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Contest: Win 1 of 5 Spigen Ultra Capsule Galaxy Nexus Cases (Update: Winners Picked)

Earlier today we gave away the 5 Neo Hybrid cases (check your Twitter DMs) that we had from Spigen SGP, but we are not done. We have 5 more cases to hand out, only this time it’s their Ultra Capsule case for the Galaxy Nexus. These are the 1-piece all plastic coverings that fit incredibly well on the LTE Nexus. In fact, these are easily one of our favorite plastic cases currently available for this phone.We wrote up a quick review about them here.

The colors we have to give away are yellow, black, pink, light blue and white. The white one I reviewed, but trust me, it’s still in great condition. Ready to win one? 

Update: Winners have been picked and emailed. Thanks to everyone who has entered!


1.  In the comments, tell us why you can’t live without protection on your phone.
2.  At 4PM Pacific, we will pick all winners and update this post.

Good luck! Oh, and we have two more cases to give away this evening. Leather pouches anyone?

And be sure to head over to the Spigen website to check out all of their Nexus products.

  • srh12

    If you dont gimme, Ill cry and throw a fit right in the middle of the cereal aisle.

  • Shaunwin

    In a Fregely voice….. My Nexi needs a new pair of shoes.

  • I can’t live without protection because I have a cute 3 year old boy who likes to snag the phone out of my wife’s hands without warning.  HALP 😛

  • Troy Fillerup

    Because even having insurance, the deductible still hurts.  An ounce of prevention…

    • Already paid the deductible once.  I hear you.

  • Spaine81

    I can’t live without a case because I seem to drop my phone like its my part time job!

  • Can’t live without protection on my phone because you never know where things have been…some of that stuff is for life…

  • PicoDeGiao

    I am constantly dropping things. My phone does not deserve my clumsiness.

  • Cmonnats23

    I need protection for my g-nex because I am a clutz and drop it way too much!!

  • I can’t live without protection because I invested quite the money into my Nexus to let even the slightest blemish appear on it from maltreatment. 

  • Wnagatani

    Several reason why I need “protection”:

    1. I waited patiently through all the hype to get my Galaxy Nexus and I want to keep it pristine.
    2. I was taught to take care of my things so they can take care of me.
    3. With a 2 year contract, I NEED to keep my phone working!
    4. I don’t want my Nexus to “catch” anything AND
    5. I want one

  • HollywoodWebber

    I need protection in case my Gnex ever attempts to land a double gainer from the high dive that is my cubicle desk.

  • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

    I can’t live without protection for my Nexus because if anything were to happen I wouldn’t be able to afford to replace it, & I can’t imagine living without it. I actually can’t afford to purchase any case right now, or anything else for that matter, which is why I was hustlin so hard this past weekend trying to get Big Red to hook it up with a Nexus to give to my mama for her birthday… :/ Times are tough…

    • Guest

      Well then you shouldn’t be smoking “babysmoker” … stupid people…

  • I can’t live without protection for my phone because I have butter fingers and the thing always seems to be flying out of my hands. 

  • Jeremyx237

    Because I drop my phone more then anyone ever should!

  • Zacheryschiller

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I have already dropped my GNex and I worry it will actually break if I drop it again without protection.

  • igotadroid

    I can’t live without protection because I’m too broke to buy another phone…or a case :'( Plus I don’t ever win $h+/

  • Davy B

    My Nexus needs to stay safe from it’s extremely clumsy owner and I suspect this will do quite nicely.

  • Owewil3225

    i cant live without protection on my phone because my nexus baby needs protection from the elements while staying sexy on the corners. She vibrates in fear at night.

  • Toydroid

    The only other option I have is abstinence, and you’re crazy if you don’t have sex with your phone. Which is why need protection.

  • Bobatron

    I can’t live without protection because I would lose my mind if even a scratch was on my prized Nexus.

  • MattBag

    I cant live without protection on my phone because my nexus is just too sexy to scratch up!

  • Because floors exist.

  • The scuff marks on my Nexus doesnt need friends

  • Jkbane

    That’s easy. I work in lawn care and landscaping and my phone is exposed to all the elements day in and day out. I also have a 19month old girl who loves to play with phones. It’s imparitive that I have 24hour protection on my phone.

  • Deslotnick

    Gotta have the case, just in case!  sorry that’s so hack-y, can I have a case?

  • WRrobby

    One word. Clumsy!

  • nightscout13

    I drop my phones often.

  • I cant live without protection, because I wanna keep my beautiful Nexus Out of harms way!  With a nice shiny spigen case

  • Butters

    Because I broke my first Galaxy Nexus within 2 days of owning it! UGH

  • Awalkerz

    I rarely drop my device but when I do, I hate having road rash the rest of the time I use it since it makes it scratchy in my hand.

  • Brian Bedard

    I paid $650 for this phone.  I can’t go without protection.

  • I can live without a case.  I used to have a Thunderbolt and its screen stopped working.  I brought it into Verizon and they said it looked brand new.  I keep my phone in my front left pocket.

  • Cause hos want to give my Nexus the drip so I gotta wrap it up. 

  • Evilkokonut

    Scratching it will make me hate my life

  • ethanh360

    i can’t live with protection on my galaxy nexus because…samsung makes flimsy phones!

    real original..i know

  • I like my phone to be flawless, it bothers me so much when it gets a scratch. Keeping it in this case will keep my phone perfect and thats why I need a case.

  • Because I’ve already gone through one GNex with a cracked screen.

  • Samsung did a fine job raising my Nexus, I can’t let it get diseased now. Gotta use protection!

  • Smockstack

    I only have two fingers on my right hand and I drop things all the time.

  • gnexlover

    I always use protection with my valuables!!

  • jjlyons

    I can’t live without protection from my phone because sometimes it has to live in my backpack with objects that really shouldn’t be close to a phone. Plus to save it from the occasional drop or two 😛

  • I can’t live without protection because I have a bad habit of dropping my phone from excitement whenever I see a new droid-life post…or get caught staring at a girl’s butt.

  • Because I already dropped and shattered my Galaxy Nexus screen once. Can’t afford to pay insurance again if I ruin this one!

  • Brandon Sikes

    My Galaxy Nexus needs protection because my other devices might try to sneak up and shank him in the back!

  • Brad_mlln

    “Regulators/we regulate any
    stealing of his property and we’re damn good too/ But you can’t be any geek off
    the street/gotta be handy with steel if you know what I know what I mean/earn
    your keep/Regulators! Mount up”!….What does this have to do with phone protection? Well duh, my
    phone is a regulator!  

  • Mer7pitt

    Omg I need this case. I am so clumsy.

  • Randark

    I just reordered my third Zagg invisisheild for my Nexus.  Protection is needed more than ever.  Today I even dropped my Asus Prime….

  • I cant live without my phone case because my oldest son dropped my phone a month ago, ala without a case, thankfully only the case cracked, and the screen didnt break.

    So I need the case to cover up the broken phone case I already have

  • Flyinion

    I’ve apparently become a clutz since buying my GN.  I’ve dropped it multiple times in the last couple months.  Luckily only on carpeted floors but still.  I hardly ever dropped my OG.  

    Maybe I should blame the cheap soft “plastic” or “silicone” case I got from VZW on launch day for being slick lol.

  • BayRyder

    My phone would die without protection.

  • Jdrew14

    I need protection because without it my nexus might try to have IOS relations

  • No glove no love and my galaxy nexus has a lot to love. No way im going out naked!

  • Aedwardw

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I am scared of dropping it

  • J Tylergunnell

    Because $300 is a lot of money

  • Just bought myself a GNex so I could really use a case!

  • Nick

    Kellex fondled the white one? Even more valuable.

  • theserg

    Its a galaxy nexus. I had to replace it once already. Can’t have a fancy new phone with dings on it.

  • chad puska

    I cant live without protection, I work on telephone poles and am out in the weather all day, I can no longer run around with my naked phone, today i got my first scratch on mine from a screw driver. this would be a much needed add on to one of the best phones out there.

  • Love my nexus, need a case to protect the phone as my kids are using it more and more.

  • Dbond30 Db

    i cannot live with out protection for my phone because that would be like living with out air, you just cant do it….unless you are a fish person in which you could live underwater, but alas i am not a fish person so therefore i cannot live with out protection for my phone becuase i breathe air

  • I’d have to say I need a case because I ALWAYS drop my phone within the first hour of buying. Dropped one phone in my rock driveway and stepped on it getting out of my car coming home from the VZW store, dropped another one down an entire escalator and finally my best feat was walking out of the VZW store didn’t notice the door closing because I was so excited about my new TBolt, at the time, and yep it took a slide on the concrete walkway!!! 😀 Now I have the GNex 🙂

  • android 101 or lack thereof

    3 kids+1 gnex= recipe for disaster period.. I don’t a scratch on my precious

  • i cant stand having any time of mark or scratch on my phone it drives me nuts

  • My 3 year old nephew loves games and YouTube on this thing but doesn’t grasp the $700 price tag.

  • Kal Nimri

    I work in a daycare and sometimes my Nexus becomes a chew-toy!

  • JaizukeD

    Without protection on my phone, it may impregnate some other phone.

  • eleazar

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I always drop it at the worst time. >: (

  • Because my parents always told me..”Don’t be stupid, make sure you always have protection”

  • Ewhitak

    Always wrap it up.

  • Will

    Two words: Stall calls.

  • RickyGrundyJr

    i can’t live without protection on my phone because I imported it from the UK and i have no warranty.

  • XoutlawX

    I can’t live without protection on my phone, because I get very paranoid about dropping my phone.  My cases have saved my phones from some bad falls so it’s always good to have them.

  • GenerationK

    I am prone to dropping very expensive technological products… >.>

  • Because I dont want anything happen to my Precious Galaxy Nexus!  I want it perfect

  • mising

    Because I am the poster child for clumsiosis extremus!

  • Arman Samimi

    I usually don’t like protection on my phone but when I do, I like an ultra capsule. 

  • Nitemare15

    Honestly, I was going to think of something witty, but it all boils down to me not wanting to pay for an insurance claim or a new $700 phone because I’m a broke college student. Love my Galaxy Nexus and Droid-Life is the best Android news site, keep it rocking DL!

    • SO instead of being witty, you tried the suck up route? lol.

      • Nitemare15

        Honesty route 😉

  • djpayne2

    One word….KIDS!!!!!!

  • Geovany Hernandez

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because as soon as I take off any kind of protection I drop it within 2 hours.

  • Mysticscythe

    I can’t live without protection because I’m not ready to handle little galaxy Nexis babies. That, and replacing a phone out of warranty is really expensive.

  • Bob

    I can’t live without protection for my galaxy nexus because while trying to type this comment I dropped the phone once and had it knocked out of my hand right after by a passenger getting off the train I’m on

  • zaraza

    I love my baby (GN) so much… and must be protected!

  • RavenThunder

    I’m trying to break a record, with your help and a great case of course. I’ve had at least one replacement phone for the last 4 phones I’ve had because of dropping them or getting something dropped on them at work. So…yes, I believe I can not live without protection for my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Without protections my phone could get a STD and thats just bad 🙁

  • Smoovebcoffee

    I can’t live without protection on my phone. I tried and now I have a cracked G2 to show for it. 

  • rmjack

    I can’t live without a case because I couldn’t stand having a cracked screen.

  • nexusberry

    I use a rubber….so should my nexus…..

  • Tybalt

    When I’m running to catch the bus I need to be sure that if I goof and drop my phone it won’t shatter into a million pieces. These things are too expensive to be a paperweight.

  • Eric

     Because broken phones suck!

  • M1ghtysauc3

    It’s pretty simple really. I’m afraid the iPhones of the world will give my Nexus iAIDS.

  • Jonathonflores6958

    I’ve never dropped my phone. That is until I got my nexus. Face plant on the pavement and now it’s chipped on the bottom. Ugly scar staring at my face and it’s still naked. I need one.

  • Tom Luley

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because without protection my reflection is a connection between the infection I get inside of my section…Or something like that 🙂

  • Kitsuneudon

    I constantly drop things and the slippery Nexus doesn’t help… therefore a case is required.

  • I can’t live without protection because I know my insurance would send me a crappy refurb if I screw mine up!

  • John B

    Because I work in a warehouse and concrete floors are not kind to phones? (I’ve broke 2 older phones already)

    Because my 10 month old son likes to pick up my phone and drop it over and over and over? Just wait till he has his first phone and I return the favor.

  • I can’t live without a phone cover because I have MAD butterfingers and always drop my phone. Plus these look damn nice!

  • i cant live without a case for my phone because if i get the smallest scratch on the side of my phone i use my insurance to get a whole new phoneee,

  • Sean

    You gotta wrap it up…

  • BestonMars

    The wet weather in Portland exponentially increases the chances of me dropping my phone.

  • Jngibson24

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I’ve had 4 phones water damaged…:-

  • Lilbballer38

    I need protection on my phone because last time I didn’t use protection on something… I have twins now.

  • justbaum30

    My Galaxy Nexus needs protection from iPhones of the world

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because my level of perfectionism will not allow me to own a damaged phone.

  • I work in an Army Reserve maintenance facility and would love one of these to protect my most prized possesion. :o)

  • I need protection for my phone because it costs too much money to replace a broken phone.

  • Josh R Ingram

    I need my phone to also function as a deadly projectile. Adding a large case definitely lets it fit the bill.

  • Alex

    I am simply unable to live without protection on my galaxy nexus because it is simply too precious to take a risk of breaking and ofcourse… because its made out of plastic and i dislike its feel.

  • DadzBoyz

    Also because my wife as an IPad in the house and I don’t strange little IDroids running around.

  • Tim Buchanan

    I can’t live without protection for my phone because I and my phone are one.  When it dies, I die.  When it hurts, I hurt.  When it vibrates, I vibrate.  

  • Need to protect my baby!

  • Qeegan

    im a mechanic and my phones always require the best protection 

  • Wyllic

    Wrap it before you tap it!  Who knows what kinds of BTD’s are transmitted via an unwrapped Nexus

  • DadzBoyz

    Because I sell my phone and upgrade when something worthwhile and intriguing comes along and a phone in like new condition is better for the buyer and better for my wallet when it comes time to buy that next gotta have Android.

  • Cehrl7

    I can’t live without protection on my phone….because I don’t want to have a baby GNex to go along with my 2 kids and 2 dogs.

  • Since I got my Nexus (my first smartphone, actually), I’ve put my life onto it. I just have my 2nd-gen iPod touch if my phone breaks, so I’d much rather keep using my phone instead of going back to that ancient machine.

  • Jon McCardell-Sameulsson

    I dont want my phone to break

  • John

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because every previous phone I’ve had has ended up broken due to clumsiness. I have always been against getting cases, but I feel I’m going to want it with my Galaxy Nexus. This phone is going to be awesome for quite some time!

  • Can’t live without protection because the world is too cruel for me to have it naked.

  • Forrest Tracey

    Because my wife dropped her brand new Gnex that I just bought for her and shattered the screen!! Grrrrr!! DL PLEASE help my wife keep her phone protected!

  • Rlblosser

    I must protect my galaxy! Damage to phones should be a crime.

  • I like my naked Gnex, but I’d love to try out a nice looking case.

  • I can’t live without protection since I’m a clumsy bastard that constantly drops his phone, especially on stuff like rocks or diamond plate… never on carpet =/

  • mmeiklejohn

    I can’t live without protection on my phone bc I have ocd over my phones cleanliness

  • Rentedlunchbox

    Because I have to have a beautiful Case!

  • Vonny571

    Because I’m possibly the clumsiest person on the face of the planet. 

  • Cheapseatsecon

    My previous phone fell 20 stories and lived…but I don’t think the G-Nex would survive when it happens again.*  Just sayin.

    *without one of these cases, of course,

  • cantcurecancer

    I need a good solid case for this phones because my hands are made of butter!!

  • Twofourturbo

    My GNex is a Sexy B****… Always a good idea to keep her protected! One false move and she’ll end up Prego with a Extended Battery..

  • BrianWalls

    Because I have a 2 year old who is a big fan of my phone! He actually killed the screen on my moto droid by NOMMING IT!

  • Sean F Brooks

    I need protection, i must avoid the STD running rampant right now KID

  • Trigun123478

    I cannot live without protection because, I might catch disease. No really my phone already has a scuff on the side, I’m just to cheap to buy a case.

  • Danielcee3

    I need protection on my phone its already got a scratch on the back and I do not need another one..


  • Roshan John

    I can’t live without protection for my Galaxy Nexus because… it doesn’t ask, it already knows what Jesus would do. The world isn’t ready for these answers. 

  • Ryan

    I used to live without protection as I never really liked the OG droid cases much in my pocket. I never dropped it, but it figures in the 2 months I’ve had my Nexus I’ve dropped it pretty severely twice now and it is a little scratched up (not the screen thankfully, though does have a spot or two on it)

  • I got kids.. nuff said

  • droid209

    i want my gnex to have protection, don’t be like me (2 kids later…a lil late).

  • Travisjshepherd

    In my line of work, I work for a very large parcel delivery company, I have to have some sort of protection on my phone. I leave it in the cup holder of my truck so I can see my calls, texts, and notifications. So it gets banged around a lot, I like to keep my hardware looking new.

  • Krunkem

    after living with a droid incredible, whose screen was cracked and sides all scuffed a muck, id sacrifice a limb before damaging my gnexus now, but this case will hopefully help me keep a limb…

  • pastaguy

    I frequently drop phones down flights of stairs.  I need protection!

  • Jpastrana10

    I can’t live without protecting my nexus because I need to be able to protect my investment. A case allows me to help protect my phone against bumps and drops. Everyone has set their phone in their lap in the car, forgotten and gotten out of the car at least once. Without a protective case, that nexus would be toast! Also it always me to keep my phone in practically like new condition, which will allow me to sell the phone if/when I upgrade.

  • Slot_Machine

    My galaxy nexus needs protection because ground+nexus=sad face

  • Kelly Larry Jr

    I can’t live without protection because,in constantly using my phone in fear of dropping it or damaging it.

  • Blomgren23

    I can’t live with out protection because I’m clumsy and I tend to drop my phone alot.

  • nick

    I work at a machine shop,have a clumsy wife, and everyone needs to protect a phone this wonderful.

  • Nnutthowz3

    Its like condoms, you always need protection! 

  • ankit199

    because i drop it far too often

  • Phones are lifelines, they are expensive, they keep me from being bored. That’s why i need to win this case

  • Nathan

    I need a case because i was told to always use protection, in bed.

  • i must have protection otherwise someone might take my nexus out behind the dumpster and get it pregnant. i mean scratched.

  •  I need extra protection so my little android in training can handle my phone without me having to worry what will happen if/WHEN she drops it!

  • BostonFan87

    The GNex is a gorgeous piece of glass… so it needs protection so I don’t break it

  • I want to protect my Nexus and keep it like new for as long as possible.

  • The Nexus needs protection for those random times I kick the phone onto the floor while charging from the short power cord

  • CompCrash

    The biggest thing a case does is give you a personal style to your phone. Thats why i want one.

  • Justin

    I drop my phone and it says “ouweee”

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because I don’t want to be paying child support for a little phone!!

  • My Gnex needs protection to keep it safe from the iPhone trolls! They have sticky fingers

  • JMac726

    Because my bill is high enough without insurance

  • Because I am greedy!

  • WayneTrain

    who would read all of these??? 

    … it was me. i read them.

  • Jason Brown

    I can’t live without protection for my phone b/c I can’t afford another one if it breaks.

  • droidliferulz

    One word……Protection

  • Fabyloso

    I need protection because I’m too young to pay child support.

    • BrianWalls

      Then your too  young to need protection! … zzzing!

  • I like having the protection on my phone cause it gives me some piece of mind.  Also I like knowing that any dirt/dust won’t get on my actual phone.  Only reason I use a screen protector as well

  • JMac726

    Just because all of the other cases are horrible.

  • Vespadaddy

    I can’t live without top-quality GNex protection because if I broke my phone, I would feel like I had committed a technology crime against humanity.  Also, the first gen TPU case I bought keeps turning my volume all the way down.  Plz halp!

  • Greyhame

    “Did you use protection??

    Of course, I had me 9mm automatic.
    You know I meant, did you use a condom?
    NO-oo! Only sailors use condoms baby!
    Not in the 90s Austin!”

    There you have it. Always use protection!

  • As an ardent member of my congregation I feel it is necessary to worship often and thoroughly. Unfortunately during these worship sessions my Gnex gets dropped quite often. You see worshiping Bacchus causes some coordination issues. Protection for my precious is a necessary element during my times of spiritual enlightenment.

  • Galaxy

    I work a manual labor job, and my phone would appreciate the protection.

  • SergAZ

    I used to live without protections on my phone, then my flip phone took a long dive off a slab while I was climbing the Granite Dells here in Prescott AZ. Hopefully with this case my brand spankin new, soon to be here, Galaxy Nexus will survive while I’m rock climbing and decide to pull over for a sec to catch up on some DroidLife news 😀

  • kk531

    I dropped my unprotected gnex on carpeted floor and nearly had a heart attack.  I don’t know if I can survive the stress of another drop.  I need a case for my own well-being!

  • jksong83

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I bought my Galaxy Nexus unlocked and need it to be fully protected from accidental falls and drops!

  • grantland

    I don’t want little Galaxy Nexus babies running amuck 

  • Lionelolivares

    I need protection from the clumsy fingers of curious/jealous Apple fan boys!

  • Kiter86

    I would die if I even got a scratch on my GNEX. Case required.

  • Nategantt

    A safe Nexus is a happy Nexus.

    Plus, you just drooped money on what is essentially a cheap car payment…..so, yeah.

    • Nategantt

      Yesmauto correct yes. -_-

  • Btpetrina

    I think the beauty of the device speaks for itself for the reason why you would want to protect it!  

  • Yellowsnoe

    Because I don’t want blood splattered all over it in the OR.

  • Kal5el

    I’m a mechanic and a student!  My Nexus is in constant danger of scratches falls!

  • bobbymay1

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because several of my friends have herpes, and I am terrified to let them use my phone.

  • je56751

    BC my daughter likes to watch YouTube videos and likes to hold my phone.

  • Wade Wilson

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I have the hands of T.O. I drop everything.

  • cant live without protection becuz it needs to last 2 years lol besides not having gorilla glass is enough of a risk

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because I don’t want to catch a disease.

  • Tommboy585

    can’t be with out my phone I feel naked with out it so I need it to be protected and functional.

  • if i drop phone, I get dropped….

  • dieringer scott

    Ive already replaced it once.  It fell off my boyfriends loft bed during some ‘antics’ and shattered the screen.   Never leaving it unprotected again.

  • RashadGattis

    The second i go naked phone will be the second i cry over a cracked corner or screen. Cant take any chances. I need protection on my phone.

  • RGiskard

    Because I have a 1-year old!

  • Jake K

    I am clumsy and drop it a lot 🙁

  • KonArtiz

    My Nexus needs protection from the world…..skynet is trying to hack my phone!!! LoL

  • Smsj15

    Because a none protected G Nexus is like a baby on a highway… no one wants that

  • Cjay1019

    I need it because I’m Mike Rowe.

  • MrBlonde04

    I just dropped my nexus on my laptop and I got scarred, so I scoured the internet for a case.

  • Benjamin Chow

    The question should be… how you cannot live without protection for GNex?… 

  • ZealotOnAStick

    I’ve already gone through two different cases for my Galaxy Nexus, neither of which I’ve been altogether happy with.  This phone is a big investment for me, and good protection that’s not bulky is a wonderful thing.

  • Scott Manders

    Cause Droid Life Said So!!!

  • Bbjunkie23

    Need protection because we wouldn’t want this beautiful piece of electronic equipment to get hurt in any way!!

  • jdomann

    Because I can’t afford to pay over $600 to replace my awesome phone just because of a drop 🙁

  • big007hed

    I have 2 kids 1 is 3 and the other is 2 and they both love phones… my GNex needs all the protection it can get!!!

  • INSERT COMMENT HERE____________
    LAME REASON HERE_______________

    Thanks for your consideration!

  • I’m clumsy I need protection for my new Nexus!

  • Abbie Rosario

    I cannot live protection for my phone because I am always fearing the lack of Gorilla Glass will come haunt me.

  • Momma said “always have protection”

  • Frank

    You should always use protection – look at Snooki. Do we want people like that reproducing? Protecting our Nexus is the first step to a non-snooki reproducing planet.

  • Let me tell you a story as to why I need a case.  This past weekend I was on vacation, snowboarding in Vermont.  My wife and I were laying in bed, and I was playing around on my Nexus when an insect buzzed by my ear, and promptly landed on my arm.  I freaked out like a little girl and my Nexus went flying!  Thankfully, the charger cord took the brunt of the damage (I now need to replace it), and my Nexus survived without a scratch (but boy was I freaking out).   If I had a case… I wouldn’t have to worry about my beautiful phone getting scratches all over it.

  • Shannon Hoff

    Because the Nexus is made of plastic, and you need to protect it with more plastic.

  • Egg_Omelette

    I have 14 month old daughter that thinks its hilarious to throw stuff down the stairs. My Nexus has already taken one spill but im sure in the future it will take many more. Please protect my galaxy nexus.

  • Chris

    My screen would be unable to read, I drop it that much!

  • Bob

    I can’t live without protection on my Nexus because it has a slippery feel to it, which would yield many-a-drops without a case with some friction.

  • typesh58

    I cannot live without protection for my phone because I need to keep the android radiation away from my body when its in my pocket

  • jcase

    Because really, jcase should have a pink case

  • I can’t live without protection because I don’t want any unplanned preg…
    Oh..wait…for the phone?

  • greenskidog

    My Nexus get’s around, so it needs protection.

  • Mark Schofield

    To many drops to go naked!! Need the protection.

  • Erude01

    I need a case for my phone So my phone gets a signal…… oh my bad ..wrong website…. ha ha

  • Split630

    Gotta have a space to protect my Nexus. This thing is too valuable. And that white Ultra Capsule is SEXY!!

    • Split630

      Space… case… same thing right?

  • First time I dropped first smartphone it shattered the screen. with no warranty it was a long 2 years.

  • Tankhieucomagain

    Because I don’t have internet at home and if I drop my nexus and the display charterers to smithereens I won’t be able to read Droid life any more

  • eagle132

    My back plate squeaks something horrible when touched. A case covers that up! Not to mention that these Spigen cases are quite sexy.

    Oh, and for protection and all that.

  • Adam Warner83

    I have the extended battery and can’t use any other case!!! Please droid life , be my savior and help me out. The fate of my nexus rests in your hands!!!

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because I want it to look brand new when I sell it to buy the next hot phone…

  • movalpolos

    I’m too clumsy to not have a case on my phone 🙁

  • topherct

    I would be devastated if I dropped and broke my Nexus.

  • cookebbs

    Because the GNex is a sexy beast and it knows it.

  • Living in Nebraska now, I can’t afford not too. Black ice is killer for my phone and for me. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve slipped this semester alone.

  • As horrible as this is, sometimes I leave it on my lap while driving and then I go to get out of my car and there goes my phone. Never have been a fan of cases, but this one looks like a winner.

  • Dbrownjr1989

    i need the protection to keep all the fan boys for drooling over my nexus with aokp

  • Enon

    I have no cover… AAHHHHH!

  • Droid Virus

    My galaxy nexus really needs some protection because it can’t handle being naked all the time…

  • I need a case because I can’t bare to see my Nexus get hurt. 

  • Never had a phone case before owning my Nexus. It fell about 4 feet onto a marble floor and it saved my butt. Now I need one for my wife’s Nexus. These are nice and sleek.

  • Because the Gnex is slippery, and my name is butterfingers I cannot live without protection for my Galaxy Nexus

  • Gthomsen0529

    the day I dropped my nexus was the worst day…so far

  • Bert336

    My Nexus can’t live without Protection because so many people love the nexus and ask me all the time to let them play with it and i am afraid of my poor ol nexus to catch an HTD (Hand Transmitted Disease) 

  • twix_y

    no glove no love

  • Shane

    I set my phone on my lap when I’m drunk driving, then forget it’s there when I get out.

  • TLW

    Because once I get one scuff on my phone my life turns to sh*t  🙁

  • i need protection on my phone because my wife is always using my phone instead of hers & she could tear up a anvil with a rubber mallet… ba-dump-dumb

  • Mike777

    I need to be able to use my phone in all environment without having to worry about dropping it and damaging its sculpted form on pavement, sidewalks, rocks, or hiking paths.  I also need the grip that the case provides even when there is no danger in a dropped phone (sitting on the living room sofa, laying in bed, …).  Moreover, a case like this and a screen protector are required in case I have to place any other item(s) in the pocket the phone lives in without scratching, chaffing, abrading or rubbing my phone, adding unnecessary wear and tear to it.

  • Surg28

    I can’t live without protection cause my little girl grabs my phone when I’m not looking.

  • John Davids

    I can’t live without it because, while I have never dropped my phone, knowing my luck the very first day I use it without one, I would drop it.

  • DrBaltz

    Cause it’s awesome.

  • Eric Payne

    A case is a requirement, every time i think of dropping my nexus and breaking it i die a little more inside. If i did ever break it i would live on as an empty husk of myself, emotionless and scarred from the catastrophe. 

  • No Glove no love. Thats why i wish to use Spigen Ultra’s for those particular moments

  • It’s simple. No glove, no love.

  • D3fault121

    Because everyone knows it’s not a good idea to party without protection.

  • mr23648

    There’s no smartphoning like safe smartphoning!

  • aaeagle

    I need protection so when all the ilovers grab my phone amazed at the size of the screen they don’t mess it up.

  • Kevin D.

    I go running with my phone as my MP3 player and when I did that with my last phone (Droid X) it came flying out of my pocket and I proceeded to kick it down the sidewalk. Needless to say I don’t want the same damage happening to my beautiful Galaxy Nexus.

  • I threw my phone into a fireplace by mistake once. Now i have to have one so i can use it again without giant dents everywhere. 

  • Sincere1121

    I need protection for my galaxy nexus just like a baby needs diapers

  • Tjcard03

    Today I moved soooo many phones around on my family’s account to get my Nexus today on Verizon for $100 off. I used my moms upgrade back in August to get the Thunderbolt but as of last month my upgrade on my phone came due. It was going to go to my mom but since she’s such an wonderful and understanding mother who knows her son would love to have the Nexus, she was willing to let me move things around to make everyone happy. My mom will get my sisters phone (octane), my niece will get my moms old phone (alias 2, since she’s only 8 she’s ok with it ha ), my sister gets my TBolt and I…..get the NEXUS! Woo. So, now I need to do whatever it will take to make sure this phone will last the amount of attention it will be getting as I will be taking it out to show everybody, including my family. And I’m sure they would be happy to see it protected by a great Neo Hybrid case that the wonderful people at Droid-Life are giving away. =-) 

  • Because they’re not made with gorilla glass.

  • Tavist7870

    GNEX in jeans pocket – Case + Idiot GAP employee = Broken GNEX

    The story is pretty funny as there was a moment in time when I watched my GNEX fly through the air in slow motion with a look of terror on my face 3 days after I got it.

  • nothing wrong with a little rain coat before you bump

  • Kristofer Fitze

    I am a firefighter, so my pretty new nexus won’t be so pretty if it get’s dropped on a fire call while saving a life

  • Billy McGee

    I cannot live without protection on my phone because I have involuntary twitches, sometimes causing me to drop my phone..my last phone (DROID3) was nearly destroyed because I couldn’t afford a case and I would constantly drop the phone. I just got my Galaxy Nexus and I would love to protect it with a case like this.. 


  • David Weeden

    My fingers are made of BUTTER

  • Champlification

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I can’t live without my phone.  Accidents happen and I gotta keep it safe.

  • RobG

    I can’t live without protection because that’s how kids are made.

  • lightlong

    My GNex needs protection from separation anxiety for when I put her to bed at night. She needs a friend to keep her company.

  • Joseph Pojunis

    My gnex has taken a nice beating, and a nice new case will restore it to its full beauty!

  • Woodstorm

    I don’t have 100 bucks to blow everytime I drop my phone. Cases are essential to my phone’s existence.

  • goose50

    I’ve gone through 2 OG Droids & Incredible since 2010. Yeah. I need cases.

  • aczm1988

    I need protection because I’m constantly dropping my phone and at least with this case I can do it in style aand be protected.

  • Jlaurence24

    I can not live without protection for my phone because all my health classes in school told me to “wrap it up”!!!

  • Danielpk84

    what’s worse than working at the hospital for 12 hours is having a patients blood splatter all over your new galaxy nexus

  • Liderc

    Really liking these one piece cases, think they’re the best looking that I’ve seen and I need one to protect my precious Nexus. 

  • droidman

    My mom always said to use protection. Because she is my hero, I have to listen!

  • Soleicey

    I cannot live with out a case because I drop my phone almost once everyday

  • jsk225

    because i’m tired of having this conversation over and over again:

    Nigel Tufnel: Don’t touch it!
    Marty DiBergi: We’ll I wasn’t going to touch it, I was just pointing at it.
    Nigel Tufnel: Well… don’t point!
    Marty DiBergi: Don’t point, okay. Can I look at it?
    Nigel Tufnel: No.

  • mordyF


  • Sagar Patel

    As I always say, wrap it up…..

  • Because my Galaxy Nexus needs the loving embrace of a wonderfully designed case.  It needs, NAY! DESERVES THE BEST PROTECTION!  The G-Nex is the most stylish phone and deserves the most stylish case.

  • franzie3

    don’t be a fool wrap your tool…same rules apply right?

  • Kehly

    Because technology and I don’t have the best understanding, therefore I tend to get angry and at the same time physical with my devices.

  • Cjtrotter85

    I can live without protection on my phone BC I work in a very harsh environment but need my baby with me at all times. I would cry at the smallest little scratch.

  • @JDMRoy

    Need to protect this bad boy till Jelly Bean time.

  • I can’t live without protection on my Nexus because I drop it far more than I care to admit to others or myself.

  • Ror1997

    I cant live with out protection on my phone because the thought  of messing up the screen and having to use my sisters old iPhone 4 until my upgrade is sickining

  • mordyF

    Afraid of getting the other Galaxy nexus  knocked up !!  🙂

  • SecretAg3nt

    No glove, No Love.

  • Simo

    Cause I’m hard on technology

  • Can’t live without protection, as there’s no way I could live with something happening to such an expensive and valuable part of my life <3

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Why can’t I live without protection on my phone?

    Because I wanna make sure it’s safe to hit it from the back.

    How bout…I believe in safe text?


    That’s all I got.

  • Smturner29

    Cause this shiz expensive yo! nuff said

  • P240

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I don’t want to get any scratches on my new g-nex!

  • Djbaril

    no glove no love. got to protect my baby.

  • Rolando Caloca Olivares

    Needed to be able to withstand kid’s play habits!

  • Ivan92116

    an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure

  • shdowman

    Because without protection, it can catch a virus. Then it needs pills and shits and doctor visits…just a mess.

  • NexusIsBestus

    Once you have a scratch on your device, it just feels used and old.  

  • Rob

    I use a case because it gives me just enough extra grip. Don’t wanna drop my phone.

  • nexus fan boy

    Can’t live without a case because last week dropped it for the first time a shattered the screen and called Verizon and complained about data not warming so got a new one

  • cooneyd

    because my phone is in love with stairs, and tries to make a stop at every one of them on it’s way to the bottom.

  • keith dunivan

    i have a 4 year old son that plays games on it. nuff said!

  • if Trojan made protection as good as these guys, I wouldnt have 4 kids

  • Tcoop924

    Because this is one of the only cases I’d actually put on my Nexus to make it look (even) better.

  • elemeno

    I usually don’t put a case on my phone but these look so nice!

  • Cmr2337

    I can’t live without protection on my phone as I have to keep my brand new nexus in mint condition!

  • 797113224980

    I was rocking the OG Droid and had it replaced once. Seeing how Motorola makes tough phones and I was able to do it to the Droid, I most definitely need it on my flimsy plastic galaxy nexus.

  • Daniel Machado

    I work at a Electrical company, and I use my phone heavily all day long, going from one Tag to the next with Google Navigation.  I use it while wiring 480v panels, in dark electrical rooms as a flashlight, and tethering and VPN’ing into my company.  I cant live without my Galaxy nexus, and so I need the best protection I can get.  

  • Andrew mollerberg

    Idk if I need protection, I kinda like a nude phone. But I would gladly try it 😀

  • Hunter

    Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool!

  • jpdom

    I cannot live with out an awesome phone case because I have the nickname butterfingers. When ever I hang out with my friends they practically take bets on how many times I will drop my galaxy nexus in the next hour. 

  • Fkntwizted

    pretty pimp and like the barely there aspect of them


    I couldn’t live with myself if I damaged my Nexus. I’m going to try and keep this thing for a little longer than my past phones, so I should probably keep it protected.

  • Minmin

    I got my brand new Galaxy Nexus the day after it was released. I dropped it the moment i walked out of the store……scratched all four corners…….I think I need a case.

  • Alex

    I can live without protection for my phone because otherwise I could get TIV (Telecommunications immunodeficiency virus).

    • Alex


  • mjmedstarved

    I can SHOW you why I need it; I cracked my screen on week 1. :/

    I’ve never cracked any of my others… and I like this one the most!!!!!

  • JS9390

    Big Red Phone Insurance Prices….

  • time_span

    Because my phone is fragile.

  • Daniel Archibald33

    I cannot live with out protection on my phone because I am outdoors each day working against the elements and need my device(s) to stay in top shape. Its a question of whether u want to show off a pristine device or one that has been destroyed

  • My two month old GNex already has a little dent in the top corner of the phone. PLEASE let me win this case so I can better protect it from a random diving event.

  • I work for Direct Tv and sometimes when im up on a roof the phone can pop out when im reaching for things and my case on my old TB saved it from a 2 story fall. Still have yet to get one for this one! 

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because my GNex has been flirting with another GNex in the office and I am worried they are practicing unsafe Beaming. I can’t afford to have a bunch of little GNex’s running around, at least not until Verizon releases their Family Shared Data Plan!

  • Cause I drop it all the time.

  • hldc1

    I could use some extra protection as I’m currently only single-bagging my phone. Double-bagging FTW!

  • contest winner 001

    I always need protection on my phone because I just can’t stand the thought of it catching something from those dirty iPhones and blackberries I let it play with

  • Jpnestel

    No insurance…

  • Ecomacho3

    I can’t live without a case for my phone because I am constantly worried about dropping it. Im really into biking and I ride around 3 hours a day at least. While I’m out, I keep my phone in my pocket and I’ve had a few close calls while reaching into my pocket to answer a call or reply to a message. My G-Nex needs some love on the outside too for a change!

  • kfath1978

    Just got the nexus and haven’t got a case yet! Need one bad!!

  • I was told as a teenager to always use protection or ill ruin my life

  • I need protection because I work in the Event Management field, and there are wayyy too many times a day that I drop my phone. Also, I need to ENSURE that my GNex is looking flawless when I take it out of the case to show it off to iSheep >:]

  • Mr. P

    Because I trust myself with my nexus, not my friends.

  • After not having a case on my DX for months, I dropped it getting out of the car.  Didn’t break the screen but damn is the mark ugly on the corner that hit.  I will never ever laugh, ask why, or even contemplate why someone would not case their phone.  Just sold that DX today for my Nexus money so hook it up!

  • allan

    Plain and simple I’m ocd about my precious.

  • because i fight crime

  • EC8CH

    Who ever picks the pink one gets 9000 Droid-Life points.

  • I need protection [for my phone] because I can’t always keep it in my pants [pocket].

  • wtm1417

    because I like my phones in mint condition.

  • Posey

    My almost 2 year got a hold of my OG droid, and well now I have a. Nexus. Would love to give it a little more protection so it doesn’t end up the same way.

  • Jsinlegacy

    I can’t live with out protection basically because my Nexy is to sexy and i will cry like little girl if something happens to her. She is just too beautiful to live without.

  • Gary Patrowicz

    scratched my nexus back cover same day i bought it

  • because this friggin phone is soooo smooth, it slips out of your hand, jacket-pocket, whatever and WILL hit the ground as your sob at the reluctance that you could not react fast enough to do so…

  • Michael Hamrick

    Because it hurts every time you see it hit the ground…and everyone knows its inevitable that it will hit the ground

  • I can’t live without any protection on my phone because I love the way it looks undamaged!

  • WayneTrain

    I gotta have protection because i work for verizon, and i’ve seen what happens when you don’t haha… and because i’m i’m not a good enough salesman to sell myself insurance … AND i really want a case because the retail store i work at only sells shell holster combos for them. not gonna cut it…

  • Because if my phone broke, that would really suck.

  • Because I just found a scratch on my Gnex screen! Grrrrr!!!

  • ArgyleGargoyle

    I can’t live without protection on my GNex, because I paid full retail for it since I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade. It would kill me if it got damaged.

  • EC8CH

    Galaxy Nexus doesn’t need protection from world….

    World need protection from Galaxy Nexus.

  • I can’t live without protection because things happen, and as a college student, the last thing i need is to do is replace a $650 phone….

  • KDudek

    My GNex needs protection b/c my dog thinks it’s a milk bone!

  • Johngi

    ii cant live without protection because i always tend to drop my phone!!

  • J. Wolf

    I want my gorgeous Galaxy Nexus to be well protected! 

  • 1bad69z28

    My Galaxy Nexus needs protection from my kids lol,  My  kids likes to pick up, throw, shake, drop, and hide daddys Nexus at every chance they get  They’re like ferrets stealing things and hiding my phone then they laugh when daddy can’t find his phone lol

    I have to bribe them to find my phone, My Nexus must feel like an hostage in the evening time lol So yeah I need protection and so does my Nexus from my kids LMAO  🙂

  • justin cox

    can’t live without protecting the main piece of technology that i use so many times during the day. gotta keep my nexus safe.

  • fingerdude

    I need to keep my gNex pristine! 

  • G.I.Ceo

    I can’t live without protection because I’m on my second Nexus after dropping my first one and shattering the screen. If I would have had protection the first time then this wouldn’t have happened.

  • Bilichjl

    I desperately need protection for my phone.  I thought that the screen couldn’t be scratched and didn’t bother buying protection…now I have a scratch near the bottom of my screen.  It makes my awesome phone feel less than spectacular.

  • Jamaicawind

    Chuck Norris is my wall paper…I can only hope this case can delay the inevitable destruction that my phone will surly face due to his utter awesomeness 

  • HuskerDroid10

    My Nexus is my baby, it needs to be protected

  • Arda Akman

    Because I cannot afford to get another GNEX…Sad but true story bro…

  • My dad always told me to use protection.

  • evcon

    I can’t live without protection on my GNex because I bought it from Newegg for $700, and I don’t have insurance from T-Mobile.

  • Because I had to replace my OG Droid 5 times without a case..wish my nexus good luck!

  • Richard Quick

    I can’t live without protection because I’m the guy who bought an Incredible, dropped it and cracked the screen and camera, paid for an insurance replacement, dropped the insurance replacement, used my upgrade bought a Nexus and then dropped the Nexus in the rain….need I say more?

  • duckphan

    I don’t want my Galaxy Nexus to get anyone pregnant. #wokkawokka #ayyoooo

  • Bub

    I can’t live without protection on my G-Nex bc the only thing the it can’t do is protect itself from my clumsiness..  Please help

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because I paid too much in the first place for the phone and refuse to waste my money.

  • Zakrytyobrien94

    i drop my phone way to much…I need this! 

  • Tenders

    I have tried to go without a case but the gnex is very slippery. I need a case!

  • I need the protection so that my beautiful Nexus won’t get infected with any Apple std’s from all of the iPhone hipsters that I work with.

  • Currently going naked right now on my Galaxy Nexus and it isn’t by choice. IRS borked my tax return and I have to keep my phone unsecured until then. Don’t let me break my expensive ass phone droid-life. DON’T LET ME DO IT.


    I got my nexus the day it came out, and honestly I have dropped/ almost dropped my phone every day.

  • I’m such a klutz, one of these cases would probably be a life saver for my amazing phone 🙂

  • I dont want the beauty of this awesome device to get scratched.

  • Last night i didn’t put my phone back in my pocket after going to 7eleven and buying a Slurpee with Google Wallet when i got out of the car again it fell off my lap and hit the street. now the bottom of my nexus is all torn up QnQ

  • lostsync

    I have a three year old. My phone needs all the help it can get.

  • moelsen8

    if i don’t have a case on it, when I’m holding my phone (especially the newer it is) i get that tingly feeling in my hand like the feeling you get when you’re afraid of heights.  i always feel like I’m going to drop my $600-$700 phone and it’s going to shatter. haha.

  • Because I had to replace my OG droid 5 time, but never bought a case… Wish my nexus good luck

  • Wingshater21

    I need protection for lovely galaxy nexus because my new born twins are going to garner most of my attention and I need backup incase this beautiful phone is dropped thrown up on peed on or any other projectile lol and so you know they are the most important thing to me ever and my nexus is now #3 (still ahead of the wife because she hates this website)

  • Dan

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because Teen Mom has me scared of what happens when you don’t use protection.

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    Because I want it to stay as perfect as the day I bought it.

  • I’m always reminding my G-Nex how important it is to use protection.  I wouldn’t want it to contract a mobile transmitted virus.   Damn that’s good stuff!! 🙂

  • Kevin Voelker

    My phone wants to make love so it needs to wear a glove… or more specifically that white spigen ultra capsule case. Then its free to practice safe beaming from nexus to the next.

  • Jared Pannell

    Because the last thing I want is to ruin any of the beauty of my gNex.

  • dplowden88

    I would love one of these!!! I am constantly pulling the “famous lap trick”. This case would ease my worries of destroying my beloved Nexus. Thanks DL, you guys are the BEST!

  • David Chitown Nexus

    I cannot live without protection for my phone because nowadays you have to be protected before you android beam, you could get the bumps.

  • Alex Kirkpatrick

    I can’t live without protection for my phone since I broke the screen on my OG Droid.

  • Garrick

    I like to care of all my devices but when it comes to phones, all hell breaks loose for some reason. I never even drop my phones but they still get messed up. I’d be nothing without protection on my phone!

  • ssjnimma

    when you invest so much into a beautiful piece of technology, you need that EXTRA protection!! 

  • Midiel Rodriguez

    I can’t live without protection because I drop my phone more times, than MoteroPCS drops phone calls.

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because it could catch a disease.

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because it upholds the resale value, which I’ll need when the next must have phone comes out!

  • You all know how beautiful the Galaxy Nexus is. It’s my baby. I need to protect it from the harsh reality of the world.

  • whatsinaname

    I have to have protection on my phone because I just cant bear the thought of scratches or dings on my gNex….  I am also clumsy 🙂

  • Tmccu006

    I don’t want to cover up my Gnex but I couldn’t live with myself if I dropped it and ruined its perfection

  • James_C_L

    I’m a boiler engineer and work in horrible conditions… Could use more protection

  • Mikewoods94

    Because the gnex is soo bad ass I can’t put it down

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because going back to my old dx with a bad battery is just not an option!

  • Jmcfache

    I might just die if I don’t get protection. TIA.

  • p_droid

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I can’t afford to have multiple mini-Galaxy Nexuses running around my house! Please hook me up with a case!

  • Because my Galaxy Nexus is such an object of pure finesse and beauty that to even consider the possibility of allowing cosmetic damage to befall such a masterpiece would be a cardinal sin.

  • I “can’t live with protection” because its always keeping me safe 😉

    Just quoting: 1.  In the comments, tell us why you can’t live with protection on your phone.


  • Dan B

    I don’t like the added bulk.

  • Aburtson

    Why I can’t live with protection? That’s ironic.

  • UGADawg

    Protection is of utmost importance always for me. “No glove, no love,” right?

  • DroidModderX

    I’m pretty careful with my stuff but moma always said be sure to put on a sleeve just in case…. you drop your phone

  • Aaron Birnbaum

    I need that peace of mind that a great case provides!

  • droidrev71

    Simple.. I have a two year old daughter who loves my gnex as much as I do. Good protection is a must.

  • amosque57

    I cant live with out protection for my phone because i want my phone to look exactly how i got it out of the box on day one and without it after a week my phone would probably look a few years old 

  • Tonygonzalez319

    I can’t live without protecting my GNEX because investing in Vanilla Android is always awesome and I can’t shell out another $300 bucks.

  • villian1998

    Better without, but safer with

  • Gottheguds112

    Pretty please?

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because my phone doesn’t go after pavement. Pavement goes after my phone.

  • I drop my phone about 3 times a day, can’t go without protection! 

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because this thing is just too good! I don’t want to have any nicks or scratches on it. 

  • I’m dropping my constantly, I need protection!

  • Lito31

    Because theses phones cost an arm and a leg and damaging then means being without it for days.it’d be heartbreaking.need protection at all times

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because no matter how careful I am with my things, my wife drops EVERYTHING.

  • MekoSuka

    I just picked up the gNex an hour ago.  I knew this contest would exist and is the reason I did not buy one at the store 🙂  Don’t let me down DL!

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because it already has a few scratches and marks. A case would protect it from future damages, and it would conceal those ugly cuts!

  • Jamaicawind

    I cant live without protection for my phone because i dont want it to shatter like my iphone did (even though i did that on purpose to have an excuse to get my galaxy nexus =p )

  • ChuckDz3

    Going out late to the bars on the weekends, naked? never a good idea… always end up the next morning with something unwanted on your.. phone.. of course. 

  • Firelight

    I WANT it because I don’t have it. And I gotta have it.

    Seriously, though. I’m one of those that has 3-5 cases for my phone and use a different one depending on the situation. I’ve gotta have my GNex with me almost at all times so from a rugged case for outdoor activities to a car dock – I got to have a case of some sort.

  • Keyan X

    Oooh the prettier cases, Kellen be aware I’ve got my eye on that pink one ;D

  • Got Fragz

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I drop it all the time, and it would look horrendous from all the scratches otherwise. >.< 

  • tonysam1

    I want to protect my phone from nasty STDs.

  • Please protect my secksi screen!

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because the smartphone is very expensive.

  • Mike McKee

    I can’t live withOUT protection because sometimes I have phone-throwing contests

  • Edsanchez10

    I need to know my phone will be alright if my nephew drops it.

  • Sciontc12212

    I can’t live without a case because my baby needs protection!

  • In the immortal words of Michael Kelso:

    “That’s why you gotta put on your raincoat… every damn time….

    Except the first time, FREE PASS!”

  • I can’t live withOUT (lol it says with in the OP) my protection because I use my phone for almost everything from playing games and rooting to making business calls. I notice my Nexus drops out of my pocket every once in a while and manages not to break. Sometime though, it will completely break. Without my phone, I couldn’t work, and without work, I couldn’t live.

  • It’s tough being a banana…So I need all the help I can get…

  • znewman

    I can’t live with protection on my phone because all the protection that I have tried take away from the slender beauty of the phone.

  • Galaxy Nexus = Big Phone = Drop a lot!

  • jcuvs

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I’m a damned klutz.

  • Christopher Bement

    I’ve seen too many pictures of Nexii with iphone-style shattered screens and other nasty damage. This phone is a precious gem and needs to be guarded as such.