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Clove UK Completely Ends Sales Of Asus Transformer Prime Due To Quality Issues

We have heard that the Transformer Prime has had its problems. People have been disappointed over things like faulty GPS, weak WiFi and other assorted issues. Well apparently, all these issues have become too much for UK mobile device retailer, Clove to deal with. Clove UK has now pulled the device from their inventory and have issued this statement concerning the stoppage of sales:

We are at this time not satisfied that all units we could provide you with are working correctly, and performing to the standard we expect of the unit. We have therefore taken the decision until further notice stop selling the Asus Transformer Prime.

Them is fighting words. Weirdly enough, Asus has yet to come forward and speak of the Prime’s downfalls and continues to assure consumers that there are no issues with their products. All orders of the Prime through Clove will now be cancelled and buyer’s money will be returned. We know that some of you here are Prime owners. Are any of you having these issues? Are they completely unbearable? Let us know.

Via: Droid Dog

  • Anonymous

    I love my prime. My wife’s Xoom…less and less. Only problem on my prime is Im having trouble trouble buying paid apps in the market I think it has something to with the fact that I’m in Guam.

  • G Mack

    I have a Prime, and have been problem free!!!   I have not used it for GPS, I use my phone for that (Sprint service).  When I create my ‘Hotspot’ my Prime hooks right up and has a very strong signal.
    Anywhere I go, with WIFI, I have great reception with it.    Thanks Asus!!  No Issues here!!

  • Nunezshow

    i love my prime, but unfortunately my prime has a huge issue staying connected to WIFI, and as far as GPS I have not even tested it because like most I don’t need it on my tablet. But my wifi goes in and out and I do find it hard to do things while always trying to position myself and trying to keep a constant connection

  • Nhackler777

    I absolutely love my prime & keyboard dock. I love the size, the speed, and have about the saame number of minor issues that I have with my g-nex. Wifi works wonderfully and gps is rarley used, but when it was I never had problems. I love the HDMI output and I streamed a hd movie to my 55″ LG tv a few days ago perfectly, what other tablet can do that?!?! My only gripe so far is the lack of cases for the tab & keyboard, but that’s not a deal breaker. Don’t listen to the haters… this device is the best tab on the market today!

  • Harrisons004

    Absolutely love my prime. No problems what so ever besides amazon price gouging of the keyboard dock. At least Best Buy wont change their prices.

  • Anonymous

    Asus makes great motherboards (all of my custom builds use Asus MB) and highly rated laptops as well. The original transformer was a good tablet as well. Nothing in this world is perfect….even Apple products.

  • seebrock

    I’m posting this from my prime right which I love. I’ve had zero problems out of it and it works great. I have no use for GPS on a tab anyways, haven’t even tested to see if works so what’s the big deal? No regrets all!!

  • Anonymous

    Had mine for one day before the charger physically broke and the Prime would not charge.  Shipped it back to ASUS (at my expense!!).  They had it for 2.5 weeks, communicating midway that they could not duplicate issue – my reply, can you charge it??  No reply at all to that, rec’d a brand new Prime 1.5 weeks later.  Have had it back about 2 weeks now with no issues – kids love it.  The thing is fast, upgraded to ICS, browsing is awesome, battery is great.  Biggest (one of the few) current issue – Droid Life app FC’s after about 30 seconds 🙁

    I’ll tell you this, I’ll never pre-order anything again and will likely never buy Asus again – not because of the product but because of their horrible warranty support (shipping on me and miserable communication)!

  • Ryan C

    Ive had my Transformer Prime for over a month now and i can honestly say i have had no issues with it at all. i love it. everything works as it should. My only gripe is that when i was on honeycomb, i could tether using my OG Droid with wireless tether, but since the ICS update, ad-hoc connections will no longer show up in the available connections. Also ive been following a thread over on XDA about this issue and Xoom users have the same problem. It apparently comes down to the fact that in ICS, there are now 2 wpa_supplicant files one being named wpa_supplicant and the other being wpa_supplicant2 and the fact that they are dependent on each other in order to have working wifi. We’re just waiting for a developer to compile some fix for this once the bootloader is unlockable. So for now i just have to Bluetooth tether.

  • Cypher

    I have had none of the issues that people are complaining about and i have had my device for over a month. I will say that I don’t use GPS on the tablet, but everything else on the device has been phenomenal.

  • Anonymous

    I have had both the TF101 and the TF201 and had no issues at all with either of the devices.  In fact, on my TF101, the charging cable shorted and blew out my tab, so I sent it in and within 2 weeks had it back, repaired and working perfect. 

    I think part of the problem is there is a very vocal minority of people surrounding the issues with the TF201.

  • Anonymous

    I’m currently on my third. I also got BB to match the $399 HHGregg ad. I have had problems with all three of mine. The first had problems with random reboots and lockups, along with the GPS, WIFI and Blueooth signal issues. The second had the same WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS issues (poor range on WIFI and diminished download speed proportionally. Speed cut in Half when using Bluetooth). Plus, the tablet only worked intermittantly with my dock (touchpad may or may not work and keyboard except for top row of keys almost never worked). This is the same dock that worked fine with my first tablet. Now, my third is much better, but the standard GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth signal weakness. I’ve had trouble with them all and I still have until early next week to return this one. Most things are great about this tablet, but ASUS support is the worst!! I really hope they roll out some fixes soon.

  • Sandwich4me

    I have had no issues with the tablet. The GPS is a little weak, yes, but i never use it outside of wifi coverage anyway, that’s what my droid is for.

  • JPC776

    I bought 2 of them (one for me, one for my wife), and have had no issues with either one of them. I got Best Buy to price match the HHGregg $399 price a few weeks ago. I couldn’t be happier.

  • QtDL

    Well I am on my 2nd Prime now. The GPS would not lock AT ALL so I took it back and got a 2nd one from Best Buy. It appears to have the same problem. I let it sit for 20 min or so an it will be stuck on “searching for GPS…”. I don’t know how much I would actually use GPS on a tablet device but $500 for a premium device, I would expect it to function FULLY. I am messing around with the 2nd one but it looks like I’ll be taking it back to the store. 🙁 The serial numbers on both were similar so maybe they both came from the same bad batch. I’ll be patiently waiting for the TF700 or $250 quad-core tablet.

  • Android

    Honestly I think Asus just had a bad batch when they first got released cause my wifi works great I’ve ran it threw different test everything works great except maybe the GPS doesn’t lock asap but nothing to get me to return it. Plus we ALL have our phones for GPS lol

  • Jason

    I dunno the twice bricking (2nd being unrecoverable) kinda made my $500 f-ing purchase mildly useless.  This of course after waiting as long as we all did for it to show up in the first place.  So it got returned.  So unbearable?  Yeah a bit.

  • Ethandef

    The device works good for me. 1 querry i do have for anyone to answer. Certain wifi modems,which work usually, are completely jammed,when i turn on this device. Why do you think this happens. Does the transformer e pad jam/disrupt certain wifi devices,when its turned on..

  • Anonymous

    Proud prime owner here. The only problem i had was screen banding issue which was corrected in the last update they did. Beyond that I am really happy with it and glad i waited for a tegra 3 device before jumping into a tablet.

  • Kylo77

    Have had my Prime for about 3 weeks and the only issue I have had is the GPS. Wifi works fine as well as the rest of the device.   It is very evident that they have QA issues but over all this is a rockin device.

  • Mpickup9

    For everyone that jumped on the Motorola hater bandwagon — there is a reason why the discerning value build quality. The Prime is like the Ferrari’s and Lambos of the 70s; flashy, fast and fickle. The Xyboard, stupid name and all, looks better and better.

  • Asdf

    Ive had mine for a week now…not sure what other users are doing to their primes to have such issues….because i havent had any issues. Really disheartening to see so many jumping on the hate asus bandwagon…because they’ve never given me a bad product in any PC I’ve built in the past.

  • jbonics

    Asus said use your phone for gps we know you have one. Then went on to tell me “what idiot is using gps on a tablet but to show off, you overcompensating for something. go buy a dual core aser throw away. everyone needs a throw away tablet for those times on the run……….f, 

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Asus is full of hack tech support people, horrible R&D, weak PR… they f***** up would could have been a great thing, I know, I own one.

    For those of you that doubt & claim no issues, follow some of the threads over at XDA that expose – pictures and photos – the shoddy internals and poor component decisions stuffed inside.

  • Aggiejon04

    I have a Prime and I have noticed a few bugs on ICS, but nothing unbearable. The performance is solid, battery life is great. I have had no issues with WIFI range/speed, every time i have used maps or GPS i havent had much of an issue with GPS lock. I moved from my Xoom to the Prime, and I am very impressed. The design is great, sleek, powerful, and light weight. Literally every one of my co-workers on ipad2s were desperately searching for a keyboard/dock solution even half as solid/integrated as the primes after giving them an opportunity to test it out. They have all since come back disappointed, lamenting that if they werent so in bed with iOS apps they would convert to the Prime/Android. No regrets.

  • Anonymous

    luckily my ONLY problem is a little extra light when on white backgrounds in the bottom 1/3 screen 2 spots about 2 mm each…not noticeable in normal usage except surfing the web with the white background you see it brighter.  def not a deal breaker and other than that i actually get excellent wifi

  • DroidzFX

    Oh snap you just got Asus’d

  • gchart

    Love my Prime; no regrets about buying it whatsoever.  GPS ain’t great… but it’s tablet.  No device is perfect, get over it!

  • GCurry

    I pre-ordered, got mine just after Christmas, RMA’d for refund 2 days later.  Wasn’t comfortable with GPS and wifi, but more uncomfortable with my perception of Asus’ behavior.  I prefer more “finish” in my products, more QA.  No regrets.

  • I’m not discounting an actual GPS problem, but I think a lot of people jump on the bandwagon without really understanding how GPS actually works.

    GPS signals are generally weak, you need to have line of site (so to speak) to the satellites in order to use GPS, the sole reason why GPS doesn’t work well or at all in doors without wi-fi.

    Like my DX which also does not work well with GPS in my home, or even in my auto unless I keep it in a place that can hit the satellites, and even my XM radio in my car with an external antenna that goes out in thick tall trees and tunnels.

    I bought the Prime regardless of the GPS problems people are reporting as it was not a feature I was looking for on a tablet. I was pleased to find that the GPS does work fine outdoors or in the car when positioned properly.      

  • Not the greatest day for Android…

  • Georgejk

    Just picked mine last week and so far it’s great. This is distressing. I’m going to have to put it through some rigorous use over the next few days to make sure I will keep it…

    • jbonics

      waaaaaaaa out loud.

  • Lansdownunder

    Wifi issues. Frustrating but not awful. I love this thing

  • Jim

    My Prime has the occasional reboot (which I chalk up to ICS), but my main complaint about this tablet is the image persistence (“burn-in”) which happens after only a few minutes using an app.  I am constantly rotating the tablet every few minutes to avoid burn-in.  Some apps, like Scrabble, force the tablet into a specific orientation that cannot be rotated, and I always get burn-in with the tile pattern and advertisement outline within a few minutes.  Luckily it goes away after a while, but it is really amazingly easy to get images persisting on the screen.  I’ve got brightness down to about 10% so it isn’t related to high brightness or the Super-IPS mode.

  • Anonymous

    My Prime works fine. I’ve never really used GPS on either the Prime or my old iPad 2. Pretty much always been on my phone instead.

  • Rlarsonmn

    I ended up canceling my order for the ‘Prime’ last Year and purchasing a TF101 original Transformer. Couold not be happier, great function plus absolutely zero issues.

  • Wsnydes

    i’m still dealing with the unknown serial number bit.  no OTA’s is the only issue i’ve noticed so far, but for $500 i expect it to work the way it supposed to.

  • I am glad I returned mine!
    I wouldn’t deal with the issues after paying $550.
    I will wait for a quad core tablet without the MAJOR issues.

  • Anonymous

    I have not had any significant issues with the tablet. I do not use the GPS and have no wifi coverage issues. I use my phone for gps. I am just waiting for the.bootloader to be unlocked.

  • Jonbarnhart

    Posting this from my prime…ICS was unbearable but I exchanged it and am going to stay with HC for the time being. ASUS has said they are working on the random reboot issue.

  • My dad almost threw his at the wall because it rebooted every 15 min or so. No warning or reason why. But he resisted the urge and returned it.

  • Charlesprutherford

    My TP is flawless. 

    • Porschephile2k3

      Mine too! Oh wait, was thinking of Charmin Ultra.

      • Scot Tennyck

        Mine is flawless as well.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, GPS on a wifi only tablet no one needs, use your darn phone if you want gps! Wifi on the prime isn’t the best I have ever seen but if people wanna cry about it ROOT YOUR PHONE AND USE WIFI TETHER! I personally have had no issue with gps, and wifi connectivity isn’t great but oh well, it’s perfect at starbucks and barnes and noble!

  • Eric Franca

    Waiting for that “defective unit” price drop, baby. Give it to me.

  • Steve

    I have a Prime with keyboard and have an extreme love, hate relationship with it.  The WiFi range is about half that of my DX and the GPS is just plane useless.  I bought it to use in my plane with geo-referenced mapping software.  It is useless for this purpose.  In fact, Asus has now removed any reference to it having a GPS from their spec sheet.  Other than that I love it; it just won’t do what I paid $650 to do.

  • Anonymous

    Having had to deal with Asus hardware in the past – I saw this one coming a mile away.  Stay away from anything they make.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed.  Asus has always had poor hardware, their motherboards were always terribly manufactured back when I was building/overclocking pc’s. 

      • Wpscompute

        Had a notebook from them that gave 3 years great service. I now own the TF101. It runs nicely.  I had a video hardware issue.  I sent it in and received the same unit back, repaired and working perfectly in less than 2 weeks. I have the keyboard that goes with it and the unit has provided me with the functionality of a tablet and a laptop.  

      • All my workstations and servers run on ASUS motherboards. Currently right around me I see a system running on a 5 years old P5E, and two others on 4 years old P5QPL-AM boards.

        My laptop is an ASUS F3Sv system, soon to be 4.5 years old. It had the standard problem, the DVDRW drive went nuts. I sent it off to ASUS, and in three days I got it back with the DVDRW replaced and working perfectly. Not just that, they also replaced the keyboard lid which had an almost unnoticeable crack in it. For free, naturally.

      • Butters619

        Usually at first ASUS motherboards work well but with time they just start acting weird

      • Anonymous

        Asus makes the best motherboards on the market. I have three pcs that all run on Asus and never had to RMA any of them. Now, Intel mobos are absolute garbage..

        • Anonymous

          EVGA makes the best mobo’s I’ve ever used and I’ve used a lot. 

  • Lmrojas

    My prime is fine…

  • Anonymous

    Bad afternoon for Android… 

    • Cam

       Not a great start to 2012 for Google as a whole, really.