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Video: Eric Schmidt at LeWeb 2011 – Demo of ICS on Tablets, Android vs. Apple, and a Lot of Awkward Comments Included


If you have an hour to blow through today, check out the appearance that Eric Schmidt made this week at LeWeb 2011 in Paris. Within the first few minutes, you will see a full 8-minute walk-through of Ice Cream Sandwich by Google’s Hugo Barra. Included in his demo, is one of the first appearances of ICS on a tablet. The rest of the features he shows were seen in a variety of videos we have done over the last few weeks and at the Hong Kong unveiling event.

Schmidt also talks Android vs. Apple, Google+ vs. Facebook, and then fields questions from the crowd on hand. It’s a good watch just because it’s Eric – meaning, you never know what kind of random stuff he is going to spit out. Within the first 10 minutes, you may run out of fingers if you try to count the number of awkward pauses between Hugo, Schmidt and the show’s host.

  • Anonymous

    I like the face-LOCK idea… If your eyes are half closed and you’re swaying back and forth (e.g. wasted) it locks you out apart from cab and emergency calls.

  • Richard Ericksen

    2:30    “Ice cream sandwich begins with the word I”.


  • D8labs

    J Should be for Jawbreaker 5.0, I have all rights to this name. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who’s a bigger nut between Schmidt or the Woz haha

  • Anonymous

    This ICS looks similar to the blur on the razr. It has same scrolling email widgets etc. I feel moto had ICS ready already 🙂

  • Dude wtf does a man worth 6 billion..who probably has an amazing life filled with women and awesomeness want to be on stage for an hour talking about a cell phone for…I would have gotten loaded too!

  • What’s with those mics?  That’s awkward in itself.  Less intrusive mics have been out for years.

  • Anonymous

    Should’ve saked how the Google let Verizon mess up the launch of the Galaxy Nexus!!!!!!!!!!

  • I felt bad for Hugo.  Dude was trying his damnest to not make his boss look like an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Was that ICS running on a 4g Xoom? How long before Verizon pushes that out to everyone?

  • Nick

    Hooray! We all now have Eric Schmidt’s phone number. Now what to do with it…

  • Henry Gomes

    Eric comes off as a ICS hater almost..get it together

  • Anonymous

    that was boring.

  • Anonymous

    lol, “The Kardashian’s can spread through yet another mechanism.”  Possibly the most awkward thing ever said.  How is this guy worth over 6 billion dollars?

  • Anonymous

    also, who else is scouring all the screens looking for some hint of the ‘J’ release name?

  • Anonymous

    Eric seems genuinely interested in this new ICS stuff lol

  • Anonymous

    Was Schmidt loaded? Jesus….

    • Anonymous

      I want to be loaded like Eric Schmidt 🙂

      Also I’d have a Nexus by now…

  • Nadeem Kizi

    Presenter: iPhone is in the lead.
    Eric: What, what kind of lead?
    Presenter: *speechless*

    • Anonymous

      Damn! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Schmidt is so, so awkward. Gotta love him.

  • Anonymous

    Still not happy with ICS. It looks like a jumbled mess. It’s interface looks un-unified. Just my opinion..sorry about that. I forgot people can’t have opinions around here. I won’t let happen again.

    • Mack

      I highly disagree but on a side note…your avatar is the greatest thing I have ever seen. 

    • John

      It’s OK. Just be sure not to do it again

    • Anonymous

      It looks similar to moto UI 2.3.5. Moto has smart actions and motocast, something google does not have. A little overrated i think.

  • ICS on Verizon XOOM!?!?!?! Gimme please

    • Anonymous

      May be the only time you see a moto device running an unskinned ICS

  • Anonymous

    Yeah what an ass the old man is. LOL @ the Mac on the desk…..wtf

    • Anonymous

      Google doesn’t use windows internally–only mac and linux, and I suppose now Chromebooks.

    • Anonymous

      google banned windows due to security concerns and went to mostly macs and some linux machines

  • William

    I love how he made things awkward and weird  the whole time.

  • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

    Lame, like his OS.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Schmidt my Chairman says