Eric Schmidt Says He Currently Uses the “Motorola RAZR X,” What?

In an interview with The Canadian Press to promote his new book about Google and to announce a $1.5 million grant to Actua, Google’s Eric Schmidt talked through a number of wide ranging topics. Of course, we tend to focus on the mobile or Android-related stuff that Big “E” mentions from time to time, something he graced us with yet again. The interviewer asked Schmidt what his current phone was because Canadians like to talk about Blackberry still, and Schmidt has been a fan of Blackberry for years. While Eric admitted that he still carries around a Blackberry, he noted that his current phone is the “Motorola Razr X.”

Umm, what?  (more…)

Video: Google’s Eric Schmidt Lays Out His Predictions for 2014

While not completely related to mobile, whenever Eric Schmidt has something to say, we have no problem sparing the time to listen. In a recent video posted by Bloomberg, Schmidt lays out his predictions for the year of 2014, which includes everyone rocking a smartphone, big investment from Google in social networking, and “unfathomably” important steps in finding additional treatments for cancer and other various diseases.  (more…)

Google’s Eric Schmidt Writes Handy Guide for People Switching From iPhone to Android

Google chairman Eric Schmidt took to his Google+ page this weekend, laying out the basic guidelines for any iOS user making the switch to Android. The process might seem daunting at first, given a certain level of investment one might have in an ecosystem, but Schmidt relates the switch to the same people that went from PC to Mac years ago – once you go Mac, you don’t go back. As a little poke at Apple, Schmidt also references the latest data, that Google’s Android OS controls 80% of the world’s smartphone market. It’s quite the stat, so he wants to make sure that converts are in for a smooth transition to Android. (more…)

Eric Schmidt Thought Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” Rule Was the Stupidest Thing Ever

eric schmidt

Way back when Google first launched, the new company came out with a moral stance that stated “don’t be evil.” A lofty, but noble goal that the company has tried to live by for sure, but in a recent interview Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt said he thought that it was a pretty dumb idea. “When I showed up, I thought this idea was the stupidest rule ever, because there’s no book about evil except, maybe, you know, the Bible or something.”  (more…)

Eric Schmidt Says Google Glass is a “Year-ish” Away From Its Retail Debut

project glass2

The Explorer Editions of Google Glass are slowly shipping to early adopters as you read this, but since the $1,500 price tag attached to them was more than likely out of the range of most, you can imagine that the official retail launch is what’s on radars. We had originally heard that Glass in its retail form would arrive this year with a price below the $1,500 Explorer Edition, however, Eric Schmidt made comments this weekend in an interview with BBC radio that suggested otherwise.  (more…)

Eric Schmidt on Motorola: Their New Set of Products is “Phenomenal”

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Speaking at AllThingsD’s Dive Into Mobile conference this morning, Eric Schmidt was asked about his thoughts on where Motorola stands and how we can expect to see Google use them in the future. His comments were brief but powerful, to say the least. After hearing Google’s CFO Patrick Pichette discredit any of Motorola’s near-future products as not having the “wow” factor that Google likes to see, Schmidt went the opposite direction.  (more…)