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Thursday Poll: Is the Galaxy Nexus Your Next Device?

This has quickly turned into Samsung Galaxy Nexus hypebeast week as we lead up to the CTIA event that should answer all of our questions.  So far though, we have a set of specs that match up to what our sources have told us, a beautiful render, a potential release date of 10/27, and a couple of teaser videos to make your mouth water.  Things around the Android world are getting incredibly exciting – new Nexus on Verizon for the first time that’s running the newest and mostly unleaked version of Android.

There is nothing quite like a Nexus device if you are an Android enthusiast, so even though this is not official just yet, we want to know if any of you have already made up your mind on it.  Is the G-Nex your next phone?

Is the Galaxy Nexus Your Next Device?

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  • Mister Waldo

    Does anyone else think a curved screen is a terrible idea?!?

    • Keith Sumner

      The Nexus S had one and never proved to be problematic. What’s your concern?

      • Mister Waldo

        Main concern being how easily viewable the screen will be from diff angles and such

    • whats so terrible about its something no one else has its been done before 

    • Anonymous

      It’s only slightly curved, and looking at the screen you won’t notice it, but holding it up to your cheek while on the phone, it will fit like a glove, and no more hitting the end button by accident while on the phone…also, the curve will fit the back pocket much better when sitting….not that that’s a selling point….

  • J Dub

    I don’t care what the specs are, this is my next phone. If it is truly the next Nexus and will get updates from Google then I’m sold. Look at the Nexus One. It still gets updates from Google.

    I hope the Phandroid article is right and that it is spec’d more like the GS2 LTE HD. I want that rockin’ Exynos chipset that Samsung makes.

  • EC8CH

    Best part about this post… G-Nex

    …makes me like the name Galaxy Nexus better than Nexus Prime!

  • Where’s all the Vigor news?! Wasn’t it roadmapped for today?

    • J Dub

      Vigor? What’s that? Off brand Viagra?

  • Dongoracing1

    I think we forgot a 3 letter word to make that post epic, ” new Nexus on Verizon for the first time that’s running the newest and mostly unleaked version of Android, with Verizon’s 4G “LTE” Network!” Make me smile just thinking about it 🙂

  • EC8CH


    and when I say “da house” I mean my house… cause I’m gonna get it… and it’s gonna be awesome.

  • Han Solo

    Guys, Specs on this are bogus.  Look at Phandroid’s updated article.  Even better specs are in store.


    • EC8CH

      God I love speculation!

      Keep it Coming!

  • Joe

    Yeah I’m all over this phone (most likely) but only when its released as a non-specific carrier version, as was the case with the N1.  I’m still in contract with T-Mo from back when I first got my N1, so I can’t grab the Verizon one either way.  Plus I don’t want some lame carrier logo printed on it =P

  • Trooper

    Unless its priced way high, yes this is my next phone.

  • Back on topic…. If the Nexus is what we all think it is, then it’ll be my phone. If it’s not, then I’ll have to make a decision (and may stick on my TBolt a while longer).

    • DanSke

      Likewise. I love the T-Bolt, but could go for the upgraded features on this beast of a phone. Heres to hoping the 1750 mAh battery is decent. *crosses fingers*

  • I love my Bionic, but the screen tech does bother me. If this Nexus device actually materializes on VZW, I might sell my Bionic. I just don’t like Samsung phones though. I’ll have to wait to decide until it is actually announced.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty well locked in on the Incredible 2 for now. Although the owner of the Wireless Zone in CT said he would give me an upgrade based on the so-so speaker quality on the Dinc2. Rooted and insured, it works well, and I need a break from all this fine tuning for a while.       

  • Br_hermon

    This has mostly all the specs I want. It’s vanilla android, which I want. It will (hopefully) receive “developer perks” I only have… well… 4 concerns actually…. How good is battery life? Is there a slot for an SD card? Will it only charge by those 3 connectivity points / or will it charge by “standard” micro usb? and Most importantly, will it be competitively priced (undercut current competition)? I can buy a Bionic for $199 at RadioShack until Oct 15th. THAT’s awfully appealing…. I’m waiting as long as I can to make a decision before I have to.

  • Why does the nexus mean so much after we had the OG DROID.  That device was just as good as any nexus the only thing it was missing was the faster updates from Verizon.  Even the XOOM is still pretty nice to have since it is also stock.  This will still be my next device but the post kind of makes it sound like Verizon hasn’t had a single device worth mentioning ever.  I have contracts that are due up Nov 7th so I will have a little lead time to be sure its what I want.  My Sprint Nexus 4G is a great device and I am sure this the same but I still have a lot of love for the tank of a phone that is the OG DROID.

    • J Dub

      This is a worthy successor to the OG IMHO. Will most definitely be an unlocked bootloader with loads of dev support just like the OG Droid. 

  • GiantKN

    Does a chicken eat with its pecker?

  • O C

    Can’t wait, happy I’m with VzW

  • Anonymous

    Unless something extremely dumb is done to it, without a doubt.  I’m sick of constant complaining, I’m getting that vanilla Android or I’m just done with Android.

  • Q

    Already have the Bionic, so Im straight.  This phone looks sick though.. Go Samsung, smash Apple!

    These new Android super phones rock.

  • definitely going to wait for the announcement and initial reviews, but more than likely, yes :-p

    bye bye droid X, hello Nexus 🙂

  • If you an android lover on on VZW there are only 2 options, yes now or yes later. 

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    Bye bye Thunderbolt (I love it) hello Galaxy Nexus (my new love)!

    • LionStone

      Yep, I hears ya, gonna miss the kickstand! Using it right now. 🙂

  • Rangertrav

    Well, I bought a Bionic on contract. I would have to purchase this on Full Retail — which I might do. Any idea what that’s going to be?

    • Anonymous

      SELL UR BIONIC 250

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could have this device, but I have about another 8 months until I could upgrade. My DX running CM7 seems so outdated ahhh!!!

  • I’m taking my Bionic back today so I can get this when it comes out, my droid 1 just needs to last a few more weeks

  • no upgrade till march 🙁

    • Rob Valencia21

      Call Verizon care when it drops. They’ll upgrade you early. My upgrade isn’t til march either and they offered me one a week ago, when I was getting a warranty replacement dx

  • Anonymous

    Loving what we know so far. My only wish is that it is slightly smaller than 4.65 (Christ, that is huge!) and the processor is at least a 1.4Ghz dual core.

    • J Dub

      After folding the GS2 and it’s 4.5″ screen it should be just fine. I didn’t feel like I was reaching with my thumbs at all and all that real estate felt great.

  • sparty569

    Where is the “OH HELL YES!!!” option?

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy with my Bionic.

    • Anonymous

      Then all that bootloader stuff is of no importance to you. The Bionic I’m sure is a great phone if you don’t want it for the reason of roms. (not saying it won’t have roms, I think you know what I mean)

      A nice stock device with ics and no encrypted bootloader is DREAM for the rest of us.

      • i agree.. while the bionic stays a great device. i think some of us hunger for that stock google experience we’ve grown accustomed to since the droid. 

      • Anonymous

        Nope, It’s not a big deal for me.  The main reason I ran roms on my Droid were for performance optimizations but the Bionic is extremely fast stock.  I’m rooted so I can modify anything I like regardless, with the exception of the kernel.

        I am tempted by that AMOLED screen and ICS though.

      • Anonymous

        Nope, It’s not a big deal for me.  The main reason I ran roms on my Droid were for performance optimizations but the Bionic is extremely fast stock.  I’m rooted so I can modify anything I like regardless, with the exception of the kernel.

        I am tempted by that AMOLED screen and ICS though.

      • Anonymous

        No diggity no doubt son

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to be double fisting that beasty phone while my Bionic and Thunderbolt sit on eBay.  I don’t like it unless it’s brand new.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with ya…  I’ve gone from the D1, D2, DX, Thunderbolt, now to the Galaxy Nexus!

      We will worry about our next phone after this in a few months…:)

  • Adam Wiggins

    Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…

  • DroidRooterX

    I don’t know how i’m going to like that curved screen until I have a working model i’m my hands when Verizon gets the demos. I’m sure its going to by freakin awesome though lol

  • jonathan caruso

    this most def will be my next phone as long as the 4.65″ screen fits in the real estate of a 4.3″ phone! Hoping Ice Cream Sandwhich makes that happen!

    • Droiiid

      Same exact thing for me. If they cut down the Bezel I think they can make it happen. otherwise no thank you

    • Anonymous

      That’s a good point actually. A lot of people see that screen size and freak out, but if the capacitive buttons are being replaced by screen real estate, the device probably isn’t going to be any bigger than, a Droid X or a Galaxy SII.

  • Arthur2142

    I just wish I could place my pre-order today to make sure I get one on launch date!

  • 304jfce

    I hope this comes to Sprint soon. I’m not leaving my unlimited plan so Verizon can slow me down.

  • Pending the current spec list, definitely will be replacing my D1

  • Mctypething

    I wonder if this device will be completely forgotten about by Droid Life 5 minutes after it is released like the Bionic was (after months of over inflated hype).

    • Adam Wiggins

      It won’t.  This phone will have great developer support also.  It’s the phone we were all hoping the Bionic would be.

    • Anonymous

      I still use the Bionic every day.  Still like it.  But I also like the Incredible 2, the Galaxy S2, will love the Vigor and the RAZR too.  Technology is fun.  It’s not all about 1 device to rule them all. If it’s good, we talk about it here at DL.  Nothing has changed on that front. Been that way from day 1.  😛

      • Mctypething

        Seems like all you do is hype the crap out of phones coming out, and then they fall off the face of the earth after that. It’s a never ending cycle. What happened to the app of the day feature? I loved that. Your site needs to be more dynamic as it’s just become a hype machine for upcoming rumored phones.

        • Sp4rxx

          I agree – though it’s nice to see new stuff, there still needs to be coverage of the whole Droid spectrum … after all, it IS DROID life, not ONLY NEW DROID Life

          • @f258986b023c5c8bf4a80c5fd9565ab6:disqus your correct it is DROID LIFE so here’s a little reality for you naysayers about never talking about the old phones. 


            This is a post about a recent NEW APP for a VERY OLD PHONE The OG DROID posted on Septemeber 1st 2011 a little over a month ago. 

            Damn you Kellex and you NEVER making posts about OLD PHONES … EVER!!!!!!ELEVENTY11111

          • Mctypething

            You’re an idiot. That is all.

          • Anonymous

            u mad bro?

          • EC8CH

            If that’s true… you’ve been proven wrong by an idiot.

          • Anonymous


          • Sp4rxx

            That isn’t even relevant anymore – it’s just a version of the Bionic scavenger hunt.  That contest is over.  So, I go back to my original statement:

            There needs to be more coverage of all Droids, not just the new ones….

            OR!!! make another subset of the domain droid-life.com domain and make new.droid-life.com

            just a thought….

        • What are you expecting from it? Once a phone has been released, Kellex does a quick review then an full review. After that what? Want him to do 2 months later review? By then technology has moved on, new stuff has come out or will be coming out.

          If someone wants to read Droid-Life’s review on an old phone, you can search the site and find it. He doesn’t need to keep posting about the phone over and over.

          And to counter your point when an update is released for said phone Droid-Life posts about it letting it’s user base know it’s coming or is out.

          I’m not sure you understand what technology blogs or for this example Android blogs are about. As for other pieces such as theme of the week, unless a dev or someone releases a new theme not much to report on there in that front and app of the day maybe statistically because yes you don’t know the numbers each post hits but kellex does. Maybe those posts didn’t generate enough interest to warrant their up keep?

          • Mctypething

            So, the only thing you want to read about a phone from a tech blog is its initial review and that’s it? How about what good apps are out there, which games are the best, more due diligence on the ever growing amount of launchers out there, ways to conserve battery, etc…This site should be much more dynamic than it’s become, which is simply a hype machine for upcoming phones. There used to be an app of the day feature, what happened to that? I want to know cool things to do with my phone during the 2 years of my contract, not just an initial review.

          • Anonymous

            When they did that(not too long ago even), everyone complained that they didn’t have enough new device news.

          • @0cf69e95d030cf8978798d876e1dc33a:disqus I’m not sure you understand Android then, if the site is going to review the best games for the latest android build or the best apps? Are you forgetting that these apps or games can be played on other devices running android also?

            You can say how the game runs on ICS vs Gingerbread but that doesn’t matter if the game is played on the Gnex or The Vigor.  Bionic vs TBolt, the game will play virtually the same, maybe play slightly smoother on  one vs the other.

            It’s not like we’re comparing games on the Xbox vs the PS3 here. or Android vs iPhone your trying to compare phones with similar builds or build against build here… come on and get real. 

            I think your getting tied to the app of the day concept, like I said MAYBE just maybe the analytics on App of the Day posts weren’t as high as say hype posts so with less interest in those pieces why waste time on this site writing them for a select few individuals? I’m sorry but generally a tech blog will cater to all tech but lean towards what it’s users find most interesting.

            If you are not among them, there are countless other android websites out there, hell even app specific ones.

          • Mctypething

            You’re right, I must not understand Android. Because that is a logical conclusion to draw from my comment that this site needs to cover more than just upcoming phones. Thanks for the enlightenment. I’ll go work on understanding Android now.

          • Let me know if you need any help understanding the basics, Droid-Life will be here for you, what with it’s tutorials, reviews and news on all builds of android.

          • Xfloggingkylex

            This is a news site.  I learn about 50% of the apps I use on my D2 (omg forgotten so long ago) from droid life.  I learn about all the upcoming phones and new root methods here.  This site is about droid news.  When was the last time you saw a news report for something that had already happened.  If you are looking for the specifics of your phone, check out those sub forums for sites like droidforums or XDA or rootzwiki.  You can’t expect a website to stay stuck on old phones, that’s just how this works.

          • Jonfrap

            No you’re totaly wrong. this is where we come for our “NEW” phone info. there are millions of other sites for what you are looking for. it’s not here. I check this site EVERY second for my Vigor info. I don’t want to have to scroll through the crap you want here. Droidlife is the best site around. don’t change a thing. Unless you can make it so clowns like this guy can’t post………..

            P.S. they do tell us everything new that comes out for our old phones. Every update and everything we need. I couldn’t ask fo more. so where in the hell did you come from? i have never seen a more “far off” post in my life.

          • Christopher LeMeilleur

            Can you also stop whining too? Sounds great champ!

          • Anonymous

            u mad bro? Damn this is fun, now I know why Mctypething does it all the time…good times!

          • Xfloggingkylex

            Yes, trolling is a art.

          • Benjamin Landwehr

             An art*

          • A review after a week or two of living with a new phone would be handy. Let the wow factor die down a bit and let us know how it really works. 

          • Kellex does that.

          • Kellex? What’s that?

        • Anonymous

          While you may be correct… You mad bro?

          • Anonymous

            Come to think of it… All I want to hear about is the Nexus Galaxy…. Since it will probably be my next phone. I am excited and many more are also (probably).

            We like buying new phones… It just happens that new phones are coming out all the time. Android phones are exciting and hyping them just makes sense.

          • Mctypething

            Well, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready for 3 weeks of non-stop Galaxy Nexus hype stories, followed by 3+ weeks of Droid Razr hype stories, followed by 3 weeks of ______ hype stories.


          • EC8CH

            I’ll tune in for that!

          • regardless of anything.. i will check this side several times a day.. 

            i’m more excited about the nexus news because it will be my next device. .so yeah.. im honestly eager about every little tid-bit that comes out about it. 

          • Anonymous

            No… Once this phone comes out then I want the hype machine to stop immediately.

        • EC8CH

          seems like all you do is… u mad bro?

          • Mctypething

            Yeah, you’ve never posted that to any comment on this site. I forgot.

          • EC8CH

            Because posting something twice is the same as posting it a hundred times?

          • Mctypething

            u mad bro?

          • Anonymous

            I think he is legitimately mad today

        • Anonymous

          u mad bro?

      • EC8CH

        Screw the name Hypebeast…

        I dub thee “Nexus Kellexus”

        Official Hyper of the Verizon Nexus Empire!

    • Doubtful.  With this being a Nexus phone, it will have some legs.  Also coming stock with ICS will help.

    • Rccrod

      @0cf69e95d030cf8978798d876e1dc33a:disqus what else can you write about once a phone is released?? of course they move onto the next thing. use some common sense.

      • Next article should be: “Motorola Bionic – Still on Verizon and still has an overpriced laptop dock!”

        • EC8CH

          or it could be:

          “Motorola Bionic- How to sell it on Ebay to get cash for the G-Nex”


    • Anonymous

      You mean you’d actually come here to read news about old phones?

      “2 weeks in, the Bionic is still good”

      “1 month after release, the Bionic is still good”

      “3 months later, the Bionic is….still good!”

      • T-Bolt 6 months after release, still good (if rooted)

        LTE still the fastest thing around

        The kickstand is the greatest thing ever put on a phone

        (trying to build the hype beast for my upcoming eBay auction) 

    • Anonymous

      Maybe I’m missing something but what needs to be covered on the site after a device has already been released and is out there? I am sure that when the inevitable bug fix update comes out it will be covered here.

    • Anonymous

      You mad bro?

    • Anonymous

      I replied “You mad bro?” then I scrolled down the page and realized everybody else had already said that to him! Hahaha funny shit

  • Thatsjared87

    That monster screen will just take some getting used to. It’s a bit bigger than my OG Droid’s screen. Maybe it being curved will help it sit better in my pocket?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, will take some getting used to. Bigger than the OG screen by almost a full inch.

  • Guest

    Will hold out for GT-i9250. I signed on with Verizon for the original Droid, and that was a mistake. I’m not okay with signing up for a new two-year agreement with an absurd ETF with no guarantee that the Nexus 4 won’t even be available on Verizon.

  • Anonymous

    As long as the camera doesn’t suck.  I’m sick of my gritty pictures with a purple splotch in the middle that take 2 seconds to capture.

  • Anonymous

    Depends on retail price. Knowing Verizon I will be crying when I hear the retail cost.

  • If the phone performs as well as it should (for example good battery life and LTE works well) then probably so, but I’m not going to buy one until it’s been in the wild long enough to have a better idea of how good it really is.

  • Ermmm…. is anybody in the market for a Droid Bionic?

  • Anonymous

    IF that cryptic mention of a keyboarded version is accurate AND IF that rumor about the droid loyalty program means early upgrades, then I’m all over this.

    And if the tablet dock is a reality, then I’m going to start frothing at the mouth.

    • Anonymous

      and again


  • Price will likely be a huge factor for me. I hope they don’t make this $300 on contract.

    • jonathan caruso

      you’re dreaming if you think they will price this below $299.99 and therfore below the Bionic and their other lineup of 4G devices

      • Anonymous

        Im thinking this is the opener for $350 tier, meself.  

        • Anonymous

          Oh please let that not be true. And yet I wouldn’t put it past Verizon at this point. They’ve killed so many benefits to us and now they’re just raising phone prices…

          But as others have mentioned you know some third party will have a deal on the phone when it comes out.

        • Anonymous

          I doubt Verizon is going to go that route. Maybe Google made it a little cheaper through ad revenue or something.

        • Jason

          I hope they don’t cause I’m not going over $300 for a new phone on contract!

      • Anonymous

        Google could help with the pricing though like Amazon did with the kindle fire.

      • digsoreos

        They have to price it less than the Bionic. Otherwise, they are in effect saying that VZW bloatware and Blur are NOT value-added feature/add-ons. 😉

    • derek connolly

      Even if it is, wait a few weeks and you’ll be able to find it way cheaper on Amazon or Wirefly.

    • Anonymous

      Will most likely be 299 on contract.

  • Anonymous

    There is a new Nexus device coming?  Strange that there are no stories about it anywhere…

    • Captmilk

      I know I feel like i’m left out in the dark!

      • Trbasil

        If only there was a video about it that we could watch, why couldn’t someone post a link?

    • Anonymous

      What! The web is full of stories, just check any Android Forum, and Samsung itself put out the Teaser, you can see the phone at the 22 second point:  http://youtu.be/oM9RO-GAKjE

      • Anonymous

        hahahahahaha Apparently the sarcasm detector is broken. lol There are 50 stories a day all claiming they know the specs and have one and who knows what.  Tuesday we will find out for sure.

        • Rccrod

          lol. like they said its hard to read emotions and facial expressions over text

          • Anonymous

            I could have added an lol to it but I figured with the myriad of Nexus stories it would be obvious.  The interwebs can be confusing. haha

        • lol as long as it’s a Nexus on Verizon i don’t care what else goes down……… 

          • Anonymous

            600MHz TI OMAP 3430.  Would you care then?  lol

            Then it would share the same processor as the last fully unlocked Google Experience device on Verizon. lol

    • *sarcasm*

  • This is the (an)droid I was looking for

  • Anonymous

    More to the point, will actually decide when I get a chance to hold it.

    • Anonymous

      You’re one of those folks? You go stand to the side and hold it trying to make up your mind while I’m getting mine activated. Ill stiff-arm you Heisman trophy style at the front door. 😛

      • TurbineTech

        +1 I spit granola bar on my screen from laughing…

  • Dan

    Gonna see whats in store with it. Pricing and availability is key

  • Unless something crazy happens between now and Tuesday (or if they pull a bionic and wait 6 months) then ABSOLUTELY YES.

    • Dongwenal

      I agree if spyder,droid hd ,moto razr or Nexus G the one that come out first will upgrade Bionic still look good but camera is a problem.

  • YES!