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Both HTC Vigor and LG Revolution 2 Could Sport HD Screens, Stratosphere Not the Galaxy S2?

According to our sources, builds of the HTC Vigor and LG Revolution 2 are starting to pop up in the wild – we received potential specs for both of them, which we’re pretty sure you’ll be pleased with.  From the sounds of it, HD screens are going to be the “it” thing this holiday season – assuming of course that both of them make it to stores.

We’ll start first with the Vigor since it seems to be the hottest rumored phone on the planet these days.  According to our guy, the device will indeed have a 4.3″ 720p HD screen (1280×720 resolution), with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, 8MP rear cam, 2MP front, Android 2.3.4 and a brand new version of Sense which he called “3.5.”  The device will be similar in size and shape to the Thunderbolt, but without the kickstand.

And if you were wondering, this will be a Beats by Dre device.  We’re hearing that it has a Beats logo as part of the bootup sequence, but other than that, it was tough to tell what else HTC had done to integrate their audio technology.

Now onto the Revolution 2, which may surprise you.  Apparently this device has a 4.5″ HD screen, is incredibly thin (possibly thinner than both the Vigor and iPhone 4), and will run on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.  No other specs were given at this time, but the device sounds like it’s in very early stages of development.

We were also told that Stratosphere is more than likely not the SGS2 and will instead be that slider that we saw a month or so ago that mimicked the Epic 4G.  It’s definitely looking like it’ll be launched on the same day as the Bionic though – September 8.

Any thoughts come to mind?  Take this as rumor for now until we get either pictures or closer to a release date for all of these.  The end of 2011 is certainly looking like it’ll be exciting though, especially since we heard that the leaked roadmap from last week is pretty spot on.

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  • I loved it when i took it first. When S2 was launched in US i went second day to pick that pice…

  • Could this be the HTC Sensation XE?

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    • Anonymous

      shut up

  • RW-1

    The larger question is, do we really need an HD screen resolution on a smartphone?

    Ok, ok, ok, before we begin flaming, there has really been no advancement in battery tech for a while now, the announcement of the polarizer photovoltaic is interesting, but not here.

    Give the masses a thicker phone with a batt that can last and they cry & while about how thick it is.

    So … while we continue to unofficially request larger and higher resolution screens, some have taken to cutting corners to get it (Can you say Pentile?) with mixed reviews on it.

    Revolution 2 may be thin, and may have the HD screen, but it won’t matter if you can’t get thru the H movie previews without having to plug it back into a charger eh?

  • Anonymous

    bionic what?

  • Djstar2k2

    I want a keyboard,up to date specs,and a pure android experience! Hell I hope that ics don’t use that dock that looks like touch wiz. But basically I want an og droid with now specs w/o having to root

  • Djstar2k2

    I want a keyboard,up to date specs,and a pure android experience! Hell I hope that ics don’t use that dock that looks like touch wiz. But basically I want an og droid with now specs w/o having to root

  • Anonymous

    Does LG skin their copy of Android?

  • TheCastleGuard

    This has to be a sad sad day for Motorola.  How many of us would have bought the Bionic had is come out even 3 months ago?  Now that is is coming out next month other phones that blow it out of the water are rumored.  I am thinking the Bionic won’t even be worth the work they put into it.  Sales will be to the folks who just see dual-core and 4G LTE together and buy it.  Not the actual phone tech junkies lol

  • Jordan Friedman

    Wait… NO KICKSTAND? I sure hope that the successor to the Vigor includes a kickstand… I love my kickstand.

    • Anonymous

      I’d take a bigger battery over a kickstand anyday. Also there is no mention of it having lte so does that mean it will be 3g? Doesn’t make sense if it is replacing the tb but since htc doesn’t seem to have a clue with battery life maybe that is why I just don’t think it is smart to release a 3g phone that late.

  • Anonymous

    If it is thinner than the iphone with lte lg may have a winning combination on its hands.

    • TheCastleGuard

      Yea if they have a dual-core processor in this phone I am thinking I will be buying it.  

  • Anonymous

    I hope my contract is over by the time the vigor come out

  • Earleepa

    I’m getting tired of waiting. Release the galaxy SII already.

  • Godfrey2009

    Droid Bionic FTW

  • Ehh

  • Ehh

  • Anonymous

    That phone Ssssssssounds like it will be a Ssssscreamer!

  • mrz1125

    Is the Vigor going to be 4G? Just asking cause I didn’t see it mentioned above like it was for the revolution 2

  • Anonymous

    Vigor scored a 35.6 on the Nenamark when it ‘leaked’. Do people even realize how terrible that is, and that most other smartphones cap out at 60 FPS?

    It’s one thing to ooh and aah at a 720P screen. But from where I’m sitting, it doesnt look like the Vigor’s hardware can handle it. And I certainly wouldnt trade anything I have for it when it comes along with a 30FPS performance drop.

  • Who cares about the Bionic…..I’ll wait for the Vigor.  Motorola is going to be sorry they didn’t put out the Bionic sooner.

  • Aading09

    HTC need to start making their phones thinner and bring me that ice cream sandwich..

  • Anonymous

    “but without the kickstand”


    I love my kickstand! 

  • Anonymous

    Revolution 2 sound like a winner…Hmmm. Throw in an OMAP and lets see what happens.

    I feel the urge to wait til next year again instead of getting the Bionic or GS2.