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Promo Galaxy Nexus Packaged in Ice Cream Sandwich Box?

Coolest phone box ever? I know it’s tough to see, but embedded in that Ice Cream Sandwich-esque box are the words “Galaxy Nexus.” We aren’t sure if this is the actual retail packaging for the G-Nex or if it’s just some promo piece, but it’s damn cool.

Cheers @drewm25!

  • It is good imformation to know more. Thanks for share!

  • Earleepa

    Come on good humor man deliver me some ice cream sandwich.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Sir Lawrence

    VZW should start selling the box before the phone launches. This crowd is beyond hypnotized by google! There better not be one complaint about that thing when it launches.

    • Cam

      There will be. Reality rarely matches or exceeds fantasy/expectations.

      All this silliness over every scrap of paper from the big Goo is just fanboy fodder to talk about. Fun stuff, but once the phone hits I think it’s safe to say we will all get to the business of picking it apart.

  • phonepeasant

    Hey guys could really use your help? If I buy the gsm version of the nexus(just the fact im considering paying that shows how awesome the phone is) will I be able to use it on verizon who im currently on contract with, i travel to europe and i just want to be able to use my phone.

    • Anonymous

      I’m 99% certain that a GSM phone will not work with Verizon (who uses CDMA).

    • Cam


  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      NO WAY!?!? :O


      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Instead of taking pictures of boxes perhaps somebody can do something useful like tell us how the battery life compares to the original droid

    • Sir Lawrence

      Yeah because if the battery doesn’t last for at least a gazillion hours I’m not buying it, when will samsung learn to make better batteries!!!!!

  • James Friedman

    I want to buy the box just as a collector of all things android…

  • Jonathan Duke

    That is serious bad-assery, geek style.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s really cool…I want, I want, and would pay extra!!

    Okay, no, I wouldn’t pay extra for a damn Ice Cream Sandwich themed box, but hell, would definitely be awesome to be greeted with such a box when I finally get my Galaxy Nexus on the 9th, or the 16th, or whenever Verizon decides to actually officially announce a release date.

  • I couldn’t take the wait any longer and I don’t plan on opening up another phone line (got 2 :D), so I just ordered one from Expansys. My early Christmas present to myself is coming Wednesday. Can’t wait. 

  • Dan


  • NotoriousNeo

    This looks like a launch kit. In fact I’m almost sure of it. The RAZR had a pretty badass launch kit box that when opened stuck the RAZR demo and dummy phones out like blades. Jesus, this wait is unbearable. 

  • Anonymous

    Pure sex.

  • Almost as nice as http://twitter.com/#!/tylerwatt12/status/142736828619948032

  • Anonymous

    Bad ass!!!! I love it!!!!

  • Al Chandler

    Will there be a 3 month delay on it?

  • Jason Purp


  • Stephen Shugert

    I get my nexus tomorrow morning xD

    • theraskell

      what the……

  • That’s actually the box Google ships them to Verizon in, but Verizon swaps it out for the all white box pictured earlier just to prove that they own our souls

    • I don’t like this, but I liked it because it’s most likely true 

    • Anonymous


  • SugaShane

    This Ice Cream Sandwich tastes like cardboard. 

    • Eric Payne

      This Ice Cream Sandwich tastes like win…

    • George

      These pretzles are making me thirsty.

  • don’t get excited it’s just the box that the display unit came in…. the rest are just plain white with a verizon logo on it……

  • theraskell


  • Anonymous

    Is it weird that, upon seeing the picture, I immediately grabbed my crotch?


    • 1000% yes. Even weirder that you tell the interweb about it.

      • Christephor

        gina i grabbed my crotch when i saw your pic your beautiful

        • Anonymous

          Wow. What a charmer.

      • Anonymous

        Okay thanks, just checking!

  • Looks pretty cool, can’t wait to get the phone in hand!

  • Anonymous

    If you look at the picture really hard…the packaging is shaped like a ice cream sandwich. lol

    • Anonymous

      Wow. You’re quick.

    • Mrobvious

      You had to look hard for that?

    • Anonymous

      Best comment.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see a lunch box like this promo 😛

  • Edwin M

    I just “ice creamed” my pants.

  • I’m thinkin in the middle of all of that sweet packaging is our plain white box from earlier.

  • alquimista


    • alquimista

      aww, darn

  • Dave

    Oh man, how awesome if that were Verizon’s retail packaging…probably not but still.

  • Mahones

    That is AWESOME

  • Anonymous

    Man…I’m starvin’.

  • Jovan Givens

    Melt it. Friday.

  • Anonymous

    Looks kind of big for a phone may be the promotional material for it?

  • i hope its edible. if not at least not overly expensive because that’s friken sweeeeet

  • Its not a special edition, I took the photo, its the box the VZW Demo units come in.. 

    • Anonymous

      1. So we can never get this?
      2. Can you confirm the date, please (obligatory question, sorry)?

      • GNex

        Yes, we now have official date confirmation as December 26th. Enjoy your new device!

        • John


          • Anonymous


    • So i won’t be getting this packaging? Such a disappointment.. 

      • Nope, the retail box is pretty bland lol.. 

        • Dirk Diggler

          and by bland…. you mean…?

          • Pure white is what he means heh. Maybe that’s a sign of “vanilla” for the non-skinned version of Android it runs. 🙂

          • Dirk Diggler

            Makes sense.. Thanks 😀

          • Murphy


          • Dirk Diggler


          • Adam Gustafson

            Vanilla is brownish. 😀

          • Mikehen08

            Or vanilla which is the favor of an ice cream sandwich! 

      • NexusAge

        It would make it soo much better with this packaging…

        Its like undressing a beautiful girl in that all that matters is whats underneath but you would rather take off sexy lingerie than sweats

    • Anonymous

      Is it a safe bet, we will have this in our hand this time next week ? Surely, all of this increase in pics and demo items is a good sign.

      • Anonymous

        We should definitely have it by this time next week. Everything’s pointing to December 9th, particularly with that tip Droid Life got saying Verizon won’t announce a release date – they’ll just release it.

        • Anonymous

          Will Best buy release the same day, or is this going to be an exclusive launch for vzw ?

  • Hell yeah, coolest phone box ever!

    I want…

  • Hot DAMN I do WANT!

  • Love it! I wonder if Willy Wonka made the packaging, then we could eat it

  • Mysterion

    That looks great!

  • daniel walsh


  • Maybe for Google employes. 

  • What’s the source for this?

  • Vic

    Yo quiero Ice Cream Sandwich!!!!

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    All I know is that everyone planning to buy this phone, needs to walk in with an Ice Cream Sandwich at hand.

    • When i got in to buy the phone, if they try and start opening it to activate it i may got ape shit on some poor verizon employee. MY ICECREAMSAMICH!

      • Benjamin Landwehr

        Oh, I agree!  They are in NO WAY touching this before I am!

      • Anonymous

        And that’s why I’m ordering mine online.

        • And waiting another week? Your crazy. I’m getting mine this friday right when the doors open.

          • Anonymous

            They do overnight shipping. And I don’t own a car, and I don’t want anyone touching my phone before I have the chance to.

      • Anonymous

        i have very seriously flipped shit on VZW assholes for trying to take the screen cover off and turn the thing on. bitches, please.

        • Why do they do that? Dude raped my Razr and tablet right before my eyes. I was rendered speechless.

          • Nick

            Lol that’s exactly what happened with my Droid X. But not gonna let them do it to this baby!!!!

      • Anonymous

        this is honestly one of the main reasons why i ALWAYS buy my phones online…the only person who’s gonna rub their filthy paws all over my new device is gonna be ME 😛

      • Anthony Vella

        Haha I am signing the paper for my 2 year and getting the box and my SIM card and leaving, they will NOT touch my baby. NEVER. I have had them say once that they “needed” to make sure it worked, I said gtfo and do your job 😛

    • Dirk Diggler

      Haha I know.. they did that with my OG Droid..
      I was just thinking.. “Is Wayne Brady going to have to choke a bitch!”


  • I am with you on that one. I just want to peel back that wrapper and get me some Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.


  • EC8CH

    I wanna rip those cookies off and lick what’s inside


  • Anonymous


  • Calmm1

    I can’t wait…I’m way too excited for this.

  • Stephen Shugert

    AWESOMENESS i want one :p ha

  • Dominick DeVito

    Someone posted a comment earlier today, saying this would happen, heshe gets credit. Cheers!


    • Cam