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This White Samsung Galaxy SII Looks Neat, But It’s NOT Running Ice Cream Sandwich


We are just going to attempt to cut this one off before it gets too out of hand today. You see the video above of that pretty white Samsung Galaxy SII? Well, for whatever reason, people actually think it’s running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). That’s right, this TouchWiz infused, 3rd party launcher infested, ICS leaked music player running phone, is actually tricking people. IT’S NOT ICS, PEOPLE.

Everyone remember that silly ICS launcher that we posted a few weeks back? This is it. Same old icon set with that same pre-defined list of app shortcuts along with the unchanging recently used app list. And see that camera icon on the guy’s home screen? TouchWiz icon. See all of that bloatware in his app drawer? How about the themed notification bar with the circle battery icon? Come on, folks! Or the TouchWiz wifi/bluetooth toggles in the pulldown menu? Or the fact that the guy won’t show you anything except the cheesy launcher, the market which we leaked, and the leaked music player. I think my favorite clear giveaways here though, are the screen transitions and widget-chooser menu. Hah…

If you want to see what real Android 4.0 looks like, watch this video to see an early version. Then watch this video to see a closer rendition to what will be unveiled tomorrow night.

So when you see this video popping up all over the world today with “ZOMG! White SGS2 running ICS!” just shake your head a little and send them over to the videos we listed above for the real deal.

  • JT

    Does anyone know when the the White SGSII will be available in the states?

  • andrew kelly


  • Anonymous

    We were born to be wasted.

  • Anonymous

    ICS Launcher by IntelSoftApps/Syndicate Apps
    Leaked ICS Music player
    ICS/Honeycomb Theme
    Leaked Market 3.2.0


  • jbonics

    Ok its a good phone can we move on who cares….. there’s no solar panel charging, IR blaster, dual boot laptop. There’s even technology that charges your phone through vibrations or movement. This thing isn’t even a super phone is just average. Hunhhwaaaaat

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to be reminded how verizon never got the galaxy S2. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Remember when Ginger Bread was announced? Well it took 7 months or so from the announcement for it to get on my Inc2, and my Inc2 got it pretty fast compared to some devices. A lot of devices, including 4g devices still have froyo. This makes people not like Android. Get it together Google.

    • It isn’t the fault of Google, it is the OEMs.  The Google phones (the Nexus line) get the first updates.  Blame the OEMs and their need to corrupt the android experience with their horrible skins.

    • Keith Sumner

      GOOGLE has it together, it’s the device manufacturers and carriers that aren’t getting it out quickly enough to their customers!

    • do you spell smart “smrt”

      google has nothing to do with devices getting updates, they make the new version and then the manufacturers have to tweak them to work on the devices. so if you wanna blame anyone blame the manufacturers.

      • Anonymous

        I know Google is all about “open”. But they need to control these manufacturers, its Googles OS. This isn’t Windows, we don’t need fragmentation. Google needs to create a licensing deal that includes obligation to update the OS every 6 months, instead of letting these corrupt manufacturers stick it to us Example: Samsung holding the froyo update for 7 months, I’ll never forgive Samsung for that.

  • Ray

    that music gave me a headache!

  • SugaShane

    I feel wasted after watching that video. 

  • That guy

    With the nexus coming out im at a crossroads. Give up my bionic and get the nexus, or switch to an iPhone 4s… I really like siri but I do really like customizing my setup. I hope ics is really great… Or I may become a turncoat. :/

  • Noble Four

    Looks like Kellex woke up and had a tall glass of haterade this morning.

    • Anonymous

      I did. I was envisioning the DL inbox filling up with emails about it and decided to be proactive. 😛

  • despite the video, that White phone looks like sex to me.

    • Anonymous

      Like sex with a skinny albino chick maybe.

  • I should upload the video for you guys but my OG is already running Android 2.3.7 ICS with 4.5G AND teleportation, getting 48hrs on standard battery with heavy teleportation use, 3mm thick 6grams weight. Hate on that b**ches.

  • Tomorrow evening seems so far away.  🙂

    • John

      agreed. but the 300$ price tag has deterred me 🙁

      i can’t bring myself to drop 300$ on a phone. i was going to sell my DX tomorrow, but it won’t be happening now. fml…i hope the new nexus goes down to 200-250 sometime soon after xmas

      • I am replacing my OG Droid, so an extra $50-100 isn’t going to deter me.  It really is drops in a bucket of water when considering what service costs.

        • Anonymous

          Well and I’m guessing I’ll probably still get my corporate discount, so $250 would be alright for me.  That’s how much I spent on my Thunderbolt with accessories on launch day.

          • John

            nice. ya i work for a state govt, and we get discounted pricing on our fam plans + accessories. i wonder if this applies to phones as well?!?

          • Anonymous

            You may have to actually go to the store to get it.  I was expecting to pay $250 just for the phone, but I bought the phone, the car dock, and screen protectors and I still walked out the door for just under $250 ($249.96 or something like that after tax).

          • John

            nice. guess it doesn’t hurt to at least try. thx for the info

      • Anonymous

        I dropped $249 for the TBolt in March, $300 for the Bionic in September and I’ll be dropping $300 for the Prime.  eBay is your friend.

      • Jjjkj

        The price deterred you…..did anybody else expect any other perigee other than 300?

        • John

          i didn’t know what to expect. i haven’t bought a phone since my 200$ dx long time ago

          • Anonymous

            The original Droid was $299 when it released, 2 years ago.  I think $299 is pretty cheap now, all things considered.

          • John

            no shit? wow

      • Anonymous

        If that is deterring you from getting a new phone, you will never be able to get a top end phone again. Unless you wait a few months for the price to drop or get a lower end phone. They have set the precedent and I don’t see them coming down.

        Besides you would be ok if it were 250… it isn’t really much more than that.

        And like the other guy said… Ebay is your friend.  Either sell your old phone or something else you own if you have no way of coming up with 50 bucks.

        • John

          true. guess that’s what i get for getting my hopes up. i gotcha though – makes sense. i’ll just suck it up & not ever want to get bleeding edge phones again.


          • Anonymous

            NO…. 🙂  That is the wrong way to think of it.  I thought you would say you would suck it up and just pay it!

            I understand your disappointment in the price but just do it.  You will be smiling ear to ear with your new phone and soon will forget about the price. 

          • I don’t understand how people thought this phone would be any less then $300? I mean, every single top notch 4G LTE phone to drop has been $300. So why would this be any different, especially with it being a Nexus device? 

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you, especially since a lot of the newer phones on att are only $100. I wouldn’t drop $300 on a Samsung device anyways, they are untrustworthy.The SGS2 is not bug free btw. I would wait to see what the bugs with the phone are first because there will definitely be bugs. I remember when the Thunderbolt was considered a Godly phone, I love HTC, but look how that turned out, but I think VErizon rushed them on that phone.

      • then get a job

        • John

          ya i have one. it covers my mortgage, car notes, bills, etc.
          not all of us live off mommy an daddy’s money

  • sparticus

    I scream you scream we all scrambled for ice cream

  • That white phone is horrible.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever had a white phone, nor would I ever want one.

      • I wouldn’t buy a phone that would get mistaken for an iphone.  I think android phones should have an andy logo on the back as a sarcastic response to the apple logo.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, not feeling it at all, this would be a big hit in Japan or China

  • Anonymous

    This has nothing to do with the actual software or anything, but that guy obviously doesn’t know how to put a screen protector on a phone.

    • This was the first thing I noticed as well.

    • EC8CH

      and he obviously doesn’t know what gorilla glass is.

    • Mctypething

      u observant bro?

      • DroidDoesNFC

        Either way, that white SGSII looks awesome.  I am disappointed the Galaxy Nexus will not look similar, especially since it will have a Way too Big 4.65 screen- what were u thinking Samsung???

        • Anonymous

          its called – “Thinking outside the box” maybe you heard of that bro?

        • Donthate

          Don’t hate, but it look like a uglier version of the iPhone 4 or 4S. Lol

  • EC8CH

    Bubbly screen protector 🙁

  • Nick

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Jak_341

    ZOMG! White SGS2 running ICS!

    • Brian Couse

      This video is real, my inside source told me. 

      • Of course the video is real, it just isn’t a video of ICS.

      • Anonymous

        He’s running that crappy ICS launcher.

    • Has the guy never put on a screen protector before??  The screen looks like a can of Sprite with all those bubbles

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I wouldnt mine a white phone for once actually.

  • Gottheguds112

    Ahahah… He didn’t even bother to get the most recent version of that ICS launcher

  • Anonymous

    Get the REAL scoop BITCHES!!!!! Droid Life that’s what I am talking about!!!!!! 😛

    • Anonymous

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  • no wonder apple and them are always battling, this looks like a iphone from the outside, i doo like it tho

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I love the new Music app. It’s a huge improvement over the previous version.