Madfinger Games Celebrating 4 Year Anniversary by Updating Popular Titles This Month

There are few companies out there that have taken the mobile gaming industry by storm quite like Madfinger Games. This is the company behind games we have been playing for a long time, such as DEAD TRIGGER, Shadowgun and Samurai Vengeance. Four years and 60 million downloads of their games later, here we are today, and Madfinger wants to celebrate by giving us more of what we love.  (more…)

Madfinger Games Releases Shadowgun: DeadZone 2.0 Update – Includes New Maps and Weapons (Updated)


DeadZone, the multiplayer version Madfinger Games’ Shadowgun, received an update to version 2.0 today, a day earlier than expected. The company has been teasing the update for weeks and even posted up an official release photo which included a date of April 4. We aren’t sure what happened, but the update is live right now. While we have yet to see an official or thorough changelog, the numerous teasers mentioned that the update will feature new maps and all sorts of new weapons, like the Smasher and Annihilator. Go get it!  (more…)

GameStick to Launch Pre-loaded With ShadowGun and Smash Cops


During a press event yesterday at GDC in San Francisco, GameStick developers announced the system’s first content partners and pre-installed launch titles. To kick it off, GameStick will be shipped to backers with Madfinger’s ShadowGun and Hutch’s Smash Cops. On top of that, GameStick owners will have access to a separate game store to make sure the games they download will be perfect for the portable unit.  (more…)

App Sales Roundup: runtastic Pro, NBA JAM, and ShadowGun THD

google play logo

Looking for some new apps in Google Play to waste your time with? If you are, why not save some money while you are at it! There are a few good apps/games on sale today, such as runtastic PRO, ShadowGun THD, and Reddit News. If you are into running, than the runtastic app seems like a good choice, but if you are more of a couch potato, then NBA JAM is where it’s at.  (more…)

ShadowGun: DeadZone Exits Beta, Introduces Multiplayer Voice Chat

Today is November 15, the day when Shadowgun: DeadZone exits its beta phase and becomes an official multiplayer juggernaut on Android. Nothing has changed too much since the last update, although there is one major feature, which is a multiplayer voice chat. Now, instead of just yelling to yourself that the guy you killed is a no0b, you can say it right to him. I haven’t tried it yet, but you can bet that I will be later tonight.  (more…)

Madfinger’s Shadowgun: DeadZone Official Launch Pinned For November 15

The beta is coming to a close, folks. This morning, Madfinger Games released the official launch trailer for Shadowgun: DeadZone, which gives us a November 15 release date. For those that have been playing the beta with me, don’t worry, your stats should be carrying over and you won’t lose any of your rankings. When it does go live, it’s expected to be free-to-play which is a huge plus for fans of the series.  (more…)

Shadowgun: DeadZone Beta Updated to Support Devices Other Than Tegra 3

Today, along with all of this other Android madness, Madfinger Games has pushed out an update to Shadowgun:DeadZone that allows non-Tegra 3 device owners to get their hands on the beta. This is a great sign that development and the beta is going well and we can see an official launch in the coming weeks or so.

If you haven’t already, stop reading this and go download the game for free right now on Google Play. It’s fantastic.

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