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Samsung ChatON Mobile Messenger Available Today on Android

Samsung’s version of Blackberry Messenger is now available on the Android market. It’s called [email protected] (ChatON) and is free to all. I’d give you a brief review, but their servers appear to be overwhelmed with people trying to activate and have not yet received activation on any of my devices. It’ll be cross-platform at some point, which means iOS and Blackberry – there is just no telling when. For now, you can send your Android, bada and Sammie feature phone friends plenty of messages for free.  

Market Link

  • haha samsung said: they are going to send verification code on your post, so wait dudeeeee

  • Me

    It’s about time that Samsung stops such blatant copying of Apple….

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take im plus pro over all the other im clients.

  • I think what a new chat app is trying to do is get everyone to stop using gtalk, g+, FB, AOLIM, etc and get people to use a feature rich chat app that is superior to their current chat app of choice.  From the video the chat on app seems really cool, i just wish it would send me a verification code.  ;-/

  • Joseph Moreno

    i just use GVoice for texting, im set right there

  • Anonymous

    I’m sticking with Kik. Yes you have to sign up for an account but it’s cross platform, shows me when someone has received and read my message, and when I hit share from my phone Kik is one of the options unlike Google Talk. Everyone I know used to use Google Talk but we all constantly would go offline for no reason and sometimes messages wouldn’t go through. Having the read/delivered tag on every message like BBM is enough reason for me to always use Kik. Saves me from ever having to ask if someone got my message which I always had to do with Google Talk. I’m not sure if this app has the read/delivered tags but I didn’t see them in the video.

  • babadush

    We don’t need more chat apps. We need one unified app. At least Samsung didn’t pull an imessage and wall people in. Still useless. Gtalk. Chord. Whatsapp. Go talk. Why am I gonna add another one?

  • Anonymous

    Why do I want another chat program?
    SMS and Gchat works great

  • FortitudineVincimus

    GTalk is all I use

    no one I know uses Blackberry

    I dont really chat with anyone using an iPhone

    • Roshan John

      haha talk about a fan. 

      he totally ostracizes any1 with an i*hone. 

      • Billy Jenkins

        When I meet someone new even girls first thing I do is ask what type of phone they have. If they say Android they become my friend. If they say blackberry I talk to them and eventually become their friend over a few days. If they say Iphone I just walk away in disappointment.

        • Anonymous

          What a turd.

        • You are a smart man Billy!!! lol

  • I have successfully gotten the people I chat with the most to install gtalk on their phone and computer. Once they use it a few times they love it and stick with it. The mobile version needs some serious updates though, it needs to be able to send pictures and videos and support video chat with more devices.

    It also needs to show when your buddy is typing like it does in the regular version then it would be top turd. It’s sad to see company’s overlook some of their products like this. Messaging is a big part of using your phone if not one of the biggest. C’mon!

    • Anonymous

      Im plus have all the chat applications, also has the push im while you exit the application, that way you can save battery.

  • eleazar

    Would love to try it, if I could get the verification sms.

  • Gtalk is really all I need as all my friends I keep up with have it, including the wife.  Someone is going to have to release something new that actually gives me a reason to leave Googles own chat app.  I also love the fact that I can finish conversations on either my phone or my computer.

  • Anonymous

    I’d use [email protected] On if it would allow me to send at least basic messages to anyone on GTalk, AIM, etc.  Does it communicate outside its network?

  • so this makes it what? one million and and one messenger client now out.  and i still wont use it cus Gtalk has it covered already. If i need to send u a pic ill just MMS you.

  • John Hicks

    It’d be great if they’d actually learn how to send out a verification SMS.

  • whats with all these message apps? why not just use texting?

    • Anonymous

      1 reason, groups chats…

    • John Hicks

      Because not everybody has unlimited txts?

      • Billy Jenkins

        How do u even own an android phone if u dont have unlimited texting? lol. I’m pretty sure u r required to pay $30 a month or more for data which gives u unlimited texting

        • No, data plan doesn’t include any texting (on Verizon). I refuse to pay for SMS because it’s plain and simple highway robbery.

          • Billy Jenkins

            Its free for me. Im required to pay $30 a month for unlimited data which includes unlimited texting. And the way I know unlimited texting is included is because I used to send and recieve over 100 texts a day but then slowed down to 50+ texts a day and it never effected the pricing on the bill. since I text instead of calling.

          • Guest

            Unlimited texting IS NOT included in the $29.99 data package.  Check Verizon website if you don’t believe it.  Texting plans are EXTRA!!!!

    • Tyczj

      because this is free and you have to pay for overpriced text messaging

      • Billy Jenkins

        You need an Android phone to use this Android app. And you can’t use any Android phone without first paying $30 a month for unlimited data. And with this unlimited data you have unlimited web browsing and unlimited texting. So what exactly is this overpriced text messaging you were talking about? Besides the one that without it will prevent you from using this app 

        • Nope. Texting is not included.

          • Billy Jenkins

            Well it is for me and most other people. When I bought my first Droid they wouldn’t even let me leave the store with the phone without first signing a contract that included $30 a month for unlimited data which includes unlimited texting. Maybe I’m just lucky.

          • Anonymous

            Chat is faster than texting.

    • I hate paying for what should be free

  • It’d be awesome if they could come up with one solution for messaging. It’s so out of hand, it’s ridiculous. I honestly would be happy if everyone I knew would chat through g+ messenger OR even just gtalk

    • Peter

      Life would be just that much easier if my friends knew about g+ chord or even gtalk. I’m with you 100% 

      • Anonymous

        Once you try im plus, you will not need another im app.

        • You still have to connect to multiple IM apps. I can use trillian, imo or others to do the same thing.

          • Anonymous

            But with im plus you don’t need to have the application open to get your messages. This application has the im push even when you exit the application, that way you can save battery. This one is the best, i have tried them all.

          • I get what you’re saying, but having to manage them all is the pain. 

          • Anonymous

            This one is the best trust me. Try the free version with adds.

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more. I hate using 3rd party IM apps like Kik, Whatsapp etc etc. Why can’t there be one solution and make one on each platform that’s compatible with the others on the other platforms?

      I’m using Facebook Messenger now and it does what I need pretty well. Although it’s almost universal (who except my granny doesn’t have a Facebook account!), I’m still not seeing it being used that much. If there is one app that could truly be cross-platform, it’d be Facebook Messenger, given the sheer size of it’s user base. Yes, it’s still sort of bare-bones, but that will most likely change in subsequent releases.

      Also, it baffles me why Google won’t integrate G+ messenger/chords with GTalk and make it one app which can do IM, video, texts etc..?

      • As far as facebook messenger goes, I agree with it making the most sense because of its user size. The problem I have is the application. I NEVER get notifications.

        The integration of g+ messenger and gtalk is something I’ve wondered about as well.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, push notifications on it have been a hit and miss so far. I don’t know what’s with Facebook not being able to make a good mobile app, the actual Facebook app sucks monkey’s and the Messenger isn’t perfect either. Although the push has been working fine for the last couple weeks. I just uninstalled and reinstalled it and the notifications have been working fine. 

          One more thing, text messages could take upto 15 mins to show up at the recipient side – not so “instant”.. 

          If they manage to fix it and suggest it enough to users, I have no doubt that it’ll catch on pretty quick, it’s Facebook after all..!

      • Billy Jenkins

        G+ and GTalk are integrated. They are for me. When I was on G+ on my laptop I sent my friend an invitation to use the huddle feature and video chat with them. Well when I signed into G+ on my phone we wanted to see if they can video chat with me on my phone. They were automatically added to my Gtalk and when they clicked to start video chat on their computer Gtalk video opened on my phone and I was video chatting with them using Gtalk. u obviously need 2.3.4 but I downloaded a custom rom that has 2.3.4

        • Anonymous

          It might be internally integrated but it’s too scattered and could be confusing for most people. There’s a G+ app, there’s a Huddle/Chords/Messenger shortcut that shows as an app, there’s GTalk etc. Why not neatly put it all into one app? If you have someone on your Google/GMail/G+ contacts and they’re video enabled, you should be able to video chat, IM, group chat, or group video (Hangout) with them from within one app without having to think which app or which feature you need to use.

          What I mean is, one app for IM and video. If someone is on your Google contacts, you can chat (IM), video chat with them just like you do on GTalk now and if someone is on your G+, you can do the same in addition to the hangouts and stuff. Isn’t Huddle/Chords basically GTalk?

          • Billy Jenkins

            I agree that there are too many. But I’m talking about the Gtalk app that came preloaded with my phone. Thats the Gtalk app thats integrated with G+

          • Anonymous

            I understand what you mean, GTalk comes preloaded on all Androids, but wouldn’t it be nice if that app was the one and the same as the G+ app, with all the features neatly built into it?

          • Billy Jenkins

            G+ isn’t even released to the public. Its available through invite only. Hopefully when G+ is officially released to everyone then they will integrate it with Gtalk on all android phones

          • Anonymous

            G+ has been opened to to everyone afaik.. Am I wrong?

          • Billy Jenkins

            Oh. Well i didnt know it was released to the public if it really was. But its still new. Now that the site is released to the public they probably are woking on integrating G+ with Gtalk on the phones. Hopefully.

          • Anonymous

            Hope so.. 

          • Androidman

            Yeah its been open to everyone for about 2 months now maybe longer.

          • Anonymous

            You can do it, you just to go to your contacts and do a video call with them

  • Dominick DeVito

    Love Samsung Hardware, jury still out on their software. I’ll pass.

  • Anonymous