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Rumor: Google Has Already Chosen Samsung to Create Next Nexus

According to DigiTimes (yeah, stop and laugh for a second), it is essentially “given” that Google and Samsung will work together on the next Nexus device. As many of you know, Google goes through a bidding or presentation process of sorts when choosing a phone and chipset manufacturer to produce the next version of their Nexus line. If Google has already tagged Samsung, then one would assume that they were impressed with the Galaxy SIII and will likely base their next device somewhat off of it. This is usually about the time that we start hearing rumors of who the OEM may be, but most (if not all) of it is just that, rumor.

What are your thoughts on Samsung potentially knocking out a third Nexus in a row? While I like the products that Sammie has produced over the last couple of years, I have to admit that even I’m ready for someone new to step up to the plate. Motorola seemed like they wouldn’t get the nod for at least a year or two after Google announced that they were acquiring them. It would just look like they were favoring their new toy. But what about HTC again? They created the Nexus One and are now producing one of the more amazing Android devices ever made in the One X, so why not give them another shot? LG, maybe? OK, let’s not get too crazy. HTC should have been it. And who knows, maybe they still will be knowing the track record of the source that started this rumor.

On a related note, DigiTimes also mentioned that HTC and Facebook are teaming up to finally create the Facebook phone. Snooze.

Let us know what you think.

Via:  DigiTimes | Android and Me

  • Taglogical

    Yea… pass! 😀

  • Tyler Chappell

    I think HTC should get it.  I have never had any bad experiences with their radios despite how much everyone seems to love Motorola’s radios.  LG is very mediocre and would never be able to handle an update schedule to handle a Nexus device.  Motorola’s designs are relatively awful in terms of sleekness (dont confuse sleekness with thinness).  I have the Thunderbolt, rooted with an excellent Thunderstick Full Blown Sense 3.0 ROM with the 2750mAh battery and love it, but I hated my Thunderbolt in the beginning with the constant reboots (that would sometimes drain as much as 12% of my extended battery on just one reboot!).  My brother has the Bionic, also with the extended battery and he seems mostly happy with it and gets good signal, but his is also not rooted and sometimes I notice a little bit of lag but the screen looks no better when side-by-side to my Thunderbolt.

    My dad however has the GNex, unrooted, still on stock 4.0.2, has TWO 2100mAh extended batteries, and a Qcell 3850mAh battery from Amazon (I didnt feel like dropping $60 on the Seidio), and I have never seen a phone that gets such horrible battery life, such quiet speakers, and sometimes no signal where we live when my Thunderbolt and my brother’s Bionic get 3G just fine (we are about 20min from a good LTE area in Indiana).  Combine that with the fact the GNex still hasnt gotten an official update aside from the lucky few that got the OTA leak back in february, I can’t imagine Samsung getting a Nexus device for the third time in a row. My dad has the knowledge and to ability to root it himself, but since its his business phone he doesnt quite want to take any chances yet and has just been suffering through the horrible battery life.  He didn’t get a Nexus device for the sake of rooting it, he got it, as per my recommendation, that it would get very timely OS updates, making it one of the most reliable phones, sadly that hasnt been the case for the CDMA GNex.I havent gotten to play with my mom’s LG Lucid yet and I would probably never recommend an LG phone to anyone, but for her first smartphone it was the best fit and apparently has a super bright screen and gets great signal.  Then consider the fact that tomorrow, my mom’s A100 and my brother’s A500 should officially get their ICS updates while my dad’s Gnex and GalaxyTab 10.1 are far behind, and it makes Samsung look pretty terrible.

  • jdrch

    I’m OK with that. I just hope the next Nexus ships with Gorilla glass. I’ve scratched my Nexus twice via keys in my pocket already

    • Tyler Chappell

      That’s what Zagg or Skinomi covers are for! My dad carries his GNex in his pocket all the time and his Zagg cover has very noticeable dents and scratches, but the screen underneath is still mint. Worth the investment.


    I think it is funny how the Sammy hate is rampant…in a few months when the G S III comes out people I’ll swoon.

    I’m happy with my nexus and will be for a long while. Hope you all enjoy waiting for the “NEXT BIG THING”.

    • Diablo81588

      It’s only rampant cause they made it so. Their current lineup speaks for itself.

      • MicroNix

        How the heck do you figure?  They make the most popular Android phones out there right now.  And not by a hair, by a mile and then some.  Marketshare doesn’t lie.

  • NorCalGuy

    I don’t care if they play favorite or build the thing themselves just make the best damn phone and get it out in a reasonable time and sell it on the Google play store unlocked and people will buy it just like I would have bought the nexus at full price if they had it online that way vz can kick rocks with their $30 upgrade fee and all the other BS they tie you into.

  • Christopher Riner

    agreed, kellex.  As far as my opinion goes, htc is just above lg (when comparing to the top dawgs), but man they really made a statement with the One x.  What a beautiful phone, I’ve yet to see one in person, but if it had come out around the same time as the nexus I might’ve actually had to put some thought into my purchase.

    I hope that samsung really brings a beast of a phone to the next nexus series; I know they had to throw the omap 4460 in there for verizon’s lte network, and maybe the timing was juuuuust a little bit before quad cores hit, but honestly I think they could’ve put a little more under the hood for the galaxy nexus, especially in the gpu department.  

    I hope the new nexus isn’t plagued with the radio issues that the galaxy nexus suffered, which, imo, was the only real flaw that you couldn’t hack your way out of. 

    It would be really interesting to see what kind of concepts others offered up, after each nexus is released. Even if its just on paper with a detailed sketch, I would like to know which other designs were passed on.

  • Can someone convince me why a Motorola Nexus would be better than a Samsung one?
    I have the DX now and I’m starting to like what Samsung has been doing with their phones.The screens, the design ( excluding the material used – – – can be fixed with a cover).The DX has the brick-like design which is okay I guess, but I mean it doesn’t really stand a chance against the Gnex’s design. I have used the RAZR Max and the Bionic, I still seem to like the Gnex’s design more :/.My friend got his Sprint Galaxy Nexus yesterday and he came over to my house for about 4-6 hours.There was not anything wrong with his radios. His connection was lightning fast and we were in the basement. I don’t know, it could be the fact that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus comes shipped with 4.0.4 which maybe is a huge bug fixer?

    • Diablo81588

      Sprint and lightning fast should NEVER be in the same sentence. Most of the time Verizon’s 1x is faster than their 3g. What good is unlimited data if it’s dial up speed?

  • I hope this isn’t true.  While Samsung makes great phones, the design and build quality leave a lot to be desired.  Why not go back to HTC and get the best of both worlds?  HTC makes the highest quality phones on the market, it would make sense to want a manufacturer like that to represent your brand.

    • Diablo81588

      That’s debatable. The only high quality phone from HTC so far is the One X.

      • Tyler Chappell

        I disagree, my Thunderbolt despite its 1+ year age still has excellent build quality and is in great phyiscal shape after a couple of drops on concrete and a hard floor.  I hated my Thunderbolt in the beginning because of the horrible battery life and constant reboots, but it has never given me any significant signal issues after updates to new radios prior to me using GB radios and installing GB ROMS about 2 months before the officially released GB for the Thunderbolt.  HTC does seem to know how to make a solid phone, if they work on battery life then all would be grand.

  • cowdog

    Whoever makes the next Nexus:

    Smaller size (4-4.25 in screen) and great battery life please.  I have no interest in larger phones.  YMMV.

  • Hey Google/Samsung, why don’t you concentrate on updating my Galaxy Nexus before you make another one eh.

  • r0lct

    I think the biggest news if this is true is that maybe we’ll see another Nexus be end of summer or early fall.

  • Levi

    Yawn. I won’t be buying the next nexus then.

  • As long as Samsung makes Nexus phones, I will not purchase a Nexus phone. Might as well just make the names “Galaxy” and “Nexus” completely synonymous.

  • majormudafuckinhun

    No thank you!

  • Jslafarr

    HAHA!! LG will never have a top tier phone let alone the next nexus.Samsung got it right with the on screen soft keys.

    And how is the nexus horrible when its the best phone verizon offers.

    And a moto nexus…Lol – never.

    • Tyler Chappell

      I really dont see why everyone likes the onscreen keys so much, they really seem like a horrible design decision and waste of space when you can just have capacitive buttons that stay in ONE place.  The One series proves this how unnecessary it is to have on-screen buttons.

  • sony!

  • Wizwoz

    Who cares. With google telling everybody with an LTE to go F themselves and not supporting it properly, Verizon will do well in telling google thanks, but no thanks. NEVER going to buy another nexus phone, google screwed it up.

  • really they are giving them a third change to make a horrible phone? I would prefer anyone to samsung at this point. But im really waiting for a Moto Nexus

  • qmartman711

    What about Asus…I mean the Garmin Asus phone wasn’t a complete failure…it was only on T-Mobile. Everyone deserves a shot….except maybe LG.

  • Anthony Semosky

    I was really rooting for HTC, too. It’s only a rumor, though. We’ll see…

  • Jack

    I love the idea if it will be as awesome as the Galaxy Nexus,by far the best device I’ve owned so far & I’ve owned a lot

  • Prime7

    Good. Motorola and HTC are garbage. LG would be nice, though.

  • Owewil3225

    I think HTC is going to be the one (pun intended). They design sexy phones

  • ddevito

    Until Motorola has a bigger presence outside the US I don’t think we’ll see a Moto Nexus.

    Sammy is killing it globally which is probably the reason they get the nod.

  • I feel like the Nexus is not as big of a deal anymore. Most OEMs flagship lines completely eclipse the Nexus line. 

  • Damn. As a Gnex owner, I can say Samsung hardware is my 3rd favorite behind HTC and Motorola having owned a few from each. Samsung phones always feel plasticky and toy-like. HTC too but to a lesser degree. Motorolas feel substantial and durable but w/o looking like military equipment. I was really hoping Google would do something with talented hw designers and engineers they go in the Motorola purchase. 🙁

  • I’d love moto. Motorola build quality with the latest and greatest software direct from Google? There is literally not a single person who can deny that would be phenominal.

  • Azndan4

    Motorola must die. Let the market run it’s course.

  • I like my Galaxy Nexus.  If samsung goes for a unibody design id be a happy camper..

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    GNex user on D-L: Google Nexus is the greatest phone on earth!!!

    Same GNex user on nexus forum: When they gonna fix this crap!!! Where is my 4.0.4!! 

  • Bionic

    Well I can officially say I wont be buying the next nexus, was really hoping for a motorola

  • Joe Buck

    One would think that you want a company that would build a nexus device of the highest quality, this is not samsung does, this nexus was thrown together, sub par on everthing but the screen

  • David

    If only google could make the three work together. To produce a “true” nexus’. A device that is the culmination of the best tech offered by each company. *shrugs* It’ll never happen though.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    I’d kinda like them to give HTC another crack at it.  Get rid of sense and I think they’d make a nice device.  Let’s not forget that the best Nexus (Nexus One) was made by HTC.

    An HTC One X running vanilla Jellybean?  Yes, please!

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Apparently Google doesn’t give a rats ass whether or not the Nexus can make a damn phone call. 

  • God, I hope that isn’t true. They already had 2 in a row. Let someone else have a try.

    Samsung makes terrible mobile products. I was really hoping for Motorola. I WANT Google to play favorites. {{-_-}}

  • MrEnglish

    Still like my Gnex more than my Motocrapolas(all of them) or the TundaBow. Sticking with Sammie for now, until I see….SEE…something better.

  • Cam

    Worst possible idea. Samsung makes great screens, but that’s about it. Also, how long before they start alienating the rest of the OEMs?

    • GawkerRedesignSucks

      I disagree.  The Galaxy Nexus is a great looking device.  The only sexier device on the market right now is the HTC One X.

      Samsung does need to step their camera game up though.

      • Cam

        It looks decent, but the build quality is terrible. Crap camera(s). Crap radios. Crap speaker. Cheap feeling plastic case. Sub-par battery (that almost everyone has changed out to the extended battery). They chumped out on the accessories.

        Not saying I want a Razr device, at least looks wise, but the build quality on the Razr is fantastic. And, you know Moto always releases their accessories quickly and the build quality on those is great as well.

        If anything, I would want an HTC One X style  device with Moto internals (preferably T4 procc) running vanilla Android.

  • chris125

    I wish they would use samsung’s exynos,and screen, moto radios+huge battery+ relatively thin. 

  • ZackPudney

    sounds good to me

  • ozo012

    Ah alright makes sense then, I’ve seen similar results with the extended battery.

  • ozo012

    Me too, there is a long “awake” time during the middle of it as indicated by the blue line but I’m curious as to if the screen was on.

  • I am kind of fed up with HTC. After playing with my mom’s IC2, I really don’t like HTC Sense. Now I know that Sense may not be on the next Nexus, but Sense turned me away from HTC so HTC and Nexus might turn me away from the next Nexus. Only time will tell. 

    • Because you dont like sense. It means that the entire phone is bad…

      • Andromedo


  • jonny6pak

    I wonder if Google just has an easier relationship with Samsung.  We’re only considering the devices themselves, but maybe Samsung has an easier manufacturing relationship that doesn’t require too much excess work from Google.  That’s pure assumption, but I’m sure process management of the development and manufacturing of a Google-branded phone pretty important too.  Or I could be completely wrong.

  • Therobotcow

    Please not Htc, I hate their phones. I’d be fine with either samsung or motorola but I prefer motorola’s hardware. As long as it comes to verizon I’m fine

  • DanWazz

    As I have been a fan of Samsung’s Nexus devices, I think it;s time to give someone else a crack at it. after the One series, I think HTC would be the best candidate. Their good built quality and hardware with vanilla Android would be nice. A Nexus One X or something along that naming scheme could be interesting.

    Motorola would be good too, since they’ve never really had one, but I wouldn’t want their current design team around it. I can’t stand the stylistic approach they’ve taken lately.

  • Dear Google,

    I have pine and I have waited,
    I have wished and with breath abaited,
    OG Droid was almost perfection,
    the original android purification.

    I even bouth the droid RAZR,
    because moto has the best radios.
    Now I lust after nexus,
    from moto it would be a lexus.

    Alas samsung gets the cake again,
    and we have yet more plastic for the win.
    Shi*ty radios, and a childs gps,
    Oh how I hate cheap the pos!

    Motorola you leave wanting,
    always wishing, always dreaming,
    of the perfect moto NEXUS,
    but now I just want to hit you guys in the solar plexus.

    Damn you samsung,
    your phones are releiable as shang tsung,
    and your market dominance smells like dead skunk.

    Your phones suck,
    your reception blows,
    the quality is about as good as a pantech pro.

    I will keep waiting for my moto nexus,
    i will keep wanting to hit you guys in the solar plexus…


    A poem by bananabait.

  • Joe Buck

    if this is true , than its also true the google can be bought because this nexus is truly a joke

  • Does making the Nexus phone give the OEM an early look at the code for the next Android version?

  • Zebra

    Coming from a moto device, I was a bit disappointed by the GNex hardware wise. Cheaper feel, weaker speakers and vibration, and weaker signal/download speeds compared to my buddy’s Razr. Screen is nice though and I haven’t had too many issue with battery life, but I would have loved to see a Moto Nexus

    • Azndan4

      Gnex “feels” much higher quality than my droid x, bionic, or thunderbolt. Speakers are way louder than those on my droid x and about the same as those on the bionic. I haven’t done speed test comparisons with the bionic but it’s been plenty fast enough for me. No dropped calls or anything like that. Not sure where all these “crappy samsung radio” comments are coming from. If samsung makes crappy radios then so does Motorola and HTC

      • Lovehate

        Your gnex isn’t even close to being built as nice as the dx. it does look better though
        the majority of opinion of the gnex is that it has bad radio and a crappy

        ivist any of the forums and you will see a ton of people agree with me. so the 4 or 5 of you not having trouble must be really special people

  • oxzide

    Although I really like my Galaxy Nexus I was really rooting for Motorola to get this one.

    • inzandity

      Only, and I mean only if they have an unlocked bootloader for once. If they did, I would primarily be motorola. 

  • Well there goes another POS I won’t be buying! 

  • Tired of nitwits

    I am by no means a Sammy fanboy, but the Gnex has been totally fine for me.  I get 18 hours on a charge, no signal issues, no mute issues.  I have had 3 random reboots since december.  Did I get the good one?  Where as HTC can design a phone to save its life.  Terrible batter life, flimsy materials, craptastic support… All flash, no fire.  Honestly I want Moto to turn it around.  I was a Moto fanboy.

    • moelsen8

      amen.  i think we all want moto to “see the light” and become more than verizon’s monkey boy.

  • Lovehate

    I think it will be moto.fighters screen,maxx battery or bigger.
    developers unlocked bootloader, moto’s build quality and radio’s.plus google has its own site to sell “their” phones now

    • Lovehate

      plus long live the american companies………. no really we need them

  • I think for me, a Motorola Nexus would be ideal.  I already have the Galaxy Nexus, so I’m not particularly worried about getting Vanilla Android anymore since the developer community is so excellent for this device. I left my Droid X for the Galaxy Nexus because I valued the open system above all else, but now that I have an open Nexus, I can get another phone that may not have that, but has a lot of other things that I want that the Nexus may not have (better battery, stronger radios, etc.)

    So, if Motorola made a Nexus with all those things, I’d definitely go for it because it could potentially be the complete package, but if not, I’d be comfortable getting a locked down Motorola phone in the future since if I ever really crave Vanilla Android, I still have the Nexus.  Granted, not everyone can have two phones at once, but as long as the Galaxy Nexus can support the new Android OS upgrades, I’m not particularly focused on the bootloader situation.

  • Claydos66

    It’s a rumor.  I tend not to believe these things until the big shows are coming up and its been pictured.  Until I see some concrete things like an actual phone or FCC stuff, I will keep on trucking.

  • Eric

    Hope this isn’t true. Cuz IMO Samsung sucks. HTC all the way as long as they can fix their battery issues. What does it matter who makes it anyway? If it goes on Verizon the’re gonna f*ck it up just like they do with all other phones.

  • Derkk50

    This is very disappointing.  After having a Galaxy S Captivate, I was ruined for Samsung.  I couldn’t have a phone where GPS didn’t work and couldn’t be fixed and Samsung refused to make it right. Additionally their battery life is horrible compared to competitors. The GN still has horrible battery life out of the box.

    I will not buy another Samsung phone when HTC’s performance still greatly out does it.  I have a Sensation currently and it’s so much better than Galaxy SII overall.  Sammy thinks they can slap a pretty screen on it, give their iOS themed integration and sell it to the masses.  


    • I get 12+ hours of moderate to heavy use with the stock battery…. Something must be wrong with yours.  My gps also works fine…..

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      The S2’s performance is top notch, I’m not sure what you’re on about. One of the smoothest and fastest device ever, on ICS or GB. 

  • Was the GNex a fail due to Battery Life? Only good thing about it was Andy 4.0 besided that even hardware wise it sucked compared to other devices in its class

  • Bionicman

    i love my GNex but i have to say, i think Moto could potentially make a better Nexus device. Better radios, battery tech and build quality. i honestly think Google should make their own Nexus device. i get a sense that samsung and moto would leave their best hardware for their own devices because well, they would both be competing with a Nexus device :/

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Heh, Samsung is so against letting Nexus compete with their own phones, they haven’t released it here in India yet, which is one of their biggest market. Had to get an imported one off eBay because Samsung doesn’t seem to want to release it yet.

  • Sjschwar

    what about that asus phone?

  • bakdroid

    So….instead of releasing updates for the current GNex….Samsung decided to just build a new device.  Good job Sampple!


      • bakdroid

        They are still involved in the testing process for the LTE side along with Verizon.  The blame has to go somewhere and it isn’t on Google.

  • Michael_NM

    My prediction: VZW will pass on the Nextus. Leaving us to choose from substandard phones or the next iteration of the Razor.

  • Phssthpok

    Let’s see, my Verizon Nexus phones, all 3, had horrible radios, at least 8-10 db lower signal than my Droid X or iPhone. They had an undetectable vibrate and indiscernable volume without some additional software. *With* the extended battery and moderate use I might make it 12 hours with light use. And let’s not forget the timely updates! A $200-$300 phone should work out of the stinking box. I have a Razr Maxx now. I miss the daylights out of AOKP, but I have a phone that works.

    • PC_Tool

      Right there with you, but I went with the LG Spectrum instead of the RAZR.  The Maxx was $269 at the time and I couldn’t bring myself to do it….

      My son has the Nexus right now.  Hopefully someday they’ll fix it….

      (..and yeah, missing the hell out of AOKP…)

      • “hopefully someday they’ll fix it”

        this is all I hear from samsung owners.

        • PC_Tool

          All you hear, huh?

          Just looking at this single forum, I can see dozens of happy Samsung owners.

          Perhaps you should rephrase that to “this is all I *want* to hear from samsung owners”??

          • because they don’t know any better! Ignorance is bliss brah! If folks don’t know or realize another OEM’s android device has better reception, better hardware, and a more durable design, then they obviously won’t ever know the difference between a plasticrap samsung and a sleek, sexy, get-receptin-in-a-lead-nuke-bunker, motorola device. Moto has been at this business since the late 30’s. Believe me they are the superior android vendor.

            MOTOROLA FTW

          • PC_Tool


            My bad. Didn’t realize you were the religious sort. Who am I to question anyone’s Faith. I’ll leave you to your worship of Motorola.

          • Azndan4

            That’s right, we need to respect his first amendment rights. All hail Motorola!

          • Ive owned HTC, Moto and LG android phones… Nothing wrong with Samsung.  I personally have had no issues with them

    • Azndan4

      My first droid x had a defective screen and shifty speakers and my second droid x had the same reception as my gnex. I don’t know where people get this idea of legendary Motorola radios.

  • Paul

    I won’t own a Nexus this year either, I guess.

  • SecurityNick

    I’ve been mostly impressed with the Galaxy Nexus.  It’s the 1st non-Motorola phone I’ve had in over a decade, and having said that there are things that I miss from Moto (speakerphone, maybe a better radio, etc).  But, I would not be a fan of anyone other than Samsung or Motorola having a “Nexus.”  I think Moto would be a good choice to get something Unlocked & Un-Blurred.  

  • e_droid

    I guess no Galaxy sIII for VZW then?….

  • I don’t really count the nexus S as a nexus. sure it was open, but there were like 3-4 versions. (2 on the same carrier with the nexus S and NS4G). Motorola would’ve been the best choice honestly for their hardware. But Samsung is a good choice because they’re the best selling name right now, and if they want the Nexus to sell better than the Nexus One, might as well use the top manufacturer (in sales) right now. The one X is hot for now, but we all know how fickle android users can be -___-

  • Josh Groff

    Samsung has better cameras and screens, that’s about it.

    • Scott

       Cameras? Seriously?

      • Josh Groff

        I’m talking in android phones, obviously Nokia holds that title in smartphones in general.

  • Jhickman78

    Moto would be an awesome fit but they have unlock that BootLoader

  • Josh Groff

    Amen, focus on the radio and speakers, throw in a decent camera, and a power saving screen.

  • Havoc70

    Ugh not another Samdung, cmon G time for someone else to make the next Nexus

  • BSweetness

    Samsung + Nexus = Another decent, but underwhelming device.

    Motorola + Nexus = Most likely the greatest device ever. 

    • Only if Google is allowed to make every aesthetic decision and Motorola is only allowed to make sure the hardware is durable.  Motorola makes really durable yet truly ugly hardware. I could just see Motorola trying to convince Google to go with a qHD pentile display on the next Nexus.

      • Hmm….

         Lots of folks prefer the high-tech look of the recent Moto designs. At least it’s not the same old same old from everyone else. RAZR HD screen, MAXX battery, unlocked bootloader = perfection.

        • BSweetness


  • Don’t as long as its not a plastic unibody anymore. I really wish we could have something that was made of awesome materials like the polycarbonate used in the Lumia 900 or the ceramic used in the  HTC One S.

    • Palmer Nyako

      lol the ceramic was chipping.
      no you don’t want that.
      also, samsung’s plastic, might be plastic, but its more durable than most phones.

    • PC_Tool

      Okay…That’s it.  I’ve had it.  Logan, please understand this is *not* 100% directed at you, I’m just done hearing this line of bull and letting the ignorance it displays stand any longer.

      Plastic doesn’t mean weak or easily broken.

      Plastic can be strong, resilient, and resistant to breaking/chipping, as well as being able to withstand a wide range of temperatures.

      It being “plastic” doesn’t mean a damned thing. 

      Unless you have some actual statistics showing the plastic used here to be weaker than other materials, please shut the hell up with this “it’s made of plastic so it’s obviously crap” obviously crap argument.


      We’re done here.

      • Hmm….

        Let’s talk about high grade plastic then, as it’s used for professional photographic equipment – where durability is MUCH more crucial than it is on cell phones. All of the highest tier pro DSLR and medium format cameras are made with metal inner skeletons and plastic compound skins. That provides rigidity and stability, as well as better heat dissipation (effecting the sensor), while keeping everything as light and durable as possible, with the slight added shock resistance plastic adds for drops, which frequently spells death for a several thousand dollar device. These are also typically sealed for water resistance. Basically, the top tier pro grade stuff is built like a tank to withstand any mishaps in the field. The lower end stuff that is made for the average consumer (and even some pro-sumer stuff) is mostly plastic for affordability, and is expected to have a much shorter life span (building in the need to buy new ones more frequently). Cell phones are certainly not the same thing, but the same principles apply. An inner metal skeleton with a plastic compound skin will always be more stable and durable than those made entirely of plastic. There are many grades of plastic, but it is used because it is inherently cheaper.

        • PC_Tool


          There are many grades of plastic, some of it very high-grade. …and it is usually cheaper than alternatives.


          • Hmm….

            A little reading comprehension problem? 🙂 ALL grades of plastic are cheaper – even the highest grade used in the skins of pro photog equipment. It is used in cell phones because it is cheaper, NOT because it is more durable. If it were more durable, pro photo equipment would be made entirely of the stuff. A little research before a rant might alter your point of view.

  • Kyle

    It won’t come to Verizon anyways

  • Bionicchimp

    Aw another samsung i want build quality not plastic i want moto like an og droid but with updated specs thats what i want.

  • Xeneize480

    ready to read bitching comments… the unhappy americans hahaha… this site should change their name to http://www.bitching-life.com hahaha

    • jjrudey

      You’re right, but let’s all try to be friends here.

    • I thought you knew! On this site you’re either a naive fanboi or a troll. If it has something to do with a Nexus, then I go into troll-mode, level 1000

  • ocdtrekkie

    HTC sucks horribly. I would never consider a phone they manufactured, even if it was a Nexus device.

  • moelsen8

    i love that picture.  this needs to be the DL logo!  🙂

  • JrzDroid

    NOOO! Come on Google, enough Samsung already. 3 Nexus phones in a row? Is this gonna be another bland generation of Nexus with terrible speakers, awful radio connectivity, and toy plastics, and sub-par design? The Nexus phones should be a leap forward in design. The N1 was gorgeous when it was released. 

    If you have already picked Sammy, the damn design better make android enthusiasts drool.

    • The galaxy nexus is sexy.  Plastic does not equal cheap.  Unless the space shuttle was cheap..

  • Al

    They need to give it to Motorola. Before anything a phone should be a phone. Motorola got that down tight.

    • hkklife

      Agreed. Moto had the best combination of battery life, RF performance, ports (microHDMI instead of MHL & expandable storage), and build quality of any handset manufacturer. The only areas where they consistently fall short are camera sensor quality (an easy fix with the penny-pinching Jha gone), screen size and quality (ditto) and, of course, all things software. A vanilla Android device would nicely resolve this dilemma.

      If there is ANY meat to this rumor it means we can kiss Moto’s handset division goodbye. And Google is making the “Nexus”branding more of a joke with each passing day. Samsung has underdelivered on two Nexus handsets in a row!

      But a Nexus line is an idea I can really get behind. How about this for an opening salvo: a Nexus line consisting of, say, 4 devices: a 7″ or 8″ tablet, a 10.1″ tablet, and 2 phones? How awesome would a 4.3″ Nexus Droid 4 variant with a Maxx battery be? That’d be a true OG Droid successor! Or a Galaxy Tab 7.7”-derived Nexus tablet? Or, gasp, a Galaxy Note Nexus? Or even an HTC One S or V for the low-end or prepaid market without Sense to slow everything down?

      • I agree. If Moto could: 1) make a high quality camera, like what you see on the Rezound; 2) start using nice displays with no screen-door pentile crap; and 3) somehow get away from the stoooooooooopid black & red robotic Blurred Droid eye theme and skins, I MIGHT buy another Motorola phone. Until then, F*%K em. 

        • the camera on my razr is good enough for my purposes. I use it to take picture out in the field for work and stuff. Yes the screen does have a slight greenish hue, but it is definetly not “pentiley” in any way – Bright, crisp, and full of color! And yes I also would rather have pure google on it… but who doesn’t? Oh well each to their own…

  • Eric Peterson

    I love my Galaxy Nexus so honestly I don’t mind seeing what Samsung could do again. And I completely agree about Motorola. HTC has been picking up their hardware design again and I would certainly prefer a unibody setup like the N1.

    My ideal choice? Nokia.

    • moelsen8

      whoa.. where’d that come from

      • Eric Peterson

        Haha well, the Lumia is a gorgeous phone…just everything else about blows. But ICS running on that type of hardware would be amazing.

    • You, sir, are wise. I’d like to see it.

  • Samsung = Poor speakers and radios
    HTC = Incredibly bad battery life and notoriously fat phones
    Motorola = Locked bootloaders (Google would probably stop that)

    Motorola has the best battery life, radios, speakers, designs, everything. And I am not a motorola fan boy, thats just how it is. A motorola nexus would be killer.

    • Thracks

      Tell me about a Motorola phone that has been competitive with the other manufacturers in the last 6-12 months. Inferior screens, inferior CPUs, inferior OSes and the list goes on. 

      • moelsen8

        that’s kind of a wild generalization.  their phones are pretty competitive.  that being said, they’ve been cutting corners for far too long with crap like the screens they use.  they need to bury the pentile crap permanently.

        i don’t think you’ll find anyone who will argue that their radios and speakerphone aren’t competitive.  they’re the best in the industry.

        • chudilo

          Their whole new design que looks like a phone where they cut some corners 🙂 LOL. the screen on the BIONIC looks atrocious. RAZR’s is better but software/camera/non removable battery was a no go. RAZR max fixed the battery but did not add ICS, and still locked down… so it’s still not a Leading phone, but at least it is somewhat competitive.

          • moelsen8

            yeah.. bionic screen blew goats, and i hate the width of the razr design, which apparently is going to be the only design they use for everything going forward.. it looks horrible.

            the trend toward non-removable everything (and no microsd) really sucks, but that seems to be the way everyone’s going.. unfortunately…

          • kixofmyg0t

              “the screen on the BIONIC looks atrocious”

            Under a microscope, next to a Galaxy Nexus or Rezound. Both of those look like dog crap next to the One-X.


          • r0lct

            No, not under a microscope.  Just put one side by side in real life and do anything with video or games that have motion.

          • kixofmyg0t

            I cant claim ive put the Bionic  side to side with a “G-Nex”. I dont know anyone with one and the Verizon store here doesnt sell them. But side to side with a Rezound, yes the Rezound has a better screen but it doesnt look THAT bad until you put it damn near against your eyeball. 

      • BIONIC

        umm… razr, bionic, d4, and only the best phone out right now- the razr maxx, not to mention the droid razr HD. Name the phones that razr maxx blows out the water; the list goes on…

        • That’s a whole lot of opinion there. I wouldn’t consider any of those phones to be top competitors. 

          And did you really just include the bug infested Bubonic in that list?????

          • Diablo81588

            Bionic has been bug free for me since i bought it on release day. All of the problems mentioned have been blown out of proportion. Best phone I’ve ever had by far.

          • kixofmyg0t

             Same here. But I only had the “bad” system verion(5.5.886) for about 4 hours before I used Cheesecake to get to 5.5.893.

          • I speak out of firsthand experience pretty much. The Bubonic’s issues were not blown out of proportion. My roommate bought the Bubonic after I advised against it. I lived through her phone’s problems everyday for weeks until she exchanged it for a Rezound. That seriously had to have been the WORST phone ever released on Verizon. Completely unusable as a phone, the nastiest screen I’ve ever seen and a camera worse than the D1. 

          • Diablo81588

            Its called a defective phone. There’s something called a warranty, use it.

          • r0lct

            By the time the Bionic was “bug free” better phones were available.

        • r0lct

          At no point when those phones release considered the best Android phone out by a majority.  The RAZR Maxx is about the best argument you can make.
          By the time the RAZR HD is out it will likely already be bested by the HTC One X and if not definitely my the SG3 which is only weeks away, unlike the RAZR HD.

        • Liderc

          You’re kidding right? 

          Only the Razr Maxx is competitive right now, the D4? Bionic? lol, they aren’t even mid range phones.

      • The Razr’s and the Droid line have been extremely competitive. There’s a reason they’re on the 4th one and keep making them. Hell even the bionic sold well, regardless of problems or returns. I remember when that’s all this site used to talk about was the Bionic… then the Nexus… not it’s the OneX. -___-

        • That’s because Verizon’s lineup is saturated with Motorola Droid junk. Of course they’re going to seem competitive when every other phone is a Moto POS. 

          • Moto’s “droid junk” is 3x the quality of plasticrap samsung.

          • I agree with you there. The Gnex feels like a cheap chinese toy. It looks sexy, but feels like crap. 

          • Tim242

            Plastic is not a bad thing. My Nexus feels as good as my metal Thunderbolt. It is light, and durable. I can’t believe you excuse moto’s junk screens.

      • Azndan4

        Razr: screen is only 960×540 vs 1280×720 on gnex. Os version 2.3 vs 4.0 on gnex. Ti4430 vs ti4460 on gnex. Razr is way too wide for the amount of viewable screen space. Extreme lack of development. I’m pretty sure that both the rezound and the galaxy nexus blow away anything Motorola has put out in the last year. 3300 mah battery is not enough to make me want to deal with all the cons listed above. Battery can easily be remedied by switching out a new one. And you can do it as many times as you want. Motorola sucks.

        • kixofmyg0t

           Ti4430 vs ti4460 on gnex……

          Do you even know the difference between those two?

          80Mhz on the GPU. That’s it.

          • Diablo81588

            Correct. The 4430 GPU is easily overclocked to match the 4460. No need for any voltage changes also. OMAP 4430=4460 with underclocked GPU.

        • Diablo81588

          So your saying the only real disadvantage of the RAZR is the screen is too wide? The resolution is a non issue, due to the fact that you can’t tell the difference if you’re viewing from a normal distance. I’d say the RAZR is the better phone. The nexus has bad battery life, a terrible camera, samsung build quality, horrible speakers, and pathetic radios. ICS is only software, so that’s not any advantage. Not to mention, the RAZR has had several ICS ROMs for months now.

          • Azndan4

            Way to misquote me and rationalize the disadvantages of the razr lol. Enjoy your bionic. I don’t care if you keep deluding yourself into thinking Motorola is so great.

          • Tim242

            It’s not that the screen is too wide. The device is too wide and long for the amount of viewable scree. It looks like a small picture in a big picture frame. Your claim of the resolution is not correct. The Razr’s display is awful. Not to mention, you have to have the brightness really high for use. I have always kept my brightness at around 20-25%, with no issues. I took that phone back and got my Nexus. Best decision ever!

          • Diablo81588

            So untrue. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the RAZR’s screen. It has great colors and is very bright for outdoor viewing. I’ve seen the nexus and the RAZR side by side and they both look great. Even if your brightness argument were true, the RAZR will still last twice as long on a charge. Hope you enjoy your dropped calls and general bad reception!

          • Tim242

            The battery on the Razr does not last longer. I had the phone for two weeks. I had to charge it 3 times per day. I have the extra standard battery for the Nexus, that comes with a charging cradle. I have 3700 mAh of battery, and my phone never has to be connected to a charger. As for you bad reception argument, my Nexus has the same dBm as my Razr did in my house.

          • Diablo81588

            I was referring to the maxx. My bad for not making that clear. Also, there’s allot more to good radios than reported signal strength. Transmission strength and ability to filter out interference comes to mind. Moto has been making RF devices since the 70s, I think they’ve got it figured out by now.

          • Tim242

            I still have it better than the Maxx. It is 3300 mAh. I have 3700 between two batteries, and never have to plug my phone into a charger. This notion that moto has the best radios is silly. I’ve owned Moto , HTC, and Samsung phones. My experiences have been about the same with all. No complaints in that dept.

          • Diablo81588

            Who wants to have to keep switching out batteries on a daily basis? Not to mention your gonna eventually wear out your back plate constantly taking it on and off. Just asking for trouble.

          • Tim242

            It takes less than 5 seconds to change the battery. That is much better than having to be tethered to a charger. My back plate is still in perfect condition, after 4.5 months. If something happens, I’ll buy a new one for $4.

    • Stewie

      I left moto for the GNEX, tired of JhaTool’s empty promises. Only way I’m coming near another moto is if it is unlocked and open, as it should be if they want to do a Nexus.

      For that point alone, they won’t get it. Period.

    • BIONIC

      hell ya. Even the name is badass. Motorola Nexus. MotoNex. They make the best phones, it’s just that everyone cries about the bootloader but that would definitely change with the MotoNex. 

      • ddevito

        Their screens are garbage. Pure utter garbage.

        • Tim242

          Screens, and designs.

        • weapon x

          your opinon is pure  nex fanboy garbage

          • ddevito

            Your spelling skills are pure garbage.

    • A Moto Nexus would be sweet, if they let HTC make the screen and the camera. Moto simply fails in this area. But seriously though, you think Moto could let an unlocked/unlockable phone leave their buildings? 

      Bad battery life with HTC? Riiiiiiiiight. Because 35hrs on a single charge isn’t enough right. Rezound.


      • TheMan876

        I want to see how much your screen was on…

      • ozo012

        Jose, that’s impressive.  I usually get between 16-18 hours with 2+ hours of on screen time on stock.  Are you running a custom ROM or anything?  What was your on-screen time for that?

        • That was bone stock, with the extended battery. Total screen-on time was about 6hrs. 

          Yesterday I unplugged the phone at 7:30am and went to bed at 11pm. I still had 67% battery left, with about 2.5hrs of screen-on time. 
          Battery life on this phone is a non-issue. I have all my accounts syncing all day, even an Exchange account and I never have to worry about dimming my screen. The only time I dim is at night in the bedroom because anything over the dimmest setting hurts your eyes!

        • r0lct

          Don’t get too excited until he posts a screenshot of his screen time.  There’s a lot of BS battery screenshots out there.

      • Diablo81588

        HTC is notorious for bad battery life. Even if that screenshot isn’t all on standby, your definitely the minority. Most people won’t get anywhere near that on a stock rezound. How can a smartphone with a small battery, a slow old processor, and a 720p lcd display possibly get good battery life?!

        • It wasn’t all standby, screen-on time was about 6hrs over that 35hr period. But I did have the extended battery. Even before I got the extended battery, I had no issues lasting a full day. 

          The GNex on the other hand. Now THAT thing had terrible battery life. With light usage I’d be lucky if I got 6hrs out of that thing. On total standby with everything off and nothing syncing, I could get 10-12, but at that point I had turned it into a total dumb phone. Might as well switch back to my old flip phone and save the fees from a data plan. 

          • Diablo81588

            Well, I’d have to say having good battery life with the extended battery doesn’t count. Also, if you have the extended from HTC, then your phone is thicker and heavier than a brick. That’s ironic, because didn’t HTC just say people would rather have thinner phones than good battery life? I have the extended battery in my Bionic, and can easily get 3 days on a charge, depending on usage. However, my phone grew in thickness by millimeters, not inches.

          • So what counts? The Maxx? It’s the same damn concept. It’s just a Razr with an extended battery. You want better battery life, you have two choices. Turn everything off or get more mah. It’s simple as that. 

            And adding an extended battery causes your phone to grow by INCHES? Do you know how to use a ruler? 

          • Diablo81588

            That’s not at all the same. The MAXX has a 3300mAh battery, all the while staying less than 10mm thick. Show me a HTC phone that comes even close. Also, the MAXX comes with the “extended” battery from the factory. My point was, you shouldn’t have to buy a better battery to have decent battery life. And do I really need to show you a picture of the Rezound with the extended battery? I may have been exaggerating when I said inches, but not by much.

          • Well according to the Nexus fanbois you should flash custom ROMs to be able to make a phone call =) 

            I have a Rezound w/ the extended battery, no need for pics! Yeah it’s thick. But I’ve never been a fan of super skinny phones anyway. I don’t know what HTC was thinking when they said people would prefer thin over battery life. Not me. If Motorola can glue a few batteries together and stuff them in a phone, anybody can do it, so I agree with you there. Any company who builds an Android phone these days should go for at least 3000mah minimum. But then again, why do that when they can make all the extra money from selling extended batteries? 

            “My point was, you shouldn’t have to buy a better battery to have decent battery life.”
            Well yeah, Motorola just made you buy a whole new phone! Razr vs Razr Maxx. Think about how many people that bought the first Razr got shafted by Moto?? 

          • LionStone

            ‘Well, I’d have to say having good battery life with the extended battery doesn’t count.’
            Huh? I’d say that may apply if you can’t handle the extra thickness, but some of us have no problem with it.

        • Dliuzzo110

          1.5 dual core snapdragon is old and slow?

          • Diablo81588

            It’s ARM Cortex A8 based. They had to overclock it to 1.5Ghz just to keep up with current A9 processors. It’s sad really, the OMAP clocked at 1Ghz is faster than the S3 at 1.5Ghz. So to answer your question, OLD and SLOW fit just perfectly.

      • r0lct

        Show us your screen on time or stop wasting our time.

        • I didn’t take a screenshot. But like I stated, 6hrs. Don’t like it or don’t believe me, GTFO. 

          • r0lct

            It’s the people spreading BS that need to GTFO.  You’re likely just another screenshot impostor.
            My proof is you are the only one who can achieve those results.  If it was something attainable by anything with that phone, no one would be so surprised.

          • I’m the only one that can achieve those results? Prove it. I’ve seen plenty of Rezound owners talk about good battery life on the forums. If anybody is full of it, it’s the Nexus owners that say they get 20+ hrs of battery life. 

            I don’t have some pathetic agenda to mislead the internet by posting fake screenshots. I don’t care if some tool on a blog believes me or not. 

          • LionStone

            Seems believable to me. I’ve gotten 30 hrs on my stock TB with the extended battery (2750), 4+ hrs screen time and about 2 hrs of calls. That thing is beast, it doesn’t even drop from 100% until about 3 hrs.Even with my original 1400 mAh, I can get up to 19 hrs with low usage. Screen time doesn’t always reflect a phones battery usage because I tether a lot and that doesn’t use the screen yet will use battery.

      • hot_spare

        Since when HTC started making screens?? Never. All they do is to make the Sense. That’s all they do. They make nothing else – pure zilch.

    • Liderc

      Sorry Moto doesn’t have the best design or battery life.  Their designs look terrible and they’ve made one phone with good battery life by gluing two batteries together. 

      • ddevito

        Agreed – Motor designs are industrial ugly.

    • r0lct

      Don’t forget Google is reportedly about to offload Moto.
      Then you have HTC about to make a customized FB phone running on Android likely Kindle Fire style.
      LG is LG.
      So Samsung even without their expertise may be in the lead position by default.

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      moto designs are terrible…every phone they’ve put out since the DX all look relatively the same and the pentile screens they use are aweful

  • Chris Noland

    I would like to see a different manufacture…. but I think HTC has said publicly that people want thin and not long battery life.   So their marketing people should be fired as that is just plain stupid.  Yes there is a balance but the Inspire 4G/HD is horrible

    • awiseman

      How about two versions.  The thin version and the battery everlasting version with the only difference being the thickness?

  • ramifications

    Maybe I’m alone in this, but I’m totally fine with Samsung making the next one. It would be amazing to have a nexus with the new exynos and another HD screen from samsung. Plus they make the thinnest phones. Would I like to see HTC make it as well? Sure, I loved my droid incredible too, but I think Samsung has the total package right now with the screens, processors, and design.


    I am more interested in the Nexus tablet…

  • RedPandaAlex

    I’d have been interested to see what Asus can do, but considering they haven’t released their first phone yet, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea this time around.

  • Terik

    Will not be interested in any new Nexus until they can update the one they have now.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      If you get a moto nexus you can bet that Verizon will get those updates out fast.  That is if verizon let their pet make an unlocked phone.

  • JoeInMO

    As far as hardware Motorola > Samsung > HTC in my opinion.  If you consider it a Nexus phone then software will be the same on any brand.  HTC is great with bells and whistles, but their hardware quality leaves a lot to be desired.

  • tu3218

    just give me a radio that works right!!  

  • Dlongb13

    Very disappointed in this if it is true. While I love my Galaxy Nexus for the software, design, and development, I hate it just as much for it’s radio. This is my third Samsung phone and they have all sucked the big one in the camera and radio department. I was really hoping that HTC was going to produce the next Nexus. Guess I am going to have to stray away from the Nexus line on my next purchase and hope that the development is there.

  • GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JulianZHuang

    i hope it’s not going to be bad as galaxy nexus 


      what do you not like about the phone?  mine has been working pretty darn well!  (would like to see more accessories though)

      • JulianZHuang

        battery and the smoothness. i often play with my friend’s iphone 4s. the speed of opening folders, app, and navigate here and there, my GN cant even come close to have that kind of smoothness. 

        • BGRUGGER

          get rid of all the widgets and only have icons.  restart your phone, speed/nav just as good.  

          • JulianZHuang

            i dont use widgets. only icons and folders. 

        • jjrudey

          You’re probably doing something wrong. Mine works great.

          • JulianZHuang

            but how often do u use your phone? like, in 1 hours, how often do you use it? talking, surfing web, and gaming. 

          • jjrudey

            Look at the screenshot.

          • Scott

            Are you stock?

          • jjrudey

            No. I never use stock. 

  • I am looking for a design that would blow anything else out of the water. I think each nexus (including the OG Droid) has done that regardless of manufacturer. However, the Galaxy Nexus is a little too close to what the Nexus S is. The HTC One line is too curvy (like all other HTC phones). It would be great if a manufacturer did something completely out of the ordinary. This way people know it is a Nexus device and not another Samsung or HTC. BTW< I have found Motorola designs as of late to be utterly atrocious. Not digging the hump.

    • I don’t think the Galaxy Nexus is as close to the Nexus S as the Nexus S was to the Nexus 1. There was practically no real improvement at all between those two. But if Google wants to sell the nexus and make a profit on it, they need to hit more than just developers and enthusiasts. That’s why Samsung was the logical choice, they’re selling the best by far.

    • BIONIC

      The way moto designed the OG Droid was genius. It’s unique and badass and you’d recognize it anywhere. The phone that changed the world. I am so proud

      • Azndan4

        ^ fanboy

        • BSweetness

          If you change “The phone that changed the world” to “The phone that made the world take Android seriously,” then the post is dead on.  The original Droid didn’t change the world, but it did breathe life into Android in a way that no other phone had done prior to it.  Part of that was due to the aesthetic departures it made from pretty much every other phone on the market.  It was fairly unique and recognizable.  

  • Dom

    The Nexus 1 was a game changer for google and android…Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, incremental updates…we need a new take and another game changer, and for G-d’s sake BETTER BATTERY LIFE…my vote is HTC.   

    • Better Battery Life, and you didn’t consider Motorola for their hardware and 3300 battery? 
      And I see how the nexus S was incremental from the Nexus 1, but the Galaxy Nexus is incremental? New OS, HD screen, from single to dual core, graphics. What do you consider an update? from the single core Nexus S to a Quad core next nexus?

      that’s like saying an intel celeron to a dual core i3 is an incremental update. lol

      • Tyler Chappell

        Just because Motorola released a phone with their 3300mAh battery doesnt mean HTC cant release a phone with their 2750mAh battery like in the Thunderbolt.  My thunderbolt with its extended battery easily gets me through the whole day.  I think in the very least, 2200mAh should be the new standard battery size rather than 16-1800.  If they make the hardware and software optimized enough, any battery 2200mAh and above should have no problem lasting the entire day for 90% of people.

  • Motorola please!

    • Google

      They can’t pick Motorola right now. If they did it would drive away the other manufactures who are already worried about Google/Moto becoming Apple-like by controlling the software and hardware. They can’t choose HTC because their are free falling as a company and the CEO just admitted they tanked this quarter because they can’t compete with Apple in the U.S. So that really just leaves Samsung unless Google wanted to select some half ass company like Asus or LG. Samsung basically controls Android right now in terms of making money. 

  • James_C_L

    yay! another generation of god awful speakers and radios!

    • Diablo81588

      +1!! Let another company have a crack at it already.. Not everyone wants a Samsung!

      • Yes but not everyone else has a worldwide presence like Samsung does.  Motorola really has a lot less experience in anything but US markets for their phones and CDMA means nothing to AOSP so it is really a matter of who can make the best GSM phone and unfortunately Samsung does do well there.  Their CDMA/LTE might blow but GSM is great.

    • JulianZHuang

      and battery. i charge mine 3 times per day. 

      • sc0rch3d

        you need to work and stop watching so much pr0n

        • JulianZHuang

          cant watch porn, the browser lag if playing flash video…. 

          • I disagree. pr0n in HD on the galaxy nexus is pretty badass…

          • I’m telling your mom.

          • Gabba

            Go ahead; his mom watches the pr0n with me

          • Dliuzzo110

            I love the the pron

          • Spartan

            Um, getting back to the battery issue.

          • wo de tian.. means you really tried! LOL!!!!

      • BGRUGGER

        i use mine heavily and found the culprit for my battery drain…exchange/corporate mail.  it sucked the battery life out!  removing its sync gave it an extra 4-5 hrs…really.  also, charge that sob at work!

        • JulianZHuang

          i have 3 chargers. 1 at work, 1 next to bed, and 1 on my desk. haha 

          • BGRUGGER


          • jodytamar

            same here.  and not having my work email sync would be counterproductive 😛  i also keep a charger, an extra battery AND the extended battery in my purse in case of switch out emergencies.  i’ve never had to switch out twice, but i’ve used both the charger and the extra battery on numerous occasions when out and about for the day

          • Bionicman

            ive never used the built in exchange features on my GNex but i use Touchdown and it doesn’t drain the battery a all.

          • jodytamar

            i don’t know anything about Touchdown.  does it function the same way?  my quick look indicates that it supports office365, which is helpful… 

          • Bionicman

            ahh man its great. its like a sandbox email environment separate from your phone (though you do have the option of syncing certain things like contacts).

          • jodytamar

            sweet!  30 day free trial.  i’m on it 😉

          • Smeckle


        • Chris G

          I too have found exchange sync as a drain.  And for some reason, the amazon app store.  

          It got to the point where i removed my day job email from gnex just to increase battery life. 

      • I signed out of Google Talk and it doubled my battery life. Literally doubled.

        • S_T_R

           Flash the leaked 4.0.4 ROM. It fixed that.

          • I’m on the latest AOKP nightly. Still having the problem.

    • jjrudey

      Hey now, Samsung makes the most popular and arguably best Android phones available.

      • Samsung yes, as we’ve seen with the GSII phones. But when Google gets involved, it’s a freaking disastrous POS. 

        • jonny6pak

          Arguably, if Google is really the root cause, then the same issues would arise with any manufacturer.  

          • chris125

             No because google picked and chose what parts went into the nexus. They don’t have that power over non-nexus devices.

          • Tim242

            He means it would arise with any manufacturer of the new Nexus.

    • Jarren

      When will they learn!!!! HTC hardware and sex appeal, Moto radios, and iPad screen preasee!

      • Samsung makes the screen for the iPad and the processor.

        • Jarren

          But they put a far less accurate pentile display in every android phone they release….

          • Dan Treacy

            Probably b/c with an iPad screen on a 4G phone running Android, the battery wouldn’t probably last more than 3-4 hours.

          • Jarren

            Moto already solved that issue. HUGE battery, tiny phone

          • Dliuzzo110

            Plus the screen from an ipad would never fit on a phone. Geez:-P

        • kixofmyg0t

          Samsung, Sharp and LG make the display panels for Apple products. 

          • r0lct

            Yeah, but every new device has a Samsung display.  Eventually the order products get farmed out to the other two.  iPad 3?  All Samsung.

        • jink333

          The iPad’s screen has the same pixel density as the original droid, so no…

        • fvqu

          I’m pretty damn sure Apple has their own hardware engineers make the retina displays, so no.

      • andydroid22

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    • Bewara2009

      And built quality!

      • Alix8821

        Who’s to say the GSIII doesn’t put an end to Samsung’s “plasticky” era, and introduce us to new, premium cases. Metals and ceramics, etc…. 

        I LOVE my G-Nex… if the screen was PLUS and the body was metal/ceramic… It’d be perfect… 

        Just Saying

        • The screen is as soft as warm butter.
          The radios are garbage compared to Motorola’s. 

          • ddevito

            My wife’s Bionic gets the exact same signal strength as my GNex. Stop talking trash about a device you probably don’t own.

          • I have owned a Galaxy Nexus since release day and I can tell you that the radios in it are not as good as my wife’s Rezound and complete garbage compared to my best friend’s Droid 4.

          • mustbepbs

            The Rezound radios are amazing. And the WiFi chip is incredible too. It was able to get a signal and internet out of a broken router that was tripping up my wife’s Droid X2. I loved that thing.

          • Tim242

            You should stop judging radios and signal by the bars. If you look at the dBm, it is the same, or very close every time. I have 4 Android phones in this house. My Nexus gets the same dBm as the Rezound, Thunderbolt, and Razr.

          • I’m not judging radios by the number of bars, I am judging by my experiences. I was in central PA last weekend I had 0 signal on my GNex, my wife’s Rezound had on and off 1X and 3G, and my friend’s Droid X had constant 3G.

        • The_Other_Ray

          I prefer the plastic body for the weight. After getting the 2000mah battery then putting on the Cruzerlite case for the nexus, it has put on some pounds and heft which feels about right. If the phone was metal, i think it would be a little too heavy.

    • Calvin35

      Don’t forget god awful color as well. I would buy an HTC nexus but will not buy another Samsung until they do something about their terrible color reproduction.

      • And don’t forget how the royally F’ed up the camera. W-T-F were they thinking? It’s as if they let Motorola build the camera on the Gnex

    • Mack

      Agreed. I want it to be motorola but I will gladly take htc. I just hope google gives me something worth using my upgrade on at the end of the year. (assuming the phone will land on verizon)

    • I miss my Droid X

      and awful connection! I hate my Nexus!…Everytime I need to use my internet quickly it can’t connect. Gotta turn off the connection and then turn it back on, might as well use 1x. It also has terrible contact settings, I make a group and cant even text the whole group more stupidity. These are things I should not have to download an app to have them work properly they are normal uses of a phone! This is why people to Apple, though i hate the iphones because are repetitive, and totally controlled by the late steve jobs, at least everything works.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I think the whole “Nexus” concept is utterly stupid and really amounts to zero value at the end of the day.

    • Butters619

      As cool as having a vanilla device it, I feel the Nexus program actually hurts Android.  The whole 5 month delay between seeing a new Android OS on a device and that OS actually showing up on other devices looks bad.  And yeah manufacturers could get rid of skins, but that’s not going to happen and there would still be 3 month (at least) delays for drivers, debugging, testing, deployment.  Also by building a Google optimized phone based on a single chipset, you are making it harder for phone manufacturers.

      • BGRUGGER

        thats the whole point of having a nexus.  if you dont want bloatware and just want a phone to work, get a nexus…the delay is the carriers fault, not the phone or OS

        • Butters619

          You can’t take all of the blame away from Google.  Like I clearly said, even if the manufacturers didn’t add a skin to Android, there would still be a 2-3 month delay to get it onto to devices.  If Google want to take the blame off them, they need to give manufacturers the newest version of Android earlier, or better yet, design drivers to work with the various chipsets before pushing it out.

          • BGRUGGER

            4th paragraph…google releases OS openly to the world…its the phone manufacturer and carrier that can either expedite the update or take their sweet time.

          • Butters619

            It’s not like the manufacturer can take what they get from Google and just apply it.  It takes a lot of compatibility programming to get it to work correctly, unless they choose the exact same hardware config as the Nexus.

            And working with chip manufacturers to get everything working correctly is a big process involving lots of back and forth work. It’s not like manufacturers are sitting on their asses.

          • BGRUGGER

            if that were the case, then different roms that are created by the small groups of developers would take years.  Different roms work with different phones which have different chips etc…Droid bionic doesnt have ICS because vzw doesnt want it on that phone.  same with Razr…doesnt matter when google releases OS, its all about when the manufacturer/carrier WANTS it on the phones.

          • Butters619

            It comes down to way more than that.  And ROMs have tons of bugs on tons of models.

            And you act like the Razr isn’t going to get ICS in the next few weeks.

          • BGRUGGER

            it will…when vzw wants it released

          • Butters619

            it will when it’s done being tested and fixed.

          • BGRUGGER


          • Butters619

            There is this huge conspiracy where carriers are out to get you if you didn’t know.

            Do carriers sometimes make choices for business purposes?  Yes of course.  Would they hold a completed ICS for the Razr?   Absolutely not.  That makes no business sense to Veizon or Moto.  Verizon and Moto want to sell phones and they probably want to unload those original Razr.  ICS will help that.  And with ICS phones hitting other carriers (HTC One X/S), the faster they can get ICS onto their phones, the faster they can advertise it.  Is it slower than you or I would prefer.  Yes.  But does Verizon have a completed working ICS for the Razr they are just holding on to?  You’d be a fool to think that. They aren’t dumb.

          • Updating their existing phones to ICS doesn’t make much business sense. Think about it. Why put all this time and effort in updating a product they sold months ago and don’t care about when they can release new products with ICS and get people to buy those instead? 

          • FortitudineVincimus

            BUT… they sold it as a “Nexus” device so either they should have had Verizon on board and ready to push the “latest” updates or it is a waste of a concept. So, who cares who’s fault it is, the simple fact is the whole “Nexus” concept does not even live up to the hype and non “Nexus” phones get updates as quick – quicker in some cases – and can have all of the benefits of a claimed BS “Nexus” phones.

        • FortitudineVincimus

          Simple root can do the same thing and bypass all the “Nexus” hype.

          That is hardly a reason to buy or sell a “Nexus” device. It’s a shame of a reason.

      • moelsen8

        yeah but google can’t account for all the kyocera echo’s out there that manufacturers are dreaming up.  manufacturers have to share a good a mount of blame because their skins DO take time to get up and running on the new OS.  no one’s forcing them to “differentiate” themselves with their skins.. most of which is redundant and/or garbage.

        • Butters619

          I’m not saying take the blame away from manufacturers, because they hold a lot of the blame.  But if Google wants to release a Nexus, they should get the newest Android OS in the hands of manufacturers 3 months or so before they release a nexus so they eliminate or shorten that delay. I know that sort of defeats the purpose of a Nexus being the Google image for others to be inspired from, but that delay looks bad no matter how you slice it.

          • moelsen8

            ah gotcha, then i agree.  hell, even a one month heads-up would help and allow them to have a nexus out exclusively with the new OS.

    • BIONIC

      this is also true

    • Google

      Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. It is a cool concept i think but you are dead on that it amounts to zero value. Nobody cares about a “pure Google experience” except Android devotees. They are going to get an Android phone anyway so it adds no value to the Android brand. 

    • Azndan4

      You are retarded.

      • Paolo_Ozaraga

        Way to add a constructive, rational and educated rebuttal

  • HTC can’t seem to figure out that non-software buttons are stupid, so they lose.

    • Mmoreimi

      That really blows.  I was really hoping to see another HTC Nexus.  Not really into Samsung hardware.

      • I think they both make beautiful hardware.  Though I slightly prefer Samsung because their design is simpler and understated, more elegant.  HTC is more flamboyant with mixed colors and material. Though I do NOT agree with HTC’s stupid decision to use hardware buttons for ICS.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      I think you’d be surprised how many people like hard/soft keys as opposed to virtual keys.