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After Update, Google’s Music Manager Allows Download Of All Your Music Straight From The Cloud

Thanks to a recent update to the Music Manager for Google Music, the search giant is now giving users a single button to download all of their previously uploaded or purchased music straight to their hard drives from the cloud. This was a feature we had been hoping for since its inception, but later is better than ever. Has your computer crashed and now your new PC has no music? Then this should ease your worries about losing your collection.

Along with that gem, users can now share YouTube videos of songs they have recently added to their library with their Google+ circles. Once you have uploaded a song, just click the drop down button and hit “share video with circles.” Cheers, Google.

Via: Google+

  • Anonymous

    This is extremely helpful, but I still need a desktop client for google music before this can replace itunes for me.

  • Chris Sandoval

    Now when can I upload music straight through my phone to GMusic?

    • Anonymous

      Just move the music from your phone to your computer by USB.

  • I wonder what would be the legal implication of this….but I’m not looking forward to find out.

  • Anonymous

    This makes Google Music infinitely more awesome to me. Before, it was just my music in the cloud, not much different than Audiogalaxy from an end-user perspective.

    But now? Now that I can get my music back from it, should anything untoward happen? Magnificent.

  • Now let us download song by song. {{-_-}}

    • Sven Enterlein

      +1000! I do not want to have my library copied entirely! 
      Also: How about adding this feature to the Google Music app? I know you can make the songs available offline but that’s not nearly as good because the files are stored w/o tags and as numbers for a file name….

    • To download a song individually, create a playlist and add all the songs you want to download to it and make available offline. Problem solved!!! 

  • Anonymous

    I was lucky enough to get on music when it was beta, so I converted all my CD’s using iTunes and they automatically uploaded. I then backed them up on hard drive and disc, cleared down my iTunes library and use the google account whilst on the move, which is where it is most useful.

    I know they initially only allowed people to download the music they purchased through the market place, be interesting to see how the record companies like this new feature, for obvious reasons 😉

  • Tsmith19762007

    y do it up load the library so slow… i have been uploading 2000 songs for like two weeks now

    • Anonymous

      something’s up wtih yours then…it only took 3 days to upload 13000(yes, 13,000)

    • Monty Waggoner

      10,000 in ~ 8 hours. 

  • Pretty Innovative Feature in My Opinion! Now You Can Backup your Music through Cloud With Ease! can anyone please tell regarding bitrate while downloading?

  • Cbaxter82

    Do something with the Tags,Google!

    • EC8CH

      you can edit track and album tags on GMusic through the website.

  • This is really *really* old news. The Google Music’s on-line interface has always(?) said that you can download *without limit* via the Music Manager (where you are limited via the web interface), and this feature has been in the *Windows* Music Manager for just as long.

    It was added to the Linux Music Manager at least a week ago (two weeks?). Perhaps it was just added to the OS X Music Manager… Is that why this post is so late?

    Has no one been paying attention?

  • Pete

    Huh? I did this from music manager like two weeks ago. Did they have a beta version out or somethng or are they just anniuncing it now? Weird…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’ve had this option ever since I downloaded it 2 months ago — v1.0.24.7712

      • Double ditto. Plus, I actually *read* when I use the on-line interface. The web interface has always said that you have a limited number of web downloads (3?) but unlimited via the Music Manager.

        The Linux MM was updated a few weeks ago. Maybe OS X just got updated today. But I’m pretty sure the Windows MM has always had it…

        • I guess I was being harsh. “Download Purchased Music” has been there for a long time. The whole library — I guess that’s what everyone’s excited about.

          • Pete

            Yeah, I saw that after looking again at the PC….from my phone I didn’t realize what all the fuss was about.  Thing is I ran into this just a couple weeks ago where I wanted to copy a bunch of tracks I purchased at Google to a USB drive and I was looking at how to do it.  I never thought about re-downloading things I already uploaded!

          • One caveat. If you upload songs you purchased (or got for free from Google), they will then count against your 20k song upload quota. So make sure you keep your purchased music separate if you ever plan to do an upload sweep to catch new music.

            Also, Google keeps a record of previously uploaded music locally on your machine. It won’t duplicate music if it gets uploaded twice, but your first upload will take the full time from a fresh computer with all your music on it…

    • EC8CH

      I was wondering the same thing. I know that I downloaded a free song that I got from GMusic to my computer just to see if it worked and to check what size the album art that they used was.

      Maybe they’ve expanded on this feature, but you’ve always been able to download music from the cloud to your computer.

  • I try to login to google music application on my pc, not the internet, and it tells me “only 3 accounts can be used per PC”.
    I never used any other account other than my own though…

    • Josh Flowers

      are you a ‘root’er? i had a similar problem when i flash a new ROM & install the G-Music app. i constantly have to clear out my permissions from the Google Music settings to allow access from each ROM.

  • how do I update it?! I’m still on

  • Mydog

    don’t you guys actually have to upload your music to the cloud? thats cute

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, and we don’t have to pay to upload our existing libraries. Cute, right?

      • Hi

        We don’t upload. iTunes match matches our music with higher quality copies already  on Apple’s servers. The whole process takes about 5 mins. 

        • Anonymous

          Correction: “We don’t upload if Apple already has it.” 
          Uploads still happen, but only if iTunes doesn’t carry it or a remastered version of it.

          I’ll give you higher quality copies though, for the most part. For the average user, it will indeed be a higher quality copy. Not, however, to the user who actually has a high-quality lossy made directly from a lossless file or to the user who has an original mix when Apple only has a remaster. In that case, iTunes Match’s procedure would be an inconvenience.

          I admit that’s a niche occurance, but it does happen (myself as an example).

          • Hi

            Yeah i will admit that is one of the edge cases for people with lossless files or other higher quality formats. Lucky for me everything was just CD rips. 

        • EC8CH

          “We don’t upload.”

          … but you do pay.

          • Hi

            Do you need me to lend you $25 for a years subscription. This is why Android is still so far behind in the app department. Android users simply don’t buy apps or spend money. I know some people do this is obviously a generalization. The fact that you think its terrible spending 2 dollars a month for a service which is miles ahead of Google Music speaks volumes. 

          • EC8CH

            Sure, and while you’re handing out money for overpriced products I’ll take a couple hundred more so I can pick up a MacBook too.

    • fartbubbler

      yeah, then we can access our music anywhere.  I upload it at home, then can play my entire 10,000 song music collection at work.  With nothing on the hard drive.  Very cute. 

      • Dog

        iOS does that also but we don’t have to upload. I would hate to have to wait 2 weeks for my 15,000 library to upload. 

        • Anonymous

          Right, because while your music is uploading it’s totally impossible to listen to them.

          I have hundreds of foreign cds that are now near impossible for me to get if they ever get damaged or lost. Ripped them and now they are safe and sound on google music.

          • Dog

            Well in cases of obscure music that isn’t on the servers you can upload so it is “safe and sound” on iTunes servers

          • ComeOnMan

            It has nothing to do with listening while uploading. Uploading is a terrible idea for songs they already have on their servers. If you have a laptop you have to leave your computer plugged in and connected to the network for a few days. If you think that isn’t annoying then something is wrong with you. 

          • Of course it’s annoying, but it’s one time out of forever! Who cares!?

    • You mad bro?

      • df2rools

        Inspecting the comment he made, it does indeed seem as if he is a little agitated!


    • EC8CH

      obvious troll is obvious

  • xxdesmus

    Wow, that’s pretty amazing. Wonder what the bitrate will be (or if it’s just the original files)?

  • Guest

    Read that they convert your music to 320 kbps mp3s.

    Will you be given the exact same file you upload, if you upload a file that’s already 320 kbps mp3, or will they somehow change your file (i.e. will some conversion occur that will reduce quality)? Also, what if you upload one with <320 kbps bitrate?

    • Waffles Guru

      MP3s are a lossy format so any conversion between MP3s results in at least some frequency loss (converting 128 kbps to 320 kbps only increases file size not quality; quality will actually be slightly decreased).

  • Funny, as I was just downloading some songs from my library right before reading this.

    In general I like the Google Music site, I like browsing on the Market for music (long previews, high quality downloads). The Google Music site rendered on an iPhone is magically good – it feels like a native app and even looks ICS-ish.

    But overall the Google music experience requires too many steps. One place to buy music (Market), one place to listen to it (Google Music). After purchase, you aren’t given a quick way to go listen to the music you just bought, a natural enough thing to do. And then there is a completely other place to download it (why the heck would a Preferences pane be the logical place to do this on a Mac?). 

    Yes, you can download direct from Google Music, but it’s more tedious than doing it through the Preference pane. On the other hand, the Preference pane is brute force, all or nothing. Once downloaded, I then have to manually import the songs to iTunes. Amazon’s downloader takes care of that step automatically, for example.

    This is screaming for a more integrated approach. I don’t like iTunes at all anymore as it’s now trying to do too much, but for music it does manage to do downloads/listening seamlessly.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      I still import CDs to, and buy music through iTunes. Google Music automatically updates my Google Library as soon as something is added to iTunes which is a handy feature. If you use both an iPod and a Android device, this is the easiest way to go. While I love my Gnex, my iPod is still the best device for playing, storing, and listening to music, especially when you consider battery life. Music players happen to be something that Apple has truely mastered and my hat is off to them in that department. 

  • jbonics

    I was the first one to leave a comment in the marketplace after the update. Your so two and a half days ago. No more Fc . All the negative comments they were on that fast

    • Domikinzu

      you guys know how to post videos to facebook?

      • FortitudineVincimus

        you thought that was so funny, you posted it twice? once was bad enough.

        • Domikinzu

          haha no, like in the commercial, when he says it, then they replay it back to him, like an echo.

          get it? 

    • Domikinzu

      you guys know how to post videos to facebook?

    • Anonymous

      You are sooo awesome! … the update for Music Manager was just released today. Google announced it at approximately 5:30 pm est. Yet you had it 2 and a half days ago…. where you evidently downladed it from the marketplace, where it isn’t offered because it isn’t an Android app… because it is a computer program. You are one special guy!

      …that, and the Google Music app for Android and the Music Manager program for your pc…. they aren’t the same things. Guess which one this article is about……

  • Anonymous

    Finally! Thanks DL!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t think I will ever use that… Nice feature though.

  • fartbubbler

    awesome feature addition!!