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MotoActv Golf Update Build 6.6 is Available Now, Quick Hands-on

The “Golf Edition” update for the Motorola MotoActv that we were told would be avaialble during the first week of April is now here. The update itself installs in just a few minutes, bringing your device up to build 6.6 (not the 6.5 that was reported yesterday). Once you have it loaded, you should find “Golf” under your activities list. When chosen for the first time, you will need to download courses for your location (by state), head to a golf course, and let the GPS do the rest of the work.

While in a round, you can swipe left or right to view hazard distances, set the location of your ball, update your scorecard, and more. From a golf GPS perspective, this actually looks pretty impressive. And with the sun out in Portland today, I’m getting the itch to go try this out. While the price may have been questionable upon release of the MotoActv, this golf update (at least at first glance) appears to be nothing by good.

To download, plug your MotoActv unit into your computer and tell it to check for software updates. If you own the 8GB MotoActv, you need to download this before April 16. After that, it will be a paid add-on. 16GB MotoActv owners do not have a time restriction. 

Full release notes.

  • anyone ever post a golf review?

  • I want to get the Golf Edition but I am afraid that they will come out with a version 2 model that will be smaller and better…..I played to day and I will tell you that I could have used it because my yardages were way off.

  • Snapdoc

    I have used mine for 4 rounds now. It is accurate and calculates fast. It is a pain to operate because it requires you to enter the par for every hole. It doesn’t save it so you have it for future rounds. It takes enough time to enter your score, fairways hit, Greens in regulation and number of puts. I don’t really care about entering clubs. Every course you open should give a choice of men’s or women’s tees with corresponding par for each hole. If this can’t be done then you should be able to enter it in memory. If you don’t enter par it can’t give you your accurate score. Most people will just end up using this for distance because it is a pain to enter all this info each hole onto a small touch screen. It interferes with having conversation with your playing partners. Motorola please fix this. Should be an easy software fix.

  • Sharpnup

    HELP!!! I don’t have the GOLF function and cant find the download anywhere???
    I currently have the 8GB version. 

    • You are SOL right now! The Golf App will not work on the 8GB version BUT Motorola is releasing an 8GB version soon.

  • Theeohiostate

    quick question, is there a newer version of this thing coming out? or is it just the same device with a software update?

  • qingming111


  • My compactive clock is not compactive..?

  • sru571

    Does that time limitation for 8gb devices mean it’s a limited beta for them and not the 16gb?  Just curious if future updates will remove it or do they have a way of telling which devices install the golf edition before April 16th…

  • Scott Willenborg

    Where the H is the GD updated app so it will S-ing work with my F-ing Nexus? R-BOMB!

    • jstew182

      It just popped up in Google Play saying it is available for my Galaxy Nexus!! Go look now

      • Scott Willenborg

        Complain and you shall recieve!!!  I got it too.  The weather app is still old and decrepit but something is better than nothing!  I’ll keep checking the weather.

  • Nikon1778

    Finally!!!!! I was really mad yesterday. Going golfing later!!!! Now they need to come up with something better to attach the watch to something. I cant wear it in my wrist. Other than that it is awesome!!!

    • Wusspoppin

       Did you play yet? How did it perform? Let us know

  • GutterattGnex

    dont have the update yet.. is it bc im in california>?

    • Mchlls22

      I haven’t either, 16GB in SoCal. The last time I had to use a diff computer cuz my regular one just wouldn’t pop up with an update, Idk why.

  • If I had some extra scratch, I’d consider one of these now.  I always blew this thing off as a gimmick, but now with the golf GPS it might be worthwhile.  Haven’t taken the Gnex on the links yet, but I remember the golf apps eating away at my poor OG’s battery last summer

  • the update is not available yet for my 8 gb moto actv 🙁 

  • gimlet72

    I might consider getting one now. A golf GPS can run you from 100-300$. Some of which have subscription costs or per course charges. This is nice. Anyone that has used it does the watch seem to get in the way when swinging the club? Also how quickly does it eat the battery when using the GPS system for golf.

    • I’m hoping to use it very soon, now that the weather is nicer here. Will try to update the post or let people know.

      • Noyfb

        Can you compare it to the golf apps in the play market? I have used a couple of the range finder (gps) and score card apps, they work very good. what’s the difference?

    • battery is good, and no it does not get in the way while swinging.  it is very cool that u can listen your music on small bluetooth headset via this motoactv unit! (mp3 &mp4 including
      cover art in a touch screen format)

  • Why is this site covering MotoActv all the time.  They wont talk about the majority of the front running phones but they choose to write about *this* thing?

    • Cam

       What phones aren’t they talking about?

    • Aardvark99

      It seems “Droid” life is general Android news with a focus on Verizon devices. “Android” life is for everything else. There is overlap it seems for newsworthy items (SGSIII news, etc). Still I’m also not sure why news on these devices is falling on this side of the fence. Maybe since these gizmos were announced at the same time as the Razr? Remember that press conference with the catchy My Morning Jacket song?

    • If you are talking about the new HTC One series, we talked about it until they were all announced for AT&T and T-Mobile. The coverage tends to focus on Verizon here or non-carrier branded Android products (tablets, Motoactv, etc.). We do have a Tegra 3 One X on the way though, so we’ll be doing a review of it so that people can see what is coming in the future.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Love this device! (that’s what she said)

  • Daniel Archibald33

    Just did the update and have a tee time of 1030 this morning. My golf buddies are gonna be so jealous

    • Nice, let us know how it performs.

    • Wusspoppin

       You played a week ago..how does it perform? 

  • Come On

    more people are playing disc golf than ball golf these days. wake up motorola.

    • Scott

      That’s actually not even in the realm of fact. Golf is more popular than ever

    • more people are playing neither these days. 

  • Tommy Thompson

    So the golf part is the only real update to the motoactv? So…not really worth it?

    • Sam

      Not really worth it…to you…

      • Tommy Thompson

        correct. 🙂

    • Sook

      I ordered a motoactv last week because the golf part made it worth it.