Motorola’s ICS Update List Says Q2 Rollout for Global RAZR, Just Like It Did a Month Ago

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For some reason, reports flew across the blog-o-sphere yesterday that ruffled everyone’s feathers over the Ice Cream Sandwich update situation with Motorola. Someone noticed that the RAZR in every other country would be receiving Android 4.0 some time in Q2 of this year, and they were right. It does say that. However, it has said that for a month now dating back to the first time Motorola released this list. In fact, here is the post we ran on it that matches up exactly to what the list above says. Their update list even says “Updated: 15-February-2012” not “March 12.”

So yes, the RAZR will receive ICS in Q2 and the DROID RAZR here in the States is still in the “evaluation” phase. But no, this isn’t new news. Try not to toss any more hatred at Motorola than you were yesterday. Feel free to be upset that your “DROID” branded phone appears to be last on the list to receive it, but there is just no reason to be more¬†upset.

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