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Andy Rubin Speaks On Google’s Mp3 Store, “I Think We’re Close”

Words from the overlord of Android, Andy Rubin, says that Google’s anticipated Mp3 store is “close.” Google will still need all major labels on board, but Rubin says “It won’t just be selling 99-cent tracks. It will have a little Google in it.” What could we be expecting? As the AsiaD conference continues, we could see slips of info or upcoming details of Google’s newest service.

Rubin goes on to state that Google is in a morphing process as they begin to acquire more consumer products, instead of just being a ‘search giant’. Are there any thoughts on how they could make buying mp3s a bit more “Google”? Let us know your thoughts down below.

Via: AllThingsD

  • Bionic

    As long as each song is equal or better price than Amazon, im game

  • A service similar to iTunes match, or Zune Pass. Please.

  • Anonymous

    As the host of adobes conference said, “who buys music anymore?”

  • PowerofPicture

    If they offer lossless audio then I’ll be interested.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah! Hit your data cap streaming 3 songs

  • Shadowz1218

    Here’s to hoping it’s a music subscription service, such as Rhapsody or Spotify…

  • Interstellarmind

    i think the big thing google will tout is an integrated soundhound/ shazaam style search options. jsut makes sense to me.

    also, they’ll push some sort of cloud service. on my phone’s SD Card 75%-85% of memory is used up by my music files.

    • They already have a cloud service in Music Beta. That would probably be released to the public though. 

  • Kianhjudah

    Perhaps they’ll integrate YouTube videos of songs that have videos. Who knows, but I’m just glad that this is actually happening! CANNOT wait!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Please god, let it have an unlimited subscription option. I love my Mog, but new music discovery suuuuuuucks. And Google’s algorithm for making playlists in the music beta is fantastic.

  • EC8CH

    It would be cool to see one place offer all the different consumption models under one roof.

    Per track Sales.
    Subscription streaming.
    Ad supported free streaming.

  • abba

    I’m feeling lucky 25c specials

  • Anonymous

    Google is all about search. The selling factor of all of their products and services is search. Whether it’s Shopper or Maps, each Google product’s search bar pops up powerful autocomplete suggestions based off the most popular or frequent searches.

    Gmail search is the best email searching system that I know of and completely beats the piss out of Outlook’s. With the use of search, they added Filters and Labels which are WAY smarter than Rules and Folders. Google Voice takes cues from Gmail in the same fashion. The entire Android system is constantly indexing things to make search better as well.

    So how could a music store be more Google? Throw in Google Search. Search enables you to find the band or song you are looking for. Search should be complex enough to figure out the band/song based off poorly transcribed lyrics by ear or humming. Search will help you discover new bands and genres you may have not otherwise explored. Search may be indexed in a way where you stop listening to files and start listening to links, allowing for easy sharing and a major push to the cloud. Competing products and services offer most or some of these features, but a Google Music store should have it all and more.

    • Silly Chicken

      I use adblockers in all my browsers. Does that count as stealing from Google?

      • Anonymous

        From them and every other website/service rhat you are bocming with it.

  • nxusnow

    he looks nice there smiling

  • Well, it needs to be heavily integrated into Music Beta. Also needs to be heavily integrated into G+ (xxxx xxxx just bought a track. Listen to it with them now). I know that seems a little ‘Facebooky’, but Facebook’s implementation of social listening is clumsy. I don’t care about every track a friend is listening to. I just want to see it subtly on their profile page.

    • Josh K

      Going along with that, maybe a way to “loan” a song to a friend on G+ as a way to do music discovery

  • ObviousTroll

    Free music, but with ads in the music customized to the genre you listen to

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’m thinking either payed subscription or ad supported, or possibly the option of either. One thing is for sure and that is it will be tied in with music beta so everything will be in the cloud and you can get to it anywhere from any device.

      “it will have a little Google in it” makes me think ads because everything Google does is for ads, after all ~99.9% of their income is from advertising.

  • Tim

    With everything that google is doing for the Android platform, they should now develop a program like iTunes that allows you to manage everything in one place, you Google mp3, your videos, apps, etc. 

    • i think this is there idea but no apps and crap for that lets call it itunes

  • Anonymous

    are they close or closed?

  • there can be refunds lol EDIT: first biatch!