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Galaxy Nexus Updates: Possible Dimensions, New Render and Usable Screen Size Thanks to On-Screen Buttons

After hearing that the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich announcement was postponed, things seemed to have quieted over the weekend. Let’s go ahead and ramp them back up, shall we?

First, take a look at the new render up above that was created from Samsung’s CTIA teaser and the hands-on video that took the world by storm on Friday morning. That is probably about as close as we will get to an official looking mock-up until the phone is announced in the next couple of weeks. Is this not one of the sexiest phones we have ever seen?    

Next, we have potential dimensions for the phone thanks to one of our readers. In the image below, he scaled it up against the original DROID to get a height of 5.26″ and a width of 2.62″ along with that 4.65″ diagonal screen. It’s not going to be the next hummer Thunderbolt, and will fit nicely in your pocket as almost all Samsung phones do.

The next subject that was attacked this weekend was the thought of the 4.65″ screen being far too big. I guess I thought we had covered the idea that the extra size was due to the on-screen buttons, but quite the conversation was started over it on a variety of sites and wanted to bring it up here.

So yes folks, the screen is 4.65″, but during normal use there will only be 4.3″ or 4.5″ of usable screen – the rest of the space is for the on-screen buttons. The cool thing here, is that during video playback or games, the buttons will more than likely be hidden like on the XOOM and Honeycomb, giving you the full 720p experience.  (via: reddit, geek.com):

Talking about this phone never gets old. There are so many things going on here that should make this the phone to beat for the foreseeable future. Any thoughts on the screen or dimensions?

Top render via TumblrCheers Greg, sperho and everyone else!!

  • Allofmybest

    I love the big screen. Bring it on real men like Big Toys

  • Anonymous

    Wow is all I can say. That new render makes this phone look so so sexy! I always liked the curve on the nexus s so this is not a deal breaker for me. If this phone is too big so is the droid x/x2, droid bionic, thunderbolt, galaxy s2 etc.   I think at this point, it’s a pretty silly thing for you guys to hate on it for that. Anyway, I really think this phone looks slick. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see how the size of the phone (not just the screen dims) compares to a common 4.3″ phone – like the Droid X, bionic, etc, rather than the OG droid…   That bezel does look excessive.

  • guest

    4.65″ sounds like a dream. Love it

  • ._. seriously too many lil girls complaining on how this device isnt going to fit their purses. Just wait for Galaxy SIII then.. or will you all b*tch bout how that wont be released for your carrier or fit either?.. Haters Gone (seriously) Hate

  • Anonymous

    Those buttons are under the glass but are not part of the screen. This made better aesthetics. If you think your movies will engulf all of the glass area, you are mistaken. They simply added three capcitive illuminated buttons under the glass in a portion below the actual screen. If you look closely, you can see the line of the bottom of the usable display.

  • Anonymous


  • Zuki1216

    Bionic for sale. Anyone interested? Hah

  • Anonymous

    What are the rumored specs for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon? Exynos? 2000 mAH battery?

  • Anonymous

    So only 0.25″ longer and a smidge wider than my Droid X?  Bring it on!

    For those who think 4.3″ screen is already too big, definitely stay away.  For the rest of us who don’t wear skinny jeans, totally psyched about that beautiful screen with 720p res!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait. Doesn’t look too big to me, but I may be one of the outliers.

  • mamrz

    Too big? Get over it. Your like the old gramma that can’t turn the defrost on in her car because the dash has “too many buttons.” Stop fcking complaining you big cry baby

  • Ionre123

    Gotta have this phone. To me bigger is better, no homo. The bigger the phone the more it appeals to me and this phone is just phenomenal.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone here agree it would look so much better like this’??

    I am totally hating on that bezel right now….. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, so sexy!!!  Can’t wait to see the other side and back of this thing. More teasers!!!

  • jeffrey pham
  • neowiz73

    Cm9+ ics can’t wait for the day 🙂

    • Peter

      Yeah I read the post from Cyanogen that the next version of CM will be CM9… what the hell happened to CM8?

  • Anonymous

    This jibes with that other blurrycam shot of the the phone showing the “heightPixels=1184”.
    So this means… 96 pixels are used for the buttons.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if you could drop the on screen buttons while on the internet? The extra little bit of screen would come in handy when browsing.

  • Lolercopter

    wtf is with that curve?  what if you accidently sit on it, won’t it break

    • Pardes33

      It made from titanium…. nothing will happen to it

    • Anonymous

      I’m saying – there’s no way it’s going to be that dramatic of a curve.

  • Anonymous

    I think (and hope) that the curvature in the render above is wildly exaggerated.  I put the one above, and the previous renders from the teaser video side-by-side, and the difference is significant.  I much prefer the one on the right.

  • Prime, RAZR, and Vigor are stepping up the game.  crApple and the iPhail 4suck have left the gates wide open for Google and Android to dominate market share.

    • Ionre123

      Lmao iPhail 4suck

  • J Dub

    Here’s a thought? When is the freaking announcement and release? I don’t care about wallpapers or new market apps. Give me the STINKING phone and let me give you my money. 

    • I believe the 27th is when they are announcing it (maybe even releasing). The event will be in London. 

      • joejoe509

        I thought the London thing was a misunderstanding? Ah… rumors.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been concerned about the gradual growth in screen size for awhile. It seems like companies where just trying to out do each other. Hearing this was going to be a 4.65″ screen was a little scary until I discovered that the aspect ratio was changing. Then junior high math kicked in and I realized it wasn’t going to be that big of a deal.  As long as phones stay under 2.65″ in width I’ll be happy.

  • Anonymous

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  • Cmorty72

    This is giving me a full-on Nexus Prime chubby!!
    Definitely the worthy replacement for my prevailing OGD.

  • droidlvr

    ima ejaculate on this phone

  • Anonymous

    I want this phone so bad I want to start a line at Verizon… today….

  • joejoe509

    Love it! Thanks for posting this! And hopefully this will quell most of the “too big” comments.

  • I want it now!

  • Telephoneteck

    I will be happy to switch from my Thunderbolt to this bad ass phone!

  • Anonymous

    Sprint do this phone right!

  • kbob

    That render puts the thick part of the phone at the bottom.  I expected it to be at the top for three reasons.

    1. When you rest it on a table, it would be tilted slightly toward you instead of tilted away.
    2. The camera would fit better in the thick part, and the camera is usually at the top.
    3. It would slide into a shirt pocket easier if it goes in thin edge first.

    Other phones have the bulge at the top, e.g., Droid X.  Do other Samsungs have it at the bottom?

    • The LTE Chip may need extra room…which may be put on the bottem. THE SGII has a chin at the bottom of the phone. Those other phones which are 8 MP need extra room. If this is 5MP the camera would be thinner.

  • Brentcrawfordrrt

    I have visions of sitting this phone on a flat surface to use because other hand is busy and having it rock back and forth or spin around.

  • Anonymous

    : I have… waited so long. And to think tomorrow was supposed to be the official announcement. :/

    • joejoe509

      Not anymore… they delayed it. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    It looks like it’s been left on a car’s dashboard in Phoenix in August lol

    • pezjono

      HAHA! Being a local Phoenician, I can laugh about this now that the weather has dropped (and will hopefully stay below) 100 degrees.

      • Anonymous

        Lol I hope so too, you guys need a break! I have family down there, though I’ve never lived there, I currently live in Redwood Valley, about 120 miles northwest of SF in Mendocino County and it’s been POURING rain all day here 😀

        • Anonymous

          Oh, and it’s 59 degrees 😀

  • Mr. English

    Looks nice if all of the features and the OS actually works out of the box without having to wait for something to be added, updated or tweaked. My wallet will give droid devices one last chance by waiting until AFTER all the dust has settled to make a choice on a new phone. If the next purchase doesn’t have wow, then it’s off to the OS that does work. The one with 1 phone and no stupid multi vendor fragmenting.

    • Bionic

      yeah, 1 phone, and no LTE 

    • Anonymous

      Funny to see people act like fragmentation is a negative.. that is the reason android was created.. choice.. sounds like you would love of the only vehicle for sale was a civic .. nice and simple for you.. screw heated seats navigation and rain sensing windshield wipers all you need is a wheel and a gas pedal

  • Anonymous

    Looks nice but I think by postponing the launch event they have lost a lot of the excitement and momentum. Now I am feeling blah about it all.

    • Anonymous

      Seems like excitement is building to me.

    • Anonymous

      Droid razor will take over.

  • Interstellarmind

    5 mp camera is a STRONG dealbreaker. Just don’t understand how this could be cutting edge with last year’s camera?

    Sure, sensor might be better. But why not couple that superior sensor with an 8mp camera?

    • Bionic

      Trust me, it does not matter.  I do photography and you cant make poster size prints from ANY phone and have it look good, no matter how many megpixels it is.  5MP is perfectly fine.

    • joejoe509

      Not for me. Low lighting ability is a bigger deal. I hate it when cameras take crappy pictures indoors. I have a nice point and shoot when I need real photography. I come from the age that your camera phone is mostly for quick snaps of your friends, but nothing serious or professional. 5mp is plenty for me. My current phone (env touch) has a 3.2mp camera and I’m ready for an upgrade!

    • Anonymous

      I have to admit my iphone4 camera is the best phone camera I’ve ever used on a cell and its 5like I don’t give 2 shts the GN is 5mp once I learned it still records in 1080p.. and how can that be a deal breaker if it is for you it sounds like you would be carrying an SLR everywhere anyway

  • Jer85008

    I hope it does look like this, best looking non-Apple device to date. Will happily toss my Dx in the recycle bin for this.

  • Even in its current ragged out state, my OG Droid is still the best phone/device I have ever owned.  Going from it to the Galaxy Nexus will be like going from a Honda Civic to a Porsche.

    • Jboogie1289

      + 10 coming from a Porsche owner.

  • Brooklynkid2710

    So let me just see if I have this correct….verizon is going to receive the galaxy nexus before everyone else as an “exclusive” but then later this year a better nexus “prime” is going to drop on the other carriers. I find this so confusing because i thought verizon purposely didint carry the GSII because they were getting the nexus phone. Why would they do this just to receive a hand me down version of the nexus phone. Didnt the prime show up in verizon’s cellibrite even though that doesnt mean anything final but still. And also didnt you say that the OMAP 4460 got delayed in production so why would it still be in verizons nexus, doesnt seem like any delay if you ask me. Another point is the galaxy nexus is supposed to be 9mm thin. im pretty sure thats to thin for an LTE phone to be. I may be wrong but i think as of now the thinnest LTE phone is the GSII LTE HD which is 9.5mm. I think everything is pointing towards verizon getting the “prime” with the 1.5 dual core exynos processor the 2050 mhA battery and the 8 mp beautiful camera. Thats what they meant by verizon getting the exclusive nexus. I think we have it backwards.

    • Are you a Verizon customer, if so, how long have you been one?  Verizon does not make logical decisions when it comes to phones.  The best one they made was carrying the original Droid, since then it’s all been crap for the most part.  I would just go on the assumption that Verizon customers will get screwed while everyone else gets something awesome, that’s the way it’s always been.

    • Anonymous

      The prime wont be out until Q1 probably feb/march.. the GN will be out in 2 weeks.. by the time the prime is out the rumored specs we’ve heard will be obsolete .. the fact the differences in the two phones is 300mhz which will be fixed with a bit of root and 3mp’s which we all know m’s mean nothing it already does 1080p.. I don’t see why ppl think this is a hand me down.. the company that produces the exynos says the new chip is 30% more efficient is the one trying to make money and it isn’t even out yet.. let us determine how much more efficient it is beyond that who knows if the OMAP 4460 isn’t equal to it.. and if it isn’t the only way to tell will be benchmarks.. I don’t know how ppl can say the GN is a hand me down when the prime wont be out for possibly 4 months after the GN

      • Bridgette Mueller

        May I know where you are getting this info?

        • Anonymous

          The GN specs are widely available everywhere and the reason people are saying it is dumbed down from the prime is because of the OMAP 4460 in the GN vs the exynos in the prime .. the chip differences are question marks .. sanding says the exynos 4112 is 30% more efficient than the exynos 4110 in the GSII but the 4460 is not the exynos so why do people say it is worse?? And I say ppl are comparing the GN and prime when they will be released at least an entire quarter later because samsung has put out press releases saying the exynos wont sample (meaning test chips) it until december which means if the small productions go without a hitch they will be able to mass produce and stock at least a month to two later.. and camera megapixels are common knowledge to not matter at 5a or over in cell phones.. its the sensor and the fact the GN can record 1080p is all I care about.. if these two phones were released the same week or even same quarter, then you can say the GN is dumbed down.. the GN will be here in 3 weeks!!! The cpu and camera are said to be the only differences between GN and prime and people are whining loud.. makes no sense

        • Anonymous

          Also we are getting a bloat free, stock, immediate OS update NEXUS phone on VERIZON.. when the exynos 4112 is put in a phone that is produced and benchmarked with a OMAP 4460 then u can whine but even then I HIGHLY doubt anyone will notice a difference in real world use and id it means we get the phone this month vs early next year I would shut my mouth and hand over my $300

  • Anonymous

    Looking good, thanks for posting this.

  • But, will it blend?

  • titan253

    I still think that curve is a little too extreme… might be nice to have a side by side comparing to the nexus S?

    • Anonymous

      Word in the street is its like the nexus s the pic is misleading

  • to much curve

    • Bionic

      thats what my wife says

  • Yes

    Yup, too big.

    • Ahj

      It didn’t really need more confirmation that it was too big. It was pretty obvious it was at least as big as the other 4.3 inch phones which are too big.

      • Aspari

        Not only is it too big, there is so much bezel on it, you could fit the dedicated Android buttons at the bottom.

        • Anonymous

          ask and you shall receive

          • Adam Elghor

            lol but i like the size

          • Stephen

            Thats what she said

          • Xenokron

            Since they made the entire phone longer they might as well put in those buttons too.

          • Landon

            Haha, it’s longer than all the other 4.3 inch phones out there which are already too big. Kind of wastes the whole buttonless idea.

        • Xenokron

          So much for just making the screen longer and not the entire device. 

    • Yeah way to big. This effectively cuts out executives who want a small phone in their jacket pocket and women. Its a shame because it is a very attractive phone. Much better than that post industrial crap motorola puts out. 

      • LionStone

        Not really, executives with a bigger phone have already adapted to wearing their phones on their belts since blackberry has been around. Those with an ip usually put a battery/case or just a case on it and wear on their belt too.

        • Haha. I guess we are talking about different kinds of executives. I’ve never seen a lawyer or CEO with a belt clip on their $1000 Brooks Brothers suit. 

          • LionStone

            Yea haha, well, the doctors, lawyers and executives that I see do and they even have two phones, like I did for a while. You know, their work phone and personal on their belt as well. I never had two phones on my belt, but people do. I’ve even seen women professionals with their phone on their belt. I travel coast to coast with these folks probably twice a month, but maybe I’m just seeing things huh? And I don’t think too many people sitting in business class wear suits by Brooks 🙂 

      • Nick S

        I also like to keep a small phone in my jacket pocket and in my women – you know, for emergencies.

        • EC8CH

          I at least hope you put it on vibrate for them.  It’s the least you could do.

      • EC8CH

        If women have been telling you 4.65″ is too big for them… they’re just trying to make you feel better about yourself Jeff.

        Lots of women love their Droid X’s and EVO’s. 

      • Anonymous

        Moto is better than apple.

    • Jackson

      that curve isn’t helping either. it’s essentially making it thicker.

      • J Dub

        10/10 women prefer thicker. 

        • Overcompensating Not Necessary

          10/10  women don’t prefer overcompensation.

        • Blood

          But we are not women

    • Anonymous

      so funny when ppl say 4.3″ are too big… I put my ip4 ontop of my droid X and the thing is barely larger due to the massive bezel on the iP… your wallet is always going to be larger than your phone.. I don’t get it, wait I do.. trolls!

      • Alex M

        With that kind of thinking you’ll be eventually carrying a huge tablet phone. “It’s only a little bit bigger than my current phone so it’s okay” for every phone you get.

        There’s a limit and mine is the size of the SGS 1 and any bigger is a deal breaker. What’s your limit? The Xoom?

        • Not exactly. He’s only comparing it to the benchmark of all smartphones – the iPhone. The iPhone probably benefits from extensive market research where Apple determined the optimum phone size. In order for Android to be competitive, they have to load it with features that Apple forgot inside (NFC, etc), and possibly outside in hopes of grabbing market share from segments who prefer larger screens.

          And as with any type of market research, you do have shortcomings. “Optimum phone size” may simply end up meaning “yeah it’s optimum, but I don’t care about phone size to a certain point.”

          Proportionally this got taller than it got fatter than the iphone. Take your thumb (unless it’s a big thumb) and pop it on top of an iphone. That’s how big this phone is. It’s not that bad, really.

          • Loki

            No, it’s bad. Just plain ridiculous like the rest of the 4.3 inch phones.

    • Anonymous

      Yup, too small. (Where’s my Galaxy Note?)

      You know what they say about opinions…

      • Samus

        Companies care about opinions when there are enough of them to affect their profit.

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t buy the Tbolt because it was too big. Same for the Bionic. From this article, I’ll be passing on the Nexus too.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve read that it may be available on AT&T.

    • BigD

      I’m 6’6 and this phone will actually look small in my hand.  The bigger the better for me.

    • Billyrouth2000

      Cant please everyone, if you dont like it dont get it

      • Loki

        Of course everyone who doesn’t like brick phones won’t get it (ie. me) but that doesn’t mean I don’t want a smaller Nexus phone. What’s wrong with putting what I don’t like about out there.

  • Taylor Steele

    Take my money NOW!!

  • It’s disappointing that it’s looking like the release date is being pushed back on this Android phenomenon. Maybe it’s time to jump on the Apple bandwagon like the rest of my family since it is taking Verizon forever to release a decent dual core phone with a nice screen.

    • James Adam


    • No one said the release date has been pushed back, just the reveal announcement.

  • Charles Blackmon

    i wonder how many of these will sell?

    • Anonymous

      I would say at least a dozen,

    • Not 1,000,000 in 24 hours.

  • Has everyone forgotten the Vigor? :/

    • compchick813

      Not me!

  • Terrace Manley

    Damn you’re Sexy!!! What’s your name? Galaxy Nexus… Well I got $300 for you if you let me take you home. I can play with you and can enjoy Ice Cream Sandwiches together….:oP

    • Anonymous

      That comment was lame.

  • digsoreos

    Sexy as in feminine or masculine? The curved screen and phone body will be interesting. It will require some actual hands-on examination to see how it feels in real life. Whatever the case, I like the body style better than the octagonal design Motorola seems to be going with, with those chopped off edges.

  • Grungy

    Do you REALLY love the lamp, Trophynuts?

  • Kianhjudah

    QUESTION: Should we be expecting quad-core phones to start coming out around the beginning of 2012??? It would be hard for me to justify using my November upgrade for a dual-core if that’s the case. (Although, the batteries will probably only last for about 10 minutes) 

    • Chris Hunigan

      Don’t expect quad core possibly end of Qrt2, beginning of Q3. About a few days Qualcomm has announced that the 4G LTE chip will be inbedded into their processor to improve performance and preserve battery life. This is new good news as devices will be faster, lighter, and thinner. 
      With the amount of potential with dual core technology we should see speeds near 2GHz roughly end of 1st  quarter. 


      • Kianhjudah

        Thanx. So I guess I should go ahead and get this beautiful device! 

  • Wow that width is really pushing it. Imagine putting a case on that thing. My Thunderbolt is at the limit of width from an ergonomics standpoint.

  • Kianhjudah

    I personally wouldn’t be bothered if there were 4.65 of screen, excluding the menu, home and back buttons. But, it seems like a GREAT phone a/w you cut it. 

  • hatethanet

    Although I prefer my women with curves, I prefer my phones flat. However, if everything else is on point, I’ll make exceptions in both cases.

  • Anonymous

    For the love of android, just make sure it has an SD Card slot! That is the only thing I care if it has, and nothing so far has leaked that says it does or doesn’t.

  • How could you even fit that in a pocket without looking like you’ve got a mutant side-bulge?

  • TomHolmes


  • Garthdill

    If this thing can’t surf the web at 4.5″ I’ll have to pass.

  • Anonymous

    I love that there’s no awful branding on the front of the device. Let’s hope it stays like that!

    • Madcow06

      Verizon will slap their logo on it.

  • Justin

    I think this render is a little off. The FCC filing for the GT-I9250 (GSM version) measures it at 124 mm length by 68 mm wide ( 4.88 inches by 2.68 inches ). This should be the same width and length as VZW’s version. It puts it At about the same length as the Nexus S, about 5mm wider, and almost 2 mm thinner. Just the right size!!

  • The rendering is still a touch too square as compared to the photograph you provided, but our thoughts on the screen size are perfectly aligned.

  • Is anyone besides me worried about the phone breaking?  I think this thing is a million times better looking than my Thunderbolt, but i remember the times where things have been put onto my phone.  Phones were not designed for that type of damage but the equal weight distribution of the flat surface allows for a reasonable amount of weight to be placed on it.  With 2 points of contact a small snap in the center is easy to imagine.  Its not gonna deter me from deciding between this, prime and vigor but I am a little worried.

  • Scottyb112

    I wanna put my you know what in its micro usb port, and make it feel good, real good!

  • Madcow06

    The 2.6 width would be fine but I was really hoping they would keep the height around 5. Don’t want to go much bigger than my droid x.

  • System Dump, System Dump, System Dump…

  • This is looking like a day one buy for me. I could wait for my new every two but that’s 6 months away and I don’t feel like waiting that long for a  new phone. Haha!

  • Trdracer21

    realease it already

  • Anonymous

    i want the vigor more :X

    • Anonymous

      Then get the hell out of here and ease the queue!!

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          kidding mate.. take it easy! 😉

    • compchick813

      Agreed 🙂

  • Anonymous

    And that wait becomes even more painful…!!! This is one thing I’m actually willing to wait through the night outside a store for..!

    • James Adam

      No kidding I’ll see you there.

  • Nav

    Am I the only one that thinks 5.26 inches tall sounds huge? I don’t get why it would need to be that tall. Also, the fcc filing for the gsm version lists the height as 124 mm which is almsot 4.9 inches. Could the verizon and gsm versions be that different in dimensions?

    • Jake

      I don’t think they took the curvature of the phone into account, so it’s likely a little under 5.26 inches tall. Not far, though.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…you guys really are the best. I saw a bunch of nonsense posted about this very issue (“4.65 is too big! 4.3″ is already pushing it!”) and was going to request that you guys do an article just like this one. You read my mind!

  • Anonymous

    Now we just need to get some release dates!

    • Kianhjudah

      I was about to ‘like’ your comment, which was good and all. But then I didn’t b/c I realized that I was only going to like your comment after I read your name ‘feztheforeigner.’ Nice name! 

  • Dave

    I really hope that Oct. 27th date pans out.

  • Anonymous

    So, why does no one talk about the fact the the hump on the back of the phone is placed at the bottom of the device – which tilts it AWAY from you when you place it on a flat surface in portrait mode?

    Even Motorola has managed to get this one right, placing their camera hump on the phone back top: therefore, when you place the phone portrait on a flat surface, it tilts slightly TOWARD you.

    • EC8CH

      maybe because the bottom hump on Sammy phones is common to their phones so it’s expected?

    • Jake

      What has always annoyed me about Motorola phones is that the speaker is placed on the bottom of the back, so when I place the phone down the sound is almost completely muffled.

  • LionStone

    This thing is slick and curvalicious! Look back at the rotary phones back in the day. The handset was curved! Samsung pretty smart to do this…ergonomics goes a long way. Great design!

  • Still looks pretty damn big…

    • Mikehen08

      thats what she said….

  • Nate Surber

    Jebus Kellex.  You must own stock in carrots and sticks.  On that note…  Muuuust reeeeach carroooooot!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else just wish it was flat?  At first I liked the idea, but after seeing the curve, I feel like typing will be a bit awkward. 

    Also, the phone in the video doesn’t look curved, anyone else notice that?

    • being that the keyboard only takes up the bottom half of the screen, I don’t think it’s going to be much of a problem.

      • I think he was referring to typing in landscape.

        But i’m pretty sure the video exaggerates the curve.

      • Anonymous

        I’m talking landscape mode, where I do all my typing. 

  • Hatethanet

    Damn, I can’t wait from my Thunderbolt to this!

    • Hatethanet

      Haha I’m so excited, my grammar’s all messed up!

  • FCC filling says 124mm (4.8″) x 68mm (2.67″). 

    Second picture on this post, http://goo.gl/rfGRv

  • I fell like a junkie jonesing for my daily Nexus fix. Thanks Kellex you threat me right.

  • Booboolala2000

    Anyone else think that this looks like “touchwiz”? I see the ICS buttons but it looks like a while lot of buttons to me doesn’t necessarily scream clean ui to me. Don’t get me wrong I am really wanting this device, but this screenshot looks a lot like some overlay has been applied

  • Mark Lewis

    At 320 DPI, 720×1280 comes out to 2.25″x4″, which is 4.59″ diagonally, not 4.65″.

    If the bar for on-screen buttons is 80px tall, that gives the same 6:10 ratio of usable space (720×1200) as a 480×800 screen.  Looking at the mock-up above, it’s pretty close, but it also puts the internal diagonal (without the on-screen button bar) at 4.37″, not 4.3″.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Br_hermon

    I actually did some figuring of my own last week and got sorta similar
    numbers… Using the trusty… a(2) + b(2) = c(2) equation, and assuming
    (yes I know…) that we have a 16:9 ratio screen… I figure screen
    size to be 4.04 in. x 2.27 in. Add in the body around the screen… and
    I’m totally guestimating here… I figure roughly 5.38 in. x 2.7 in. So
    like I said… pretty close. Yes that’s geek, and yes I “must have too
    much time on my hands” Oh well 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It’s actually 1/2 inch taller than the thunderbolt, which is pretty darn big

    • LionStone

      Thats what I will be comparing it too, but I’ve found specs to not really be that accurate when I ended up measuring for myself. The Bionic is slightly taller and wider than the TB and blockier, so I don’t know why folks try to tag the TB as the “tank”. The only thing the Bionic has over the TB is a tad thinner and a tad lighter. Soo, I’ll wait to match up the TB and the Nexus (as far as form factor) once it actually materializes. And hopefully the Vigor comes out soon too, so we can get a good comparison. Fun times ahead! 

  • Joshua Dudash

    This is such a cool design,
    Not sure what to think about the big curve, as ive only owned a droid 1 and a xoom… but im sure it will be more than fine. 

    What ever happened to the Mozilla Seabird or whatever it was called.

    • Jigga_Z

       Seabird was a concept phone, so it may never see the light of day. I hope it does though, that phone looked amazing!

  • EC8CH

    The “it’s too big” argument is just coming from frustrated fappleboys because the i*hone 5 didn’t come out.

  • Gimikey

    WANT. NAO.

  • Guest

    Stop teasing us and RELEASE the damn thing already!

  • Anonymous

    So, if we had to guess an off-contract price, what would it be? Got paranoid back when the whole tiered-data deal got announced and got a tbolt (yeah, I know, I mad bro)… so I’m really really hoping to be able to save enough cashh to buy this sexy beast…

  • Br_hermon

    I actually did some figuring of my own last week and got sorta similar numbers… Using the trusty… a(2) + b(2) = c(2) equation, and assuming (yes I know…) that we have a 16:9 ratio screen… I figure screen size to be 4.04 in. x 2.27 in. Add in the body around the screen… and I’m totally guestimating here… I figure roughly 5.38 in. x 2.7 in. So like I said… pretty close. Yes that’s geek, and yes I “must have too much time on my hands” Oh well 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that looks amazing!!! =o

  • John Doe

    Do we know if this has HDMI out? Also, do we still like the 27th for release date?

    We thank you.

    • Jake

      The Nexus S didn’t have HDMI out, so I think this one won’t either. I’m also thinking that there won’t be an FM radio.

  • tbaybe

    i think this is a sexy phone! I’m excited to possibly get one! 

  • EC8CH

    Damn yous a sexy B*tch

  • While I appreciate all this, I am getting tired of rumors, pics, and videos.  Just announce the phone and let me preorder already!!

  • I like curves

  • FortitudineVincimus

    this will be even better if it really does dock into a tablet like “rumored”

    • Jadam6118

      Have we figured out what those pin type holes are for?

  • Anonymous

    SD card slot or no?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      more importantly… HDMI out or not?

      • Jadam6118

        Both of these might be a deal breaker. I will be a very sad panda. Gimme SD and I will cheat on moto.

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        People actually use that feature? I tried on my DX and it worked horribly.

        • Daniel

          The x doesn’t have true hdmi mirroring

          • Anonymous

            That’s true, it would be a lot more useful if it had mirroring.

          • Anonymous

            If you’re on the X like I, use RealHDMI. I left CM7 because it doesn’t support HDMI at all yet; Running Vortex 2.5 and loving it.

          • Anonymous

            No it does not. DROIDX 2,DROID 3,photon, ATRIX and the master of all DROID, the Bionic. Those the one with true hdmi mirror.

        • Nybandit2000

          The DX is limited in its HDMI out capability. I had the DX now have DX2 which will Mirror your phone on HDMI out works much better. I streamed an online football game from my phone to my tv yesterday (due to not being aired locally) and it worked great. 

        • Guest

          Your doing it wrong…  Try it on a dual core phone…  ie DX2 and Bionic…

  • Anonymous


  • EC8CH

    Come to me you big gorgeous curvy screen!

  • Awesome-o 2000

    if the curvature of the phone is what is portrayed in the render, the 4.65 will feel like nothing being edged closer to you at the ends

  • Anonymous

    gimme gimme gimme

  • David Hayden

    It’s beautiful. But for right now, I’m going to enjoy CM7.1 on my Droid.

  • Trophynuts

    i love lamp

  • Bionicman

    makes me even more bummed that they arent going to announce it tomorrow 🙁 i want this phone now! lol

  • Anonymous

    That phone looks crazy slick.

  • Those curves are better than that found on Kim K’s Arse

    • Anonymous

      Fair comparison considering both are “manufactured”.. :p 

      • LionStone

        Oh!! lol

  • Anonymous

    Is that screen shot above the SCH-I515 or the 9250? because of those leaks last week showed that in the baseband. Sorry to beat a dead horse and asking this again, I’m really curious to know which model this is. 

  • Anonymous

    Its a perfect phone

    • Anonymous


  • Trippmcneilly

    Off topic. I use google reader on my phone and when it takes me to droid life almost every time I have to switch to mobile version at the bottom, of the page. Cleared cache, cookies, history. Still does it but not for android life. Suggestions?

    • Trippmcneilly

      Well, cleared all data for the browser in app manager. We’ll see if it lasts.

  • We’ll see how much I like the softbuttons. Still not a huge fan, but everything else about this phone is top notch.

  • Anonymous

    why is the “hump” at the bottom”? 

    • Anonymous

      That’s Samsung’s style. Guessing the radio is down there.

    • Weight ratio of the phone. If the hump were on the top, the phone would fall out of your hand. 

      • Anonymous

        yeah, that makes sense, I am just used to the DX with its “camera hump” – seeing that at the bottom looked weird, but still sexy

      • Jake

        I would have thought just the opposite; it’s more likely to fall being on the bottom because the weight is at the bottom. On my DX, the hump at the top also acts as a little ledge that can rest on my finger to prevent the phone from slipping when I’m actively using the screen.

      • Anonymous

        Is that why I always dropped my DX and now my DX2? Good thing they are such tough phones.

      • Madcow06

        I disagree, the hump at the top makes it easier to hold, it rests on the side of your index finger while you hold it.

    • WAldenIV

      I’m guessing this render is wrong and the hump will be on top.  It sits better in the hand with a top hump than a bottom hump.

      • Anonymous

        but if you go back and look at the video, it appears that the power button was on the top left of the phone. Which doesnt make any sense from the render… I Confused Bro.

  • JeffT


  • Anonymous

    I haven’t been this excited about a Verizon phone for a VERY long time.  Vzw/Samsung please don’t screw this up!

  • Finire

    That thing is pure sexiness. Hello reason to not have an HTC phone.

  • Anonymous

    I needed this today… Thank you buddy guy!

    • palomosan

      I wonder when they’re making the announcement, I understood when they postponed it but it’s been 5 days already.

      At least Kellex keeps it interesting for us, give some more juice.

      • “but it’s been 5 days already.”
        Yet the initial announcement wasn’t supposed to be til tomorrow. Give them time. I’m sure Google/Samsung is just,  if not more, excited about this launching then everyone else.

        • We have no time, have you seen the current selection of devices on Verizon? Yeah it’s awful…………

  • I wonder when/where they’re going to announce this phone now that CTIA is a bust?????????? Anyone have any ideas?

    • Mike Majewski

      This.  Any rumors Kellex?

    • EC8CH

      It will be the “one more thing” at Job’s eulogy.

      I keed I keed.

      • Anonymous

        I laughed at this, but I feel a little bad about it. But now I’m laughing again lol…

        • EC8CH

          It’s probably too soon… which actually makes it a bit more funny.

          No disrespect Jobs… didn’t agree with some of what you did, but you sure made your mark and changed the world.

          • Anonymous

            Well, at least the 1st world.

  • Anonymous

    That would be a great idea, I have always liked the gestures from WebOS phones.


  • I’m still curious as to how they’re going to hide the on screen buttons during video watching or gaming. I know in Honeycomb the buttons turn to dots, but the space is still being taken up, so it wouldn’t really give you any extra screen space if they do the same for phones. I always thought it’d be a good idea to use swipe gestures at the bottom of the bezel to call upon the buttons when hidden.

    • Mctypething

      u curious bro?

      • Anonymous

        Best comment you have ever left. 😛

        • William Ku

          u curry?

        • EC8CH

          don’t encourage him

          • Anonymous

            But encouraging/instigating is fun!

          • U mad, bro? Sorry had to…

          • He is not, just hypebeasting him 

      • Gordon Bombay

        God damn you are freaking annoying.

        • Mctypething

          What’s up, u mad bro?

        • Johnny

          U a duck bro?

        • Mr. Ducksworth

          Quack quack.

      • Anonymous

        Are you still crying bro?

    • Anonymous

      It would be great if MD is able to get away with integrating in some of his WebOS gesture goodness like swiping from the bottom.

  • Anonymous

    So yeah, my body is ready.

  • Firelight


  • Anonymous

    Good lord I want this phone…

  • Some Random Dude

    My thoughts are : *Shrieks like a little girl* 😀

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I feel ya on that one =)

      • Anonymous

        I support a level of hype known as “beatlemania”… However, I have changed it to… NEXUSMANIA!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • Anonymous

      Longer than the Infuse 4G which is 5.19 inches. It’s too big for me… I’m sad now.

      • Anonymous

        They could have easily made it shorter by getting rid of that RIDICULOUS BEZEL on the bottom of the phone.. like cmon! have you seen the GS2??? Look how crammed the Samsung Logo is with the hardware buttons.. That bezel is about a quarter of an inch smaller than this phone has…

        I hate it when design just gets thrown out the window for a device with so, so much potential. If it weren’t for ICS, I would go for the Droid RAZR.

        • Anonymous

          Well technically we haven’t seen the front of the official phone yet. The one in the video from Russia could have very well been a prototype (we didn’t see the side of that either). So hold your accusations for the time being. 😛

      • Anonymous

        To prove my point, take a look at the Nexus Prime with BOTH Hardware buttons AND On-screen buttons. There’s room enough for both…………….  

      • Anonymous

        Lol I told you that this device will be a disappointment.

  • Anonymous

    So sexy. Want now.

  • enormous.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not enormous, it’s slightly larger than the HTC Sensation. Samsung shrunk the bezel. 

      • it’s taller than the DroidX and that thing is a monster

        • Madcow06

          Yeah i was really hoping it would stay around the height of the droid x by eliminating the buttons. I will reserve judgment though until I can see one in person.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I like

    still seems like a lot of dead black space in the bezel below the “buttons”

    • Mike Majewski

      Your thumb has to go somewhere when holding it in landscape.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        yeah, I guess along the edges couldn’t work?????

        my thumb never sits ON my phones face when in landscape more.

        • Jadam6118

          Mine do

          • Anonymous

            Jobs: “You’re holding it wrong. “

  • Phoeni3265

    First!!! Yay,

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you were the first “Yay.” Congratulations.

  • Matt Blank

    I like this…Alot

    • WAldenIV

      The profile image is updside down.  The wider portion of the phone has to be on top or it won’t sit well in your hand.  Look at the Droid X, for example.