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Google Introduces “Experimental” Gmail Options in Android 4.0.3

Owning a Transformer Prime or Motorola XOOM has an added benefit over most other devices at this time thanks to their Ice Cream Sandwich updates. In version Android 4.0.3, a slightly new version of Gmail is introduced that includes an “Experiments” section. In this special section, you will find two new options that make the Gmail experience much more well-rounded:  full text search and the ability to drag and drop contact “chips.”

The first option allows you to index messages so that they can be searched locally. The second turns the contact “chips” into movable objects. Now, when you long press on a newly added contact into To/Cc/Bcc, you can long-press to then drag and drop them into another field. In the 4.0.2 version of Gmail, a long press gets you into a “copy email” box.

Neat, right?  [insert generalized fragmentation remark]  

Via:  ComputerWorld

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  • Anonymous

    How about Pinch to zoom, and a Copy/paste gesture that responds the way you’d expect it to ?

  • I’d just like the issues with google music with the screen off to be fixed.

    • Anonymous

      I’m curious to know what issues you have with it, as I’ve not run into any issues with Google Music myself.

  • Rawheat

    Good stuff.   When is Google officially release 4.0.3 for the GNex?  I know its leaked, but would rather wait for the completed official version.

  • ddevito

    Works well on GNex running BB from Pete Alfonso. Sweet. But honestly why would this ever be needed? Unless I’m missing something, why would I want to change the sender (to, CC, BC, etc) while writing the same email?

    • Anonymous

      In case you confuse your mistress with your wife?

      /just sayin’

      • Jake

        Valentine’s Day is coming up.

    • Anonymous

      You hit reply all and want to move some people into cc to make it clear it’s not to them.   At least I do that a lot in Outlook for work emails when way too many people are copied for no reason.

  • Jeff Tycz

    How about an option to open up the Gmail database again to 3rd party apps…..

  • Anonymous

    Works well on AOKP for Galaxy Nexus..actually saw this option early this morning while messing in the settings. The contact image seems to disappear once moving the chip though.

  • Anonymous

    I also found these on my Galaxy Nexus. Unofficial 4.0.3 of course.

  • Mike Petty

    Tried it on my GNex.  Crashes gmail if you play around with the chip too much 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You know the rule about more than 3 shakes! LOL

  • Dan

    Why isn’t 4.0.3 on the GNexus yet

    • Anonymous

      Fragmentation, obviously

      • John


      • Anonymous

        Considering that NO phone available anywhere, save for some nexus s owners has 4.0.3, that is not the reason, and saying that is just BS.

        • Kevin

          I’m PRETTY sure he was being sarcastic. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Good question. It’s on my TouchPad…

    • Anonymous

      I have it on mine….THANK YOU PETER ALFONSO!!!!

    • Anonymous

      thanks DL…i didn’t even know that 4.0.3 had an experiments section in gmail. sure enough, this option works!

    • Michael Forte

      I’m thinking they might skip 4.0.3 altogether and just go straight to 4.0.4. The radios for 4.0.3 are not really any better IMO, that’s probably why they haven’t sent the update yet. Although 4.0.3 is only maybe 30 minutes away, if you want to root and flash a custom ROM.

      • Dbarden31

        Do radios actually get better with software updates? Thought it was one of those things that if a phone had a bad radio then there’s nothing you can really do about it. I took my Razr back for the MAXX. The Nexus is definitly tempting although the camera is not all that good but I can’t deal with low to no signal. That’s just a deal breaker.

        • Scott

          I’m still on stock, but I have heard through a few different forums that the reception improved quite a bit with 4.0.3.  Key word “heard”.

          • Dbarden31

            That’s great if it did but I’m gonna need more than “I heard” to convince me to get the nexus. Too bad I can’t turn the Razr into a Nexus haha.

        • Anonymous

          i would assume if you increase power to the radio it might get a little better. this is just a guess, i dont know for sure. 

      • Eric

        I’m finding better dBm signal from the radios in my 4.0.3 build from codename android 1.1.4.  At home where is used to get -108 now seeing -93.  

      • balls

        you have no life

        • tr0ubl3d 0n3

          Posting here about someone not having a life…yeah we know who the real no life is idiot.

    • balls

      you really just asked that?