hottest Android phone on the market – the G-Nex. That’s absolute insanity! My friend has an old HTC and is streaming the NCAA tournament, while I sit there like an idiot with my shiny new phone watching a box score. Although it is denied by the fanboys (which I myself was at one time too), there’s definitely a huge “fragmentation” problem. It has created a nightmare for app developers.

  • Windows Phone? Good one.

  • It’s the classic keeping up with the Jones’ situation when it comes to ianything it’s isheik. 

  • speraider430

    I think the AT&T exclusivity is a very relevant point.  If Apple had opened up to other carriers 12-18 months earlier than they did there would not be much Android to speak of.  The iPad is a great device because of the simplicity, the fact that a grandmother or  toddler can use it.  Android phones have the pricing and diversity advantage.  I love having a choice when buying a phone!

  • star-crossed

    I’d start by looking at the shortcomings of the iPad, and what they could do better. I have an 1st-gen iPad, and it’s too big and heavy to hold comfortably with one hand, and its weight makes it a drag to carry around in a bag while walking about.

    My primary interest in a tablet is as a comic book reader.  I tried comics on a Kindle Fire, and the overall device performance, display quality and resolution was too low-grade, in my opinion. A 1024×600 display makes text and graphics look coarse, and that’s true for the iPad’s 1024×768 display as well. Sure, the iPad 3’s display would be the type of upgrade I’d be interested in, but the size and weight issue would persist.

    So if there was a Android tablet that had the same form-factor as a regular Kindle, with a 6 to 7-inch 1280×800 display, around $300, that would be the device for me.

  • Nick

    Apple is made for dummies.  Look how easy their stuff is to use!  Nerds, geeks, techies want to play with things and not be strapped down and doped up with mediocrity. If not Android, there will be another OS for us to play with.   

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Its people like you that make android useres look retarded. You obviously have no idea about the jailbreak community and limitless options the iphone can have, or even has. Go rom your phone so it’ll work better.

  • Chet Stovepiper

    How about some android commercials that actually show what the thing can do instead of robots and cyborgs and lightning storms. 

  • Sam Shedd

    Good analysis. 

    One thing to remember is that the Fire is a *Kindle* Fire. Many people think of it as a color kindle, not comparable to an ipad or xoom. It also was able to feed off the of the Kindle consumer base itself more readily than android, just as ipad off the iphone. Finally the price point for the Fire was cheaper than the kindle 2 originally was. Amazon already had all those people convinced $200+ was worth it, now they offered a tablet version for less.

  • vawwyakr

    I don’t get the tablet problem myself, I have a transformer prime so maybe it’s just that the prime can run ICS so well that I don’t see the problems others have?  I don’t know, but to me it seems every bit as good as the iPad and better in many respects.  I think the main thing is that Apple has HUGE name recognition in the tablet space thanks to the media.  They throw up all over themselves whenever Apple so much as sends out a brochure for the thing.  The only news you see on Android tablets is the occasional mention of them not doing well compared to the iPad.

  • Dliuzzo110

    Advertising advertising advertising! ALOT of people still don’t know what android is, or how big it actually is. “Cult of brand” is very sad but very true. If goolge made all the oem’s put one nice visible polished android logo on all devices, people could see how widespread android really is,thus starting its own cult of brand just by word ofmouth. Few good commercials, badabing badaboom

  • Sven Enterlein

    In my opinion the biggest success for the iDevice series is convenience: You don’t need to get used to a different OS-skin, you can use the same charger/USB cable across the board, there are more accessories (cases, docks, chargers, protectors etc.) out there than virgins, you only have one choice of media manager and so on. 
    Whereas when you go Android you have to deal with all kinds of adjustments, even when you stay with one manufacturer. This will not only create problems for the user that is not willing to but new accessories over and over again, but also for the providers of these accessories. Why make a product that will sell 100,000 times if you could easily make a similar product and sell it 100-fold? Same with the apps. 
    There needs to be some kind of incentive apart from hardcore modding that will allow the broad audience to realize the superiority of the Android OS. Right now that is only the free or budget handsets that carriers offer.

  • Gary Patrowicz

    yes just like the end is near for linux open source means they are not charging you and where is the fun in that.(sarcasm)

  • Hello

    The Android OS is over saturated. It’s everywhere. You know why the country loves football? Because its for the most part once a week and lasts a third of the year. We beg for more. No one can keep up with all the Android devices and it’s all becoming tired.

  • jaxxmjd

    I would certainly be happy if Google could help make Android
    for tablets more appealing to the masses as long as they can do so
    without “dumbing down” the OS unreasonably.

  • jaxxmjd

    The only thing the writers of Business Insider have an inside view of is their own rectums. 

    • Stuhtc3d

      Don’t forget businesses brought us countless recessions, depressions, company crashes, wars, unemployment, let’s show some gratitude, and give them more than four times executive pay because they deserve more for their vast achievements this last decade. As well as their stunning work in bringing us a fourty year great stagnation, whereas China only grew by fourty times in the thirty year’s of Reganomics. How dare you suggest Business intelligence is an absolute oxymoron.

  • Jimneezy

    I still think before things get out of hand, have Google take total control of everything that is android.

  • Realistic87

    No one is interested in windows phones, even I would rather have an iPhone over a windows phone and I hate apple everything

  • TimXer

    ICS on my Transformer Prime rocks! to me:) It’s a superior performer to the iPad2 certainly, 3 I haven’t touched so cannot say.  When we talk about fragmentation – that is a huge part of the problem – too many choices – need fewer, better choices!

  • Ike

    It seems Android is trying to win the game with quantity and Apple is trying to win the game with quality.

    • JeffDenver

      The PC did the same thing in the desktop market…who won that war?

  • Sp4rxx


    Seems like you and Joe Wilcox from BetaNews are click-bait buddies

  • WickedToby741

    In all honesty, Google probably needs to sell Motorola. Who they’d sell them to, I don’t know, but if they sell the hardware division they’ll ease concerns of other manufacturers and they don’t really need a hardware division. Besides, Samsung is clearly the darling of Android like Nokia is to Microsoft. I just don’t see Motorola of any use to Google. If Google uses Motorola to make phones the way Google wants them made, then they’ll alienate other manufacturers, but if they just leave Motorola to do their own thing, then what’s the point in owning them?

    • Patent Library. The primary and most significant reason for the acquisition. In order to strengthen Google’s foothold against the Patent Trolling bully, Apple.

  • Antinorm

    Android losing market share to Windows Phone?  BWAHAHAHAHA

    And it’s not going to be overtaken by iOS either.  Let the Apple drones have their toys; we’ll keep ours.

    • Anyone remember that BIG, wide-spread publicized screw up by Microshaft when they tried to gyp a Nexus user after he SMOKED one of their employee’s attempt to compete toe to toe with the GNex? I rest my case.

  • Towelie420

    HDMI output and Bluetooth controller = portable game console. I really feel like this is a missed opportunity for Google. If they wanted to, they could get behind this ability, encourage and incentivise developers, and perhaps make a unique official Google Bluetooth controller (MUST have two analog sticks) to unify and streamline the experience from tablet to tablet. Think about that for a second guys.

  • Not true about the developer thingy

  • br_hermon

    Ok, I hear your argument… And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE android. I hope it rises and stays on top. But the one thing you’re forgetting is Windows 8. I think Microsoft is onto something huge here. I’ve played with it, and its ok. In truth, I’m not crazy about it in some regards but the reach its implementation has is massive… Let me explain: Microsoft is huge. Millions of people use Windows when they go to work. They’re an industry standard, flat out. Not only work but on their home PCs as well. MS already has a huge foot in the door of every living room and work space. (May as well include Xbox in that too) If they take Windows 8 and put it on those PCs, on tablets (and not only MS tablets but thanks to the likes of Splashtop, iPads too!) AND merge it with Windows Phone… LOOK OUT! 
    It’s all inclusive ecosystem. An OS with that much consumer base penetration can’t be ignored. Windows Mobile sucked, hard, I used it for 2 years. But MS totally restarted from the ground up with Metro and now Windows 8. They learned from their mistakes and now they’re on a dead sprint. Adaptation is going to make or break them. We’ll see.

    So what can Android do? Follow suit. People can have an Apple computer, iphone and ipad. They can have a Windows PC, phone and tablet. Google needs to expand they’re coverage as well or they may have a difficult time. There’s Windows, OS X and in a distant 3rd Linux (in that order) Linux is great but it just doesn’t have the attention of the average consumer. Ask your avg american and they’ll probably say they’ve never even heard of Linux. If Google isn’t careful, Apple and MS will flex their muscle into all the markets and it will be MS, Apple and Android/Chrome OS (that’s a whole other can of worms. Hey Google identity crisis anyone?)

    Just my $.02

    • CORYK333

      It’s all about the seemless intergration….and it’s def. coming with Microsofts new baby. Great post by the way.

    • Stuhtc3d

      Android, ios, and chrome have one big advantage over MS, they’re not bloatware, 32Gb for win7 office 2010, sure I need ms for the server, but they’re no good at tight code.

  • gorkon

    This article assumes TOO much.  

    First, it “assumes” that because of the Instagram thing that developer shave lost intrest….couldn’t be further from the truth.  Just look in Play for the tons and tons of apps that there are.  That and there are FAR MORE independent ROMS out there now than there has been in a long time. 

    Second, it assumes that since tablets have not beat the iPad in sales that it’s a failure.  I say check with Asus.  They’ve sold a bunch of tablets.  Plus I have an 80 year old pastor at my church who chose a Galaxy Tab over an iPad.   The problem isn’t one that consumers don’t like the Android tablet experience….it’s that they may not even know about it.

  • Hypothetically speaking, if Android did cease to exist, I’d probably go back to dumb phones, before I go to Apple

  • guard her

    Yep the BI behind all this just had to move back in with his parents because android is taking All their money. BI never heard of them and never will again. Life fail wol

    • teh_Jughead

       I think the new spin is to tell everyone you’re letting your parents live with you.

  • This post is moronic.

  • MKader17

    ” Louis goes even further, arguing that  developers will soon be leaving Android for Windows Phone.”
    One of those times where I truly did Laugh Out Loud

  • fauxshizzl

    I would love for there to be a real competitor to Google other than iOS. I am pro Droid all the way but I would ditch them in a second for something better if it existed. Google has a great vision, but so far the follow through has been less than impressive. Until the big G takes more control of the OS back from telcos and handset makers, nothing will improve. I am less and less excited about all the stuff I read on this site by the day. “Oh cool, a new update! Oh thats right, I won’t actually see it for at least another 6 months if at all..”

  • Jwhap

    If Google really wanted to shake things up, all moto devices would have

  • Bob Martin

    apple could sell 1 billion iphones and ipads a day and i would still prefer android. it would only mean there r more idiots in the world. idc about sales of the device. i care about what it can do.

  • moozicmon

    Yes, the entire ecosystem, bazillions of dollars in R&D, millions of of users on their second or even third gen Android device…. it’s all going away because Apple is selling a lot of iPhones and iPads.

    Also, IE is going away because more and more people are using Chrome and Firefox. Oh, and Blue Ray is going away because most people still have DVD players. Speaking of defunct media, they have sold more ipod’s than CD players so those are all going away as well. And the radio, no on listens to the radio anymore so that is doomed as well. Not to the mention television, less people are watching television so say buh-bye.


  • Nick

    Long time reader, first time responder…

    This is a dumb post to put on an Android site.  I’m heading over to a more relevant Android site now.

  • I love my HTC Rezound, but when my wife’s bonus money came in and she said “Go get a tablet!”, the decision to get a new iPad was a fairly easy one.  The hardware really does feel significantly better than the Android tablets.  That said, everything on the app store costs significantly more money.  I’ve spent more in the Apple app store in a week than I have in 2.5 years with Android.

    • Droidzilla

      What about the iPad hardware seems better than the newest TF? I’ve used both and honestly thought the TF felt just as premium (plus I like the OS a lot better).

  • Newsflash: I like my Xoom.

  • Mike91270

    And in other news….”The World Is Flat”

  • Lovehate

    It’s true apple its out selling Android again.but really with out Steve jobs at the helm how long can this last? With put a doubt apple its strong right now, but their stagnant, while Android its ever moving foreward.yes this causes growing pains (bugs), things will only get better.people get bored with the same old thing, so with out Steve jobs brilliant marketing,people will come over to a better Android.( opinion)

    • Lovehate

      Just for the record the wrong words and misspellings is my Swype keyboard not me haha

  • This isn’t the right site for this article, as most visitors here are pretty subjective and were put off from the title alone. But this article raises some very valid points. 

    1) Google is not doing well in the tablet space, and the fire sells not just because it’s cheap, but it’s easy to understand. We don’t need 8-core tablets with cryptic software to the normal consumer.

    2) Catering to developers is good, but a unified app system across a range of devices would be much better. People are tired of force closes and Seeing that an “app isn’t available for your device” banner in the market for a 6 month old phone. 

    3) Stop focusing on specs and focus on the experience. ICS is better than honeycomb, but does nothing to fix the confusing nature of android tablets compared to the ease of Ipads.

    4) Enthusiasts/Rooters/Hackers make up such a small portion of android. Therefore things like “bootloaders, Amoled vs. Super LCD, IPS vs. TFT, Dual vs. Quad core” do not matter when it comes to successful sales. 

    this article is a little ominous, but definitely raises some very true points. Android has some growth to do if they want to remain competitive, because all the people who purchased the first android phones are now up for an upgrade, and to many of them android appears cluttered with too many phones, apps that don’t work on even newer devices, and and less apps compared to the alternative. 

    remember, the OG Droid didn’t sell so well because of specs,bootloader.It sold well because it was FIRST, any app on the market worked for it, and a damn good marketing campaign. Just look what good marketing did to samsung from the first galaxy to the GS2, now compare that campaign to the one for the Galaxy nexus.
    I think you get my point

  • Srshreve

    BBusiness Insider blows EVERYTHING out of proportion.

  • 90% of articles on the web these days are just ways to drive traffic to their blogs – BI is a grand daddy at this. Real questions are how many will jump ship with iPhone 5? Tablet war is lost to iPad lets face it overall it is a phenomenal product over any other tablet. Those that say it’s not just aren’t willing to admit it or are ignorant. By no means am I fan of apple products but dame iPad is freaking sweet.  

  • Tripod4

    BI is the national enquirer of business blogs – they’ll do anything for a pageview.


    if google doesnt grab things by the horns then yes were in bad shape. lay down some ground rules for android because all this oh you can do whatever you want is nice and dandy but at some point its going break and that breaking point is right around the corner. stop letting things just slide, YOURE GOOGLE, GROW SOME…! SMH

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    I suppose in the realm of fast moving technology and fickle consumers that anything is possible… but I’d be just as willing to say that Apple could be nearing its end… or Microsoft could be nearing its end.  But I doubt it.  All 3 of these companies have a critical mass behind them, and positive press and word of mouth.  It’s taken BlackBerry almost half a decade of rehashing the same product repeatedly to get to its present state, but it STILL isn’t dead yet.  I don’t see Android just disappearing quietly into the night, given that.

  • BarryJones

    What’s Business Insider and why should I care?

  • cantcurecancer

    Jesus Christ, this takes sensationalism to a whoke new level. Obvious troll post

  • EvanTheGamer

    HELL no…it’s just the beginning for Android’s dominance over the mobile market.

    And why post a topic like that? Sure, an opinion, but some opinions start wars.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Also, who hired the Apple guy? lol

      Come on…don’t want to even THINK like that! Android will continue to make its presence known. I don’t care what anyone says, Android is here to stay!

      • Jeremy Cope

        Read it

    • jcorf

      Did you read the article? 

  • This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

  • Raven

    I still think the “Tablet Problem” is an insane lack of advertising.  I think one good national TV commercial could change everything, but no one is advertising.  I just don’t get it.  Show off watching movies and You Tube videos on a beautiful widescreen display instead of a cramped 4:3 display, show off reading full page PDFs on a nice vertical widescreen display, show off easily putting some cool widgets on your desktop instead of just having a boring grid of icons.  Everyone I have shown my Transformer to has loved it and thought it made an iPad look like a child’s toy.  Yet, most of the population that is buying up iPads do not even know Android tablets exist because no one is advertising them.

    • jonny6pak

      I completely agree that advertising is a huge problem for Android Tablets.  Android isn’t really positioned in any which way in the consumer space.  A consumer might recognize Android due to phones, but that doesn’t mean they will suddenly trust and support it in tablet form when they stop by a retail store. 

    • As a passionately anti-Apple, pro-Android user, I have to disagree. I have had a Galaxy Tab 10.1 since last summer, and it pales in comparison to friends’ iPads. I went through a Best Buy this weekend, playing with all the Android tablets — you can’t swipe from screen to screen without encountering numerous, visible hiccups. My 10.1 has a custom rom running it at 1.4 Ghz and I *still* have a staggery, clunky interface and often sluggish performance.

      Compare this to the iPad 3, with a shockingly good screen, much higher resolution, but which is still smooth as butter while swiping, launching apps, scrolling long pages, everything. It makes the Android tablets look like cheap junk. I’m never buying an Apple product, but man, I don’t understand why our tablets lag so far behind.

      • thebruce44

        Have you tried the Transformer Prime? Mine is smooth in transitions, especially on webpages with Chrome.

        And I agree with others that advertising is a big issue. ICS on tablets isn’t a perfect UI, that’s for sure, but those big beautiful tablet screens were made for widgets, not to have more app icons on them.

        • EC8CH

          I agree completely. iOS looks childish on a phone and ridiculous on a tablet.

          • Stuhtc3D

            Yeah ios looks like primative dumb phone icons.

        • Sven Enterlein

          My thoughts too. However, once iOS supports widgets (is there actually a reason why it doesn’t already?) there will be few arguments for the average user to choose android. I love my Transformer and don’t need all the apps offered for iOS but I’d really like to have the higher res screen and the battery life.

          • Bob Martin

            There will always be reasons why android is better. they r open source. high level of customization. and a large selection of devices to choose from with its own unique features. Once iphones r customizable, and have more than one device a year then i might think about trying it out

      •  I’ve got a Tab 10.1 too.  It was okay until the last official update which caused all kinds of problems so i finally broke down and installed a 4.0 ROM (AOKP) and it’s great.

      • DanWazz

        I played with the Transformer Prime and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. The Samsung was good, no problems and did what it was supposed to without lag. The prime did all that and more, and that screen blew me away. Both work just as well as the i*ad 3’s I’ve played with, and the Prime LOOKED just as good as the i*ad 3.

      • Rampagedeluxe

        I really don’t have that problem with my Xoom or my friends Galaxy tab 10.1. I only see lag on screens when I go to Best Buy. I hear these stories, but I never see anything like what you are saying on peoples actual tablets. 

      • AndroidRules-IOSdrools

        I have an HP touchpad with CM9 ics, an for a altered android tablet the thing is quick as hell,. No lagging between screens, etc. Mine was $150. Id rather have this then spend $700 on an ipad. With close to 1,000,000 new activations daily, there is no end in site for Android…

        • Paul

          TouchPad ftw.

      • David

        You make some good points, but you’e not quite comparing apples and apples (pardon the pun).  The GTab 10.1 is about 2 years old now.  The new iPad is barely a few months old.

      • brando56894

        I have no issues with my original Transformer and everyone I’ve however it to has loved it also.

      • smartguy05

        I have the original transformer on ICS and it runs great and doesnt hiccup at all.

    • PABNJ

      I agree as well, the advertising is greatly lacking for Android Tablets.  My assumption about the Google Motorola relationship is that we won’t see a bias towards Motorola, but we’ll see phones as Google envisioned it.  Less Blur, and would not surprise me if we saw unlocked bootloaders.  Motorola makes great hardware, but I have to say the software sucks, but if they were vanilla Android OS, we all be pretty happy, and throw in an unlocked bootloader, we would all be ecstatic.

    • WickedToby741

      They need a Nexus tablet made by Samsung or Asus and they need to run clever ads to go with it. The few ads that have been put out for other Nexus devices have been good as have the Chrome ads, so I see no reason why Google couldn’t successfully market a Nexus tablet. The biggest problem with Android tablets is misconception that they’re inferior to the iPad. With phones, there have been carrier salesmen that have been pedaling Android, but you don’t get the same exposure in the tablet space. Half the reason for Apple’s success is clever marketing.

    • hot_spare

      Samsung isn’t giving up yet Tablet space. 250-buck 7 inch tablet will gain momentum for sure. For developers out here, keep an eye on the 4 million bounty they are giving on May.

    • HintonLewis25

      just as Victor answered I didn’t know that some people can earn $4390 in 4 weeks on the computer. have you seen this webpage >>> http://toearnusd.weebly.com

    • T4rd

      Indeed.  Samsung should run this commercial every 20 mins on cable.  They would outsell everything.. instantly..


    • you are a genius. i gotta say apples commercial and billboard ads and marketing is the best brain washing system i have ever seen. Its because of that, people buy apple products. the OG droid commercial was the ONLY android ad that was as amazing and even that was still geared towards geeks. funny that google, a company that makes money selling ads, cant get an ad campaign for android for the life of them

    • h_h

      Are you really sure that a widescreen on a 7″ display will be perceived as “better” than any format on a 10″ screen…?

      Unfortunately, marketing only goes so far:  a solid product that generates very positive word-of-mouth is what permits a single vendor the opportunity to potentially dominate a market segment.  And to get there, it isn’t about any one single factor, but a holistic product which in today’s parlance means slick vertical integration.   And that’s exactly what the iPad … and now also now the Kindle … has shown.


  •  I don’t think Android is going anywhere. I love the phones. However, I’ve yet to find an Android tablet that I prefer to my iPad 2.

    • Droidzilla

      What is it you like better about the iPad, out of curiosity? Specific apps? I’ve used both an iPad and a few Android tablets, and I almost always liked the Android offering better.

  • If microsoft can integrate its PC OS with its phone OS seemlessly, I can totally see Windows phones taking over completely.  Windows 8 looks like this is the direction it is going and from what I’ve seen, windows 8 looks awesome

    •  Keep in mind Windows 8 for phone will be ARM and Windows 8 for PC will be x86. You might see something close to seem less with their properties (IE Office) but third party will be just as limited and ugly.

      • jonny6pak

        MS could always push to use Medfield chips and thus get x86 phones into the fray.  That’s going to cause some true fragmentation absent devs compiling for the x86 chipset, of course.

  • Sorry to say but one more stupid op-ed like this and you are going to lose a long time reader.  These are getting ridiculous.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Stupid, because you are as much of a fanboy of Android that some Apple users are of their product? 

      It’s a news site, I suggest you get used to it.

      • News isn’t subjective. We come here for facts. If we wanted made up news, we’d watch Fox News.

        Fact is that Ron’s opinion pieces are the worst articles on this site. I would rather just have Kellex alone post things because they are the most informative.

        • My articles are clearly marked as opinion. If you don’t like them you don’t have to read them. 

          • Stuhtc3d

            Well it’s a competitive market, my sister got an apple hd, with office 2011, and she probably uses a Google search engine.

      • Droidzilla

        It’s an Android site; really it’s closer to a fan site than a news site, truth be told.

  • thought for sure I was about to get Rick Roll’d

  • Android tablets havent been a failure because of the OS. Even honeycomb was 10x what iOS is on a tablet (zero effective use of all that extra screen space, just a bunch of icons). The tablets have failed because by and large they are still toys to most people, toys that most people (other than apple zombies that will buy anything that company makes) can’t justify that kind of price for. All the major manufacturers tried to rake in ‘apple-like’ margins on their tablets as well, so they didnt compete at all (it wouldnt work in other markets either… how many mac-priced laptops sell?). If google were to release a loss-leader (profits regained by android market) full featured tablet, it would kill in the marketplace. That is the main problem, google hasnt released a tablet that set a ‘google standard’ like they did with the nexus line.   

    • Droidzilla

      And in a single paragraph, you successfully rebutted that entire section. Kudos.

    • If the only way for Google to gain market share is to drop the price of the tablet like the Fire, then they aren’t really competing with the actual product, just price. For some reason people are looking at Android tablets and iPads that are similarly priced (or Android tablets that are far cheaper) and overwhelmingly people are choosing the iPad. Either all those people just buy Apple products without question or the iPad is a better product. 

      • Bull.  Apple can rake in massive margins because it is apple, not because the ipad is any better. Its branding 101. Nobody else has that kind of brand value, so when other manufacturers futilely try to rake in the ‘apple tax’ on a non-apple product, it wouldnt matter how good the device is, they arent going to sell many. 

        Making matters worse, there’s almost zero marketing for android tablets.And nothing from google that leads the way for the android tablet market (like a nexus or like the Droid did on VZW back in the day)

        It has nothing to do with quality of the device. Its poor execution on the marketingpricing side.

        • LionStone

          +100…Dang Alex, maybe you should write the next article? You hit the nail on the head…branding 101! Case in point, my sister recently purchased the new ipad. Did she check out other tablets like I did and compare? No. She never even looked at anything else. Before that she switched from her dinc2 to iphone. She didn’t even know how to use all the features and customizations on her dinc2 before selling it. She went with simple and that was all she cared about.

          How many people did what she did and blindly purchase their iproducts without comparison shopping? Oh, and the other day she was wondering why her ipad browser was shutting down (fc?) I compare her new, “heavy” ipad to my GTab 10.1 all the time and its got nothing on my Android tablet that I would want. My 10.1 is stock and quick and does not lag.

  • Jmikel222

    There is still 17 letters left in the alphabet. Android won’t die soon

  • BloMeSanjay

    Other manufactureres need not worry about the Google-Motorola thing.  Moto has pi$$ed off enough of their customers (like me) so bad, they’ll never buy another Moto device – no matter who owns them.

  • LeDerp

    Android and Apple are, i feel, in their teenage years, somewhat awkward teenage years. Apple is the ‘cool school jock’ but Android will turn out to be the acne-full-nerd that fully blossoms into adulthood as a genius loved by the masses and the jock to be forgotten as a commoner lol

    • bakdroid

      And Windows Phone is the slut that will do anything to get a better grade!

  • I swear Ron really needs to keep his bad writing on his personal blog.

  • Curtis Martin

    Sensationalist article from Business Insider -> Sensationalist opinion piece from Droid Life

    Seriously though, look at the sales of the Galaxy S2 and it’s obvious that Android isn’t coming to an end anytime soon.

    •  Wow, I just literally commented the same thing (at the same time). 

      World implosion alert!

    • What is sensationalist about destroying their sensationalist articles? 

      • r0lct

        You can tell most of these comments are from reading the title and possible the first paragraph.  Had you titled it “No way Android is going away” you’d see much different comments from all the non-reading commentators.

        • Good point. Maybe people should read the article before commenting… :/

          • Curtis Martin

            I read it, and though it has valid points it’s still a ridiculous headline.

          • r0lct

            True, however you still have to know your DL audience.  A less antagonistic tittle would have helped you achieve more readers and potentially more constructive comment threads. 

          • Perhaps. I’d like to think people would read the article before jumping to conclusions, but apparently that’s not realistic. The article is dealing with the question of whether or not Android is poised to fail, so I think the title fits. I could bury the lead, but I don’t think that makes for good writing. 

  • summit1986

    BOOORING… back to Googling “zerg rush”

    • EC8CH


  • BI is living off of sensationalism quite a bit of late.  It’s hard to find a piece that doesn’t wreak of it.  Just look at yesterday’s bit on Zimmerman and the shooting of Treyvon Martin. 

    It’s a shame that so many people lend credence to what is essentially a news blog that isn’t focused on any one particular space (in direct contrast to a site such as Droid Life).  Take their opinions with a grain of salt –literally.

  • bakdroid

    Ron, how do you live with yourself writing this trash?  How is this considered news, or even an opinion?  If you have an opinion on BI, then comment on their site.  Don’t fill this site with all your trashy reporting.  This is all marketing and fabrication that you are printing.  You probably fall for that “beta test” commercial from Nokia too.  Stop wasting our time with these worthless articles.

    • No one if forcing you to read these articles.  I’m tired of 14 year olds bitching about things that they have control over. 

      • bakdroid

        Just because you are a high school senior doesn’t mean you should pick on younger kids…

        He needs to leave.  He is the worse writer and only posts to get people all hot and bothered over his so called “opinions”.  He needs to leave this site and hopefully enough people will bitch so Kellex kicks his dumbass off.  If he wants to write articles like this, he can go on BGR.

        And by your same logic, no one is forcing you to read these comments.  You need to check yourself, buddy.

        • La2da

          He is the worse writer? You’re not so good yourself, hotshot.

          • bakdroid

            Pot….meet kettle…

          • CORYK333

            Wow, you even missed that one…….

        • Andrewborges144

          you need to get off this site….. nobody wants you here

    • Christopher Riner

      I, for one, love Ron’s articles.  I think its important that we receive information about google, because the fact of the matter is, at the rate google is going in the tablet market they won’t last forever.  Google and oem’s simply will not continue throwing resources at tablet development if sales continue to plummet.

      The article has a lot of good information.  It seems to me like you are just upset that android is sucking in the tablet market, but its the truth.  

      • Thanks. 🙂

        • Christopher Riner

          Keep ’em coming, Ron!  Albert Einstein once said, “Great minds face violent opposition from the mediocre”.

          Notice how much opposition you’ve created here?  That’s what opinion pieces are all about–stating the things a lot of us are afraid, or unwilling to admit.

    • M1ghtysauc3

      Someone’s mommy doesn’t hug him enough.

    • trumpet444

      I actually liked the “beta test” commercial, as in it was pretty original/creative. I didn’t agree that the Nokia Win7 phone is the “final release” phone to top our “betas” though 

  • ramifications

    Those are some retarded conclusions from the BI editors. Android is only going to grow in popularity. Windows phone will grow slightly, but wont come close to iOS or Android in the foreseeable future. The interest in Android is only growing in the US and as more of the “top tier” apps come to android, and the platform matures, more people will switch over from iOS.

    There is nothing in there to suggest that Android will decrease in any way in the phone space.
    Tablets are different because android is in such a disadvantage right now. But I also believe they will grow in this space as ICS and the next revision mature the platform.

    • “There is nothing in there to suggest that Android will decrease in any way in the phone space.”

      Other than the target market for Windows Phone will be those that refuse to buy / have no interest in the iPhone. If Windows phone succeeds it will come at the cost to Android rather than iOS. But the jury is still out, should be a very interesting couple of years.

  • LiterofCola

    Leaving for Windows phone?  lmao!

  • Cbaxter82

    If windows8 is relatively good. Kissing android goodbye and drinking the m$ juice once again

    • bigdav1178

      Have fun! I personally prefer tiles on my walls and floor, rather than my phone and computer.

    • Windows 8 is not a phone OS.

  • Sheldonguy3

    Android is here to stay…..

  • Did Glenn Beck write this? Must be a slow Friday.

    • John



        • bakdroid

          How about Dunkaroo’s.  They were delicious….

        • Danny TwoTones

          LOL Richard, don’t troll

        • Andrewborges144

          get a life you clown

    • LiterofCola


    • Drew

      actually read the article, maybe then you’ll have a relevant response.

      • It’s ok Ron, don’t get your panties up in a bunch. Relevancy is a matter of opinion; but to clarify I did read it sadly.

        If you can’t see the correlation between the alarmist approach of this article and Glenn Beck’s style than it simply went over your head.

        Good day sir 🙂  

        • AlexKCMO

          Richard, when are you going to play Dota 2 with me?

        • You do realize that Drew wrote that comment, not me, right? The article wasn’t meant to be alarmist; it was meant to call out Business Insider for their bogus, alarmist theories. 

    • trumpet444


  • Seriously. Who has a Windows Phone? Like does anyone really think a multi-million dollar or billion dollar OS is in trouble when the sales are there? The production is rampant and more and more people have access to low to high end android devices all over the world? Yeah. Thought so! Like stated above. Google must now think strategically in order to sustain their market. Do not go out like Window Phones did many years ago trying to please everyone.

    • Rob

       Don’t count out Windows phone…With Intel releasing its new mobile chipset for phones and tablets running x86 code, you will see those Window 8 mobile phones capable of running desktop applications. Tablets will no longer be “toys”
      Remember how everyone and their grandmothers stated Android would never take off when it launched? Look at it now…Windows will take off. And it will be big.

      • Kyle Fullmer

        Fully agreed, and I hope it does do well so if Android does die I don’t have to go back to a flip phone.

      • CORYK333

        Exactly, people on here are forgetting (or are in denial) about the integration of the new Windows desktop OS with their mobile/tablet OS. Will i use it?…no, but the masses are gonna start to eat that sh!t up sooner than clowns on here think.

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      I know a few people… it’s actually pretty slick.  They just lack apps in an app-driven smartphone world.

    • kixofmyg0t

      I actually know more people with a Windows phone than a Galaxy Nexus. Its only 2 to 0 but still. :/ 

      Both are female and one actually dual boots Android on hers. 


  • Raven

    I guess it is a slow news day so they let Ron post again.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Who hired the Apple guy? lol jk

    • Jason Purp


  • TheRunner024

    Android is not going anywhere.

  • OG Droid

    Windows phone really? Nobody buys their phones.

  • ddevito

    Whoa. For a minute there I thought I typed in cultofmac.com.

  • ForSpammy7726

    Droid Life loves to bait and troll its readers.  

  • Sqube

    Android is as dead as PC gaming.

    • Skant153

      that whole internet thing is just a fad, same with android

      • Stuhtc3d

        You are so right Android will never catch on, its like that flash in the pan air travel.

    • Yeah, and PC gaming definitely died out as predicted. Activision Blizzard is doing TERRIBLE with their titles like World of Warcraft and Diablo 3, which is releasing in less than 3 weeks. /s

    • Jmonteiro829

      Google was just a bubble!

  • I feel like android is still very young and they are about to work out all the kinks with different manufacturers. I can only see it going up from here.

    • chris125

       Agree. Android still has a lot of room to improve and Google seems to continue doing that with each new version of android.

      • Kyle Fullmer

        The question is, will they finish or at least make it acceptable to the mainstream before they have all jumped to iphones, which is already on the ball.

        • chris125

          People like android and people like iOS and iPhones I don’t think it really has to do with beijing acceptable because it already is google just needs to continue to refine and work on android and not get complacent like rim did

    • Usmitcboy

      Why da f*ck do people keep saying that sh*t! Do you think Android needs to be 18 years old before it’s ready for primetime. Android is suppose to be great by year 3 or 4 not just maturing. Can you be on your job for 10 years & still don’t have the basics down… As much as I like Android it needs to get on the ball.

      • Android has the basics down. When you compare it to apple, who develops their software for one phone, one screen size, one button, one port, obviously its going to be a lot easier. Android gives you options. It’s like modifying a car. You drive a stock car from the factory, it works, its fine. You start building your engine, it will be faster, more desirable to what you want, but there will be small quirks/problems you have to deal with. Yes a beige toyota camry works perfectly as a car and does everything you need it to, but id rather drive my stage 3 tt S4 at 24psi with 15 mpg.

  • Android is not in trouble.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you. I saw the tablet section and it mentions iPads and what have you. I don’t care about iPads or iPhone or iAnything for that matter. I enjoy Android, I know it, and I love tinkering with it. Just bought a Galaxy Tab 2 with ICS for $250 at Best Buy the other day. It is an amazing tablet for the price point, and isn’t laggy in the least. I am seeing a lot of well known developers pick up this little 7″ piece of Ice Cream Sandwich too.

      • “I don’t care about iPads or iPhone or iAnything for that matter.”

        You don’t but many millions do. One small question, if Android is not in trouble then how come last quarter 78% of smartphones sold on AT&T were iPhones, and on Verizon they still sold more iPhones than all the Android phones added together?

        • Daniel Forsberg

          Yeah because Verizon and AT&T are the only ones selling smartphones in the world. When it comes to worldwide sales Android is in the lead, open your eyes outside your borders.

        • Calvin Williams

          I lost you at more Android phones added together. The Razr Maxx outsold the iPhone alone last quarter. The Galaxy S3 had 9 million pre orders, the note sold around 7 million, the Galaxy S2 was a huge success, I’ve seen a ton of One X’s. I don’t talk about phones with anyone but I’ve heard soooooooo many people 15-25 say iPhones are boring, they like Androids. I was honestly surprised at how much love Android phones get.