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SHADOWGUN: The Leftover is Available in the Android Market Now


The expansion pack for SHADOWGUN dubbed “The Leftover” is available today in the Android Market. This new addition can be downloaded through the game if you already own it, bringing you 4 new levels, new enemies, new guns, and a whole lot more. For those that do not already own SHADOWGUN, you will have to fork out the $5 for the game to get this expansion pack. Go get some!

Market Link

Cheers Matthew!

  • RaptorOO7

    I really like the game but I am stuck at the friggin CyberLobster thing and just haven’t had time to get back to my game play.  Suggestions (besides the obvious to shoot the green dot)?

  • Anonymous

    Any idea when this update will come to the THD version?

    • Blood

      It’s the same app for both THD and non-THD devices.

      • Anonymous

        The same app can be used on devices with or without Tegra chips, but there’s a THD-specific version (Named, strangely enough, “Shadowgun THD”) which is optimized for Tegra 3.

  • Rcpresti

    Plays awsome on galaxy tab 10.1…..mad finger bring on sgadow gun 2!!! 🙂

  • im glad games like this and anomoly are finally going strong on android was the only negative of the platform, but it looks like the gap in games is getting smaller by the day.

  • NIce game!

  • Anonymous

    Just downloaded on the Rezound.  Pretty cool.