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PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies Lands Officially On Android Market

Electronic Arts has published Plants vs. Zombies to the Android Market, finally.  Previously, if you wanted to have this classic game on your Android device, you would need to go through Amazon’s Appstore.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but having apps through the official Market is sometimes easier to manage.

The application will run you $2.99, but who knows.  Maybe we could see it tomorrow as a 10 cent app?

Market Link

  • Sacedric

    Amazon or Android market dknt work on the galaxy nexus. I miss these guys

    • Anonymous

      Really? The Amazon version works perfectly on my gNex. Resolution looks dated, but works fine.

  • Anonymous

    Try living outside of the US. You know the other 95% of the world. Amazon’s Appstore is not easily accessible and therefore these sort of exclusives are ultimately annoying. Looking at the Android Market Inforgraphic also shows that these sort deals appear to be poor business decisions…

  • Blood

    I see no reason why I should keep my Amazon app insalled in my phone now finally!

  • Anonymous

    Is it an updated version from the Amazon one? PVZ was cool when I was rocking my Dinc, but it looks like crap at 540×960.

  • Flyinion

    Got this free on Amazon as well.  Have never played it though (unless you count the imitation built into WoW).  Doesn’t actually run on my OG Droid but I managed to get it by going directly through the Amazon website.  It’s waiting for a Galaxy Nexus so I can play it lol

    • The Race To Die

      haha exactly to all of that

    • i did the same got it on my hp touchpad cant wait to move the data and play on Gnex.

  • Anonymous

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • who didnt get this free on Amazon im sorry lol. It was great but i got bored after about 4 days lol

  • Anonymous

    EA is the biggest piece of sh!t mobile developer out there.  Good luck to those of you spending your money on them.  This is one of the few times I’m content with just having them on Amazon and not the official market.

  • Bob

    Being that Popcap just got bought by EA, and I HATE EA after they switched the names on 3 different games in the Market, would not refund me the money when my version no longer worked, and wanted me to spend more money on the newer version made me swear I’d never buy a game from the again (I snapped Madden 2010 in half for the PS3).  Now I have PvZ for the Amazon Appstore (Amazon Appstore is on that list that EA is on) and want it on the Market, but now have to spend $2.99 ($3.17 with tax).  I’ve given up on my little flower buddies.

    • Anonymous

      I hear you. I bought The Sims 3 a year ago and they kept changing the name. Now I can’t even run it on any new devices because it won’t download the data package. I wanted to get Sim City over the weekend, but it too wouldn’t download the data package, so I refunded. EA can suck it.

  • David Henry

    I have this from when it came out on Amazon’s app store and it works great on my Xoom. This market version can’t be put on the Xoom though…don’t know why they would restrict that when it works perfectly fine.

    • Anonymous

      I also have the Amazon version and for the most part it works fine on my Iconia. However, every time I beat a level when you click the bag and a new item flies forward, it slows down to a stuttering crawl. Only does it then, at the end of the level, every time it does that new item animation. Do you have this problem on your Xoom? The graphics also seem a little weird to me sometimes, like there is a mixture between low-res and high-res at the same time. Hard to explain. This is the only game that gives me problems like that.

      • David Henry

        The serious slow down when you get new items is definitely there for me too. I’ve put in a lot of time with the game and have noticed some small things that act a bit funny, but I’d never consider it a big enough deal to keep me from playing more. I like it much better then on smaller screens.

        • Anonymous

          Okay, good to know it’s not just my device. Yeah, the game is fun, I just dread every time I click that bag because it slows down so much!

  • already have it for free from amazon (launch day free app of the day)… now i need them to put out an HD version for my tablet.

  • EC8CH

    Can think of something else I’d rather see tomorrow.

    • The only thing I’d rather is Tasker.

      • Anonymous

        This is Nexus-Life now. He didn’t mean apps.