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This Week In The Life Of DROID: 3/9/2012

With the biggest news this week being the rebranding of the Android Market to Google Play, everything else seemed a bit non-newsworthy. Folks are still getting used to the change, but we have a feeling over time, people will begin to embrace the name change a bit better. A handful of DROID devices are receiving updates and Temple Run is finally going to hit Android. It’s been a pretty successful week. Here are the highlights in case you missed any:

Have a great weekend!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Been pretty quiet around here. Was this weekend really that slow?

  • 写得不错,来看看

  • Quite like it!Well written。

  • Well written!Very good like it!

  • Kerbero9

    I thought he biggest news this week was the iPad announcement. It made me realize how far behind the curve the Android tablet space is.

    • LionStone

      Huh? Yea especially with its psuedo quad core “status” processor.

    • they will sell millions of them, maybe even a couple to me

    • Kurt Edens

      I am  so tired of hearing people go on and on about the new ipad and how they are comparing it to the tablets that are currently out and have been out.   Just like before, the new ipad is revealed and looks better than what been released before it, but in a matter of weeks other companies will announce their new tablets and the new ipad will be old news.  (If you haven’t noticed, all companies withheld announcements of their new tablets at MWC, we had quite a boring event this year)  so give it up everyone. 

      Yes the new ipad has some great specs in certain areas.  Yes the A5X will have good graphics capabilities as it has a beefed up GPU, BUT THE A5X is basically the SAME PROCESSOR AS THE iPad 2. The cpu is essentially the same DUAL CORE CPU, the only thing that gives it a stronger showing is the quad core GPU.  So stop calling the A5X Quad core, and stop comparing it to the end of the year tech from last year.   Seriously people.