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Mod: Gesture Soft Keys For Galaxy Nexus

This morning, our friend MrPicolas sent us a new mod he found for the Galaxy Nexus. If you have been thinking that those soft keys on the bottom of your screen are just taking up space, then you will want to start paying attention. With the assistance of Button Saviour from the Market, this mod will hide the bottom soft keys and allow your device’s display size to become even larger.

You need to be rooted in order to flash the zip, but it is available for almost all of the major custom ROMs that we cover here. AOKP, GummyNex, and Codename are all compatible. Follow the via to find all the downloads and instructions on flashing. And don’t forget to download Button Saviour or the LMT Launcher listing at the source post so you can continue to control your device properly.

Via: Rootzwiki

Cheers Picolas!

  • Very cool mod indeed! I think I like using LMT better than the soft keys!

  • Ryan

    this may sound silly to you guys but i cannot even figure out how to get the pie wheel to launch using LMT launcher….. on aokp

    someone please explain to me. any help would be appreciated

  • Mgokeefe

    I second that slick clock widget, anyone point me in the direction of where to get it?

  • Its LMT its a gesture based replacement for back, home, recent, menu, and search. It also comes with the pie wheel which is based off the android browser one! LMT is not your launcher tho folks its just to replace the navbar controls when hiding  the navbar as that what the mod does!

  • Anonymous

    Will this work on a rooted ‘stock’ device? (The default/stock ICS ROM 4.0.4)

  • Ron

    someone please tell me what that awesome flip clock widget is! I suspect beautiful widgets, What settings do you need to run that

  • this changes everything. really.

  • EC8CH

    this is a very interesting concept. 

  • Josh Nichols

    Both apps are on the screen. The buttons that are being shown are LMT launcher. The little tab on the side of the screen is Button Savior.

  • Anonymous

    This is great, but I can’t see the point as anytime I watch a video or play most games my buttons disappear anyway and I get the use of the entire screen.  I don’t exactly see why I need more room on my home screen as I use folders now to keep everything in so there’s tons of room left.

    It is great that this can be done though for people who like the quick nav of the browser, I haven’t enjoyed it much because I find it strange pushing my thumb on the side of the phone to bring up the buttons. 

    • Josh Nichols

      Games do not cause the buttons to disappear.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, just double checked MC3 and it still had the buttons, my mistake. 

  • Anonymous

    Sigh, I was 2 days from pulling the trigger on the HTC Rezound… lost real estate due to the on-screen buttons was a tipping point. Now I have to re-consider all over again…

  • Cmonnats23

    Does anyone know what launcher that is? I really like it but haven’t been able to find it! There’s no way that’s NOVA is there? I have NOVA and have scanned the settings and nothing. Any ideas?

    • Might be stock or NOVA. Just using custom icons with apps like Desktop Visualizer

      • Josh Nichols

        LMT launcher is a gesture-based app. It lets you use the “browser quick controls” throughout the whole OS. The screencap is NOT showing settings in NOVA or stock or Apex.

        • oh ok . Lol this is the first time i ever heard of LMT so i didn’t know . But thanks

    • If it’s not stock and it’s not Nova, it’s likely Apex launcher for ICS.

  • aokp will have a toggle soon to toggle show/hide the nav buttons real-time.

  • viewthis74

    man! rooted users always get the cool sh*t. i love this idea. 

    • You need to root that Mother Fucker.  Samuel L Jackson said so.

      • viewthis74

        hahaha that’s cause he’s a “Bad Mother Fucker” queue shot of wallet.

  • Man, I’ve been resisting because ICS has been quite satisfactory… and because I don’t really have time to feed my addiction.  This might be the straw…

  • Anonymous

    damn i love this idea. i never unlocked or rooted before i set up my phone. now im too invested to start over after unlock. i wish i could get that battery icon though. i really love that. maybe i’ll take the plunge and just unlock and root and just start from scratch. wait does this work on stock rooted? because im not into the roms. i like just enhancing the stock experience.

    • Binglut9

      Th3re is a beta for backing up your files and data for non rooted users so you could get everything back once you unlock and root fyi

  • BostonFan87

    Use LMT instead of Button Saviour. LMT does the same with little to no lag. I had a better experience with LMT

  • Blootzm3

    what wall paper are you using?

  • WRrobby

    The app that you see in the screenshot is not button savior. Its LMT by noname81.

    • Josh Nichols

      Both of the apps are in the screenshot.

  • How did you get that theme in Button Saviour? I don’t have it as an option.

    • Boblank84

      that is lmt launcher i’m pretty sure. it looks like both are installed by the transparent button savoir tab

  • I’m going to give this a whirl, I’m very curious to see what it does to battery life. As someone else pointed out, it is actually a pretty big difference in screen size and I am thinking it might really eat a chunk of battery. 

    • Jslafarr

      vs… having buttons that take up screen real estate anyway.. plus they are interactive and and they actually do something…having a stationary picture there would use more battery?
      lol. ok

      • Dieringerscott93

        On an amoled screen yes. Black uses no power where any color does use power.

  • Anonymous

    Hey… that’s really slick!

  • Anonymous

    What are your settings in button savior for the style of the buttons?

    • Josh Nichols

      The buttons shown are LMT Launcher.

      • Anonymous

        So this isn’t Button Savior that he referenced in the post?

      • Anonymous


  • Not sure I like this. Scary as hell if you ask me. I had my nav bar fc on me once. Same thing here.

    • As long as you make a backup before flashing, this shouldn’t be scary at all.  Even if you don’t back up, simply flashing back to factory will fix everything.

      • I am just saying the general idea of not having controls. I understand that you can restore. 

    • This may be coming to AOKP soon. Looks like the perfect way to do it IMO.

      • Yeah, I’d wait for an implementation rather than a mod. It would be nice if you could set certain apps to take away the notification bar ie games, web browsing, etc.

        • Josh Nichols

          What? “An implementation rather than a mod? Aren’t they implementing a mod?

          • Implementations that are supported by the rom dev.

    • Josh Nichols

      No, it is not the same thing because there are apps to give you buttons.

  • Anonymous

    what happens when you have an app that takes up the full screen? do the soft keys come back? how would you get back or to the homescreen?

    • Wade Wilson

      From my understanding you use the Button Saviour and it will bring the nav buttons up like they are in the picture. They aren’t always there.

      • Anonymous

        i need to read before i comment

  • Anonymous

    So how will this work with already existing browser quick controls?

    • Michael Forte

      Quick Controlception?

      • RadicalPie


    •  It seems LM only comes up when swiping in from the middle while quick controls for the browser work above and below that area.

  • ….why would you get rid of the softkeys… do you really need that much more screen?

    • Anonymous

      if you think about that really is quite a bit of screen real estate. plus when I text I accidentally hit them, so eh, it may not be for everyone, but it may be worth a shot for heavy users.

      • Anonymous

        ” when I text I accidentally hit them”

        YES!! If only I had a dollar for how many times I’ve hit Home instead of spacebar…

        • ddevito

          Agreed. That was a poor UI decision. I do it about 5-6x a day myself.

          • I have never done this. You boys need to work on your accuracy.

          • Anonymous

            That’s what she said!

          • Anonymous

            Agree, came to the same conclusion, just not sure how I would do it differently…more space would be a waste. Maybe you should have to   touch the softkeys a little longer to activate them than the tenth of a second or so you do in normal typing. That would ignore most of the accidental soft key presses

          • Michael Forte

            They should have had a gesture area at the bottom of the bezel you swipe up and down to show or hide the soft keys.

          • Anonymous


          • EC8CH

            that would be awesome but the not so smart would get confused if the nav buttons weren’t constantly on the screen.

          • The Race To Die

            ya like adw’s dock

        • Mlarson6

          Yep, happens every day!! haha

        • EC8CH

          Yes…. so annoying

      • I hit them constantly too!

  • John

    Not really a fan of txt icons but pretty cool nonetheless

    • Anonymous

      Please learn to read. This article has nothing to do with the text icons.

      • John

        heh…good point

  • I saw this about an hour ago.  I may take the plunge and see if it works on un-blacked AOKP when I get a little time.

    • Worked well , but broke my theme.  LMT is definitely better than button saviour btw. Too much lag.  

      • And there is also an unblack themed file for this now.  I have to admit that this is a really cool mod. 

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm… I need to update AOKP as is. Might as well do this after I update. We’ll see if I like it… Wonder how it works with games.

    • That was one of the main reasons it was created from what we read. It shows them playing GTAIII on the full screen. Looks good 🙂

      • Anonymous

        How does that mess with some apps’ scaling? Does it distort anything?

        • EC8CH

          that’s was my concern.  how do the apps deal with the extra screen real estate?

  • Kuboo99

    I am going to try that as soon as I get sometime. And hope that it works on Liquid 

    • Kuboo99

       *some time