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CM7 For HTC Thunderbolt Gets Update, Adds Bluetooth Calling And Lockscreen Options

Patience is finally paying off for HTC Thunderbolt owners as Gingerbread is now officially rolling out and CyanogenMod 7 has been updated for rooted users too.  There are good fixes in this new build, but we always recommend knowing your device inside and out before attempting these types of things.  Plus a backup or two wouldn’t hurt either.

Added to the list of working features are Bluetooth calling, camcorder will now have better audio, and you’ll be introduced to some different lockscreen options.  Full support and instructions can be found at the original RootzWiki thread.  Feeling frisky?

Via: RootzWiki

Cheers Phil!

  • Fdc_guy

    I did the install following instructions, got root and applied the update using Clockwork Recovery and I get the CM7 boot animation and it just sticks there, keeps resetting just the boot animation and it will not finish booting. Any ideas on what the issue could be?

  • jonesboy6

    Be nice if the front facing camera was put to use.

  • Anonymous

    I love this build!!  The bluetooth calling can be tweaked, bass booster, compression strength, and a few other things…

  • Uh, bluetooth calling? I’m pretty sure that has always worked… or maybe my phone is special? I’ve been using it in my car for the past 3 months without one single issue.

  • Anonymous

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  • Telephoneteck


  • Anonymous

    I want the latest radio from this latest update. All those radio threads on xda lack dates, they just have build numbers and I can’t tell which was released when. Someone please help me find the latest radio from this official gingerbread build? ?

  • Where the hell is 2.3.6 ?

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Installed this earlier today, nothing I can “see” has changed, but it seems to be as stable as before. Never a bad thing!

  • Anonymous

    dont forget to thank slayher for all his hard work in getting CM7 to work with LTE!!!

  • Conan997

    theres no ‘old tv’ lock screen on this update…did it not get included?

    • It’s the screen on/off animation. CyanogenMod Settings > Display. That’s where it is, or will be if it hasn’t made it into to build yet.

  • jimbob

    Planning on flashing tonight. 

  • babadush

    By bluetooth calling they mean what?

  • Jackmei2

    but it’s not official yet… it’s still just an RC

    • Billy Thompson

      And will be until the RIL doesnt break other code…

      • Anonymous

        For RIL?

  • bdubbs


  • Bout time! I wish this thing could get recognized on the official CM site tho!

  • I haz this.