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Wednesday Poll: Are you Interested in the Google and Android Powered Glasses?

HTC just got done unveiling the HTC EVO 4G LTE, which is a nice phone and all, but isn’t the story of the day clearly the Google[x] project known as “Project Glass?” We are talking glasses that can do everything your smartphone does, but right in front of you eyes. Full voice integration, a camera for snapping life, video chatting, social check-ins, responding to texts, and more are all featured in their video preview of what the technology “could” look like. They even mocked up some renders of the glasses themselves for all of us to geek out on.

But really though, are you interested? If Google released these for X-mas, would you buy it? Is this too Minority Report? Or is that exactly what makes it so awesome to imagine?

Are you Interested in the Google and Android Powered Glasses?

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If you would like to watch the video again, jump past the break. 

  • collyble

    new way of staring someone in the face..

  • NMMI860

    Didn’t I see these in the Anime “Appleseed: Ex Machina”?

  • teejaycard

    how are those who wear glasses already supposed to be wearing these thing? 

  • Yo

    cool technology, but no. 

  • cransr

    The one thing I can’t help but notice after rewatching the video is the A.I. that is definitely working in the background of everything that is going on. I feel like this could be the first hint at what could potentially blow siri out of the water. But if google is smart, they will get facebook on board with them so apple can’t. 

  • Dorks on parade.

  • Lance

    i hope im there to take a youtube video of when the battery over heats & starts some dudes head on fire..

  • jnt

    nice joke on this whole thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=t3TAOYXT840

  • ragnarok180

    The camera would have to be at least HTC like in quality and the frame shouldn’t have to look like that in order for me to consider buying it

  • br_hermon

    I voted “maybe” but honestly… I can’t see wearing these things, at least in their current gawdy state. Actually what I am more excited about is the potential these have for other uses. Can you imagine this same kind of tech incorporated into the windshield of a car? Navigation displayed as an overlay? Awesome! I also read somewhere where this tech could find its way into contact lenses. I could see terrific use of this tech in the law enforcement industry  / armed services as well. This could be the next big modder / community driven device following in the same footsteps as the Kinect.
    Am I excited about the glasses? Meh… Am I super excited about the potential this project could have in numerous implementations? Most definitely!

  • Mikel61101

    How do you wear your Oaks with em on?

  • Josh Groff

    Enable text to speech and vice versa, problem solved. Texts will become like short phone calls in a way.

  • Towelie420

    Did anyone see how homo they looked when they gave a high five?

  • I hope they get self-driving cars working first…

  • C-Law

    I wear glasses so looks like I’m screwed on this one

  • Just when you thought that DBZ meme was dying off…

  • Bob Martin

    of course im interested. who wouldn’t want the real eye phone?

    • Josh Groff

      With a true retina display. I swear I saw these jokes yesterday.

  • akazerotime

    as long as they don’t show me a power level of over 9000, i think they will be good.

  • can you imagine all the bugs this thing will have?  does look promising

  • Angeles Anthony

    can’t wait to check people’s power levels

  • Marine Adamyan

    This is the coolest thing ever! Have you seen another leaked video about project glass?? It’s amazing, see here; http://bit.ly/Hfe0yM

  • tlspatt

    but then how can you use the new gmail tap application with a pair of glasses? how am I supposed to use morse code with my eyes?  
    https://mail.google.com/mail/help/promos/tap/index.html.  way to go Google 🙂 

    • PC_Tool


      • tlspatt

        then you’d look like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman or someone with Tourette’s syndrome. neither is good…  

  • im all about gadgets and this is just more thing to add to my collection. android never ceases to amaze me

  • StuntinX

    They need to build it into a real set of glasses for ascetics. Even if you don’t need a prescription it would look way more natural at take off a hell of a lot easies with the general consumer  

    • Black Monk Time

       for monks?

  • kniceguy

    not enough minority report!

  • delta echoe

    I would love these but i have to wear glasses already, google better support their visually impaired customers

  • no. i don’t need google invading any more of my privacy

  • Mecevans

    It should be an extension of your existing phone.

  • Mr. Obvious

    I think some people would be a sac of dog sh*t if it had an Android logo on it.

    • Josh Groff

      It seems you misspelled Apple, weird.

  • MKader17

    I’m holding out for the pair with the slide out keyboard.

  • Ne0

    Only if they change the design, current design look like something create by dentist.

  • Jov

     looks gay.

  • Jov

     looks stupid.  my balls smell.

  • jonny c

    The future!

    • jonny c


  • Gmeyer9904

    I think it would make it much easier for people with disabilities that are paralyzed or have issues with hand functioning, etc. to use their phones

    • Josh Groff

      Oh heck yeah. Didn’t even think of that as a possible applicable use. They should market it as handicap friendly and have some portion of proceeds benefit medical research. I’d buy one so fast.

  • Liderc

    This is just one of those things I don’t see becoming the norm.  Bluetooth devices look ridiculous and aren’t needed, the majority agree.  So if talking to ourselves looks ridiculous to the majority, then wearing glasses constantly that cover one of our eyes and shows us Facebook notifications/Emails and directions will also be rejected.

    I’m actually surprised how this poll is going, would have never thought people would see this as practical. 

    I think smart phones will actually become even more important to us in the future than they are now.  

    They’ll be our computers 24/7, we’ll take the same phone from our home dock, place it in our work dock and it will turn any monitor/tv into our own personal desktop/laptop with anything and everything we need for professional work and play.

    I don’t think tablets will ever take over our computers either.  

    They fill a very small role since someone else will always be more productive, efficient and capable with a keyboard/mouse/large screen. Since we’ll be using our smart phones with every possible piece of software/data we need in easily accessible docking units giving us 30” monitors, full keyboards and a mouse; tablets will just continue being a small role as a leisure item and a bonus accessory for work.

    Could these glasses be a niche product like tablets are?  Possibly… But I don’t think they’d even get the market share that tablets are currently holding, which compared to smart phones/laptops/desktops isn’t even a blip on the radar. 

    • StealthVoodoo

      “Bluetooth devices look ridiculous and aren’t needed, the majority agree”
      Except when you need to use both hands and carry on conversations. Or your state makes laws that make touching your phone while driving illegal.

      Let me know how that $250 ticket compares to looking dorky in your car.

      • Liderc

        It’s called speakerphone, amazing invention and our phones already have it.
        I was talking about using a bluetooth device walking down the street, just fyi. 

  • Earpg98

    I just hope they have options for those of us with glasses already

  • jeff3yan

    Something like this only becomes useful once it becomes mainstream. If they can make it mainstream, then this could be the future. Really depends on the adoption rate.

  • Frankly Jive

    lol imagine the rad tan lines 

  • Not if it looks like that hideous thing.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Some applicaions: cooking. Attend a sporting event and have stats pop up live. Flying a plane or driving a car to reduce cockpit workload. How about having them teach you how to fix your car while doing it. Window shop using google goggles-like app. Rent them in museums or big city tours to point out landmarks and facts. Navigate a boat through a shipping lane with zero visability conditions. Multiple manufactoring applications for workers. Playing golf, track distance, track the ball, give stats and club suggestions based upon distance and perceived wind. Put them in a mask for scuba to monitor no2 soak, depth, navigation, and air in tank levels.

    Just a couple ideas off hand that can be done with them.

  • Darcmasta

    They should offer the option to make them shades, or actual prescription lenses. I wear glasses at the moment but if these are real, I might need to switch to contacts if the latter does not happen. 

  • Make these things real glasses with Samsung Smart Glass for the lens!

  • Mayze23

    Not if they look like that. Make them look like real glasses and I might think about it

  • Peterspeter

    Just what you pinheads need…another reason for women to laugh at you.

    • Josh Groff

      Some women, not all.

  • dhirensavalia

    I would love to try these. My biggest concerns are price, battery life, and comfortability (as in how long I can wear them without straining my eyes). Maybe it can connect to your phone via bluetooth or something, For now I am extremely interested in these.

  • Dlaciv12

    I’ll finally get contacts. I’m 40 and have worn glasses since 2nd grade. I have dreamed of these since I was in 2nd grade.

  • Ramon Toscano

    needs more glass, to actually look like glasses. I feel like people would look at me like im retarded, lol.

    • Josh Groff

      Needs to look like a scouter, I agree.

  • Blood

    So when do you guys think they would be avaliable in the market? By the end of the year? two years from now?

  • Neutrontwin

    Moto will find a way to put motoblur on them when paired to a moto device

    • Josh Groff

      Motoblur is fairly out of the way and subtle. Has pretty good social app integration without being all in your face like sense (which I must admit is aesthetically pleasing.) I prefer variety, each person likes certain UI’s for certain reasons.

  • Michael Forte

    Yes I’m interested but I can’t help feeling the general consumer wouldn’t be interested in it until until someone puts an i in front of its name and markets it as their own.

  • Make contacts that do the same thing, and you can bet your ass I’d wear em.

  • Edward M Yang

    I want a clip on model… I already wear glasses. Last thing I need is a pair of glasses for my glasses.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Yes, this is the future, baby.

    And by the future I really mean, THE F’N FUTURE!!

    But if these ever become a reality, and I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time…what worries me the most is the price tag. Can’t be cheap to develop, so doubt they’ll be cheap at launch.

  • I went with maybe only because I am not liking the look. Maybe if it was more blue tooth-esk it would peek my interest.

  • I want so much, I’m guessing it is an android base so I can’t wait to see what can be done with them when they are rooted

  • So buying them, don’t care if they’re gimmicky, nerdy, or douchy, only thing that can deter me is the price tag

  • Tyler

    I wear prescription glasses, need something that works with that too.

  • Just Messin’ With Ya

    “Wednesday Poll: Are you Interested in the Google and Android Powered Glasses?”


    “Wednesday Poll: Are you Interested in Google’s Android Powered Glasses?”

    There… I fixed it.

  • biff98786

    Cool idea, but not looking forward to yet ANOTHER text/data plan…

    • Another, this would be instead of your phone / an accessory to your phone like moto actv watch’s i’d think

    • Tethering to the android phone google already implies you should have.

  • jdrch

    These things are like bluetooth headsets: useful, but you look like a tool wearing one.

    • Thanassi


    • Sp4rxx

       takes one to recognize one apparently

      • Jason Purp


      • Brenden

        between you and the “likes” below… I’d say we found a few

    • Guest

      Lol. Couldn’t have been said better.

    • Guest

       Very much in agreement.

    • tonysam1

      I agree 100%. Although I’d probably still buy one because they are f’in awesome.

    • Bethany

      I honestly think they will get better looking and smaller as time goes on. First they need to create the product and then they can worry about it being more fashionable. 

  • Travis Keany

    Only if I can root them…

  • in a word…

  • in a word…

  • MrEnglish

    They better tone down the dork factor a bit before I’d even try them out. No way I’m walking around with lensless frames that scream celibacy. 

  • They’re not even out yet and I want to buy a second pair!

  • T Hall

    If they somehow make them look like regular glasses then I am in.

    • Better yet, they incorporate them in to prescription lenses for those of us that still need/prefer wearing specs over contacts

      • Static_prone

        This comment is a win

      • MM777

         i agree i can’t even stand doing eye drops let alone contacts

      • Djyosnow

        Ditto: I wear glasses already so…..

  • I want them right now! Even if I could try a glitchy alpha build I still want to.

  • Michael_NM

    Interested? Yes, but not if they’re fragmented. 😀

  • Jason Purp

    Not if they look like that when they’re released. They need to look like real glasses in order for me to wear them.

    • XIII


  • Prime7

    Good luck driving with these on. Let’s get auto-driving cars first.

    • Prime7

      And for those of us who won’t be getting one of these, enjoy when some moron slams his car into yours because he was eye-texting or whatever while driving.

    • Darthseph23

      Actually… if you are wearing these, it wouldn’t be too hard to disable the functions in the car.  The device would clearly be able to pick out a dashboard on most daily driven cars.  Even still, the device would be able to pick out A-pillars and what not.

      It has a camera after all, and would be on your face.

      What would be cool is if you could get a two way communication set up and have the item act as a HUD display for extra features.

      I’m also not say it couldn’t be killed with ROMs and what not… but that they could build safety locks into the device, and ones that would be a lot more effective than a smartphone.

  • Let me clairify: Yes, if I could ever afford them.

  • want so bad its unfathomable.