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Since the DROID 4 Battery Cover Can Be Removed, It has Wireless Charging Capabilities


If you love Motorola phones and were looking for reasons to buy the DROID 4 over the RAZR, consider wireless charging one of them. Since the DROID 4’s back cover can be removed in order to give you access to SIM card and microSD slots, Moto has gone ahead and created an “inductive” or wireless charging cover for it. Just remember that in order to charge wirelessly, you will need to fork out $40 for the cover and then anywhere from $50 to $100 for the pad to charge it on. I know it’s not much of a bonus, but there are a handful of companies looking to make wireless charging the way of the future. Think about having the ability to charge your phone while it sits down on a bar next to your Manhattan. We could see it, some day.


Cheers Digital Dan Hook!

  • Htc guy

    The droid razr maxx its a pos mine continuously overheated to 140+ before going into cool down mode and automatic shut downs verizon replaced my Maxx with another within 16hrs of receiving it has done it to the replacement same issues as the first phone I love the battery life but almost lost my job due to the fact I missed numerous calls being I’m in the oilfield on call 24/7 when my phone went into cool down mode I could not make or receive text or calls I missed 3 jobs costing my company over $10’000 I was very upset I therefore called Motorola and all they could offer was me to get a loaner phone from verizon and send in the replacement for up to 3weeks and I was stunned thankfully verizon just replaced it with a droid4 only problem is it wont turn on I was forced to use an old htc thunderbolt with a shattered screen and it still works great in my opinion I was better off taking my $800 and burning it I will never purchase another Motorola phone again

  • Barkleyfan

    Nice, but for those of us who can’t be near the base for extend periods…we now have a Maxx on 3 of 5 lines. Inductive would be a nice perk on Maxx, but battery life wins out over slider keyboard, inductive charging, etc.

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  • Brian Cohen

    Does anyone know if this cover add’s any thickness, and if so how much?  The inductive cover on the Droid 3 is a tad thicker than the standard battery covering, adding to the overall thickness of the device.

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    • Spambot200

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  • Anonymous

    “while it sits down on a bar next to your Manhattan”  Exactly what I was thinking. Kellex, you have good taste my friend. 

  • Craig

    I haven’t been too pleased with the inductive charging on my Droid 3. It seems to generate more heat and takes longer than when it’s plugged into the dock. Also, the back cover is much heavier and thicker. I wouldn’t buy it for my RAZR if it were available. I prefer the dock for charging.

  • Anonymous

    “Think about having the ability to charge your phone while it sits down on a bar next to your Manhattan.”

    Sounds like a good way to get your phone stolen.

  • Jerry Thomas

    Since when is a Manhattan not a manly drink?  That is practically the definition of a classic whiskey cocktail (as well as one of the few that can reliably be ordered at any bar and by made correctly), ludicrous and misguided internet machismo aside.

    For a *really* good Manhattan:

    2oz Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey Bottled-in-Bond (100 proof)
    1oz Carpano Antica sweet vermouth
    2 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters
    1 dash absinthe
    1 dash Luxardo maraschino liqueur

  • Christopher Riner

    I gotta say, I got the inductive charge pad for my droid charge the day I bought it and it really wasnt worth the money.  Battery swaps might take a little more time, but they are so much more practical. One thing that I am pretty sure that happened– even tho I have no real proof–with my inductive charge pad, was that it ruined batteries.  I didn’t have the media dock yet when I got the charge pad, so I only had one battery.  I would notice after picking it up off the charger that the phone would get really really hot.  Extreme heat can be one of the worst things for batteries.  After I got my media dock and wound up with a couple batteries, I noticed that one of them would only hold a charge for 2 or 3 hours– even if the phone was mostly idle.  Either the battery had a bad cell, or the inductive pad just destroyed it.  

    What I’m waiting for is a toggle in my notifications that says “charge”, that has a range thats good at least for the same room as the charger.  Not sure what the FCC would say about that type of technology tho, but THAT would be sweet.  

    oh, and by the way– soco kamizazee, shaken over ice. 

  • David Hussey

    This is one of the (only) things I miss from my Palm Pre. Not only is it simple, it reduces the physical stresses placed on the connector in the phone.  The Pre system was also magnetic, so I had one in my car where it kept it still.

  • Anonymous

    hmm… instead… I hope battery technology advances so that we won’t have to charge our phones at a bar (think about all the stolen phones). I don’t think wireless charging is a major priority that is going to dominate wired charging any time soon. It’s been around for a few years and seems very niche. It’ll also take mass adoption to get those prices down. Furthermore, I don’t think week long batteries are that far out in to the future.

    • Anonymous

      you say that but i mean when was the last time any change happened in battery tech?

      • Anonymous

        i beg to differ, the great advancements of lithium-ion batteries is the reason why we have so many hybrid cars these days. They are getting more and more efficient. 

  • Butters619

    “Think about having the ability to charge your phone while it sits down on a bar next to your Manhattan”

    A) you need a manlier drink
    B) Your phone will be there for about 2 minutes before it is stolen

    • Anonymous

      Manlier than a Manhattan? You clearly have no idea what it means to enjoy a beverage that’s most likely been around longer than you have lived. You can’t get manlier than a Manhattan. It’s obvious that you have no idea what one is or how to make it. I think you’re a bit confused. 

  • faber

    Bootloader unlock?….then nobody cares.

  • faber

    Bootloader unlock?….then nobody cares.

    • I don’t want the bootloader unlocked. I would rather the phone be locked down, the locked bootloader doesn’t change anything for me, and I think the real problem is, you have no linux knowledge. 😛

  • Maverick

    Bootloader unlock?….then no body cares.

  • Michael Forte

    I don’t get what the point of wireless charging is really. Sure, you can just set it down on a pad to charge, but then you can’t even use the phone while charging it. You have to pay more money for the inductive charging cover and the charging pad as well. Just not worth it. Maybe if there were something like proximity charging within a few feet, now that would be neat. 

    •  so me putting my phone on a dock to charge is just as fast and just as easy than placing it on a pad…and CHEAPER lol

    • Anonymous

      You buy a charging pad once. Plus, obviously it was not designed for use while the device is charging. It charges faster in turn. If you turn your phone of, it charges a lot faster.

      As an owner of a giant inductive charging pad (which I have on my nightstand), I love it. I can just throw my devices on it and wake up in the morning to some happy devices.

      • noyfb

        you can also charge 4-5 devices at once with a charge pad too

  • I use an inductive charge with my Thunderbolt and it is wonderful, especially for a phone that need to be charged anytime you look at it. It is nice to just come in and lay it on my desk to charge.

  • lazyman

    Nothing will overcome that screen.

  • Anonymous

    “Think about having the ability to charge your phone while it sits down on a bar next to your Manhattan.” That would be my wife’s drink. I’ll have a scotch, and while we’re at the bar the phone will stay in my pocket. Regardless, here’s another +1 for removable batteries.