Sergey Brin and Google Glass Stop by to Talk With the Wall Street Journal

Since Google I/O, we haven’t heard much about Google Glass, the eyewear computing project that Google co-founder Sergey Brin is heading. The most recent sighting was at New York Fashion Week, but no new details of availability or functionality came out of it. We did learn a couple of new things about the future of Glass today, thanks to a sit down between Brin and the Wall Street Journal

Photo Walk Featuring Project Glass Gives Us the Closest Look Yet at Google’s Glasses

We have been following Project Glass as closely as we can after the Google X team introduced to the world back in early April. Since that first video of what it could look like surfaced, we have seen actual prototypes in the wild on some of our favorite tech characters. This week though, we received the most up-close and personal look yet, thanks to a photo walk that a group of Googlers went on. Rather than use cameras the entire time, each member of the posse was given a pair of Google Glasses to wear.  (more…)

Project Glass to Incorporate the Use of Gesture-Based Magic Rings?

According to a new detailed report from Patent Bolt, Google has recently been hard at work coming up with ways to revolutionize the future of mobile technology. Google’s vision of the mobile future could possibly sit with Project Glass, and they are coming up with even more ways to make it an out of this world experience. The newest design details depict a Ring, which serves as a marker for the Google Glasses. With the glasses and ring, Google describes the user controlling actions with a complete library of gestures and movements.  (more…)

At Time of Release, Google Glasses May Not Be the Full Augmented UI We See in Promos

According to CNET, who had a recent meeting with Google+ chief Vic Gundotra, the interface that ships with Google Glasses may not be exactly what people would expect after watching their promo videos. In a comment from a Google spokesperson, they mentioned that it is still too early to know exactly what to expect:

It’s still too early to know what the functions and UI will be, it’s the simple interactions that are making people the most excited.

We can take this as Project Glass still has a long ways to go and that most likely, Google I/O attendees shouldn’t expect to have a pair of Glasses in their goodie bags. Below we have the video they are referencing if you haven’t seen it. (more…)

Sebastian Thrun Wears Google Glasses on Charlie Rose, Takes and Shares Picture With Them to Google+

Google’s Project Glass or as we like to call them, Google Glasses, are one of the more interesting tech topics to follow in 2012. First debuting in a “here is what they could do” video, we have already seen real versions in the wild on the likes of Sergey Brin.

This week, this whole Project Glass situation just jumped another notch or two on the Cool Meter. Sebastian Thrun, one of the Project Glass gurus, stopped by to chat with Charlie Rose while wearing a pair of these glasses. The interview was posted publicly yesterday, but from what we can tell, was actually conducted last week. Within the first few minutes of the conversation and while discussing some of the project’s features, Thrun appears to snap a picture of Rose and then share it to Google+ without doing anything more than a simple head nod. Obviously you can’t see the picture being taken or the UI for sharing since it is only viewable through his glasses, but what we do know is that Thrun posted the picture you are seeing above,  to his G+.

The video of this goodness is available at the source link below. We highly recommend you check out it and then discuss.

How close are we to Project Glass becoming a reality?

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Gaming Through Google Glasses, Could It Look Like This?


If you had a pair of the new Android-powered glasses from Google’s “Project Glass,” could you imagine what gaming would be like through them? This is obviously a look waaaaaay into the future, but we thought it was at least fun enough to share. Think real-world Battlefield mashed-up with that original Project Glass commercial.

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Wear Prescription Glasses and are Interested in Google’s Project Glass? There is a Mockup for That

The Project Glass team unveiled their “Google Glasses” a week ago and the internet couldn’t stop talking about them. The main reason for this early reveal, was to gain feedback from all of us. Were we interested? How should the product work? Does it look OK? And so on. Well, one of the questions that came in actually saw a response from the Glass team, having to do with potential users who wear prescription glasses. Would there be a version that would work for someone that wears glasses on a daily basis? There isn’t necessarily a “yes” or “no” answer as Project Glass is still in development, but their team was kind enough to do a mockup. The goal is to make the product usable for everyone, so that would include those of us that are blind.

After a week of Project Glass in the wild, are you still interested?

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