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Motorola: We’ll Have Another LTE Phone and 2 New LTE Tablets by the End of the Year

With the release time frame of the DROID Bionic now out of the way, we can start focusing on what Motorola has for us in the future.  CEO Sanjay Jha in today’s Q2 earnings call, would not go into intimate details (not that we were expecting him to), but he did mention his company’s plans to release all sorts of LTE products throughout the rest of the year, bringing their total to “at least” 5 devices.  Aside from the Bionic being the first dual-core 4G LTE device, Motorola will also release another LTE phone and 2 LTE tablets (not counting the original XOOM).

No mention of a carrier, but one would have to assume that at least one of these new devices will head to Verizon as the only carrier with a substantially established LTE network.  AT&T is supposed to be launching their first LTE test market some time this summer, but are not expecting devices other than hotspots to run on it until late 2011.

Could the other phone be the new AT&T device that popped up yesterday?  Possibly.  Do these two tablets include the XOOM2 which has been spotted a couple of times now?  Or maybe one will be a 7″ tablet to try and widen their portfolio?

Should be an interesting finish to 2011 for Motorola, especially with all of the frustrations of the first half of the year.  And let’s not forget, other than new devices, we still have bootloaders to talk about along with some major releases from other companies.

  • Anonymous

    Are you forgetting about Sprint? They have just signed the contract with Light Squared. That could be an option for the devices.

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like the 2010 Q4 Earnings Call when he mentioned the Bionic would be out by last April…. I’d love to dream too, unfortunately I live on Earth…

  • Yes

    Droid 3 4G!

  • ADA

    As far as I’m concerned until they ACTUALLY release something that is fully finished and works right Sanjay can go blow wind up his shareholders ass. We’ve heard his line of crap time and time again and nothing happens or changes. They are back to there death walk again like they choose with the Razr line back in the day so who really cares what he has to say anymore at this point. I know I’ve gotten to the point of just writing them off for good

  • somebody needs to really tell Motorola ….NO MORE DARN BOOTLOADERS ….

    I dont even want to wait for bionic and never buy another Motorola again in my life  

  • Fd2blk78

    Whar should I do? Bought a Droid og on launch day, upgrade is ready! Basically almost off contract now! Stuck with a shit battery thunderbolt! ( which I will be rooting soon)

  • Anonymous

    Wow so we’ve waited so long for the Bionic, the Bionic 2 is going to be released a few months after….

  • Just unlock the bootloader and leave MotoSlur OFF. {{-_-}}

  • [email protected]

    Nauseating really. The fact that he didn’t even mention the Xoom. And when you call Verizon to tell them how you feel, I was told to call Motorola. Really is a joke now. I can’t wait to see how the f*&% up the mail in update thing. I will wait and see what happens. Im sure things will be broken, ship the wrong person the wrong tablet, etc.

  • Anonymous

    You’re all a bunch of crybabies.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I gave Moto a chance with the Xoom.  It’s a good device, but Moto’s support of it and its communication to its customers has been nothing short of abysmal.  That they are releasing an LTE-enabled Xoom before upgrading the existing 3G Xooms speaks volumes about the company’s contempt for its  customers.  I don’t care if Moto releases history’s best-reviewed quad-core superphone – they’ve lost me as a customer.  My next phone will be an HTC device.   Sanjay Jha has as much credibility as a used-car salesman at this point.

  • am hoping for DROID BRAND tab!!!! how cool would that be???

  • Both the phones rocking moto blur and locked down to the ground.

    woooo yaaaa

  • Anonymous

    The Xoom will be the first 4G tablet!!! This guy is full of sh!t

  • Orlyg1521

    Moto promised a 2.0 Ghz processor 18 moths ago…. STILL WAITING!

    • that was the atrix.. what he meant was dual core 1 gig. 

  • Anonymous

    I guess I’m glad I dont invest in Moto, I no longer have any faith in what Sanjay says. It’s pretty much all bull to me to keep me buying moto now. Seems like Samsung, HTC, and potentially even Asus and LG are about to make a killing…

  • Anonymous

    Shit how about they worry about getting 1 lte phone out since every other manufacturer has one yet moto is last to the party and the tab that was supposed to be first lte tab was delayed just like their phones.

  • Anonymous

    Yawn.. really. I’m really waiting out this wave of gadgets. I think I’m going to lock up a Transformer or Samsung 10.1 as I feel they are the OG Droid of the Tablets. Then I’m going to sit back and enjoy it and my OG tethering to my tablet and wait until another real phone comes out with all the features before I go jumping.

  • No doubt the Bionic will be a great phone, as long as it’s not a buggy mess,  but if the specs are the same as we have been hearing lately then it will not be hot long at all.  The S2 if it has LTE will be a better phone in most areas. I actually am kind of happy Moto screwed up.  This way we have time to research other powerhouse phone being released soon. 

  • No doubt the Bionic will be a great phone, as long as it’s not a buggy mess,  but if the specs are the same as we have been hearing lately then it will not be hot long at all.  The S2 if it has LTE will be a better phone in most areas. I actually am kind of happy Moto screwed up.  This way we have time to research other powerhouse phone being released soon. 

  • Anonymous

    Im really not upset it took so long, I would rather them get the phone right than launch something with bugs or just completley unfinished (XOOM) Now if the phone launches and has nothing but problems I’d say its open season on Moto

    • booboolala2000

      Sounds like that season is September. 

  • Anonymous

    I think the Droid 3 is just a preview of the Bionic, the BEST is yet to come. Good things come to those with patience. I think the Bionic will be worth it. Maybe they got held up in their marketing campaign? “This could be the greatest phone that ever lived….” as Esceleto would say from “Nacho Libre” 

  • M

    LMFAO at moto Pimpin Sammy and HTC they cant get the current devices any good so will keep producing devices until we flood the market with a bunch of bullshit. Not a fanboy of any of these companys as they all blow. Fix the shit you have out now then worry about yearly device changes.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this from the same guy who said they would have dual (or was it quad) core phones by end of last year.

  • Anonymous

    That picture creeps me out.  Dude’s face looks like plastic.

    • Anonymous

      It’s because his face is running blur.

  • Anonymous

    Now if someone can PLEASE finally confirm if the GSII has 4G LTE or not, we will be practically set until Nexus 3 rumors start flying everywhere. 
    Just the princibalities of it, I will go with the Galaxy II now. I find it offensive that Moto waited so long to release what is now in other phones (photon anyone?). Yes I know the exact specs STILL have not been revealed, just rude of them to ignore us like this. Apparently they want to go head to head with the new iphone now. Thought that was Sammy’s job? 

    • It already has been confirmed.

      • When and where?  Link! or it didn’t happen…

  • Dave

    I don’t think Moto has what it takes to survive for long. 

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  • I am not mad at the fact that the Bionic is being released this late.  What frustrates me so much is the total lack of communication Motorola and Verizon have with their customers.  I do not expect either to just come out and tell us every detail, that would be foolish.  How hard would it been to touch base with current or potential customers on pricing, specs, and instead of summer how about late summer.  I feel bad for the people who were assured a quick LTE update for the Xoom and now the Xoom 2 is on the way and they still do not have their update!  It’s clear that Moto or Verizon care little about us and more about quarterly profit. 

    • They want you to buy phones NOW.

    • Turboale

      Not mad about the release date???  Are you serious?  Your happy to pay $300 for a phone that is already out on sprint, is also 4G and isn’t stuck with tiered data bs.  Not to mention the fact that in 2 more months its going to be blown out of the water by the next gen of processors/GPUs?  I’m generally not one to wait but the addition of a gpu is quite a significant upgrade.

  • How about just getting my Xoom the 4g UPDATE already?!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even feel bad broken recording: What about your first LTE tablet?

  • losing a lot of faith from your customers

  • You can take your LTE and locked bootloaders and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

  • Sucky sucky, Sanjay.

    I’m supporting HTC and Samsung. Moto just doesn’t seem to have “it” anymore.

    • Seems with the success of the OG DROID, they got cocky and recycled sequel designs and started being careless.  Well, there ride is close to being over since they reported a net loss for Q2

    • Anonymous

      What’s samsung’s track record for updating the OS on their phones?  I thought they sucked too.  

      • Anonymous

        Motorola updates the OS pretty quickly I would say, Samsung took months for the Fascinate to get even Froyo which it should have launched with

        • Updates are the carriers doing.  The carrier gets the updates sent to them, they “tweak” it and put there crapware on it, and then approve it.  Once its approved they set up a schedule to roll it out.  Motorola has some sort of an agreement with Verizon that they have priority to get updates.  They confirmed this when they said that the Motorola phones would receive Gingerbread first, which the Droid X did but thanks to bugs it was pulled and then the Droid Incredible 2 got its turn.

          it should really come down to when and how fast the manufacturer can make the update.

          it should also really be like the EVO 3D where the manufacturer can push updates on its own without the carrier involved.

        • Stelv81

          Yes Samsung sucks too. I owned phones from all three. HTC is the only quality Android manufacturer now. Hopefully they can fix tb issues though. The Inc2 is awesome.

      • Anonymous

        But atleast samsung and htc are unlocked so you can load custom roms and have the latest os months before an official ota and usually they are better with no bloat like the carriers stick on the phones.

        • Anonymous

          They are not unlocked, they are just not locked down to the extent of Moto’s stuff.  HTC has not unlocked any of their phones yet, they have only said they would.  Regardless, there are work arounds for most of Moto’s phones just like HTC’s and Samsung’s, CM7 and MIUI are available for the Droid X and 2 btw.  Also the Atrix is fully unlocked whether intentional or not.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry I should have said not encrypted. Well Samsung’s arent anyway htc went in the other direction with locking down their phones.

    • yea that why “it” sold out the first day

  • Dukeuni

    Thank you for the picture-  I now have my new dart target!

    • Anonymous

      A little extreme don’t you think?

      • not for john mclane

        • EC8CH

          come out to the coast…
          we’ll get together…
          have a few laughs…

      • Dukeuni

        Nope-  extreme would be to put a bulls-eye on it and use it for target practice.  I think a little dart board picture is just fine 😉 

    • Adam Elghor

      50 points if you hit his eye, 100 if you hit his brain…if you can even find it

  • Hey Kellex, did they refer to the Bionic as the first dual core 4G LTE phone as a company product or as a device that would be launching first? if so, thats not good news for us Galaxy SII fans…

    • Droidx2 User

      well he promised first lte tablet, so…

      • You raised a good point there, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the first LTE tablet.  Kudos to Samsung for getting that title and its amazing speeds that Engadget managed to get.  Very impressive for such a “SLIM” device.  Almost confirms the Galaxy SII will have LTE with the same slim design 🙂

  • Zach

    I bet their new tablets will be all blurred up.

  • Anyone know where I can get this guys email?  I really don’t even care if he gets it,  but its worth a try.

  • Anonymous
  • daniel walsh

    f u c k motorola.

  • Booboolala2000

    Screw off motorola. Until you do right by me, everything you do is gonna fail. That was stolen from The Color Purple. Hope it works!

  • daniel walsh

    this is bs

  • Lallymonster

    As a day one adopter of the 3g Xoom, naturally, I’m ecstatic about talk of other 4g capable tablets since mine still doesn’t have the 4G support it was marketed to be receiving shortly after launch.  

  • Lallymonster

    As a day one adopter of the 3g Xoom, naturally, I’m ecstatic about talk of other 4g capable tablets since mine still doesn’t have the 4G support it was marketed to be receiving shortly after launch.  

    • Anonymous

      Ecstatic? I’d be pissed!

      • Anonymous

        I think the sarcasm was implied there. 🙂

        • Lallymonster

          Well, the sarcasm was marketed as being there shortly after posting, but has yet to come to fruition.

      • Lallymonster

        I am.  Sorry, I was being sarcastic and sometimes that gets lost in translation on teh internetz.  My whole family each picked up a Xoom on opening day and while we love them for what they can do, we also despise them for what we were told they’d be able to do.  The release of the 4G Galaxy Tab stings.  I believe the XOOM is the least Moto product we as a family will purchase (all have owned OG Droids and Droid 2’s)  Even with the monumental issues I’ve had with my Thunderbolt, it at least does what I was told it would do when I purchased it.  

        • Lallymonster

          edit:  what we were told they’d be able to do, but don’t.**

  • Meh

    To little too late

  • Anonymous

    Titile should be changed toMotorola: We’ll Have Our First LTE Phone and Our First 2 LTE Tablets by the End of the Year

    • Should be changed to: We’ll Have Our First LTE Phone and Our First LTE Tablet by the End of Next Year.

  • 50 bucks says EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. is delayed into next year.

  • Droidx2 User

    all talk no action -.- where is our bionic

  • Anonymous

    Xoom 2
    Motorola Tablet for AT&T. 
    Motorola Dinara (AT&T) or Droid HD (Verizon)

    Just my guesses.