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Best Buy Seems Confused, Calls Galaxy Nexus the “Nexus Prime 4G LTE” in New Flyer

Someone in the marketing department at Best Buy apparently did not watch the Samsung/Google event that took the rest of the world by storm on October 18. That would be the day that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was unveiled to the world, bringing it from rumored “Nexus Prime” to official and coming to the U.S. with 4G LTE capabilities. They also need to go back to October 21 in their inboxes to look for unread emails from Verizon’s PR. That would be the day Big Red made themselves the exclusive U.S. carrier of the phone, referring to it in every sentence as the “Galaxy Nexus.”

Nexus Prime, just a code name. Always was. Galaxy Nexus on the other hand, is the retail name of the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich device. It’s also not a part of the Galaxy SII family as Best Buy seems to think in the ad up top. If you can’t tell, we aren’t buying the idea that Verizon has all of a sudden changed their mind and decided to call this the Prime after more than a month of referring to it publicly and internally as the G-Nex.

Who the hell says that Verizon has any choice in the name of this anyway? This is Google’s baby, and they dubbed it the Galaxy Nexus. Why would Google and Samsung release this phone to the world as the G-Nex, yet decide to change it up a bit here in the States as the Nexus Prime? Makes absolutely no sense. The Nexus One was the Nexus One everywhere in the world. Same with the Nexus S.

And let’s not forget that BBY once referred to the XOOM as the “DROID XOOM” even though we had all known for weeks that the “DROID” brand had been dropped. So yeah, let’s not jump to a bunch of crazy conclusions and think that Verizon and Best Buy are selling separate exclusive versions or had a sudden change of heart with just a couple of weeks left to go before launch. It’s the Galaxy Nexus, my friends. This is just a pre-printed BBY guide that has hasn’t been updated.

One more shot after the break.  

And if it ends up as the Nexus Prime, call me the most surprised man on the face of the Earth.

Via:  Android Forums

  • Wow this site is really awesome and information is really impressive to me.

  • Just call it the RELEASED NEXUS and everyone will be happy.

  • Justin Moore

    So far it’s the Nexus Cocktease.

  • CitationNeeded

    Selling it for $299 on a two-year contract and $799 off-contract doesn’t make sense.  Couldn’t you just add a line, buy it on a two-year contract, then pay the ETF?  That way, you’d have the phone free and clear for $649 instead.

  • samsung is killing everyone

  • Anonymous

    That flyer is primed to fail. Although I do like that name more.

  • Remix D Edition

    From what I read on another site, amazon.com is posting similar information. Do they know something we don’t?

  • Dominick DeVito

    This thing’s turning into the Loch Ness Monster

  • Anonymous

    Question for CA residents. Do you have to pay sales tax on $299 or on off-contract price?

    • Happy Banger

      We pay no tax if we buy from Amazon is the way I roll.

  • Jacobp1997

    $800!!!!! I think ill stick with my tbolt

    • Anonymous

      Keep in mind BB tends to inflate the full off contract price and is very unlikely to be the price Verizon sells it at off contract.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Derek Stiles

    Wouldn’t you be confused as well if the carrier didn’t release any information on the phone?

  • JD

    I don’t think bestbuy is confused. If you run a search on VerizonWireless you get the following results.

    “Galaxy Nexus” = page with Motorola Bionic followed by a bunch of other phones
    “Nexus” = same as above

    “Nexus Prime” = the Galaxy Nexus signup page

  • Tavares1914

    $800 off contract?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Henry Jakson

    I like the name nexus prime better…..
    Experiential Marketing

  • Anonymous

    I like the name nexus prime better To be honest, And since so far there isn’t another model in the US, Add on top of that it is getting alot of buzz as being “faster than the iPhone” as well as being Google’s new “flagship Pure android phone”. I think it would be a great choice to call it the Nexus Prime In the US or just the Verizon version. All of the galaxy S’s And II’s have different names on carriers etc, As long as Its the same phone….. Why wouldn’t the Nexus Carry different last name? At least they kept the First name in the “google experience” traditional family.

  • Anonymous

    Possibly supporting the name change…

    If you search the word “Prime” with anything on the Verizon website, it brings you to the sign up page. Where as searching just for galaxy nexus shows the original banner on the top of a sales page. They are routing searches for prime to the sign up page for a reason.  

  • Anonymous

    Ya gotta watch BB. They’ve got a sign up that says ‘ALL product returnable till January, NO products excluded.’. Ok…so I go in there today and ask em about the Razr,Rezound and also about the return policy. 14 days,he says. Hmm…so I point to the sign above his head that reads what I posted earlier. ‘Oh,that doesn’t apply to the phones. So NO products excluded doesn’t mean NO products excluded,but SOME products excluded. WTH! What’s with these companies?? Verizon will tell you 14 days STILL unless pressed on the holiday return policy. Happened to me again today,4th time! Just unreal….

  • Lizz.0

    regular price @ $799.99????

  • Shadow303

    Ok, so if you look at the SKU numbers listed visibly, the sku for Rezound 3727214, when typed into the search box on Best Buy site, brings up the Rezound. The sku for the nexus… of course comes up ‘not found’.. but.. it does validate it’s a BBY flyer… there’s hope yet. (apologies if anyone else already posted something like this, I didn’t scroll thru the 81 comments)

  • Anonymous

    They can’t call it “Prime” when the Asus Transformer already has dibs on that name.

  • Anonymous

    psh phandroid seems pretty convinced there was a name change… lol.

    But holy $800 off-contract batman! 🙁

  • Anonymous


  • AndroidFan

    Ok take a look at this: http://phandroid.com/2011/11/21/samsung-nexus-prime-shows-up-in-leaked-best-buy-ad-no-longer-the-galaxy-nexus/ same pic but it shows the bottom of flyer… anyone notice the dates?? All prices valid from 11/27/11 – 12/25/11 maybe we have a release date for our “beloved” Galaxy Nexus “Prime” …. 

    • Anonymous

      hell if best buy is gonna start carrying it on Sunday, maybe verizon can slap it up for internet only…um… tonight? 

  • It says “prices [are] good for all Best Buy mobile stores from 11/27/11 to 12/25/11″, does that mean it launches on the 27th? Maybe? Im guessing no, but a boy can dream. 

    • AndroidFan

      I just said that in my post!!! LOL

  • boo Jay

    They’re not confused.  They realize it’s a better name.

  • Wonderful

    Notice in the ad they put Google + instead of Google+

    That’s like writing Face Book or My Space…

  • Anonymous

    : Since I work for them maybe I need to ask to be on the mobile marketing board. They clearly need LOTS of help!

  •  They should call it the Samsung Nexus Vaporware because I don’t think VZW will release it.

  • I’m just…uhhh…
    That “Xoom2” fiasco baffles me. 

  • …fail…

  • Bryan Williams

    I don’t even see anything that says “Best Buy” on it here.  To me it’s just a flyer someone made up in their basement using the same fonts as a Best Buy ad.

    • Wonderful

      It’s the buyers guide. Walk into any Best Buy mobile department and they are everywhere.

  • so that explains why the rep at best buy mobile corrected me when i asked about the nexus.

  • Anthony Vella

    I would like to say that Best Buy follows up the flyers on the following business day of the upcoming week so if this is true, Verizon might just be giving us a pain in the ass and could release it on December 1st since Thursdays are release days. I want to sell my Droid Charge already!

  • It’s been, what, A WHILE since we learned this would be called the Galaxy Nexus? Now we’re hearing wrong names and rumored release dates every day.  The only real solid bit of info on this phone was on Google/Samsung’s showing. I’m probably just going to wait for a Quad-core phone. By that time, my DX would have had ICS on it anyways.

  • Jamsil0877

    Am I the only one who thinks the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is ugly? That big round bezel top isn’t doing it for me! I like the look of the Bionic and the Razr or the Rezound even. I guess I’m gonna wait before I use one of my two upgrades for Samsung’s next best thing.

    • Anonymous

      yes. dont talk shit about my unborn child

  • Wonderful

    I work for mobile and have been telling many folks who are due for an upgrade soon about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It’s bad enough trying to explain the Epic 4G touch or Skyrocket is in fact a different variation of the Galaxy SII…now this? Greeeeeeeeat. 

    • Wonderful

      Notice the heading….it will be so damn confusing to people :/

      • Anonymous

        It was confusing to US for quite a while. Kept hearing it’s two phones coming, the Nexus and the Nexus Prime. Lots of debate on which is which. Then it was the Nexus Prime,then only the Nexus. Talk about the wrong way of doing something…..terrible marketing plan…

        • Wonderful

          I know what you mean. This ad highlights nothing about the hardware! You have the Rezound with a 4.3″ HD screen… and the “Samsung Prime” with Google +…. This should be a fun holiday season.

  • Anonymous

    Its like Mila Kunis walking towards me in slow motion…I want her to hurry up and get naked, but like the long slow tease of it…wait…what the hell am I talking about?  Its a freaking phone for crying out loud! 

    Waiting for this phone is costing me man points…

    • Bionic

      And then you realize she has herpes.

      • Anonymous

        I think you are referring to the Bionic/Razr. Blur and locked Bootloaders, its hard to get rid of that stuff. In most cases they still haven’t found a cure.

        • Bionic

          no i was referring to mila kunis

  • Anonymous

    This whole Galaxy Nexus fiasco with a release date reminds me of this:


    I was waiting patiently for months from the time Google has Verizon’s logo on their Nexus One page. I hope we aren’t headed down this dark path. It seems unlikely, but it just is very similar to me.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, nexus blue balls

    • John

      good way to put it

  • I don’t care what this phone is named. All I want is a release date from Verizon!!

  • Anonymous

    This phone is turning out to be the spawn of the devil. Prime, not prime time. 32GB, 16GB, now 32GB. Mass storage, not mass storage. No flash, flash, but definitely not a flash in the pan. Whoa…..

  • Anonymous

    i wish it was still called that, it was a more unique name imo.

  • I used to work at Best Buy for a long time.  I can tell you this accurately describes their intelligence level at their headquarters.

  • Jamie

    I am a BBY Mobile employee.  They print these things way ahead of time, so this is no surprise. 

  • Anonymous

    Best Buy is the stupidest group of people ever to become technology retailers.

  • techguy

    Satisfying G-Nex news hungry Droid-Lifers is fine…but the entire point of this article was to point out a flaw that…really isn’t that big of a deal.  I’ve bought all of my phones from BBY and will continue to do so because at least their people acknowledge my existence in their stores

    • Anonymous

      Are you kidding? I almost never get acknowledged in a BBY. Everyone else I talk to about BBY says the same thing. What makes you so special?

      • Jamie

        I love it when people trash an entire company for one store’s employee base

        • Anonymous

          I’m actually basing it off of a larger sample set. How do you know how many BBYs I’ve been to in my life?

          Wait….. are you my wife?

  • Brian Dagan

    I think we’re all perhaps ignoring the fact that this is in a SCAN of a PRINTED ADVERTISEMENT? Gorsh! Why is the BB marketing drone’s hitheryonder with the facts all the sudden more signifigant than the fact that the GNex is in an actual PRINTED ADVERTISEMENT?!

    /Collapses onto the floor in fits of involuntary spasms

  • I personally like the Nexus Prim name better than the Galaxy Nexus so I am fine with it.

    • Anthony Vella

      Prime sounds less Samsung and more unique Google

      • Anonymous

        lol sounds more Asus, now that google/samsung lost the chance. pretty stoked for the new transformer too!


    The next post best be the release date!!!

  • Joelseph


  • Anonymous

    Hey look, the Vigor…..

    Wait they got the Rezounds name right? Wasn’t the Rezound announced after?

  • Richard Yoo

    $299.99? They are clearly confused.

  • techguy

    lets keep in mind that these guides are printed months and months ahead of time…i’ve always been a big Droid-Life fan since the site first got started…but this article is trash Kellex

    • Richard Yoo

      Hey, he’s trying his best to satisfy the G-Nex news hungry Droid-Lifers which is the majority here.

    • Which is exactly what I said. Not sure what is trash here.

      If we don’t write this up, the world reads it somewhere else and becomes confused. Just trying to clear it up before it turns into a snowball of Nexus Prime confusion destruction.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I bet this image is from months ago.

  • Champlification

    That’s how they’ll get around having a locked bootloader on a Nexus phone.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I know where I won’t be buying it from.

    Does anybody know about the unlocked GSM version?  When it would hit the states? And is it compatible with T-mobile’s 4G network? 

    • It’s compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ networks.

  • Cbaxter82

    Release it and take my money!!!!

  • Anonymous


    • That’s Best Buy Markup. The Razr & Rezound retail price is also $799 in BBY Stores now.

  • Greg Buxton


    *pant* Sorry, burst of anger at Verizon there.

  • Anonymous

    Does BB price match Vz? They have the rezound listed as 799 & Vz is selling it for 649.

    • BBY Marks up the retail price for off-contract sales, they make money on the backend for selling renewl subscriptions, but not for selling at retail cost, hence the mark up.

  • tolls

    Are we all good on the name front?

    • Anthony Vella

      Oh god I swear if Verizon were to put their logo on the front of the phone, I would honestly paint over it.

  • Typo

    It’s almost upon us…

  • I know best buy sells full retail higher then Verizon corporate stores but, $799…. damn that is allot of money!

  • Rob Wallace

    Should we make anything out of the fact it says Regular Price $799.99? I mean it lists the same price for the Rezound, which isn’t correct, right?

    • Best Buy always has a higher regular retail price than VZW.  Correct, the Rezound price is a lot lower at VZW stores.

    • Best Buy full retail will likely be $799. They jack up the full retail prices on all of their phones. They only make money from contracts, not from selling phones outright.

    • Means it will cost $649.

      • Anonymous

        thunderbolt was 799 and 569 at verizon.

  • phoenix3265

    Best buy, u confused bro?

  • WHEN?

  • maddroiduser

    They can call is the Nexus Megatron for all I care.  When can I buy the damn phone?!?!

    • seriously, how can the release date be the one bit of information not leaked yet?!

      • Seriously? That’s been the one thing that has been leaked every day.  It doesn’t exist yet which is why it keeps changing.

        • It’s still changing. Verizon targets dates, but as we all know, dates change. Current target is 12/8. If some things are buttoned up in the next week, that date could change yet again.

          • Exactly. I’m just upset about Matias Duarte’s “guarantee”.

          • I don’t believe he ever said the US. He was referring to Europe for the most part.

          • I believe he did.  I’m talking about his appearance on The Verge.

          • Same. But I still don’t remember Verizon or the US being mentioned. Could be wrong though.

          • The host asked him when he could go out and buy a nexus and Matias said he didn’t want to steal their partner’s thunder. Seeing as the Euro sellers already had dates so he had to have been talking about Verizon. Plus it would make no sense for him to reference European dates on an American show in front of an American studio audience. 

          • Smart Ass

            That is a bit over-reacting of you droid-life, nexus prime is anyways much better name than galaxy nexus.

          • Anonymous

            Looks like we’re getting close boys for some Ice Cream Sandwich 🙂

          • Anonymous

            hes a big cock tease

          • Anonymous

            Don’t sweat the haters, they’re just mad they don’t have the Nexus in hand=P 

  • Anonymous

    Marketing people aren’t very bright.

  • Corrupt

    Oh Mr Snoof…