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Another Verizon 4G LTE Outage Happening Today? (Updated: Service Coming Back)

Update 7:17AM:  We received word from a source that service should be fixed and will be returning for everyone shortly if it hasn’t already. If you are still without data connection, try rebooting your phone.

Reports have started to roll into both our inbox and on Twitter that Verizon customers may be in the midst of yet another 4G LTE outage. Some still have service, others lost it for an hour or so and have regained it, and many are still without it.

As always, be sure to let us know in the comments what your situation is.

  • Kenny Long

    still without, have been out for 2 days in KC, MO

  • JoshuaRodd

    To add insult to injury, during these outages I left my computer on and my 4G LTE modem repeatedly tried to connect to Verizon’s network. All those connection attempts counted as usage. A connection attempt every few minutes over a period of an hour adds up to hundreds of megabytes.

    Verizon is completely unwilling to do an adjustment. I’m unwilling to keep being a VZW customer if these keeps up.

  • SRasso

    No service. No happy.

  • Klu

    LTE flickering on and off again today here in Denver. This crap needs to stop.

  • Mooremd

    No service in SE Georgia as of 1am Wednesday morning.  Been this way all afternoon at least Tuesday the 13th.     I was on WIFI all day until then. 

    • Mooremd

      I rebooted and service was there after that so thanks for the tip Droid-Life !  

  • Have no network here in Ohio either.. And I just got the damn phone… 🙁

  • Anyone

    King of Prussia PA – most of the day off and on

  • ProfessAndObey

    This could be unrelated, but has anyone else’s phones spontaneously start calling *22899?

  • Grynch42

    A month after the RAZR came out they knocked out 4g in Buffalo NY for a few days trying to “update” the system. But ever since then 4g has been soo spotty. The phones here will be switching back and forth from 4g to 3g frequently that they sometimes get stuck in between signals leaving you with none until you reboot.

  • Christopher Riner

    Yeah I was really pissed.  I live about an hour away from my LTE area, and so its always a pleasure going into town (I live in a place with like 5,000 people) and having LTE.  I thought something was wrong with my toggle, I kept going back and checking in my network settings.  

    Abingdon, Virginia– In and out all day.  

  • Piotr G.

    I definitely felt it, barely caught 3g too

  • Djkojent

    I wonder if this is related to them turning on 4G LTE in Warsaw, IN.  I just noticed today that I have it now. Wasn’t expecting it till next year..if ever. 😀

  • Outage again here in Metamora, IL

  • Shodude

    Is this phone/plan related? riend at work has and 4g. I’ve had nothing since 9am in Columbus Ohio

  • Pfigurella

    Just fine in West Palm Beach

  • Bobster

    Mine has been out for several hours now. I’m in Denver. I used email for my primary business/client work. Really unhappy about this.

  • Jake

    This past Saturday I had no 4G all day in Tampa and Orlando (central Florida). On Sunday and Monday I was on Wifi nearly all day, but I tried 4G a few times during the day to see if it was fixed, and I still had problems. At the moment 4G is back in Tampa for me.

  • eze4

    We’re good in Houston.

  • Still no data on my Droid 4 in Saginaw/Bay City/Midland, MI.  Had 3G between 8:02 – 8:28 this morning.

  • Destroythanet

    Haven’t noticed any LTE problems in So Cal so far.

  • Cmorty72

    Hell, I have no data whatsoever (3G/4G LTE).Verizon asshats better get this straightened out soon. I’m really getting tired of paying for service that’s not there!

  • Omdmx86

    Was out in south bend IN fir a little bit but been back on line for a couple hrs

  • i was out this morning and got it back around 9am and now its back to 1x. chicago

  • Towelie420

    Every time this happens there are always some clowns who say this, so please allow me: “Verizon is becoming a joke. I’m switching to AT&T. I’m sick of this crap.”
    Because its such a huge inconvenience for it to go out seemingly once every 30 days or more for maybe an hour or two Max. Are we even sure these are outages and not just maintenance? My bank’s website goes down every Tuesday night for maintenance which seems far more inconvenient. PlayStation network goes out all the time. Hell I just woke up, so I must have slept right through it. But how dare they provide the absolute fastest 4G coverage only 99% of the time? That’s unacceptable. Now what else can I complain about today? The next galaxy nexus post?

    • XIInator

      where’d you get 2 hours max from?  I’ve been out for almost 4 hours and counting. I don’t even get 4g in the area. I just want my freaking data back. I’m paying for it so I should be able to access it when I need it, 3g/4g regardless.

      • Towelie420

        So it’s safe to assume you’ll be switching to a different carrier?

        • jmwinters

          It would not be so bad if the 3G networks would still continue to operate fine when 4G goes offline. If I have no data, they are no longer providing the service that I am PAYING for. As for your bank, that is a expected, planned, notified thing. These are not expected at all and there is no recourse for us either in recouping lost money or time. I am not saying i am jumping carriers but it doesn’t mean i don’t have a right to complain.

          That is why i think it deals with the authentication system with the 4G SIMS. If the system goes offline then it doesn’t know what to do.

          • Towelie420

            You should complain to Verizon where you will be heard. Call or email them. (For email you’ll need data coverage lol)

        • XIInator

          I said nothing of the sort.I don’t jump ship every time I hit a problem. I have been with Verizon for many many many years and will continue to be with them unless they (as a company) goes down. I am quite sure that they will be working their hardest to ensure things like this do not happen again. They just need to have better failsafes (like keep the 3g working if the 4g goes down as I understand is still a baby in technology). And if they ARE having issues, they should post it on their site to give their customers a peace of mind. They could save a lot of phone calls and complaints.

  • cvhovey

    Its not just 4G … our 3G only area down more than on in south central Oregon.

    • Pmaroke

      No data in Eugene. At all

  • Gayle

    I use the MiFi card as my ONLY web connection for work, and the constant outrages are  INFURIATING. I am still out, have been for several hours. Thank god I have tethering through my CSpire phone, and it is never out. Never!

  • XIInator

    No 3g for the past 4 hours; still no 3g…rrrrhh…

    • XIInator

      sorry, Lancaster, PA

  • sog805

    Lost 3G (dont have LTE yet) in Ventura County, ca…after a reboot we are back in business

  • Not sure if it’s been mentioned or not but Ardmore, OK area went live with 4glte over the last week. I just decided to flip radios on and BAM 4glte. Im stoked!!!

  • Mrgondek

    Was down for about an hour in Buffalo. I unlocked the bootloader and rooted my nex and thought it was just my phone taking its time coming back to life

  • Keith Sumner

    Strange, for once I actually didn’t have any data issues.

  • Paul

    Back up in Chicago.

  • Lolsuckers

    out in batavia illinois and im close to a verizon corp store no 3g or 4g come on verizon!!!!!

  • Guest SF

    So far, no issue in San Francisco..

  • tz3026

    Emphasis on the word “Another”. Come on Verizon………..1X service here in Cincinnati area.

  • Scott

    No 4G in Ann Arbor, MI

    • Scott

      4G Back up in Ann Arbor, MI now.

  • darkcatbang

    4G was out for about 30 minutes in Philadelphia, PA

  • Ry4meck

    Still blazing fast in pittsburgh

  • -= )v(urphy =-

    Was down in Denver… back up now.

  • ScottM

    No problem in SoCal. Still rocking the 4G!

  • r0lct

    In terms of reliability:  4G = Going Going Going Gone

  • Buckgrad

    Full speed ahead with 4G in Miami. No problem here.

  • FAL_Fan

    Virginia Beach, VA 4G and 3g down as of 0755, just got it back at 1010

  • Scott

    Data connection problems here in Baltimore, MD early this morning.  Now just flickers on and off.   More on thankfully. 

  • Mike

    Sioux Falls rockin’ the 4G solid.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    All good in Buffalo. Even kept signal in the elevator for a change.

  • Taylor

    4G has been in and out in Middle TN for me.

  • Ok in Lodi CA.

  • 3G back in Metamora/Washington IL

  • D T Maldonado

    All good in Pittsburgh.

  • chris125

    Verizon needs to get this figured out this is becoming a joke

  • gnexlover

    Wilmington, NC 4g still up. Been streaming Google Music all morning on the GNex.

  • Keithdroid

    I’m half way between Baltimore and DC, 4G is flying through my Maxx with no problems.

  • Jcs

    I bet Verizon will blame the devices and not the network…. 

    • jldleo

      They can try that would be another Big Red Lie.. In my office we have a Gnex, RMaxx, Revolution, and Thunderbolt none of them had 4G this morning.. 


    Full service near Dayton, OH!

  • I didn’t have it this AM in northern NJ and in NYC, but it’s going strong now. Full bars 4G in Manhattan.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    I’ve gotta be the luckiest person alive when it comes to mobile data.  Verizon has had so many outages and I’ve never been affected even once.  Sucks to be everyone else though.

  • Email

    loss of 3G and 4G … still out (Westchester County, NY)

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Rochester Mi, no issues

    • Toyosup88

      Rochester, NY is still good too lol

  • desiman26

    All is good in DC

  • geekabilly

    Normal 4G in Hartford, CT all morning so far

  • Pg1976

    It’s happening here in Omaha, NE.  I called Verizon and got the whole “we are aware of the issue and are working on it” spiel. I had to manually change my setting to 3G in order to get my data connection to work. Verizon had no ETA of course on when things would be back up.

  • Utica, New York – STILL UP!

  • tyler

    4G is down in Eastern North Carolina, and with no wi-fi in my office, I’m dying.

  • Patrickd35

    Dover DE is still rockin 4G

  • Supamann19

    All is well in Little Rock, AR…

  • tjpeco

    Just fine in Orlando.

  • trevorsalienarms

    Both 3G and 4G out this AM on the western side of The Cleve. By the time I got out to the eastern side an hour later, 4G is back.

  • Outage in Lansing Michigan now for my galaxy nexus. Stupid Verizon.

  • Mine in Geneva, AL is fine, connected right up and is still connected. It may have been isolated this time instead of nationwide.

  • Actofgod

    All good in NY

  • Gamer 28

    I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I had a 4G signal but no data was coming down. I was getting upset thinking maybe they were cutting me off for using more than 60GB in half a moth.

    • tjpeco

      You should be cut off.

    • Knightcrusader

      Wow, you can get 60GB in half a moth? That is better than an microSDHC card, and I get free moths at night when they fly in while the door is open.

    • r0lct

      While that sounds ridiculous doing some math it seems maybe Verizon isn’t expecting us to use our phones too much.

      Here’s what I did: 
      60 GB /15 days = 4 GB/day
      4GB/day = 32,768 Mb/day
      32,768 Mb/day = 32,768 Mb/86400 seconds
      32,768 Mb/86400 seconds = .3792Mb/sec

      So his average rate per day us 0.38 Mb/sec (assuming 24/hour of continuous usage.  With Verizon advertising a minimum rate of 10Mb/sec for 4G it seems like the Verizon isn’t expecting us to use our phones too much throughout the day. You figure even if you cut it down to 12 hours of usage the rate only doubles to 0.76Mb/sec.

      Let me know where I screwed up the math if I did.

      • Firant

         The part where you replaced “maximal down speed” with “expected constant user download rate.”  The two aren’t related.

        On the other hand, I don’t think there’s one damn thing wrong with using 60GB a month if you have an unlimited plan.  Its not like you were just downloading files just to run up the 60GB right?  I assume this was actual use?

        • r0lct

          Yes I muddied the last paragraph a bit.  I should have just stuck with they don’t expect us to have a lot of continuous use.

          If the person is streaming music/video all day and can hit those numbers then I don’t see a problem with it.  If they are tethering illegally then I wouldn’t have a problem with them cutting him off.

          • Madfatter

             I routinely hit 250 -300 a month on my tb. cant get high speed land based internet where I live so I pay for unlimited data and unlimited tethering and go from there. Haven’t really noticed and throttling yet:)

    • Christopher Riner

      Dont worry, a guy on Rootz used almost 80 gigs 8 days into his cycle then posted screen shots just to show off.  It was kinda sad everyone started giving him flak saying he’s the reason there’s no unlimited anymore. Not that I’m saying he isn’t..

  • I’d like to be a part of these 4G outages.

  • Paul

    LTE is out in downtown Chicago right now. Rocking that 3G. Yuck.

  • Angry Man

    Was without any network connection at all from approx 7am-8am on commute from PG County MD to Stafford County VA. Called VZW pissed the hell off and they were clueless about any issues. Now I only have 3G

  • Corymcnutt

    Pittsburgh has been on and off all day so far!

  • akronbudz

    No LTE this morning in Cleveland, OH for a couple hours, and only sparse 3G connection on my Razr Maxx.  However my friend with a VZ Galaxy Nexus had no problems at all in the same location.

  • Feynman42

    LTE is up and just as fast as ever in Albany, NY (which is insanely fast).

  • Was down in Cincinnati from when I left WiFi at home around 8:15 until about 8:50. I was on 611 with Verizon when 4G lit back up. Of course, they claimed there were no signs of an outage. If it was brief enough, I bet they deny it (again). I think they only admit to outages that last hours…

  • Noticed the loss of both 4g and 3g at 8am. It was restored at 8.45. This is in Fargo/Moorhead, ND, Minnesota Area.

    • Drew

      Same here, only I’m in Minneapolis.

  • Everything is good here in Dallas.

  • Toolsinmind

    Only 3G for me in the Detroit area. I always have LTE problems here. VZW is sending mange a new phone. Droid razr

  • Dshudson

    WEIN = What else is new. 

  • HuskerHog

    3G & 4G was out earlier this morning in Memphis, but all is back now.

  • J450NM

    4G is up and down in NYC, i cant even get on 3G., there’s no 3g signal what so ever. 

  • Gordo

    Albuquerque, NM.
    Was down for a little bit. Had 1X. Changed to CDMA only and it was working. Now everything is normal.

  • 4G is working fine in Nashville, TN

  • jeffxallen

    Been out for at least an hour here in Chicago(Schaumburg).  Weird part is it still shows 3 bars yet all apps say I have no connectivity.

  • djtim21

    4G is good in the North suburbs of Chicago.

  • Andrew

    Without 4G my Nexus is like a fancy iPhone. Please kill me.

  • Stephentwilmotdoxey

    I think its more than 4G. Friends Iphones are slow too

  • Mike Ward

    Had no 4G for about a half hour this morning. Called 611. They were aware of a “nationwide outage”. Looked at the phone, “46 LTE” was lit up in blue for the first time in a half hour, and tried it…it’s been fine ever since.

    Droid 4 in Northeast Ohio (Cleveland/Akron/Canton).

  • Dyslexicbunny

    Atlanta seems ok.

  • zizzybaloobah

    Washington DC (between Capitol Hill and Union Station), everything A-OK.

  • Kev

    OC, Cali – 4g went out at 6am, still out for now.

  • Barely even have 3G in Philly. When a bar does show up, it’s greyed out.

    • Fireguy286

      Don’t know what your personal issue is. Have full 4G here in Philly.

      • It was in and out this morning, probably just the radios switching. It always seems to grey out when alternating between networks. Kensington – the section Verizon forgot.

  • edaddy

    Fine here in Ann Arbor, MI.  Didn’t notice if it was out earlier or not.

  • 4g went down for about 20 minutes here in ft myers fl, but everything is good now

  • Eyebolt

    Was out on my way into work in West Michigan from 7:30 until 8ish.

  • Mister_Waldo

    No issues with a Bionic in Rochester NY

  • Ben

    out in southern NH

  • 4G LTE working fine in Manhattan. E 97 St & Lexington Ave. 3 full bars of 4G LTE.

    • Tripod4

      ^same, fine in midtown west

  • Nexusssss

    I don’t have 4G…..maybe because they haven’t brought it here yet


  • i had no 3G and no LTE for about an hour and a half in Northern VA this morning.  All seems well now…

  • jldleo

    I usually don’t bitch and complain, but when I do its about Verizon 4G.. Out in Dayton, oh

  • Jmikel222

    Going strong in Oklahoma

  • Lilschil

    3G & 4G was out for a couple of hours earlier this morning here in Winston-Salem, NC. It’s all back up and running now.

  • DW

    Out in Peoria Heights Illinois, Bionic

  • John

    4G fine here in middle TN

  • Bluebanzai

    It was down when I woke up this morning around 7:30 EST but it was back up around 8:30. I consider 3G speeds being adequate for backup connection. No big deal if it goes down for an hour or so…

  • pubasnacks77

    A. O. K here in Philly

  • Keith

    Everything is fine for me in the suburbs of Chicago. If this keeps happening, VZW is going to have to do some sort of gift.

    • John

      man.. I was in downtown Chicago last week, and the 4G there is ridiculously fast. I hope I get to move there soon..

      • Firant

         Only where it works at all.  >sigh<  Over on the wacker side of the loop the 4g coverage is spotty.  At home I'm lucky to even get a 3g signal. 

        • John

          that sucks. ya my 4g was full bars 90% of the time around middle of downtown near the north loop

        • John

          http://i.imgur.com/sSNwK.pngNot the best of course but compared to what I get in my crappy city (Nashville), it’s impressive

          • Chad Ramey

            check this out

          • John

            Nice!! Why in the sh it do i not get those speeds in downtown >:

    • John

      ALL good in Connecticut.  On 4G right now..

    • rals

      I had the issue driving to work in Schaumburg. It went out a few times. 

      • DanKemple

         I’m in Hyde Park and didn’t have an issue driving to Midland Airport to drop off a friend.

    • Keith Sumner

      lol because my name is also keith and I’m in the suburbs of Chicago. Droid brotherz omz roflzzz?!

    • i worked for ClearWire (WiMAX guys) for a spell, and they said that the LTE network is likely to suffer from capacity issues (unlike WiMAX).  could have just been sales propaganda but it does seem like there is an inherent issue with the system.

      but i wouldnt switch back.  LTE is SOOO much better.

  • No 3G/LTE in Washington/Metamora IL

  • jimbob

    All is well in the Twin Cities.

    • Gadgetskopf

      not out here in the center of the state where there is no 4G anyway.  I’m the only person with a 4G phone in my office, and everyone else is fine on 2g/3g, but I’ve got no data at all.  WTF, Verizon!?!

      • Rock_Whosoever

        Gadgetskopf –  I am having the same problem atm…   No data whatsoever.  No 4G, no 3G, and not even 1X.  They are blaming the non-specific data outage in the non-specific location.

        • Gadgetskopf

           What good does it do me to have all those friggin radios if none of them will connect?  It is very sad when a 4g outage affects areas that don’t even have 4g!

    • I’m in downtown Minneapolis and bouncing between 1x and 3g – no 4g

      • jimbob

        Rock solid in the northern suburbs.

        • Keith Sumner

          Sounds like a Craig’slist ad for gay sex LOL!

          • r0lct

            So you check them often to vouch for the authenticity?  😛

  • fartbubbler

    a day early…

  • All good in DC

  • Sqube

    I’m in D.C., haven’t seen any issues at all so far.

    /knocks on wood feverishly

  • Without. North NJ