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Both HTC Vigor and LG Revolution 2 Could Sport HD Screens, Stratosphere Not the Galaxy S2?

According to our sources, builds of the HTC Vigor and LG Revolution 2 are starting to pop up in the wild – we received potential specs for both of them, which we’re pretty sure you’ll be pleased with.  From the sounds of it, HD screens are going to be the “it” thing this holiday season – assuming of course that both of them make it to stores.

We’ll start first with the Vigor since it seems to be the hottest rumored phone on the planet these days.  According to our guy, the device will indeed have a 4.3″ 720p HD screen (1280×720 resolution), with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, 8MP rear cam, 2MP front, Android 2.3.4 and a brand new version of Sense which he called “3.5.”  The device will be similar in size and shape to the Thunderbolt, but without the kickstand.

And if you were wondering, this will be a Beats by Dre device.  We’re hearing that it has a Beats logo as part of the bootup sequence, but other than that, it was tough to tell what else HTC had done to integrate their audio technology.

Now onto the Revolution 2, which may surprise you.  Apparently this device has a 4.5″ HD screen, is incredibly thin (possibly thinner than both the Vigor and iPhone 4), and will run on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.  No other specs were given at this time, but the device sounds like it’s in very early stages of development.

We were also told that Stratosphere is more than likely not the SGS2 and will instead be that slider that we saw a month or so ago that mimicked the Epic 4G.  It’s definitely looking like it’ll be launched on the same day as the Bionic though – September 8.

Any thoughts come to mind?  Take this as rumor for now until we get either pictures or closer to a release date for all of these.  The end of 2011 is certainly looking like it’ll be exciting though, especially since we heard that the leaked roadmap from last week is pretty spot on.

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  • I loved it when i took it first. When S2 was launched in US i went second day to pick that pice…

  • Could this be the HTC Sensation XE?

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    • Anonymous

      shut up

  • RW-1

    The larger question is, do we really need an HD screen resolution on a smartphone?

    Ok, ok, ok, before we begin flaming, there has really been no advancement in battery tech for a while now, the announcement of the polarizer photovoltaic is interesting, but not here.

    Give the masses a thicker phone with a batt that can last and they cry & while about how thick it is.

    So … while we continue to unofficially request larger and higher resolution screens, some have taken to cutting corners to get it (Can you say Pentile?) with mixed reviews on it.

    Revolution 2 may be thin, and may have the HD screen, but it won’t matter if you can’t get thru the H movie previews without having to plug it back into a charger eh?

  • Anonymous

    bionic what?

  • Djstar2k2

    I want a keyboard,up to date specs,and a pure android experience! Hell I hope that ics don’t use that dock that looks like touch wiz. But basically I want an og droid with now specs w/o having to root

  • Djstar2k2

    I want a keyboard,up to date specs,and a pure android experience! Hell I hope that ics don’t use that dock that looks like touch wiz. But basically I want an og droid with now specs w/o having to root

  • Anonymous

    Does LG skin their copy of Android?

  • TheCastleGuard

    This has to be a sad sad day for Motorola.  How many of us would have bought the Bionic had is come out even 3 months ago?  Now that is is coming out next month other phones that blow it out of the water are rumored.  I am thinking the Bionic won’t even be worth the work they put into it.  Sales will be to the folks who just see dual-core and 4G LTE together and buy it.  Not the actual phone tech junkies lol

  • Jordan Friedman

    Wait… NO KICKSTAND? I sure hope that the successor to the Vigor includes a kickstand… I love my kickstand.

    • Anonymous

      I’d take a bigger battery over a kickstand anyday. Also there is no mention of it having lte so does that mean it will be 3g? Doesn’t make sense if it is replacing the tb but since htc doesn’t seem to have a clue with battery life maybe that is why I just don’t think it is smart to release a 3g phone that late.

  • Anonymous

    If it is thinner than the iphone with lte lg may have a winning combination on its hands.

    • TheCastleGuard

      Yea if they have a dual-core processor in this phone I am thinking I will be buying it.  

  • Anonymous

    I hope my contract is over by the time the vigor come out

  • Earleepa

    I’m getting tired of waiting. Release the galaxy SII already.

  • Godfrey2009

    Droid Bionic FTW

  • Ehh

  • Ehh

  • Anonymous

    That phone Ssssssssounds like it will be a Ssssscreamer!

  • mrz1125

    Is the Vigor going to be 4G? Just asking cause I didn’t see it mentioned above like it was for the revolution 2

  • Anonymous

    Vigor scored a 35.6 on the Nenamark when it ‘leaked’. Do people even realize how terrible that is, and that most other smartphones cap out at 60 FPS?

    It’s one thing to ooh and aah at a 720P screen. But from where I’m sitting, it doesnt look like the Vigor’s hardware can handle it. And I certainly wouldnt trade anything I have for it when it comes along with a 30FPS performance drop.

  • Who cares about the Bionic…..I’ll wait for the Vigor.  Motorola is going to be sorry they didn’t put out the Bionic sooner.

  • Aading09

    HTC need to start making their phones thinner and bring me that ice cream sandwich..

  • Anonymous

    “but without the kickstand”


    I love my kickstand! 

  • Anonymous

    Revolution 2 sound like a winner…Hmmm. Throw in an OMAP and lets see what happens.

    I feel the urge to wait til next year again instead of getting the Bionic or GS2. 

  • Mike Robertson

    I like what I’m hearing bout this “Vigor”, but the way HTC is supporting Dinc, with poss. no GB, I’m rethinking, maybe Bionic?

    • Anonymous

      That is odd. The Droid X1 got GB. Both are  Ghz chips with 512MB ram…whats the problem with the Inc? 

      • Anonymous

        It’s older. They only support phones so long.

        • Anonymous

          The Droid X1 came out in July, the Incredible last week in April. Might as well say beginning of  May.

          2 months separate them…thats wild. And ppl like to give Moto hell about this n that…wow….

  • Dash Speeds

    And here I was all set to go out and buy a Droid 3 this weekend. Not anymore, limited college funds be damned if these are coming as soon as the roadmap says because I want to pick one of these beasts up.

    Bionc what now?

  • Revolution 2 sounds awesome I have been DIEING for a 4.5 in phone after playing with my friends Infuse!

  • Guttatae22

    I’m elgible for an upgrade NOW but Imma wait for the vigor sorry Thunderbolt ill just give this to my girl

  • Dream

    Vigor here I Come “Fascinate hold on just a lil bit longer”

  • The specs are awesome for the Vigor, I wonder if it will be branded as a Droid?  DROID Vigor,  got a catchy name.   Anywho, when can we see some leaked screens from this tipster, Kellex? even some blurry cam shots so they don’t get in hot water for leaking them.

  • Bill

    I would like a phone that’s thinner than the Thunderbolt.  Why can’t Verizon get thin LTE phones. 

    • if it doesn’t have a kickstand this time it likely will be thinner.  probably like the EVO 3D/Sensation

  • UncannyValley

    So… will we get some decent headphones out of the box? 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’ll come out with a real battery that works with the Thunderbolt.

  • The 1 gig on the vigor that is all for android right? not resevered for some crap like webOS

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but Sense bloat will take up a significant portion of it unless this ‘brand new sense’ is being slimmed down.

      • true but with any luck I can remove that with a ROM and use it all

    • Anonymous

      If you mean like webtop….again…this has already been put to rest…

      The 1GB ram is not split between webtop and everything else. It seems to be like virtual machine software on a PC. The guest gets some ram reserved from the host when in use. When not in use, it gets kicked back to the host.

      Host = phone; guest = webtop. 

      Atrix forums on XDA is your friend….

      And if the virtual machine description isnt right….still its not spilt between webtop and the rest of the phone. When not in use the phone will see the max ram its supposed to.

      • why did you edit, is it not true then? 

        • Anonymous

          lol…Cuz I didnt feel like getting involved with this discussion….seems like I didnt edit it fast enough..LOL!

          But just check out Atrix info over at XDA about webtop. Its not what most ppl think with ram and webtop.

          • Anonymous

            Webtop is a Moto only thing.

  • Anonymous

    i really like the vigor rumors, but why would i get this with ics right around the corner?

  • when?

  • Cali408

    the Bionic who?

  • Vigor ftw!

  • RedOne1

    My Droid Incredible2 started to tear up when we read the spec about the HTC Vigor….

  • I love you vigor

  • htc rep

    The HTC Vigor will support 4g come on now if they are replacing the Vigor with the tbolt. Why would they take that feature away from the Vigor doesn’t make any sense. Plus the specs amazing. I hope the October date is right.

  • bmos

    Kellex will the vigior be 4g

    • I’ve been through this over a hundred times with everyone,  LVW in the model name on HTC devices indicates its an LTE device.

      HTC ADR6425LVW is the Vigor’s model number (also the leaked screenshot roadmap said it was 4G)

      HTC ADR6400LVW is the ThunderBolt’s model number

      HTC ADR6300VW is the DROID Incredible model number (notice how its missing the L)

  • Anonymous

    .let’s hope the Oct date was right for the revo 2

  • Cory Lykins

    Any new phone I get (currently own the Tbolt) MUST have a screen as strong and scratch-resistant as the original Moto Droid. I had dealing with screen protectors. The OG Droid could take bashes from my keys, cuts by a knife and shrug it all off.

    HTC seriously needs to upgrade to stronger glass screens.

  • Treknologist

    Those are some amazing specs on the Vigor!

  • Anonymous

    Vigor and revolution 2 seem like they will be really nice phones. Good thing I planned on waiting anyway.

    • Maybe Verizon will finally have some killer phones before everyone else for once.

  • Anonymous

    So the vigor is not 4g? To paraphrase Sam L. What is Mother F-ing wrong with these Mother F-ing companies. You put all that beast technology in it and then make it a unic.

  • OG Droid

    So if the Vigor running on 4g? Cause all those specs are great but withour 4g thats a no go for me.

  • Anonymous

    Any idea if the Vigor will sport an LTE radio as well?? 

  • TheNuttyTrinitron

    Geez…technology just continues moving way too fast.  HTC has released what, 2 phones (Sensation and Evo 3D) with Sense 3 and they are already working on a phone with a newer version?  Seems like nonsense…aside from that, I’m excited for this new wave of screen technology.

  • Matthewmcmillen

    I’m really glad that the SGS2 was mentioned in this article. We had gone a whole day here without it being mentioned. 

    • Anonymous

      U mad?

  • Anonymous

    Crap this is amazing. Sorry I doubted you Veeizon. Seriously going to be a hard choice. If the Nexus Prime hits Verizon the end of the year with 4G and super slim, that’ll be my next device. If not, HTC Vigor for me.

    • TheNuttyTrinitron

      Well considering that none of the other Nexus devices have hit Verizon, I can’t see why Prime would…

      • Anonymous

        It’s completely possible and might happen this time. Thing is, Google probably had to strike a special deal with Verizon to get it on their network.

        • waiting

          that deal was a locked bootloader

          • Anonymous

            .to bad only Moto locks their phones every other oem is unlocked on verizon. Nice try tho

  • Bewara2009

    oh man if the Vigor is not a 4g LTE that will be a big let down.. Kellex you seem to be the only getting info on the up coming phones..How about pics ya you can do that.

  • Kyle Herrmann

    No more SGII for this guy.

    • andy

      Agreed.  I’m so tired of waiting for the GSII that I have now moved onto bigger and better.  HTC Vigor for me.  Come on Verizon.  Let’s do this!

      • Guest

        How is the Vigor better than the GSII? Other than the HD screen, the GSII has it been in every other aspect

        • DROID VADAR


        • Anonymous

          And we know this how….

          Seen any reviews of the GS2 vs. the Vigor?

          • Exactly… there is nothing palpable for either phone.  Neither the VZW version of the GS2 (remember the Fascinate!) nor the Vigor has seen the light of day at all, so all we’re left with is comparing specs and manufacturers’ histories.

            Sense vs. TouchWiz? Sense every time.
            1.5 GHz vs. 1.2 GHz? OMG moar megahurtz!!!!!1!!!one!
            Image sensor on T-bolt/MT4G/Evo 3D vs. Charge? HTC wins again.

            On paper, this is a runaway.  In reality, it largely depends on how badly VZW screws up each phone.

        • Mastabrozif

          How does the GSII beat the Vigor in every way. The Vigor has a 1.5GHz dual core processor compared to the GSII’s 1.2GHz dual core processor. HTC has been putting higher quality camera’s in their phones like in the Mytouch 4G Slide and it is running Sense instead of Touchwiz which is better in every aspect. So please explain to me how the GSII is better than the Vigor

  • JP

    Stratosphere is not the SGSII for Verizon?  Say it ain’t so!  When is the Verizon SGSII coming out then?

    • Kyle Herrmann

      August or October or Never

    • I would say late october…If it even comes to verizon

    • Anonymous

      It’s being pushed back.

    • TheNuttyTrinitron

      It will be outdated by the time it arrives on US carriers…

  • Confused

    Am I the only one FLOORED by the fact that we don’t yearly phone battles between the new nexus phone and the latest iphone?

  • Anonymous

    The “Droid Beats by Dre Vigor by HTC” has such a nice ring to it. 😛

  • Anonymous

    What’s the battery life going to be on this HTC Vigor phone without 4g? Thunderbolt like?

  • Anonymous

    *flame suit on*

    I personally heard a big rumor yesterday Verizon is passing on GSII (as you know it) entirely due to similar phones already in the pipeline and LTE design delays, however a variant of some kind may be in the works.

    Take it for what it’s worth….
    (also Exynos is not coming in any US variant.)

    • I wouldnt doubt it verizon sucks man…Too bad no one has better coverage or better 4g

    • Anonymous

      Would not be surprised….. Most of the top phones to go other networks it seems. 

    • GotSka81

      I’ll also say “it wouldn’t surprise me”, especially considering the GS2 doesn’t look to be any part of the Verizon roadmap.  Once again, Verizon doesn’t care about it’s customers…imagine that.

      • Anonymous

        Well it seems, from what I hear, the longer term plan is if you’re not the iPhone, you better have an LTE plan or expect opposition. Sammy wants to go a Fascinate II-ish type route (3G) and VZ wants it with LTE, The work needed to do that would delay it too far to be workable with the rest of the road map. 

        To an extent that makes sense, you really want a GSII with no Exynos and WVGA to come out after 1.5ghz 720p phone?    

        • Anonymous

          It’s unbelievable all the special treatment crApple is afforded.  Guess that’s what a religious cult following gets you.

          Can’t say I’m surprised that Samsung doesn’t want to increase the girth of the GS2 with LTE and Verizon doesn’t care, they didn’t really care about the Fascinate either.

          • Anonymous

            It is insane… but it’s also future proofing. Verizon doesn’t want to continue to invest and expand 3G/CDMA anymore than it has to, rather just maintain it and invest in the future LTE (also actively working on VoLTE). There’s a two year tail to all their phones, they know they have to suck it up for iPhone 5, so the more people they can take off that backbone the better. 2014 will be very interesting.

          • Anonymous

            It’s understandable that they want to move to LTE as their primary service, what I don’t understand is why they are trying to get rid of their 3G service so fast since their extensive backbone for it is already in place, unless they plan to use those frequencies for more LTE coverage.

          • Anonymous

            For the snarky comment I’ll summarize by saying “there’s some truth in AT&T’s lies.” It’s not that they necessarily want to get rid of 3G (just yet anyway) but rather more and more people are moving to smartphones and doing more with them. The current bandwidth usage is exponentially growing year over year and that will only continue. The footprint is already in place, but that backbone needs strengthening every year. The more people move off to LTE, the less strain and (wasted) expansion ($$$$) is needed for 3G. They are very different networks (CDMA vs GSM) and essentially Verizon is kinda running two separate networks at the same time which is very costly.

    • Anonymous

      Hey….with news some GS2’s might have Snapdragons….your post is believable. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it turns out true.

  • Tgwaste

    No kickstand.. no buy..

    • Anonymous

      seriously?  i haven’t found a single time where the kickstand has been useful for me.  i’ve tried using it a few times but i don’t really see the point.

      • GotSka81

        While I don’t think the lack of a keyboard is a deal breaker, I can say that having the kickstand has proven useful in several situations…mainly when trying to hold the phone with one hand or when taking pictures to stabilize my shaky hands.  Different strokes.

      • TheNuttyTrinitron

        To each his own…I use the kickstand on my TBolt all the time…don’t think I would buy another phone without one.

        • Beka27

          I can’t see kickstands becoming “the norm”, especially when people want thinner and thinner phones.  So by your reasoning, you will never get a new phone again?  Sounds a bit drastic, especially considering there are kickstand cases made… not to mention docks and universal stands?

    • waiting

      really? a kickstand is a deal breaker for you?  i would at least look for a case that had on built in

    • Dave69

      Kick stand!! Deal breaker…..bhhaaaaaaaahhaaaaaahaaaa

  • Still dont think the vigor will be out in october…But am hoping it will and it better have 4g if not then WTF is HTC thinking??

    • Maybe they were thinking they couldn’t get battery life right on the Thunderbolt so how would they get it right with the Vigor? The 1.5ghz dual core processor plus the 720p screen is gonna suck battery dry.

      • Yea that is def true…Another question is what kind of proccessor will it have…If it is a snapdragon I will not buy this phone… 3g, and snapdragon I would be very dissappointed 

        • Anonymous

          HTC only uses Snapdragons.  The Vigor will likely have the MSM8660 which is just a higher clocked version of the processor used in the Sensation and Evo 3D.

          • Damn thanks for clearing that up…

  • Sense on the Vigor = no thanks.

    • Peter Bartholomul

      HTC Vigor = Sense. Motorola Vigor = no sense. But it will be an HTC phone so yes it will have Sense. I just hope HTC can survive without your purchase of the phone.

      • You seem smart. I remember an HTC phone that didn’t have Sense. You know, the Nexus One. Heard of that? 

        • Anonymous

          Not on Verizon I don’t.

          • It was *that* close to being on Verizon. Got the Incredible instead. Just hoping they can get away from cramming their bloat on a phone just once and release the next Nexus phone.

        • Peter Bartholomul

          Yea but I don’t know if you were aware but the Droid 1 didnt have motoblur either. but then when they started releasing more HTC and motorola phones something interesting happened. They started adding motoblur and HTC Sense to all their phones. Can you think of any other newer HTC phones released in 2011 without Sense? And I don’t mean the cheap devices. I mean the popular phones that are fast? Probably not. So it looks like you won’t be buying an HTC Vigor because of the Sense which can easily be hidden within 5 minutes by installing a homescreen replacement (which wont effect the speed on the fast phone) or even removed within an hour once they release a root method for the phone. But nope. instead you just won’t purchase the phone at all. Seems like you are also the smart one. lol

          • cool story.

          • Peter Bartholomul


          • Anonymous

            The thing that I notice is that the icons on all the skinned phones looked like a 5 year old drew them up. The OG Droid’s stock icons for the camera, contacts etc look so professional in comparison. A part of me doesn’t want to upgrade so I won’t have to deal w/ looking at them.

          • Peter Bartholomul

            You don’t have to look at them. Some homescreen replacements let you change the icon names, sizes, and images. But if you don’t like Sense at all you can easily root the phone and install a stock rom. So you will basically buy the best and fastest phone with HTC sense and then root and remove Sense and install a stock rom and still have all the features of the current best phone without Sense

  • The Observer

    Vigor or Nexus Prime? That’s my little dilemna. All other phones are irrelevant to ne.

    • Anonymous

      Same. Hopefully we get a shot at the Prime on Big Red.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Vigor is on my radar. But, as soon as it is rootable I would root it just to swap the startup screen just to dump the whole “Beats” logo if that is for real.

    • Anonymous

      It might become “revolutionary,” if you catch my drift.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, one thing to have it on the phone, quite another to have “Beats” logos on on the startup screen, back cover, etc.  -1 for Vigor.  still pretty far ahead of bionic for me though at this point.

  • Jason Purp


  • Jam120992

    but the kickstand is so convenient ….=/

    • I agree. It makes watching Netflix on my break at work a heck of a lot easier. They probably don’t want to make it look too much like the Thunderbolt and make us mad.

    • I agree. It makes watching Netflix on my break at work a heck of a lot easier. They probably don’t want to make it look too much like the Thunderbolt and make us mad.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a lot of cool stuff coming out soon! That is if Apple doesn’t file an injunction because it’s not fair to be better than them.

    • Cory Lykins

      Per Apple’s policies you are now being sued for having an opinion contrary to the one Apple wants you to have as well as breaking their patent for sharing said opinion in a manner where others can view it via digital means.

      • Anonymous

        And per trademark laws you both will be sued for using said company’s name in a negitive manner without written, oral, and blood pack loyalty to said company with permissions unto said company that they may turn you, at their discretion, into the next human centi-pad or do with what they wish.  

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, can we have a comment thread today that isn’t led by some lame Apple comment/joke?

      • Johnny Fitton

        how do you make an apple turnover? …… push it down the hill!

  • Blood

    Lets talk more about beats I’m still not done!

  • Act of God

    If the Vigor is not LTE (I can’t imagine that it isn’t, as it is replacing the Tbolt) it is DOA.  My question is, how much longer can I hold onto my Dinc to wait for better phones to come out?

    • Same boat. I was hoping the Vigor could launch with ICS.

  • Is the Revolution 2 using a 2nd gen LTE radio? That’s the only way it could be thinner than the iPhone 4.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree, this means if there is a thinner version of this radio, the future phone can be thinner too. Good news for people that like thinner phone, I like a phone i can hold on too but at least this will give allot of people more to choose from. 

    • Anonymous

      I think both the Vigor and Rev2 are sporting the 2nd gen chips, they are sequels of course.

      • I was aware that 2nd gen LTE radios were still a while off. At least til next year.

        • Anonymous

          They def are.

  • Anonymous

    So Vigor may not be LTE?

  • Anonymous

    is the vigor going to be 4G?

  • Stelv81

    Of course the Stratosphere is not the S2. Verizon is not getting that thing.

    • Anonymous

      Most of the top phones go to other networks. I am surprised we are even getting the Vigor.

  • The Stratosphere not being the GS2 was an easy one. We already knew the Samsung slider was 4G and there
    were no other 4G Samsung phones on the leaked list so it had to be the slider.

    • FantomX

      Many speculations and rumors of SG2 coming to verizon or not due to LTE radio being too big but the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 LTE has a 4G radio in it, granted it’s a tab, but that doesnt seem to have changed the dimensions of it so why wouldnt they be able to incorporate that radio into the SG2 phone?