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HTC Won’t Be First To Launch A Quad-Core Smartphone? In The Running With Motorola, Samsung, and LG?

The HTC Edge has grabbed much attention this past couple of days due to the fact that it may just be the first quad-core cellphone to hit the streets. Rumors suggested that HTC would be first to use NVIDIA’s newly announced Tegra 3 processor to power the 4.7″ device, but according to DigiTimes, that may not be the case after all. In their latest report, MotorolaSamsung, and LG have already adopted the Tegra 3 processor for future smartphones.

Release for the these devices are still being rumored around the Q1-Q2 2012 region, so who knows which company will strike first. But for the sake of knowing, which one would you choose? A quad-core from either Moto, Samsung, HTC, or LG. Let’s hear it down below.

Via: DigiTimes

  • Anonymous

    How about a quad core device from Motorola with stock ice cream sandwich and a super amoled screen, similar to samsung quality. That possible? No? Didnt think so moto.

  • Shaun.Ober

    Moto bullet rumored since April. 4.3 inch Moto Jet 4.0 with keyboard.

  • djembeman


  • Bionic

    Motorola hands down. Samsung second choice, ill never buy an HTC.  

  • Sts86gt

    I have an OG Droid (yes still) and I was going to buy the Bionic until I heard about the Galaxy Nexus.Now that I am waiting for the Nexus we hear about quad core? When will it end ,these phones are outdated in a matter of weeks.So now I hope I can wait for quad core but it’s going to be tough.Samsung Moto or HTC for me in that order.

  • Dbarden31


  • A10735579

    When are they dropping down to 28nm?

  • Anonymous

    SGIII would fukcing kill it

  • Xcution25

    First OEM to make a Tegra 3 device with wiz-less,blur-less, or sense-less ICS has my money in the bank.  On a side note if they all release a tegra 3 model with ics this will be a grand victory in the war on fragmentation and encourage developers like id and epic to support android. Max Payne 3 and Professor Layton ftw.

  • I’d go with a Samsung or HTC. Samsung because of their great screens and good bootloader record, or HTC because their bootloaders always get cracked. 

    None of this matter, though, as I will be getting a Nexus as soon as it’s available. However, shortly thereafter I’ll be getting a tablet rocking some Tegra 3 goodness! Most likely the Transformer Prime, but I’m going to wait to see what Samsung and the rest offers as far as screen quality and custom rom availabilty goes.

    • Agreed for the tablet part but I’m going to wait til Motorola or Samsung get a quad core…..

  • Nomore skins for me nexus all day every day son

  • mxfox408

    I love HTC devices so id go with HTC

  • Dhuff44

    It will probably be Motorola to strike first, they will get the phone close to being done then release it and worry about fixing the bugs and issues after its been out for a couple of months

  • It will depend on the other hardware and whether or not the bootloader is out. I actually like Moto phones, if they unlock the bootloader, it would swing me toward them.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take the Motorola phone. I thought they were going with TI OMAP?

  • Anonymous

    Stop, at least let me get a dual core before you release a quad D:

  • thank god for the nexus release schedule. can’t wait.

  • GCurry

    Tegra 3 uses 23nm process, and apparently producing great results in reduced power consumption.   That’s gotta be a big reason for the rumored phone adoption.   ?

    • Anonymous

      Tegra 3 is still very much 40nm in TSMC
      For its low power core(5th) it uses transistors tweaked for low power(LP)  and 500MHz max frequency. While the standard A9 cores are done using non-LP  transistors. 

      NVIDIA has done quite a bit of innovation with the A9 ARM cores Over Tegra2. Seems that NVIDIA is doing something different than other competitors except of Qualcomm (which is ARM ISA Licensee rather than a ARM Core licensee) 

      a) NVIDIA has included the NEON Multimedia Processing Engine
      b) Expanded SOC to quad core Cortex-A9 (its own extension) 
      c) Introduced the LP 5th A9 core which will only be on when other A9 cores are off and doing simple checks/less demanding tasks
      d) Increased the number of GPU Pixel shaders from 4->8 increasing the SIMD handling to 8->12

      So the CPU component of T3 is
      T3 CPU = 4 A9 cores + 1 LP A9 core

      The thing to look forward to is that right now either triggered by NVIDIA or independently ARM itself has introduced a Cortex-A7 which is  a low power companion core to  Cortex-A15. They also made A7 compatible with A15 instruction set. So effectively ARM has done a good amount of design, validation and legwork that other core licensees and NVIDIA competitors like TI, SMSNG, STM etc can lap it up. So mid-2012 cores from TI and SMSNG will likely look like the following
      OMAP5 CPU = 4 A15 cores + 1 A7 core
      Exynos3 CPU = 4 A15 cores + 1 A7 core

      So NVIDIAs lead will once again be short-lived unless Kal-El+ will mirror the A15 APUs in CPU core design as well as manufacturing.

      ARM is creating the cores in 28nm design rules with Global Foundries.
      TI will do it with TSMC or may also use UMC and GF as backup.
      SMSNG will use 28nm shared by itself, IBM, GF, TSHBA,Renesas etc for Exynos 3

      And QComm is pursuing its own implementation of ARM ISA with the Krait chip which is a totally different beast in nature. It will be fabbed at 28 nm in TSMC

      When Tegra2 was introduced, it was lapped up by everyone as
      a) It was the released and first mass(eventhough much later) produced A9 dual core SOC
      b) Chosen by Google for Android 3 HC
      c) As alternatives came into picture every new device shunned T2 and moved to better variants from Exynos, OMAP4 or Qcomm S3

      None of the new smartphones and tablets that were released in the last few months(esp the premier ones) come with T2. I guess T3 has once again a small window to be King and then fall back as the 4th option

      • Anonymous

        Fantastic Write-Up; should be an article in-it-of-itself. Looks like something straight from Anandtech

  • Anonymous

    Moto will be the first one with a quad core device.

  • El El Kool J

    whom ever gets the next Nexus line out quad core is my choice 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Quad core…please. Overkill. Computers don’t even need them. What are doing with your phone people….editing Avatar 2?

    • So you would pick a dual core over a quad core?

      • YourFriend

        Well you have to consider that specs don’t always mean everything. Take for example the iPhone 4 or Windows Phone 7 devices. Neither run dual-core processors, yet are more fluid and in many cases faster than most dual-core Android phones. Besides, he’s right, do we really need quad-core processors in phones? Do we really need PS3 graphics (ok, they won’t be THAT powerful)? OEMs need to slow down with this war on who has the fastest processor and focus on more important things such as improving battery life and figuring out ways on making phones charge by touching them with your fingers.

  • Whichever phone looks and works the best. I’d like to see it in a moto device though. They make sexy stuff. 

  • I am so waiting.  I am not settling for RAZR or Rezound or even the G*l*xy N*x*s or an I*hone.  I am waiting until January to get the bestest phone in the worlds!

    • The Observer

      And when January comes, there will be better phones coming out in the next couple months afterwards. It’s a never ending cycle. There is always something better coming out after the next ‘greatest phone ever’. Just buy the best phone available when you’re due for an upgrade.

      • Thanks for crushing my dream of having the best phone in the worlds.

        • Anonymous

          The best phone in the world was the LG Env 3. There will never again be a phone like it lol.

          • KRSwon

            You know LG just might come out with an Optimus ENV 4 for quad core…

  • Anonymous

    can’t worry about this right now.

    Need my GN first.    

  • StormbladeX69

    Moto – but it MUST MUST have a removable battery (RAZR…), and a MicroSD slot (Nexus…)!

  • Anonymous

    MONTHS after the first quad core phone is released in a DROID the NEW iphone comes out with a quad core processor and the fapple fans rejoice in the streets claiming the FIRST ever quad core phone – You know it will happen too

  • Anonymous

    Given how manufacturers struggled to put together dual core phones that had good specs otherwise (battery life, screen, 4g) that were worth a damn in Q1-Q2 of 2011, I don’t think I would risk purchasing a phone until next fall… it seems like they have to get a few hiccups out of the way before they finally produce a good stable phone.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus and Rezound are not even released and they look outclassed. Rezound next week then a quad core beast next summer. Nexus is good but I won’t have it long enough so it really does not matter.

  • Ballisticn8

    Def not purchasing anything by Moto. They choose to let the service providers dictate the bootloaders being locked down instead of the consumers. Every other manufacturer out there uses bootloaders that are easily cracked/unlocked and now there is a nexus device being released on verizon, I dont want my phone locked down so therefore I wont purchase anything made by Moto.

    • Trayjake2

      This is a democracy (let the people choose) not a tyranny VZW and Moto I love you but you gotta let us vote or choose. Hell, let us make the phone it would probably get more sales than the droid line combined…. Maby

  • Waiting for the first Samsung Verizon Quad Core, cause then it’d have an unlocked bootloader. 🙂

  • Richard Yoo

    I don’t know which company will make the first quad smartphone. What I do know is that Verizon will get it last.

    • babadush

      And ruin it

  • Anonymous

    Sammie quad core

  • If it turned out that the Droid 4 had a quad core in it, would that throw off everyone’s plans?  Quad core in the 4?  Makes sense right?  4in screen, quad core, 4g, coming 4.4.2012?  Anyone down for this?

    • Anonymous

      with android 4.0

      or maybe 4.4 by then

    • Anonymous

      droid 4 is already pretty much done so doubt they would do all that to send it back. Maybe droid quad will be the first

  • Anonymous

    How about they get dual cores optimized the most they can and work on better battery life than worry about quad core. No need for that in a phone yet anyway.

    • Bob Johnson

      The quad core does have better battery life…

      • Anonymous

        and you have a quad core phone to play with that you know this? They said that about dual core and it didn’t really do anything.

        • just some guy

           transformer prime proved it. check out youtube.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you finally lol.

    • Yea its been one hell of a ride mobile tech is cruising fast…..

  • Anonymous

    i’m ending my relationship with motorola after my upgrade comes in 2013, if i haven’t sooner.  here’s hoping google keeps pumping out a new nexus every year.

  • Anonymous

    CES 2012 is going to be one hell of a show. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Let’s see how the batteries perform in the upcoming devices.

    • Jak_341

      Speculation? Or something more. ;-p

    • You going? 😛

      • Anonymous

        Yes. How’d you guess??

      • Anonymous

        If you wave really big ill come say hi 😛

  • Anonymous

    Dual-core just came out, i say slow down and give people some time to actually enjoy their 300+ dollar phone!!!!

    • Anonymous

      or atleast make the phones os optimized for those cores.

    • Bob Johnson

      Maybe they are going to make the quad core phones 400+ dollars.

  • John

    Just in time to strike buyer’s remorse in people who haven’t even upgraded yet.

  • Luis

    I’ll choose the one with a 4″ screen.

    • Jorge

      Ya, the top end Android phones need a wider variety in the size department. What happened to choice?

      • people chose larger sizes. majority rules.

        • Anonymous

          Doesn’t mean they can’t make a 4 inch even if it is only 1 phone. If majority ruled the iphone wouldn’t still have a 3.5 inch screen.

          • Guest

            There are still 4 inch phones, they just arent top of the line flagship devices, they tend to be the mid tier phones. And Android sells more handsets than iPhone overall, so majority still wins.

          • Anonymous

            Because there is 3 available iphones and hundreds of androids that can barely outsell iphones. I agree though they could make 1 high end 4 inch and the rest larger for those who want a larger phone.

    • Anonymous

      The bionic was supposed to have tegra 2…things change…

  • Pat Hamilton

    Droid 5 please.  And I don’t want a Bionic with a keyboard or a RAZR with a keyboard.  I want a Droid 5…

    • Bob Johnson

      Can we call it a Droid V?  Droid 5 just seems kind of tired…

      • Anonymous


      • Pat Hamilton

        Droid XIII-2

      • dkbetts

        NO! Droid V… All I think is Droid *agina.

        • Alexander Garcia


          • dkbetts

            Yeah.  I understand why that was flagged.  V should be for Vendetta.

    • Anonymous

      apple will sue for using the number scheme for naming. they patented that if you didn’t know. /s

    • KRSwon

      My Mom said the next Droid should be called a D4² ( 4th Gen + 4G) or a D4³ if Motorola was smart enough and waited to put a quad-core inside it.

      • Anonymous

        all i read were the words “…waited to put inside my mom..”


        • Twizzler

          There’s an app for that

  • Motorola, as long as they can maintain or improve their past build quality, plus their internal radios.  Still rocking my metal OG and no problems yet 😛

  • Whett Phartz

    Whichever is the best. Brand loyalty is for girly-men.

    • Earleepa

      I don’t think its brand loyalty when motorola builds a better, sturdier phone. Metal over plastic? Anyday!

      • Bob Johnson

        Unlocked over encrypted, every day!

        • I agree with both of you. I want a solid phone, with good specs, but I also want an unlocked bootloader. Stupid Moto and Verizon locking bootloaders 🙁

  • Guese

    sad thing is, some people will skip the Galaxy Nexus and wait for these phones. first was the SII and now the Nexus… i mean, what’s another 6 months, anyway? Right??? /s

  • Rophez

    Hello, Moto

  • Bewara2009

    I’ll already have a G-Nex by then, so I guess I’ll wait for phones with 15-core chips before I’ll upgrade again.

    • Guese

      we’ll hold you to your word, Bewara2009

  • Ben Murphy

    LG? I thought they only made TVs.

    • Bob Johnson

      No they do washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators too.

      • KRSwon

        And LG should start incorporating Android into all of it ….
        Same thing with Samsung and their home appliances. Motorola has started branching out with their product line, and everything I’ve seen has Android.

  • Satya Chowdary


  • Bob Johnson

    Ugh, now I have to debate if it is worth it to stick with my OG droid for another 5 months…

    • Aaa

      Nope, it is not [worth it].

    • Guese

      what’s another 5 months anyway?! XD

      • Bob Johnson

        I waited five months because I was sure the Samsung Omnia II was going to be great, and I ended up buying my OG Droid… so it could be worth it.

        • KRSwon

          I had the same debate. Went from an Omnia to the Droid, took me a month before I was sure if I had made the right decision. It was a shame Samsung (or more likely Verizon) watered down the Omnia so much for the US.
          Now I have an X2 off contract, cause my D1 was wounded, waiting for a BOGO too good to turn down.

    • Exactly!    Get Nexus or wait?    Dang this is nuts

    • Anonymous

      In five months there will be something else great on the horizon that’ll blow quad cores out of the water. Just get the best phone available when you’re up for an upgrade.

      • TheRealGuest

        haha… you’re trying to reason with a man who still has the OG droid. i can’t believe he’s been with that thing for this long (no offense, mr. johnson, i only wish i had your self-control to resist the android frenzy). i’ve been through an OG droid, droidX, another two OG droids, and a droid charge in two years… and i’ve been itching to get something else since about two months after i got the charge!

      • No, in 5 months there will be RUMOR of something that’ll blow quad-cores out of the water. The quad cores will just be coming out at that point.

        I’m up for an upgrade in May, and if there’s nothing quad-core yet, I’m definitely going to wait for the Tegra 3. I NEED that chip!

  • JMac726

    I need more cores, bro!

    • Mctypething

      You need more cores, bro?

      • KRSwon

        ALL THE COARS!

        • Kormtofff

          Facts core is the most handsome core.

  • Bowman

    Moto for sure… 

    • Bob Johnson

      Locked bootloader for sure.

      • Anonymous

        and blur errr i mean motorola applications platform.

    • KRSwon

      Motorola was the first rumored Tegra 3 Quad-core phone back in April with the “Jet” and “Bullet”.
      Rumors will always be rumors, but since Moto was the first with a Tegra 2, I’d put my money on NVIDIA and Moto having the longest working relationship with a Tegra 3 device. Some people are complaining about the Bionic ( though I don’t think those are the ones that bought them) being released, then the RAZR coming out so close to it, forget Moto went back to the drawing board and the Bionic was a 4 month late release. When they should be complaining that Moto came out with the RAZR, instead of waiting and going straight to a quad-core with an HD display. Only problem is Moto needed a phone for they holidays among the Nexus and Rezound.

      I’d say Samsung will be second, since they make their own Exynos chip in-house.

      And as for the Droid 3 vs Droid 4 debate, I’d say Moto had to. There is no other way to make a 4g world phone at the moment without being to thick with so many radios. Also seems so many radios could interfere with each other, cancer much?
      What Motorola really should do is call the “Droid 4” a Droid 3LTE and save the DROID IV name for quad-cores. The DROID line (no addition) should be Moto’s flagship line, since it was the first. Add Nfc, better 2.2 camera lens, upgrade to a 2.0 front shooter, limit ninja-blur to Widgets, and wait till ICS to release.
      but that would make since, and it really comes down to marketing.

  • Bryan Paul

    Well chances are I’ll be rocking my Galaxy Nexus when any/all of these come out. Call me when I’m due to upgrade again…I expect 12 cores and nothing less by then! 

    • KRSwon

      There will be over 9000 cores on the next Nexus.

  • EC8CH

    I’ll already have a G-Nex by then, so I guess I’ll wait for phones with 6-core chips before I’ll upgrade again.

  • Interstellarmind


  • Anonymous

    Moto RAZR 2 all the way!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      that’s coming out next month, didn’t you hear?

      • Meatmantracy

        How maney. Did Sammy make last year

  • Anonymous

    HTC or whichever is making a Nexus device.