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Nexus Prime Will Sport Tablet Docking Mode?

Last night’s Nexus-fest that started after Samsung posted a teaser to their CTIA event has already created enough talking points to take us through to next Tuesday.  The video did not give us much, but as with any teaser, folks spotted what they believe to be hidden messages like the one we are about to talk about.

The topic of the video was the idea that some things are just better when they are put together:  candles and wine, cookies and milk, newspaper and coffee, etc.  So when G+ member Joe Lancaster paused it when the new Nexus showed up, he noticed an extra shadow or outline behind it that he believes may be a tablet of some sort. His idea – that the Nexus that will be unveiled will also have the ability to be docked inside a tablet.  

Seem crazy?  Yeah, pretty much, but let’s talk about it.  See those 3 pinholes on the left side?  Those look like docking connectors of some sort.  It certainly seems odd that a phone would dock on the same side as its lock switch, but the MHL port is likely on the bottom so they needed to move them somewhere.  The logistics of it all seem impossible, but with a “better together” theme, we should keep our minds open to all possibilities.

With that said, Samsung could simply be referring to Ice Cream Sandwich which is the merging of a phone operating system with one from a tablet.  And the shadow that looks like a tablet behind the Nexus is just a visual opportunity for that idea to be displayed.  That’s a pairing that Google has been talking about for quite some time.  It could also mean that Samsung and Google are just better together among other things.

Interesting idea – and this is why we love teasers.

And the video one more time because it’s that awesome.

YouTube Preview Image

Via:  Joe Lancaster, Phandroid

  • Hollywoodmanly

    My birthday is November 8th. My upgrade is January 14th will verizon let me upgrade this early so I can get it for my birthday?

  • Anonymous

    If the phone itself is doing all the processing and whatnot, then the “tablet” that it docks into would only have to be nothing more than a screen. Much like the new wii u controller. When you transfer the game you’re playing onto that controller/screen, the actual game processing is still taking place in the console and being streamed to it.

  • Anonymous

    Am i the only one who noticed the Droid X/Droid Bionic hump? Obviously not as bad as Droid X but still there. Anyone else notice that?

  • Does anyone remember the KT Spider Pad ?!?!?!?! http://goo.gl/viMsO .. This is a possibility !! And at this point, since there is a lack of solid details, anything is possible.

  • Anonymous

    is it just me that thought when the name nexus prime came out 
    prime — transformer .. phone transforms into a tablet …

  • GotFragz

    Anyone else think the 3 copperish circles on the side of the phone could be a charging connector similar to the MagSafe tech MacBooks use?

  • i think it just means Google and samsung together..  and that line is to show off the curvature of the glass.  But if it were true. the bottom of the phone almost looks like those bumps on top an below are to keep it stable 

  • Anonymous

    It could be a tablet and phone, i have seen the concept mentioned were a phone docks in a tab, but i think the long blue line is a visual affect by samsung, they have it on all their commercials, it seems to be their theme

  • trumpet444

    I hope thats true. Itll be awesome. I saw this same concept on youtube a while ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFt3tzsk7jc

  • Anonymous

    Tablet or no tablet, Nexus Prime, Droid Prime, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus iPhone Killer – who cares. This phone is finally coming. I’ve passed up the Bionic and will not even be batting an eye towards the iPhone 4 S because of this phone. Hopefully next Tuesday this device will live up to the hype and if we’re lucky even give us a few mouth watering surprises!

  • Anonymous

    Tablet or no tablet, Nexus Prime, Droid Prime, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus iPhone Killer – who cares. This phone is finally coming. I’ve passed up the Bionic and will not even be batting an eye towards the iPhone 4 S because of this phone. Hopefully next Tuesday this device will live up to the hype and if we’re lucky even give us a few mouth watering surprises!

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much sums it up.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much sums it up.

  • DrewGalyen

    The Blue and Green….makes me think of mixing Gingerbread and Honeycomb together to get Ice Cream Sandwich…

  • Robert White

    This could be the ‘perfect’ Android phone if it has GS2 level hardware in a Nexus package, & on Verizon? (please, please, please?!?!)

    • Anonymous

      The perfect storm.

      storm = pure Google device that really will rule all machines; if you don’t have it then you won’t have it, and that’s just the way its wired

  • Anonymous

    umm, it’s a shadow for the blue line which shows the phone has a curved screen. dummy. 

  • J Dub

    This is what a real next gen announcement is like. Unlike the iPhone. What are Samsung and Google going to show off? What will the actual specs be? Will it dock into a tablet? They have done a pretty dern good job of keeping it under wraps.

  • Anonymous

    saw someone post about how its the tablet software merging with smartphone software. i thought that made more sense than a docking tablet. but who knows? we will find out soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    if it docked inside the tablet, wouldnt the docking pins not be visible? because it would be docked…

  • Anonymous

    Phone is looking great. Can’t wait to see it announced hopefully next week and then hopefully not to long after that on verizon.

  • I think it may just be the phone and ice cream sandwich they are are talking about…cause ICS is combining both tablet and phone OS’s…a phone docking into a tablet?  doesn’t make any sense it seems counter-intuitive.

  • Booboolala2000

    It actually looks to me like it could be the screen is jut that larger portion. On top of what would be the phone chassis itself. Could make for a very interesting design theme. Would highlight the screen very well. Would look different from anything on the market that’s for sure. No judge in germany would ever get this confused with anything.

  • Garrett

    This thing looks more like a cover than a tablet. The phone itself has a great shape to it. Getting stoked.

  • Anonymous

    wow people are looking wayyyyyyyy to far into this. There is no tablet. end of story

  • “Another Perfect Combination is just around the corner”

  • Bigbox9192

    Dont think it be called nexus prime. Samsung makes the Galaxy line, Google’s responsible for the Nexus. Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    This better land on VZ… Broke my incredible this weekend and trying to hold out for the Prime.

  • Anonymous

    Somehow I think the people who made the ad didn’t think it would be manipulated to this point to find a hidden message.  It was just supposed to convey a simple message for a teaser.

  • Nexus Prime pic!!!


    • Where in the hell did you find this?  I assume someone ripped it out of this video with some photoshop magic.

      • one guy sent this photo to all your contacts from google plus

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s more likely that it’s just a tablet on top of a phone… since it’s an OS for both phones and tablets… 

  • I bet you that they release the Nexus Prime phone and a Nexus Prime Tablet, both running ICS. 

  • Joshua Dudash

    yup, this is #1, vigor #2..
    never had an HTC phone before but theres a first time for everything!

    • Anonymous

      this is a samsung lol

  • JP

    Cool idea, if the execution works it would be awesome!

  • Anonymous

    winner winner chicken dinner!!! 


  • Imo, there is no question that this is coming to vzw, mainly bc they passed on the sgs2… Being only major carrier to do so.

  • Tomgillotti

    I think ASUS will still be the first to market with their PadFone. Love my Transformer, Transformer 2 will be awesome. This Nexus phone may be the only thing that could keep my away from the Droid 4 and some physical QWERTY goodness.

  • joejoe509

    Now that I’ve seen the video a couple times, I’m thinking it’s just stylistically showing the curve of the screen. A tablet dock is a pretty awesome idea though.

  • grubb

    I think you guys are drastically overthinking this entire thing… Cookies+Milk = Google+Samsung… that is it. 

  • If the display comes with that slight curve, I think it might like that !!!

  • Iittaalliiaann

    That phone in my hand also goes good together.  I can’t wait!!!  Especially that I’m still giggling like a little school girl over the epic fail from Apple yesterday.  This is going to be fantastic.  I’m going to make all my [email protected] loving friends and coworkers look silly with this phone.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Why does it seem so odd, there are other phone/tablet combos that have been seen where the phone docks into the tablet.

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit I just farked my self.

    This would be *awesome*