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This “Google has Only Generated $543 Million from Android!” Story is Hilarious

You may have run this story today. It reads something along the lines of, “iOS makes so much more money from Google ads than Google’s own Android operating system!” The various Apple blogs are having a field day with it, calling Android a “farce” or a “two-bit iOS clone” and suggesting that Google should drop it and continue to license their products to Apple or they may stop making money forever. I seriously didn’t just make that up, some of these sucker sites actually wrote that today.

So here is the deal. The Guardian took Google’s settlement offer to Oracle in their Java licensing dispute which is based off of a percentage of their mobile earnings and then calculated out how much money that they have made from 2008 to 2011 on Android. According to their math, it comes to somewhere around $543 million, however, their total mobile revenue is somewhere in the billions. This is where the flaming starts and Android competitors are getting all sorts of pleasure from. But there is only one problem, the amount of time involved in all of this. Let me explain. 

The first iPhone was released in June of 2007, right? Since then, they have pumped out a new iDevice each year, including iPads and iPod Touches (yes, these are all calculated into mobile earnings). Android on the other hand, did not have a commercially available device until October of 2008 (that would be the end of the year). So then 2009 came and the first meaningful (as in, the first to sell in any volume) Android device aka the Motorola DROID was sold in November (again, at the end of the year). From there, we cruised into 2010 and some meaningful Android devices started to pop up towards the middle such as the DROID X, EVO 4G, etc. But it wasn’t until the end of 2010 and then 2011 that Android actually took off with a fury.

So by my math, you have almost 4.5 years of iDevices (iPhones, iPads, and iPods) creating revenue and really only about 1.5 years for Android (mostly phones and a few tablets). Sure, Android devices became available at the end of 2008, but none of them sold until the DROID at the end of 2009 and then a handful more towards the end of 2010. This comparison, at least in logistical terms, is garbage.

Now, if you were to somehow (and you won’t ever) find a way to compare iDevices to Android devices starting from a period of say 2011 to 2015 and they still show a clear money making advantage to Apple products, then by all means have a laugh. But comparing a product that was essentially in beta form for 2 years, and trying to include those in your numbers to a product in mass rollout is not by any means, fair. It makes absolutely no sense.

It certainly made for a fun headline though, didn’t it? “Two-bit iOS clone.” Hah, that made my day.

Via:  Guardian

  • Counsel Dew

    Who cares… Each individual can like any phone they want…  Live and let live (or grow up if you actually think the phone that is right for you has to be right for anyone else ) 🙂

  • Crossing my fingers hope someone on this thread win the jackpot (including me)!!! 🙂

  • Dang

    Ha!  Poor Google is poor…   Not ..

  • Mark Wilk
    • pappy53

      In the article-”
      Android continues to hold the lead among all smartphone users, with 46.3 percent of all smartphone owners surveyed in Q42011 reporting they have an Android-based mobile phone..”

      What in that statement shows that Apple is smoking Android? Better question is “what are you smoking?”

    • trevorsalienarms

      Um, you and I clearly don’t share the same definition of “smoked”. Nothing in your linked reference is even close to supporting that point of view. In fact, the title of the article you linked was “Apple Closing the Gap” as in still behind Android.

      How you got that Android was getting smoked by Apple, I have no idea.

      You get nothing. You lose. Good day sir.

      (Unless of course your post was meant to be sarcastic…in which case I apologize.)

  • trevorsalienarms

    Given the actual complexities of the real business behind any of this, it’s hard to accept that any entity in the blogosphere has nailed “the truth”.

    Bottom line, Google/Android isn’t going anywhere, Apple/iOS isn’t going anywhere.

    Discussion for the sake of discussion is fine, but let’s be real, it’s mostly rumor/speculation/hot air.

  • Nickfloria

    I woldn’t mind winning

  • well I think I am going to break verizon,they over nighted me my 3rd galaxy nexus and the first call I made with it the mic cut off,  what a POS,well maybe the 4th will be better

    • trevorsalienarms

      Stop trying to get one from Verizon. They’re sending you old stock. Go with Amazon Wireless or someone else.

      • cant,i’m under contract, he said they all go thru a 50 check list to make sure everything works, I said ,now that really doesnt seem to be working now does it, so 4th one in on the way,i’ll just keep doing it till i get one that works,or another phone is released with ics and i’ll drop this turkey,he said there is nothing out thats equivalent to a nexus

  • where is the article about how much money iAd is making for apple…ohh wait, its a flop thats why all the developers still use google Ads.

  • robotsforeveryone

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  • Ganesha1994

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  • Jerry Wilcox

    Apple is like a fat rich kid, thinking his poop doent smell. I make money off you, and gloat. You should just die and roll over, so I can say what ever I want.

  • Good article Kellex, explanation was spot on CheerO

  • Steve

    Kellex is a tool… How much did Google Pay Apple to become the exclusive search provider on ios devices? A little more than A Billion Dollars. Now Why would goggle put that much money into the competition? Because they are making a killing with them. How many more ios devices are in consumers hands compared to android? Answer those your self Kellex. This article proves your the just a frustraded fanboy.

    • Nathan Kellett

      Actually i believe there are more Android devices in the wild then iOS devices….good call though.

    • I’d like to see where you got that impressively specific “A little more than a billion dollars” figure….

      Regardless, that deal started before the iPhone even came out…Android was still in the beta stages and no one knew if the board at Google would even support a full release at the time. They hedged their bets and ARE in fact making a killing, because Apple can’t do anything but license other peoples ideas, or steal them.  Jobs was as much a crook (more probably) as Gates, and not the “innovator” he gets credited as.

      “A company that makes nothing but money isn’t a very good company”-Henry Ford, yeah he may have been a white-supremacist dick at points in his life, but he was one of the most successful businessmen of all time. Can’t argue with his statement.

      And what are you doing insulting an author of an article on a community website, for favoring the preferred tech of said community?

      Go join an iOS forum and stay out of our hair. You’re pathetic.

    • You impetuous little troll.

  • JakeS41

    iSheep are funny

  • DjStinkDik
    • TungPnchDaFrtBox

      4 realz bro?

  • “Two-bit iOS clone.”  Yeah, Android totally stole the drag down notification bar from iOS didn’t it?

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Yeah and Android stole whatever else Apple is going to copy next. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them implement widgets next too. It’s just hilarious how quickly they sue other companies for copying their stuff, then turn right around and add drop down menus. Whether you could copyright those drop down menus or I mean patent them or not isn’t the issue. It’s just simply funny how frequently Apple knocks Android at every chance it gets, then implements an exact core feature in their phones that Android has had since day one. On goes the very long tale of the hypocrite.

      • Tony

        Next Android will steal 4G, face unlock and NFC payments

        • wtsamatta

          don’t forget live wallpapers 0.o

        • pacnwsoundstream

          That’s great.. So true.. Its funny.

    • i laughed so hard when I saw that they were trying to sue for that…
      also my iDiot friends were all so pumped when their cryPhones FINALLY got a true notification bar…

      I pointed out that mine had it since I got it (an OG) and I thought they were going to cry.  

  • ddevito

    Whether or not the dollar amounts are correct is irrelevant.

    What’s relevant is that Google still struggles to generate REAL revenue with Android. 

    • wtsamatta


  • bheider

    Give the G1 a little more credit, that phone was a beast!

  • pacnwsoundstream

    Cult of mac…. Heads so far up their asses they wear themselves as hats.

  • Mistawha

    People are retarded. Idevices include the MacOS and whatever platform it runs on. So it doesn’t start from 2008. Its starts from when apple started using Google products within there own OS witch includes Mac/IOS. The Guy even made a comment stating he forgot to add that little line when doing the math. In essense if apple wasn’t making more money for Google then there’s a problem. This doesn’t mean IOS is superior, it just generates more because more people tend to have iproducts. What I find funny is how Steve hated Android and Google with a passion, yet his own ad services generate less money than Google’s on his own product. Also to note, apple is playing with the idea of dropping Google services and using alternatives like Bing. Goodluck with that. When your frustrated because Bing can’t find your search, what will you be jailbreaking.

  • imran sabir

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  • That Cult of Mac article you linked to got 3 whole comments! I bet that was a big day for him. 

  • I haven’t read the original court documents, but The Guardian drew the wrong conclusion based on what else is written in the article. To me, it sounds like:
    – for the years 2008-2011, Google will pay Oracle $2.8m.
    – for the year 2012, Google will pay Oracle 0.515% of Android revenue. (0.5% for a patent that expires in December 2012 + 0.015% for a patent that expires in April 2018)
    – for the years 2013-2018, Google will pay Oracle 0.015% of Android revenue.

    It doesn’t sound like there is a connection between $2.8m and 0.515% of Android’s revenue. However, The Guardian assumes there is one, and calculates $2.8m/0.515% to get $543m.

  • Binglut9

    These are the best articles because literally all the baby d*cks come out? So if your an iPhone user google makes money off you? You guys won this fight good job……its funny people seem to forget its technology and more specific phones that your circle jerkin for

  • Asuriyan

    Only half a billion? I’m sure the poorest person on this blog wipes their ass with that.

    • Google

      Good thing Google is a publicly traded company and not a person or else your quip might mean something. 

      • Asuriyan

        Hey, if Apple apologists can take huge numbers out of context, so can I.

        • Google

          How are they out of context? Google doesn’t make very much money from Android. They make more from iOS devices than they do Android devices. What is the “missing” context?

  • Google

    So in other words the story is true but you want to spin it to include three years into the future? Hahahahahahaha. Nice try. Besides who cares who much total revenue it has generated. Most of the revenue goes to the manufactures which Google doesn’t get a cut of so it doesn’t really matter from a Google perspective. Apple crushes Google in total revenue. Android revenue makes up a small percentage of Google revenue while iOS makes up the lion share of Apple’s total revenue. You can count from today until whenever you want and Google’s Android revenue will never touch Apple’s. Nice try though. 

    • Google

      Oh not to mention that Google has made 4x the amount of money from iOS devices than they have from Android devices. That is pathetic. I guess that is the definition of open. 

      • trumpet444

        Any particular reason why your handle is the name of a company you seem to hate?

        • Google

          I love Google from 2 years ago. I loved Google when they made awesome amazing services that crushed the competition. Then i didn’t mind that they were an ad company. Now with all their “me too” services i think they have lost sight of what made them amazing. 

          • Droidzilla

            Ron, is that you?

  • SCallender

    Delusion is only one side effect of apple-flavored koolaid

    • LiterofCola


    • Daryl Johnston

      It’s not Kool-Aid – it’s magical, hybrid fairy-unicorn urine. Just another example of Apple putting an inaccurate label on their crap products!

  • I can see your point, but can you really not count those couple of first years?? By you saying this, you sound like all the other sites just trying to make your favored OS look better. I see it like this: the total amount of revenue should begin from when the first phone/mobile device was released, and not when it gained popular support. You could say the same thing for the iPhone if thats the case. Anyways this story was pointless, the world just needs to move on!

  • Live2Rootz

    They’re all just a lil jelly 😀

  • Michael_NM

    iOWES made more than Android. My 7 year old could figure that out. And of course Google is going to make Android look as unprofitable as possible when they’re negotiating a settlement.

    • Google

      so they are going to commit fraud? try again. These are publicly traded companies how much money they make is public knowledge. 

      • BigRed4X15

        Just because Google makes there earnings public doesn’t mean they can’t spin the data, legally i might add. Corporations have long since moved money or acquire company assets to show smaller prophet numbers to avoid taxes, or in this case law suits. I am sure Google has a team of accountants and tax lawyers working on there books so that the company net worth is high, but showing just the right amount of profit.

  • Michael Forte

    Why do articles that bash Android always pop up anyways? Is it because Android is on top as far as marketshare? Is it Microsoft and Apple spewing this data? I just wonder why Android always seems to receive so much hate.

    • It’s not quite that clear cut, and no, it’s not Microsoft and Apple telling people what to say.

      I think part of it is just that Android, in the mobile world, is effectively Windows.  It’s the one where loose policies on apps let viruses and scam apps get through, where you get custom interface layers that hurt the experience, and so on.  There’s a good core in Android, but there are a lot of issues surrounding it… and as what people consider the de facto mobile OS, that has wider implications.

      • sgtguthrie

        There are no “viruses” on android. There may be some malware, but it’s mostly from side loading apps and not reading the permissions. You can’t lump android in with Micro$oft Winblows like that. Android is linux, and Tux will kick your a$$ for that 😛

      • Seriously Jonathan, your comment is lacking in education…not your fault here, since you’re only speculation, but like sgtguthrie said, Android is Linux (originally a debian kernal if I remember, not too familiar with the real nitty-gritty)  Linux distributions tend not to get viruses, because anyone who knows enough to create a virus for the OS also knows that the open community of Linux users will track you down and end you if you infect their devices.  

    • Google

      Marketshare? hahaha. I bet tap water has a huge marketshare!

      • Mannysaurus

        Your mom has a huge marketshare.

  • Google pocket change.

    • Alenalexandar

      I don’t care how much Google or Apple makes, faakk, Android is vastly superior OS! I COULD NEVER SPEND MY HARD EARNED $$$ ON A GLASS DEVICE WITH SIHT WARRANTY 100% CONTROLED BY ONE COMPANY! TO OP IT OFF ITS JUST A KRAPPY LIST OF APPS! INFORMATION ORGANIZATION AND FILE SYSTEM IS WHAT GROWNUPS NEED! Google has been around for a blink of an eye compared to Apple, Apple should know what its doing, its a dirty greedy old biznisman where google is a college of young students innovating at speed of light. Android is fastest growing venture in the history! The whole entire world has adopted it from Audi to TV makers to … its actually quite scary! Its only a fraction of Googles revenue like you guys say and IOS Is a lions share for Apple – exellent point! Google already pockets billions and billions in other ventures and spends 12 billion on Moto to only give away those patents to protect Android, main goal of their os is not to get as much $ as fast as possible (for now) its a much more of a teritorial thing. Android has almost all of the worlds mobile mfgs to give it substance and you cant top that.There is no war, that would mean that both sides have equal chance! Omg pickup a new Nexus and an iPhone, and you will laugh because iPhone seems like echasketch toy sorry im too foreign to spell that one lmao!

      • dude…you’re giving android users a bad name…take your medicine and chill.

        Most of us here hate apple just as much as you.

        • Divinus FiliuS

          I don’t have anything against your apathy, just don’t stand in my way, if you have nothing to contribute. I spend hours of my valuable time putting out FACTS in faces of uneducated when it comes to technical things, iUsers aren’t technical they are arrogant, it’s not just a stereotype – and spread misinformation while anthropomorphising anything Apple! It’s mass hypnosis. 
          Please check my other posts, and you will find them professional and researched/informative 99% of the time….sometimes I’ve had enough.
          Please don’t waste valuable blogging space !

  • You’re getting close to BGR/Gizmodo territory. Stop with the bashing and mocking of other platforms and just write about the news. An iOS site is going to spin the news in their favor, and we really should not be surprised by that. We can all get along.

    • clearing up false news is not giz territory. Giz…bunch of hipsters that write about their feelings. I ditched them completely today… 🙂 

      • It’s not false news. The numbers are completely true. They are just spinning them in their favor. Kellex has just provided context. The numbers are still true.

        • So I’m not allowed to spin them correctly? There is no bashing going on like the rest of the Apple sites have done towards Android today.

          Sure I called one site a “sucker” because of the blatant fanboyism displayed was vomit-worthy.

          • Of course you can, but the way you’re doing it is very condescending. “Look at all these idiots get this wrong, I’ll set them straight.” 

          • Just getting fired up. 🙂

            Wasn’t meant to sound so condescending.

          • Tyler Fish

             I personally found it absolutely hilarious! Nice post Kellex, I really enjoyed the laugh and the read. Nice job putting out the full story rather then a half baked one.

          • Taglogical

             What’s wrong with calling things like they are?

          • pacnwsoundstream

            Yea calling android a ” 2-bit iOS clone” isn’t condescending and we cant get upset about that? Really.

            DL is not like bgr,EG or giz. This is a place where people are quite passionate about android and technology in general… Don’t be so shocked we have such strong opinions and are not happy in situations like this. We can and will get mad and voice our feelings…  But hey Just shove us and our feelings in the corner with our 2bit clones.. Continue to make excuses for apple and their fans bad behavior.. its different for them right? 

          • Informed_Enthusiast

             yo sir are minsinformed got jailbreak ur phone

          • krazyfrog

            You said iOS devices have been around longer. What about the part where technically there are more Android devices in the world, and have been for the past year or so? 

          • Considering the calculation only went up to the beginning of 

            Q1 2011, the diversity in the last year isn’t included.
            READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT -.-‘

        • jph41

          the numbers are ESTIMATED calculations from a settlement offer to Oracle. So you cant say the numbers are “completely true”. Google does not release the actual numbers. Get your facts straight homie

      • smartguy05

        I ditched them completely a few months ago when they banned me because in the comments I told the author to stfu about complaining because some photo sharing site put Christmas light decorations on their main page.

    • Stephen D

      Don’t forget Engadget. Used to be a great site. 

      The Verge is where it’s at. 

      • Droidzilla

        I couldn’t disagree more. I can’t stand the bias and snarkiness of Topolsky and Patel, so I was happy to see them go. Engadget hasn’t suffered for it, but their writing was, honestly, never that great to begin with.

        The Verge looks like an As Seen on TV website. Who decided that it was a great design to have your copy splashed all over the place all haphazard with no semblance of flow? It’s different just for the sake of being different, like WP7.

      • Boswd

        though I do like the verge by and large, I think Engadget is  MUCH  better site since the Josh and hsi crew left.  They were the Apple mouthpiece.  

        I think out all the mainstream tech sites they now have the least amount click bait articles and the staff seems much much more neutral now. 

        I enjoy them immensly.

    • zaxwashere

       This is DROID life just for the record…dont be surprised to see android favorable articles on here. 

      • pacnwsoundstream

        You and I thought people would have picked that up by now huh?

  • Levi Wilcox

    That’s barely over the Mega Millions! 😉

    • OhAaron

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          • triumphtriple

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          • OhAaron

            **Only the people that comment before the drawing tomorrow. xD

          • Jjenn

             Hell I will take ten bucks if someone is going to give it to me free. So hell ya I would take $1k

          • yes please!

          • Noyfb

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          • Don

             In also, and kudos on a helpful donation!

          • Bryan Gilbert

            Best comment section on dl to date. =-p

          • I’ll shower everyone in Android everything! 

          • AJ Myrick

            Count me in!! Oh.. and awesome donation. I’m a vet so I get it.

          • MKader17

            Subscribed! 😛

          • Count me in!

          • Damagickid

            Yeah i can see a major Lawsuit Right NOW!!!!!

        • nateme94

          I bought 10 tickets, and if i won i would do the same!! or maybe just buy everyone a gnex and transformer primes…

          • Droidzilla

            I approve of this message.

        • I bought $50 of tix the other day, and obviously it didn’t pay off.. If I win, I’d buy a bunch of phones, Primes, etc. and hook fellow Droid lifers up!   Then I’d buy an IOS forum and make it all about android just to piss them off

        • Walter Bennett

          I want in on that. If I win everyone gets a TPrime and accessory of their choice.

        • summit1986

          Count me in on that too!

        • Michael Thurig

          I am in a pool of about 100 tickets split 5 ways.  I’ll match your offer if i win too.  Maybe instead of $1000, I’d buy a block of tickets to GoogleIO next year and give them out to you guys instead.

        • Stephen Gabriel

          your a generous one.  I’d buy an apple store and turn it into an outdated electronics store……wait….

          • I’d make 1,000 Motorized Androids run into the NYC Apple store 😀 

        • Donations to my graduate school fund are greatly appreciated @[email protected]

  • sc4fpse

    I read a few of these articles earlier and laughed at how terrible they were. I was expecting the die-hard Apple friend of mine to chime in and present the opportunity for me to explain how wrong the articles were. No word from him, so I guess he even saw how full of crap this story is. 

    So obviously wrong, even an iOS user can see it!