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[Deal] Galaxy Nexus Available from LetsTalk for as Low as $155 for New Customers, $175 for Upgrades

Tonight at midnight, LetsTalk.com is opening up their store to future Galaxy Nexus deals with quite the deal. Using their $75 off VZW coupon, you can score one as a new customer for $154.99 and $174.99 through an upgrade. That’s essentially half of what Verizon stores will charge you.

Head to this link at 12:01 PST and plug in the code $75VZN.

Update:  Some of you noticed that their system appears to try to switch you over to a tiered data plan. I have reached out to LetsTalk to get some clarification on this. Hoping to hear back shortly.

Update 2: LetsTalk has confirmed that they have a ‘keep unlimited’ option when you add the Galaxy Nexus to your cart. That should take care of any worries out there for unlimited data Verizon customers.

The coupon code comes from their Facebook page.

  • Evan

    I was back ordered til the 12th, checked today and my phone is suppose to ship today and arrive monday.

  • I GOT BACK ORDERED AGAIN!!!! NEW TIME 1/12/2012!!! WTF!?

  • K2extrem5

    Oh yeah. And I ordered at 10am EST on launch day.

    • mine is shipped, i ordered it at about 930 am launch day.  sounds like you just missed the cut

  • K2extrem5

    My estimated availability date was just pushed out to 01/12/2012 after it said 12/30/2011. I called and she said they received phones in today. The way she explained it if they have 2,000 phones back ordered and they have 1,000 coming in on the 12th everybody sees the 01/12/2012 date regardless. So I might be waiting til the 12th then get a new date of the 26th. I might be waiting months at this rate. I’d imagine LetsTalk doesn’t get much priority compared to other stores selling them for $299.

    • yeahyeahyeah

      I ordered about 8:30am on launch day and my status was just changed to ‘Ready to Ship’ with an estimated delivery date of Monday.  Maybe you just missed the cut?

    • Evan

      yeah i ordered mine like mid day on launch day and i just got pushed back to the 12th… i guess im not that upset since im saving 125 bucks

    • MITBeta

      I got the story that they got in 500 to fill 1000 backorders and that it was all Samsung’s fault.  I cancelled the order and went with Amazon for $229.  Should have done that from the start…

  • geek_grl

    Ordered around 11 am on launch day, took SIX DAYS for carrier approval on an upgrade which is just ridiculous since Amazon can do it in 60 seconds… now backordered to 12/30, I’d be shocked if I saw it before next year. Oh well, at least I saved a chunk of change.

  • Kenneth Obyrne

    I had mine backordered till 12/30, for a short time prior it had said 12/21, and it shipped today instead!! Happy boy I am, definitely worth the savings to me just to wait a week and a day. My shipment is not yet trackable, and the notice came in after 5 PM so I believe it’ll be here on Friday. If you haven’t, you may want to check your inbox. 

    • jerry turner

      I got the same thing. The wait wasn’t so bad for getting it pretty much half off. I think they should be at our doors Thursday. I checked my tracking and it said it was shipped next day air which means Thursday.

    • Evan

      When did you order? it would be a nice christmas surprised if it just shipped 🙂

  • jerry turner

    This is starting to get annoying. I ordered about 15 mins after it went live but I am backed ordered until 12/30. I have waited this long and to save the money I will probably just wait it out but come on. I this rate I am not going to see my phone until probably a week into Jan 2012. Not a fan.

    • Anom

      you’re really that mad because its coming two weeks later? jesus man go outside

      • jerry turner

        Are you really that lame to feel the need to post a reply like that? You probably need to heed your own advice and so you can stop getting your rocks off by being a DICK on the Internet….

  • Melancon

    Yup, mine went from 12/19 to 12/21 to 12/30 too.

    I saw some people who also had that happen but had their orders changed to SHIPPED about an hour ago. Mine unfortunatley never changed but when I click on my order number it doesn’t even say backordered on the detailed order page. Dunno wtf is going on…

  • Anonymous

    I ordered mine at 4:30am est and was backordred to 12/19. I checked this morning it got bumped to 12/21. I just checked now and it says 12/30! Wtf! How do you expect a shipment to come in and just change it for over a week later. I might wait it out bc its a cheap upgrade.

    Anybody call them lately to see the status of their expected shipment?

    • I’m in the same position as you. I made my order 20 minutes after it went on sale and now i’m back ordered til 12/30. I chatted with a CSR and she told me they wont have anything coming in till then. I even offered to pay more if i could get it by Christmas and she still said no. haha but oh well, it is what it is.

  • Melancon

    I ordered as soon as it went live @b6498b5268ed086c731beb88fde03df4:disqus  3:15am EST. Once carrier approved my order was backordered to 12/19. Today I woke up and it said 12/21. Anyone else have the same problem. And if for those who ordered and received their GN do you think if mine is backordered to 12/21 I’ll receive it by 12/23?

    • Guest

      Check it again mine said 12/21 as of Noon EST now its 12/30 and they mean they ship it with in 24 hours not overnight shipping its word play they use.  They ship it ups ground so maybe another week after its shipped you’ll get it.  google letstalk reviews and you will see a laundry list of crap they pull. I wish I never ordered from them.

  • Bpdonovan88

    mine is on back order and now i get an email from customer service saying they want my SSN and verizon password? yeah right, i’m all set..

    • Evan

      yeah i keep getting issues with a credit check… and im not even the primary line. of course they emailed me today and i cant even call them because its sunday… at least im not losing any time since its so back ordered.

      I dont think they’re trying to steal your information, letstalk is a legitimate site i think just this whole wave of GN orders has overwhelmed them. When i called in the first time I got someone on the phone in under 5 minutes and they were very helpful with the steps i needed to take. They said even though verizon has all of the information, they can’t verify anything with verizon until they have the right information to give them. They received information for the primary account and now for some reason they want more information from me, seems like a mix up, hopefully going to get everything straightened up… really dont wanna pay 250 for the phone from amazon or 300 in store, 175 is worth a little more time and work in my opinion.

  • Chargerfanray

    Ordered phone when phone became avail. Went on back order.  Yesturday went avail 12/19. Which is fine with me. I dont have to pay 299. Have waited for this phone, so its no big deal waiting a week or more longer….Its just a phone. All You that bitch and moan that they cant wait really need to get a life, its just a frickin phone.

  • Anonymous

    WARNING: Watch out for “LetsTalk.com”..

    I order the Nexus early… They took my order… and then by the next evening it went into  “back order”… so they gave me a $25 credit, while I waited for the Nexus…
    I tried to use the credit on an case for a different phone I have… they took the order and gave me a “delivery date” for next week…. 15 minutes later they email me that the case is “back ordered” too (with delivery “unknown”)… WHY TAKE THE ORDER!!!
    BTW… if the case doesn’t become available within 10 days, the order will be cancelled and I lose the credit.. WTF…

    Are these guys jokers or are they scamming???
    So be careful….

  • Anonymous

    I got an email from LT:
    Dear Customer,
    In an effort to offset any disappointment or frustration you may have experienced, we are offering a coupon good for up to $25 worth of free accessories. You can use coupon XXXXXX any time in the next year to order these accessories. This code is unique to you, but if you lose it our reps will be able to look up the code with your original orderID.Did this sour you on LetsTalk? We sure hope not. Give us another shot. We love offering unbeatable deals to our customers, and we look forward to offering more great values in the future.Thank you again for your business and your understanding.Ruth Yankoupe, COODave Frame, CMO

    Pretty bummed I got back ordered even though I ordered within 20 min of the phone being released on their site, but oh well at least i’m not paying $299 :/

  • Bill Anderson

    I received my LetsTalk GN this morning. It wouldn’t activate so had to call them. I immediately got a real person, they figured out the problem in about 30 seconds, and I’m now rocking a fully functional GN! 

    +1 to LetsTalk!

    • Hguer1

      Lucky dog!!!! 🙂

    • Yeah, they have great customer service. All of their reps are supposedly based in TX. From what I understand, they take pride in not outsourcing and in their reps being well trained.  I’ve now ordered 2 phones from them and I don’t think I’ll ever order from anyone else again – especially not the Verizon stores, which often take you an hour or more to get a phone and get out the door.

    • Melancon

      How long did it take from shipping confirmation to getting to your door??

  • J Dub

    Wish I would have know that Wal-Mart uses Letstalk for it’s cell phone orders. Assuming that you could have got it through them and used the same coupon code AND then use any gift cards for Wal-Mart you have laying around. I have a $75 gift card that would have made it $100 out of pocket.

  • Just got this:

    One or more items in your order are out of stock.
    Due to high demand, the following product(s) in your order are presently out of stock.The expected date for new inventory arriving at our warehouse is displayed below
    Estimated Availability 12/30/20111 $174.99 Galaxy Nexus by Samsung (Verizon)

  • deeznutz

    added a line and Best Buy matched Amazon 149 price then said they could upgrade me for 199.00 so I got 2 phones for the price of one (after taxes)… 

    • deeznutz

      no BS back orders or waiting 2-4 wks… 

      • guest

        was this online or in-store….inquiring minds want to know.:)

    • Evan

      i want to know about this, my best buy has them available…

  • Anonymous

    Last night customer service rep said they expected to ship more orders Monday or Tuesday.  This morning customer service rep said “a couple weeks”.  Now my order status says expected availability 12/30.

    I think I’m going to keep my order, and if Amazon has a good sale between now and then, I will cancel.  Finally got through Carrier Approval after jumping through 300 hoops.