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Verizon Offering Significant Discounts to “Loyal” Customers, How Does a Galaxy Nexus for Free Sound? (Updated)

If you have been a long-time Verizon Wireless subscriber and have an upgrade available in the near future, checking your inbox would be recommended. Big Red is sending out emails under their loyalty program that are significant. We are talking significant as in free. As you can see from the part we cropped out of the email, VZW is willing to hand you a $299 Galaxy Nexus for nothing, as long as you sign a new 2-year contract. For most current customers, a $50 discount is the max.

Tough to tell who qualifies, but it may be worth a call to Verizon’s sales team to see if you do.

Update:  It’s a regional promo. If you qualify, you will receive a mailer. Stop calling customer service.

Cheers Scotty!

  • computergirl52

    In the new 2 year agreement, you lose your unlimited data that had been grandfathered in in the past.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I have the screenshot and the original webpage still up on my screen (never closed it). Let me know if you need it. I’ll check the comments tomorrow for anyone who is interested.

  • JayTee

    Recieved my Nexus yesterday from Verizon. I loved seeing the $299.00 charge, followed by a $299.00 credit. So cool! Activated, rooted and working beautifully (for the most part). Wow, this thing is fast and ICS is so flashy!

    • jonny c

      mine is out for delivery… should be here VERY soon. i’ve had my GNex since dec, but my wife wanted to wait on her’s until we could score a deal and boy did i ever!

      yup, first order of business is to unlock, root, flash to 4.0.4 and re-root

  • Jbk6789

    I’m up for an upgrade, but I like my Bolt so why change to something not as good?  

  • Jeff Brown

    Update to my previous post. 

    I got a hold of Valerie Scheel in Dublin, OH. I explained the situation. I had both transcripts from my web chats and the email I received handy. I was asked to fax them but explained I don’t have access to a fax machine so I was given the reps email at VZW. I got everything forwarded. I got a call yesterday from Melissa L., Ms. Scheel’s supervisor. I was told that even though I had gotten an email and proof that both Kelly, East Coast Office, and Zia, Omaha office, that I should get the free phone I was told no. When Melissa accessed my email she said it did not link to the proper page. I went back into my email, VZW had changed the link, or where the link went I guess. Melissa then went on to tell me at great length how people were scamming the company and how they have to stop this kind of behavior. So I asked if she thought I was lying. And I quote”Well Mr. Brown, I can’t say that and expect to keep my job.” I told her I would call her back after I cooled down.

    After an hour cool down, I tried to get a hold of either Melissa or Valerie. Now now one has heard of either one. I tried to email Valerie but now I get a Delivery Status Notification saying my email client cannot find the above address. 

    So here’s to you Verizon Wireless. Thanks for:
    Calling me a liar despite my proofs
    Changing link targets so it appears I am lying
    Hiding within your phone fortress
    Having reps tell you they will honor it only to be redirected to a No You Can’t person. 
    Blocking communications between customers and corporate

    I will add this. It would be different if I didn’t actually get the email in my inbox. The same inbox that my Thank You For Your Payment emails come to from VZW. 

    The $75.00 to file a Conciliation Court case doesn’t seem like that much if I add up ETF, loss of unlimited data, full retail price of the phone, remaining months of contract, and court costs. See your lawyers in court…..

  • Strange_creation3000

    Anyone still have that page…. the link got taking down and would love to print it out and try a local store

  • Asher Wood

    If you use between 1 and 2 gigabytes, you get $100 off of a 4G device
    If you’re between 3 and 5 gigabytes, you get a free 4G device.
    This promotion runs until May 31, 2012


    To rack up data, turn off WiFi, download Terminal Emulator, and type in:


    wget http://wdp.dlws.microsoft.com/WDPDL/9B8DFDFF736C5B1DBF956B89D8A9D4FD925DACD2/WindowsDeveloperPreview-64bit-English-Developer.iso -P /sdcard/Download -Y off

    Do this February, March, April, and May, and you will qualify.



  • chef guy

    Listen up folks!  The eligibility for the deal is determined by your region and history of 3G data usage.  You are eligible for a $100 discount if their system recognizes you as using 3-5GB of 3G data per month.  You are eligible for an early upgrade to any 4G LTE Phone for FREE if Verizon”s System recognizes you as using over 5GB+ per month.  This offer has generally been recognized in the southeast portion of the US due to Verizon’s focused 4G LTE integration in this area.  If you have not received a letter or email extending this offer then you are not(officially) eligible.

  • I got the Galaxy Nexus from Amazon Wireless; add the hotspot promotion ($100 Amazon gift card), another deal I took advantage of, and a discount provided for being inconvenienced by a bug in their system, I paid only -$30 for my Galaxy Nexus. Yep, I profited $30.

  • I got one for free today St. Louis MO i did not receive the email, I pulled it off here, but I told them I received it in a email from them. Called and spoke with a rep using the number listed and he asked I take a print out of it to the store or fax it in to him. Went to the store baffled the manager.  He looked up the case number i had and came back and told me that they had good and bad news.  Good news was he was able to confirm it as a valid offer and that the bad was they didnt have any in stock.  Phone is ordered for free and should be here in 2 days 🙂

  • JayTee

    Four awesome words from Verizon via email; “Your Order Has Shipped!” 
    I should have my new free Nexus by tomorrow or Wednesday. Big score!

    • jonny c

      got the shipment notification email this morning! should have phone by thursday, woo hoo!

  • Marshall Griffiss

    It is a no go. Told me it was regional only and I was out of luck 🙁