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First Incredible 4G Pictures Surface, Official Render Too (Updated)

With rumored release dates looming, we knew it wouldn’t be long before the Incredible 4G (formerly the HTC Fireball) surfaced. Little was unknown, but this is the first time that we are seeing the device in what appears to be a fairly finished state. It definitely looks like an a newish version of previous Incredibles. If there was an easier way to describe it, just think of it as the Rezound’s little brother. 

It looks identical to last year’s HTC/Verizon flagship, but packs a 4″ qHD display instead (yes, that would be a downgrade). We know from benchmarks that it sports a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 (an upgrade),  but we are also now finding out that it should have an NFC chip embedded as well. An 8MP rear shooter along with a front VGA camera round out its picture and video taking abilities. It will apparently only carry 8GB of internal storage, but will have an SD card slot so that you can expand that number. Verizon’s 4G LTE will be on board along with 1GB of RAM.

The device will run Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3) and Sense 4.0, but will not have on-screen soft keys. HTC did tone the hardware keys down to three as we have seen in all of their new phones though.

It sounds like a decent mid-range phone, but if you were expecting it to be the next flagship, you may walk away disappointed. It still should pack a punch with the S4 chip inside, LTE, NFC, and probably one of the better cameras of any Big Red phone.

We spoke with a source last night who was told that the phone would be out within the next 4 weeks.

Update:  We have more pictures posted here.

Render via:  PocketNow

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  • zaoche55


  • Zach

    My Droid Incredible 2 looks way better then this. Why did they they drop the front facing camera to a VGA from a 1.3mp also it doesn’t come with a Micro SD but 8GB of internal memory I would rather have the 16GB Micro SD card that came with the Incredible 2.  

  • This phone seems fine as long as the price is low…a 270ppi 4″ screen isn’t that bad…last year everyone was complaining that 4.3″ was pushing it in size.  Sense and Android 4 are good, the camera is good, and even though the form isn’t the greatest, im holding judgement until I feel it.  If it feels as sturdy as the Inc2 and as substantial as the rezound it ain’t that bad….the Incredible was $179 when it came out (I got it for $90+fees) and if this Incredible is about $99 to $149 it clearly has better specs….they had better put a bigger battery in this though, 1350mAh was the worst part of the Incredible

  • bangbang223


  • Gnex makes big V bearable. the 4g limiting and upgrade “iphone” tax is ludicrous and the 4S is a joke in the iphone world with its screen lag and freezing. there is a reason verizon passed on the brand initially and the OG was king. plus saying “fragmentation is an issue” look at…. the iphone. siri on a 3gs what ?!? really apple is spending its Oprahx4 money on spin. they are not god and the ipad is a joke till OSX is on it like originally planned.

    Now the incredible 4g is a waste w/the one X in the wild. Really whoever said it first and countless times after V stop messing with the phones. let the devs make those decisions or we will still /su and ditch your bloat. /end line

    • iKing_5

      I knew someone would spin this into an iPhone discussion…..just can’t help yourself….lol

  • Granpa

    Ugly, bloated, HTC crap.

  • smellyfeet

    looks every other HTC phone: an incredible piece of junk

  • tonenailfungus

    looks like an incredible piece of crap like the original…

  • thebluegod

    If this is around the $150 price mark it would be a great deal. Android 4.0, NFC, Zero-shutter-lag camera, AND Snapdragon S4? The screen is the only thing I would complain about, but then again I’m not willing to spend $300 for a smartphone. Plus it’s HTC so bootloader policy is probably a bit more ‘laxed. We can get stock ICS in no time. Also the screen should help in battery life.

  • PowersUSA

    Better be as cheap as it looks. 

  • If poor people could afford the internet, they would be praising this as their next phone…

  • thatsamulligan

    By far the worst phone I have seen to date.. It seems like were going backwards here in the phone evolution dept.  What’s worse is that they (Verizon/HTC) feel its perfectly o.k. to apply mediocre hardware to a sub standard phone design…It’s quite apparent where HTC did not listen to its customers, and its also very apparent HTC is becoming “Quietly Retarded”. The only thing I could see this phone doing is becoming an entry phone for new shoppers whom don’t want a “flagship phone” or maybe even a competent phone at best. 

    • TC Infantino

      Hmm, I have to say that I totally disagree with you.  The design isn’t as cool as the One X, but it is certainly not substandard.  And as far as hardware being mediocre, how is a newer and faster processor, NFC, top quality camera, and expandable storage slot with 8gb internal mediocre?  The only thing less than top of the line is the screen and the front camera.  I believe that HTC is putting out some seriously cool phones and Verizon will only have dropped the ball if they don’t bring a One X variant to us.

  • Matt DeBow

    fck this i want unbunto CPU compatible cpueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • TheWickedShepherd

    This phone having some specs better than the Rezound and yet some worse than it, that overall it’s way too similar, even the size and shape of the phone. With the Rezound now at “mid-range” LTE device prices will need to come out at the $99 range otherwise people holding both phones in the hand will probably pick up the Rezound over this.

  • Regardless of inner-working, does anyone else feel like Verizon really gets the worst phones in terms of how they look? We missed the Galaxy SII, we never saw the Sensation, we’re missing out on the One series, etc. Sure some Verizon phones pack a decent punch but cosmetically they’re awful. Droids 2-4 are all ugly, I’m not a huge fan of the OG Incredible/OGI 2, and don’t even get me started on the Thunderbolt or Droid Charge..

  • DanWazz

    I don’t see how this is mid range for this point in time. It has plenty of RAM and a more than capable processor. Yeah, it’s only a 4″ qHD display, but it does have a removable battery and expandable memory and 4G LTE . It’s not a flagship phone, but I’d rather have this than a Razr.

  • unhappy camper

    This is a waste of everyone’s time. Why Verizon, why?? Why not bring the HTC one x on board and call it the incredible 4g? This just doesn’t make any sense! Last year they seem to turn over a new leaf by introducing three flagship devices in Q4. These are some respectable phones that match up well with other carriers line up. Now it appears Verizon is reverting back to it’s old self, with a subpar line of devices. Honestly, the only thing keeping with them is that i’m “grandfathered in” with unlimited data.

    • thebluegod

      This is basically the One S (with a rumored price point of $99-$149). So it’s pretty nice for those of us who don’t wanna drop $300 on a 4G phone. We’ll get a variant of the One X for sure, probably the successor to the Rezound. 

  • steve30x

    Ok this makes no sense… so they are just releasing this soon and its basically a bumped down spec wise HTC Rezound.. the only plus is ICS and perhaps NFC ..thats it. Not to mention the form factor is identical to the Rezound thats been out for months now! No thought was put into this phone in design, except for the capacitive buttons lol.

  • fvqu

    Bezel too big, screen looks too small. DON’T WANT.

  • What’s the point of showing off phones? They all look the same- they’re black slabs with some kind of texture on the back.

    • FPSRageQuit

      I beg to differ. Some people actually look at the subtle differences between phones.

      • Really?  “OOOoooo….that one is a black rectangle with WAVES etched on the back! Much better than the black rectangle with diamonds etched on the back.”

        • abrego47

          just like all the samsung lover’s with each of the galaxies and their chins!!!!

  • Sounds like a good small LTE phone. Too bad it has HTC Sense. Expect 6 month delays on updates, if at all and it will probably have random reboots and get sluggish.

    Would have made a decent Nexus if it was clean ICS.

  • So looking over comments, people want the One-X on verizon, even though it uses a processor that’s incompatible with LTE radios (which verizon has gone all-in on). OR we get the One-X variant with the S4…which is the same processor in this Incredible. But because the screen isn’t HD, we’re mad? 
    finally a LTE incredible with a great processor compared to the rezound… but because it doesn’t come with a larger TV quality screen or headphones we’re upset? does the screen size/type really take this phone down to mid-range while the Rezound was top of the line just 3 months ago? I personally think both are great phones.There’s more fragmentation and anger within phone users than there is within the phones themselves. I both love and hate android users, lol.

    • chris125


    • Dan

      Despise the similar specs, I think some would be upset with the form factor, at least I am. This looks almost identical to an Incredible and a Rezound. The One X, but all means is a very attractive device and if you don’t agree you can at least say that is is different/unique. While I love HTC and own one, I think their design has become a bit redundant and the One X was refreshing to see. So naturally given this option for a phone on Verizon makes it seem second rate or rather another re-iteration of the same old phone.

      • Dan you realize that this is the “Incredible 4G” as in the predecessor to the original incredible and inc 2? (Both of which I proudly own)  The whole point of the series to keep a consistent look in order to keep customers on a familiar stance with the phones. I personally love the HTC line verizon has gotten (Minus the eris…) Which has been able to incorporate the styling of the One X and the look of the inc 2 into a very powerful device. I do consider this to be top tier for those who dont want a brick in there pocket! My screen size doesn’t bother me. How long the phone last during a day of use and its functionality for what I need done is what defines my purchase. Minus the screen, specs match up to those of other phones in the “top tier” category. ( And it doesn’t have that ridiculous bulge for a camera the one series does..) 

    • I’m looking to upgrade from a DX, and would move to a One X in a heartbeat, but I don’t want to downgrade on the screen size.  If the Inc 3 was Verizon’s version of the One S, but they were going to carry the One X as well, the bitching would cease.

      • TC Infantino

        I doubt that the bitching would cease actually.  If we received the One X then people would bitch that HTC is following Motorola’s example by putting out too many phones at too fast a rate.  Though in truth, the Rezound is almost 6 months old now, so it isn’t too soon for another top tier phone from HTC.

    • TC Infantino

      The most entertaining thing about some of the responses is that just a few months ago everyone seemed to be complaining that the manufacturers were releasing too many top tier phones with just a small increase in specs between the newest and the one before it.  But if this Increadible 2 had the same screen as the Rezound and the same internal memory as some are saying it should have, then it would only be an incremental bump in the processor and the newer ICS and Sense 4.0.  It seems that no matter what, people will have something to complain about.  Personally I like the looks and the specs of this phone, it is a solid mid to upper range device and I think it will sell well.

      • Kyle Fullmer

        People were complaining about too many phones in general.  Now they are complaining that Verizon got a watered down version of what is currently one of the best phones on the market.  People want a top tier phone, max 2 per manufacturer every year.  Give us more phones than that, we are upset. Dont give us top tier, we are upset.

    • Locbox

      i see your point, but it’s just not that “Incredible”….atleast to me.

      • I see what you did there…LOL

  • adam

    I’m very confused by this statement…

    “It sounds like a decent mid-range phone, but if you were expecting it to
    be the next flagship, you may walk away disappointed. It still should
    pack a punch with the S4 chip inside, LTE, NFC, and probably one of the
    better cameras of any Big Red phone”

    How is this a “mid range phone” with “S4 chip inside, LTE, NFC, and probably one of the
    better cameras of any Big Red phone”. Is it the 8gigs of internal, or the 4inch screen size?

    • chris125

       Because this is droid-life and anything with less than an hd screen, super high clock dual core and everything else that gives these guys chubs is considered “mid range”

      • Lol, seems to be the case here.

      • Locbox

        ’tis the truth though. If VZW is the best, why don’t they express that in other ways than red maps?

    • George264

      The screen Res. That killed it. My Rezound here has a gorgeous screen, and NO WAY am I loosing this for that. And the back, Reeks of Ugliness.

      • hkklife

        The problem is that the Rezound was released at a bad time and its specs were too closely aligned to the rest of VZW’s lineup.  If the Rezound had shipped when it did with, say, a higher-capacity & slimmer battery and a 4.5″ 720p screen it would have been THE phone to have.    I’d much rather have a 4.5″ Rez than the LG Spectrum that doesn’t have ANYTHING going for it other than its screen.  720p really needs a larger screen in order to truly shine and a lot of the Rez’s UI elements seem to not be optimized for that resolution.

      • thebluegod

        This isn’t a true successor to the Rezound. My understanding is that we’ll get a variant of the One X that is the real successor to the Rezound. Inc4G is the successor to the Incredible 2, which was a mid-ranged phone when it released. Same here (comparatively).

  • Havoc70

    Oh good in 4 weeks when it releases you can add $30 to upgrade to the Incredible 4G…Horse$h_it

  • jjrudey

    Is Samsung the only one that’s hopped on the button-less boat?

  • Jlmcc

    you mean there is a phone that has a worse camera than the gnex ?   lol
    I just got off the phone with samsung,trying to find if they knew anything about the updates for this pos, she acted so surprised when I told her what a pos the nexus is,,, but alas,got no help there

  • Steve S

    HTC Does a great job of ruining ICS. It looks no different than any other HTC Device. Whenever the RAZR gets ICS, at least it will look like ICS.

  • Jonathanthrush

    The Rezound is still Verizons best phone…I could give a crap less about NFC and the processor on my Rezound….you could tell me I have a 500mhz Buttlizard processor in here and I wouldn’t care because everything my Rezound does, it does it instantly. Just give me ICS and I might never need a new phone.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      Sounds like the people who were saying we would never need more than 1 megabyte of storage.

  • dsass600


    • jjrudey

      That’s the Droid style. Take it or leave it.

  • Trevor

    I’m just glad to see a phone launched with ICS that actually has an external card slot.  I was afraid they were getting rid of them altogether for some reason.

    • hkklife

      For stock Android devices, yes they are.  But now we have this Incredible 4G, the EVO 4G LTE AND the One V, in addition to all of the ICS tablets that still have microSD slots.  MUCH more of an encouraging sign than I was expecting just a few weeks ago.   I guess the continuation of expandable storage is one thing we can be thankful for manufacturer skins and Android customizations, huh? 

  • So its safe to say that this is a HTC One S variant? Similar to how the HTC EVO LTE Whatchamicallit  is a One X variant?

  • Knlegend1

    HTC lol 

  • Android1997

    So we got an HTC One S? Nah, ill pass.

    Damn, i was looking forward to the Fireball too!

  • nwd1911

    Sure the screen is extremely disappointing, but other than that this is a top tier phone, right?  Did I miss something else? Sure the front VGA is a little weird and only 8 GB on-board storage, but you put a 32GB SD card and you have more storage than the Nexus.  I certainly expect that a top tier phone will have one of the best screens on the market when released, but with a rumored 99-149 price point, would anyone be disappointed?

    • EC8CH

      maybe they want the One X on VZW?

      • nwd1911

        I would love to see something more in line with what Sprint did with their version of the One X, minus the styling.  I was impressed to see NFC on this phone and I’m sure the processor will not disappoint.  I was just surprised to see all the comments about how much this yet-to-be-released phone sucks, but it seems like a solid device.  Perhaps the Galaxy S III rumors are skewing everyone’s view of what should or shouldn’t be on a new phone.

    • This phone is basically a One S which is the new mid tier. I think the Incredible phone line is starting to establish itself as a solid mid range phone these days. which isn’t bad. Just seem to bee too many people that whine over a phone not being high end every single time something is announced.

      • nwd1911

        “Outdated” That is the comment that really stood out to me.  Putting an S4 proc in a phone is outdated?  The screen is outdated for sure, but I’m hoping to see an initial price point under 200.  For the masses this would be a great device (thinking about my wife, mom, dad, etc.).

        • eckdawg5

          with LTE…you won’t see a quadcore (tegra) for another few quarters…they’ve swapped to the S4 because it is more friendly with the LTE radios…

          • Droosh

            I would take the S4 and their 28nm Krait over the old A9 based Tegra 3 any day. Wait for the S4 Pro next quarter if the GPU is really that important to you.

    • Tim242

      But, the Rezound is only $49. How could they charge more, for less?

      • nwd1911

        That deal ended 2 days ago…guessing they were trying to flush the stock prior to the Incredible 4G announcement.

  • snapdragon s4… waaaaaay better than what the rezound has 

  • We pay the most for data, most for overall service, now we pay a 30$ upgrade fee, and we still get the worst phones.

    • Knlegend1

      VERIZON DEF. HAS THE WORST PHONES. I’ve been thinking of jumping ship. 

      • Jonny

        You should DEF jump ship. Verizon doesn’t have the worst phones, they just have the worst schedule/process for releasing them.

        ….but that was what you meant to say, right?

        • Knlegend1

          No I honestly feel like they have the worst phones…mainly due to the “Droid Line”. Its a dead in the water series. We appreciate what it did 2-3 years ago but now the name Droid doesn’t mean a thing. I wan some of that SGS 2 action, I’d rather have that phone than the Galaxy Nexus. HTC One X, can we get some that love. How about this whats wrong with the Rezound? Why do we need the Incredible 4G. Its pointless. 

          • ndwiggins

            the Incredible 4G is basically a One X for Verizon…and the Galaxy Nexus an SG2…

          • basically…

          • Knlegend1

            I don’t think so…the One X is already better than the Rezound and the Rezound is better than the Incredible 4G. 

          • OhAaron

            I love my GNex, but I think it’s retarded that Verizon has to have its hand in every phone release.  Let the device makers make the devices!  Is it really that hard, haha?  They totally molested the screen on the new I4G.

          • OhAaron

            Which looks like it spells LAG, lol.

          • AE35

            How is this little poo-ball like the One X? That phone has been praised by every reviewer.

            This phone sux 8GB, qHD

          • john0214

            It’s more like HTC one s

          • Android1997

            Its the One S

          • RobMorris

            One S*

          • x100. The SGSIII and the One X will be some of the best Android phones in the market. But they won’t see the light of day on Verizon’s networks. Instead we get these crappy red-eyed robot-eating bug-tastic machines and a gray plastic turd with no reception.

          • Knlegend1

            crappy red-eyed robot-eating bug-infested machines with unusable cameras and a gray plastic turd with no reception.” Hilariously true. 

          • chris125

             that is just samsung with their terrible radios

          • TC Infantino

            I have a Rezound and I love it.  It has a good build quality, solid feel, comfortable in the hands, great reception, great camera, awesome screen, excellent internal storage with an expandable SD slot, and with good battery life.  The beats earbuds are not worth $99 (IMO), but at least they were free with the phone.  Not sure about the MHL port, I haven’t bought the adaptor yet to connect it to the HDMI on my TV, but I probably will sometime soon.  All in all I am happy with my phone, though I would like to see phones like the Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X come to VZW.  I agree that Verizon seems to shun some of the really top tier phones.  Not sure why they would, but I certainly will not be leaving VZW and their seriously excellent network coverage anytime soon.

          • jjrudey

            That’s just how Verizon is. But I have unlimited LTE so I’m not complaining. 

          • Knlegend1

            Yes that’s their only market….LTE, LTE, LTE…I’m using at&t internet service right now maxed out. Still though without the proper hardware it doesn’t even matter. Verizon dupes costumers with LTE its fast, but the phone is crap. 

          • Dr_Buttballs

            I switched from Verizon to AT&T a few weeks ago because I got tired of Verizon’s terrible customer service and b.s. I got myself a Skyrocket and couldn’t be happier. Rooted and ROMed it with the first 30 minutes of owning it.

          • HTC1

            you won’t be soon. and all of you saying you want to leave wouldn’t be happy either. Trust me, I’m just as upset. But if you’re any type of a phone nut you HAVE to have Verizon. I’ve had them ALL and travel the country for my job. Verizon is the ONLY one that works. the next best (AT&T maybe) isn’t even half as good as Verizon. Everyone that leaves kids themselves that it’s just as good but they really know how bad it sucks. And thats what get me most. I can’t leave even if I wanted to. So i’m stuck with their phone line. I too wish they would step it up a bit. and those who said “it would be to overwhelming for them to get more phones”, what about Sprint and AT&T? those guys seem to have a ton of top tier phones and don’t seem to have problems keeping up.

            Sorry but if you’re not on Verizon, you don’t have a cell phone.

          • Kyle Fullmer

            Just as a counter for your ignorant comment; If you dont travel and live somewhere with full coverage by another provider you wont have any problems.  I have friends on T-Mobile who have absolutely no issues where I live and in fact have better 4G coverage.

            Sure Verizon covers more area, but they don’t cover every area better than the others.

          • “You can’t win’em all”. Each carrier has unique phones. If Sprint got the Galaxy Nexus and we had the SGSII you would be saying “Why don’t we get a nexus!?” The Galaxy Nexus is the equivalent to the SGSII. Why do you think Verizon passed on the SGSII? If Verizon got every single phone it would be overwhelming, think average user here since the su community occupies around 1%. I agree to an extent that the Droid brand is dead. It’s dead to us who read tech sites. Most of my friends that are, what we would call ‘average users’, refer to their phones as a droid. Regardless if it has the Droid branding or not. They have no idea what I’m talking about when I say I have a Nexus. They like their Android phones and will more than likely look for another Droid branded phone when they have an upgrade. I think Verizon get’s some of the best phones if you ask me.

          • eckdawg5

            no actually, I’d rather have the GS2 than the GNex…I’m a Verizon customer but a Sprint employee and the GS2 is a better phone than GNex in my opinion…if they’d shove touch wiz up their arse…

          • Yeah, I’d take a GSII over the GNex any day. 

          • iNfAMOUS70702


          • LiterofCola


          • Knlegend1

            In respect to the average consumer I understand and blows my whole argument out of the water. I still would prefer the SGSII. I do however believe that Verizon has some of the worst phones. But I can respect your point and it is a very good one. 

      • TheOiulkj


      • Now that AT&T has LTE I’ll probably jump ship after the contract on my Nexus is up. That way I get better phones, with super awesome cameras that run on GSM so theyre usuable overseas!

      • feztheforeigner

        GNEX, RAZR, Rezound…we had the best of the best for all three big Android manufacturers. Hopefully we get the Galaxy S III and One X and we will still have the best Samsung, Motorola, and HTC phones – the only manufacturers who matter in Android phones.

        • LiterofCola

          Ditto,  people can complain all they want, but Verizon did have those three great phones available kinda close together.  But I’m with you, I can’t wait till we see the S3, and hopefully Verizon gets on board with it this time.

      • Tony Allen

        Go for it, I’ll keep that in mind the next time you’re roaming around the country and don’t have service, or are stuck in an area with 2G/EDGE only coverage. 🙂

        • Knlegend1

          it is what it is

    • Bj

      I would jump ship, but its kinda hard when I have unlimited 4g data so looks like i’m stuck with Verizon

    • OhAaron

      I call it the iPhone tax.  Verizon subsidizes the extremely expensive iPhone by a crazy amount, it lowers their margins… we’re paying for it.

    • Dirk Diggler

      My parents upgraded their ATT line, I can comfirm that ATT also has to pay $30 for upgrading. Craiglist and ebay are looking better and bettern now.

  • Dan

    I love Android, but this is the reason why I despise it just as well. No wonder why the average consumer is lost when the market is flooded with useless, outdated phones that are being produced continuously.

    • Yeah, is it too much to ask for a truly top of the line phone without key features missing? 

      • Dan

        Right? I say scrap all these re-iterations of other phones with minor alterations. Focus on one phone and make it top notch. Its really not that hard of a concept and the majority of the companies producing Android phones have said they’re guilty of spewing out to many pointless phones. This phone shouldn’t even exist when the line up already has the Incredible 2 and Rezound. Give us the one! X that is. 😉

  • EC8CH

    Rezound owner:

    But if it looks the same how will people know I upgraded

    • Andrew Lichtenhan

      iPhone owner:
      But if it looks the same how will people know I upgraded?FTFY

    • Bewara2009

      Still beats the nexus, take that.

      • Tim242

        Did you type that with a str8 face?

      • Jlmcc

        that aint sayin much, anything beats a nexus, I know im on my 4th, just called samsung and told them what a pos it is

        • tomn1ce

          What have you been doing wrong with your gnex…mine is working fine since I got it…..

    • Michael_NM

      They’ll see the $30 chunk out of your a$$.

    • Most iphony comment of the day, lol.
      but honestly…who cares if people know that you upgraded or not? lol. Is your phone for show or for usage? 

  • Is it a Droid? Droid Incredible 4G?

    • We still don’t know, but wouldn’t doubt it if it ends up that way.

    • AE35

      It would be remarkable if they called this lackluster phone Incredible

      • I completely agree…

  • And yet we continue to get shafted by Verizon and the phones they offer, while everybody else get the SGIII and the One X. Pathetic. 

  • Im pretty sure the rezound is a 1.5 S3, this incred 4g has a 1.2 S4, Speed isnt always better than what the processor itself is.

  • Not too bad… looks like an awkward rezound.
    lol rezound owners and their 4 buttons 😀

    • snowblind64

      4 buttons would be better than having that stupid menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

      • true. I forgot the menu button can’t hide in the nav bar :/

  • Jonny

    NFC FTW!

  • Radgatt

    I don’t care what anyone says…the rezound is the incredible 3 and this is the incredible ‘4’G for a reason.  its the 4th phone in line in the ‘incredible’ series.  the 1st incredible was the best followed by the 3rd incredible (rezound) then this phone then the incredible 2, just saying…

  • Liderc

    Their overhang speaker look is blaeh. 

  • ahokin

    Say hello to a modified One S

    • snowblind64

      Beaten with an ugly stick!

  • I’m going to stick with my Rezound…

  • So its a rezound with a smaller, worse screen, but better processor.. Are you kidding me verizon?

    • That’s exactly what it is. Makes absolutely no sense.

      • hkklife

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see a swift EOL to the Rezound once this guy arrives, as the recent $50 shows, due to too much overlap with Sammy & Moto handsets, costly to build due to screen & bundled headphones.  My local BB removed their display Rezound loooong ago and the local VZW corporate store had one barely-functional Rezound on display. 

    • chris125

       Not everyone wants a huge phone..

      • LionStone

        Yea, I was just thinking that too…this would be a great phone for my girl. She’s coming from the D2G so she will be pretty happy with it I’m sure. I think it fits that form factor that works for more people. 

    • Jonny

      I thought the Rezound had a dual 1.5ghz processor but this one is better?

      • definitely.

      • Diablo81588

        The S4 processor in this one will run circles around that garbage ARM8 S3 in the Rezound. Clock speed doesn’t mean faster.

      • Droosh

        You still run a 3Ghz Pentium I suppose with the logic that clock speed matters when not comparing the same architecture.

  • Greg Morgan

    qHD? You would think these companies would learn from Moto’s mistakes?

    • snowblind64

      qHD wasn’t the problem it was the RGBW Pentile matrix that made the screen ugly.

    • It’s not HTC, it’s Verizon. Why do you think we aren’t getting HTC’s best of the best, the One X? Instead we get this dumbed down Verizon-neutered version. 

  • TheRunner024

    The back is hideous.

  • Looks like a new rezound. What a waste of a new phone.

  • Looks just like a Rezound…..

    • Yep, it really does heh. I’m thinking the Rezound is on the outs, since it’s now $49 or so. They will replace it with this.

      • Knatcal

        That deal is over, it’s back to 199.

      • Think of a regular customer. How the hell do you tell….?

  • i wish they would quit insulting us with phones that would’ve been GREAT two years ago. 

  • They should just stick with the One designs