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Andy Rubin: Over 500,000 Android Devices Activated Each Day

Just last month at Google I/O, we were told that over 400,000 Android devices were activated on a daily basis, but today that number has jumped up and over 500,000 according to Andy Rubin.  The timing of this tweet couldn’t have been better, as iOS fan-tech-pundits have been on a rampage lately with the “Android has peaked, iOS will crush it with version 5 and the next iPhone!”  articles while sourcing a variety of random statistics and metrics.  All I can say, is that you’d have to be a fool to really think that this massive Android train will come to a screeching halt in September.  In fact, Android as a mobile OS is so far beyond iOS now, that it’s almost not worth doing comparisons anymore.

They both have completely different approaches to everything that they do, and there is nothing wrong with that.  There is no denying that the i*hone is an iconic device and one that has this massive following, but I guess I’ve just been under the impression that most of us had moved beyond the seriousness of the this vs. that silliness of it all?  Well, it seems like we sure are on the Android side of things – just don’t expect the iPeople to stop with their giant white-lettered pot shots during presentations or from their crew of “analysts” who will do and say anything to hike up that stock price.

500,000 though.  Wow.

Cheers Pops!

  • I don’t even follow this guy on Twitter anymore.  He Tweets so seldom that when he does, it will end up in my RSS feed via some site blogging about what he said.

  • Anonymous

    How is he an Apple fan for pointing out that the witty statement above was false? Ridiculous.

  • i believe it we activate about 2-3 android devices upgrades/new lines every week day and a whole bunch on weekends, so just think about it out of all carriers activating android phones around the world multiply it by how many stores….pretty good amount.

  • d-roids

    case in point, anything with iOS attached to it is obsolete. 

  • Wow. That’s over 180M a year. Damn. 

  • Anonymous

    Dual core and quad core mean nothing until the OS and apps are optimized for them.

  • ItsJustAnOS

    “In fact, Android as a mobile OS is so far beyond iOS now, that it’s almost not worth doing comparisons anymore.”

    ” but I guess I’ve just been under the impression that most of us had moved beyond the seriousness of the this vs. that silliness of it all? Well, it seems like we sure are on the Android side of things”

    I don’t think you’ve moved on yet. Who gives a shit about the iPhone, Apple and Steve Jobs? Stop mentioning them and bashing them every chance you get and maybe things would be different. You attack the Apple fanboys while qt tje same time you are the leader of the Android fanboys. Ironic much?

  • Just out of curiosity how many of those activations are new equipment?  and how many are and how many are rooters “reactivations”? 

    (I know I know I’m sure one of you will link me to the full statement where it’s new equipment, but I had to be the one to ask?)

  • Amenemhat1

    Aside from the i*phne rant, what about the legal battle of microsoft vs any phone manufacturer sporting Android. Sadly, MS is winning the fight…

    If 500K android devices are activated each day, MS has a huge opp to make $$ on patent infringements than being competitive (those trolls!!!)

    Seems like MS makes $5 for every HTC phone sold. Meaning MS makes more $$ from HTC Android devices than their very own WinMo devices…Anyways, Here is a link on the latest MS vs. Android legal battles: http://blog.seattlepi.com/microsoft/2011/06/03/microsoft-nets-major-win-in-ongoing-motorola-android-lawsuits/

    • Anonymous

      Microsoft is pathetic, a dying dinosaur lashing out before they go down.  Barnes & Noble and Motorola are both contending their nonsense rather than lying down and they’re winning because Microsoft’s patent claims are complete horseshit.

  • i frequent the i*hone forum tipb alot and they pretty much have 3 or 4 articles per week about how ios is better and how its crushing or will crush android. ive noticed that most all android forums dont even mention ios ever anymore. so nice to see a more mature approach

    • RW-1


      Well, you know what they say … Scared people/sites/blogs get pretty defensive don’t they?

      And I like the Driz’s comment below, there is no need to worry about Apple when Android is already where it is. The natural continuation and expansion of the OS will keep it above par for a while .

      • its ridiculous, anytime i leave even the smallest comment stating a negative fact about ios im called a trolling fag by like 10 1st graders. i happen to prefer android over ios and it is a fact that android is far more advanced that ios. any rational person would agree to that but i guess most ios users just arent rational

        • This is where you go wrong. If you prefer one over the other that is perfectly reasonable. However when you say Android is more “advanced” its laughable. Apple makes design and function decisions. You may not like the “features” they leave out but they do it for a reason. 

    • Anonymous

      You must not visit here often then.

      • haha as far as maturity or os bashing? this is the first article ive seen on here even mentioning the iphone in ages….apparently YOU must not visit here often

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  • Anonymous

    I agree. I’m so sick of hearing about how the newest Android phone will be the “iPhone killer.” Really? We don’t even need to kill the iPhone. Android is obviously an established platform. There’s really no need anymore for an iPhone killer, I think we are past that.

    • Treknologist

      You’re right.  It seems we’ve now entered into a new era, the era where iPhone is looking for an “Android Killer.”  Based on articles on PC World and AOL (both written by clear fans of the iPhone), the iPhone 5 will be the end of Android.  So, you see, now the iPhone 5 will be called the “Android Killer.”  Seems the tables have changed.  😉

      • Anonymous

        Great observation. I hadn’t looked at it like that. That’s quite entertaining 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, the end of android by adding a bunch of android features, calling them revolutionary while claiming credit and adding a bigger screen.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I’m so sick of hearing about how the newest Android phone will be the “iPhone killer.” Really? We don’t even need to kill the iPhone. Android is obviously an established platform. There’s really no need anymore for an iPhone killer, I think we are past that.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really proud for Android to build up so strong in the market. This is only going to make Apple and Android better in the long run.

  • I’ve activiated two other OG Droids via inssurance claims…so basically I have activated 3 Droids.  Is that factored into these numbers? 

  • BroRob

    Everything has iPod/Phone/Pad integration from car
    stereos to home theater systems and alarm clocks. In my opinion it’s one of the
    reasons they keep selling their sub-par toys. I WISH the manufacturers would
    start adding integration through the micro-USB that comes with every Android
    phone!! Until then I think apple will still rule the market.

    • RW-1

      Accessories in general for any phone thru third parties have sucked.

      Let’s face it, until the Droid kicked in, there was no popular alternative to an iPhone, now there is.

      Accessory manufacturers need to now jump on the bandwagon if not already. Nothing more there.

    • Anonymous

      How can manufacturers do that? Micro-USB slots are in soo many places on smartphones, it would be impossible for a manfacturer to make a dock that works for the Droid Charge AND the Droid Pro. Two completely different form factors.

  • WormDoes

    Coming soon to iOS6 all your apps located in one easy to see place. We’re calling it our app cabinet

    • Apple’s had that since 2007.  It’s Android that’s made you work to actually see your apps.

      • Anonymous

        Work? Pressing one button on a touchscreen is work? You are going to have a tough life ahead of you if you call that work.

        • The point is that an iOS user doesn’t even have to do that.  They’re right there. And they’re organized into folders if you like.  Sony Ericsson’s 2011 Xperia phones can do that, but it’s not a common Android feature.

          • Anonymous

            not quite sure what you mean.  Folders have been in android since before iOS, and it’s easy to put all your apps on your homescreen if you want.  Just that most people don’t want that, as many would rather have cleaner and/or more informative things like widgets on their homescreen(s).

          • Anonymous

            iOS didn’t have folders until mid last year.

        • guest

          Seriously.  I like a clean desktop on my PC and my phone.  I like that my apps are hidden under a menu so I can see and customize my homescreen with only the things I want.  iPhone is for old folks, women, and non-technical people.  Not trying to offend anyone, thats just the way it is.  We have 30+ technicians and no iPhones.  There are however 2 iPhones in our department.  Both managers that can barely operate their PC’s.

          Apple is scared.  Thats why they are releasing 2 iPhones and copied Android OS for iOS5.  And can we stop with the stupid “i” for every device? 

          “If you dont have an iPhone, then your probably not a women and old person and are technical.”

          Use whatever platform you want.  I don’t care but you won’t see me on any Apple sights saying that Android is better because I already know it’s far better.  Fanbois, you came here.  We didn’t come to you.

      • Granted

        once again I’m amazed to see an apple fan on here. did your feelings get hurt by some post, or have you read all your normal websites and jacked too much, so now you’re bored and want to fill that self deprecating void inside by posting and attempting to start arguments on a website that isn’t even geared towards you? or did mommy and daddy ignore you too much, or possibly daddy gave you too much “attention”?

        • Attack the issue, not the person, if you want to win.

          I follow many sites — even Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone pages — I may like the iPhone the most, but I like elements of many platforms, too, and don’t shut my eyes like you.  It just disgusts me that there’s so much immaturity in the comments on this story.

          Apple does some things better.  Google does some things better.  The problem is that Android fans are increasingly becoming the same zealots they claim only exist on the iPhone side: convinced they, and only they, know the One True Way and that if only everyone stopped using all other platforms they’d see the light.

      • Breakmyfootoff

        Thats because Android is an OS that includes an app laucher, iOS is basically just an app launcher and nothing else.

    • Apple’s had that since 2007.  It’s Android that’s made you work to actually see your apps.

  • ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!

  • Big C

    my friend was considering an iPhone over an Adroid phone. I told her it wasnt even worth comparing because Android is far ahead. I mean dual core? Apple will copy that later and call it progress, but by then we’d have quad core phones!

  • Anonymous

    Hey kellex you gotta help me here but his is android way beyond iOS, you know it’s a mobile is right. Android not doing that well in tablets. Im not trolling it’s a serious question iOS is not just iPhone & android is not just smartphones

    • Anonymous

      Not trying to offend but I really could not understand what you were trying to say…

      From what I did gather though:
      I think that Android is not doing good in the tablet world because they are coming in “fragmented” and the one iconic device that came out first was a bust (Xoom). Not saying the Xoom isn’t good but with the high price and lack of key features well after launch they really screwed up. If they would have basically made an OG Droid Tablet then I think the tablet world would look much different now. 

  • trumpet444

    Very true. Android is way past iOS5, and it’s not (officially) available yet. They’re playing catch up but still calling it’s (ios5) new features “revolutionary”. Yeah, in 2007 they would’ve been. Oh, and I have an ipad myself (there are no good music studio apps yet for android) and there are things I still can’t do jailbroken that I can do with my stock android tablets/phones

  • I Love Android.

  • Jbernard703

    Android’s mobile phone market share has shrunk for the first time.
    Verizon’s iPhone has halted android’s market share.
    iOS is more used than android.
    iOS devices have sold more than android devices.
    Android was able to grow at it’s past pace due to apple being available on only one carrier.

    Android is not going under. It will continue to be the pepsi of the mobile OS world.

    • trumpet444

      And iOS is smirnoff ice

      • James_Ever

        I was gonna say Pabst which smells like piss but yours is just as good.

    • Anonymous

      Ummmm no, iOS is doing just fine. I hate getting into marketshare but iOS has more marketshare then android because there both mobile os’s. They both mimire then just phones, android doing well in smartphones but not so much in pmp or tablets. iOS is doing awesome in all 3z

    • Anonymous

      The iPhone was only on one carrier in the US because of Apple, they have only themselves and their greed to blame.  It has been available on every carrier in Europe and android is still far ahead.  Logic proves your assertions wrong.  Android was developed as a mobile phone OS, it only recently entered the tablet market currently dominated by the iPad and its year long head start and Apple is riding the pmp market on their iPod brand.  Apples and oranges.  The supposed market variation is just a standard fluctuation Apple has experienced many times yet has remained relatively unchanged.  Their marketshare did not jump when the iPhone became available on Verizon, it was minimal at best.

      • You are an idiot. You have no clue what you are talking about. Please attend community college and start your education. 

        • always so articulate mr bernard

        • Anonymous

          Go jump off a bridge assclown.

  • Anonymous

    iOS has stuck with its Mac-like approach while Android is more similar to Windows (it may be open source, but you have to negotiate licensing with Google if you want the Google Apps suite). The licensing approach is winning out, just like it did in the PC market.

    Although I’m sure that Apple would have loved to have every human being on the planet carrying an iPhone, the mobile market is large enough (as this statistic shows!) that they’ll continue to collect significant profits from iOS.

    This really isn’t all that surprising.

    • RW-1


      It is exactly why Android will stand a better chance in the long run for being used, unless Apple starts counting the Chinese knockoff market in their numbers  🙂

      The OS can stand that fragmentation, however, FW’s basic premise is this:

      More device manufacturers = more choice. This is how it went down with PC’s, and it will go the same way IF we want to compare Apple to Android. This is not a flame, just a fact.

      Further down the line we can see any mobile OS device taking on the best properties of both, because if you are striving for the best combination of features, eventually you arrive at a union, one “type” with common features.

      • Apple should count chinese knock offs. Android counts phones sold for $39.99 unsubsidized in Asia. 

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this will mean that the manufacturers will step up the quality of devices.  I would really like a phone that is on par with the iphone 4 in terms of asthetics and build quality.  I love the features of Android, but I really like Apple’s designs (with a bigger screen).  Unfortunately, I think this means we’ll be seeing more crap phones too,

    • Anonymous

      I’d say the Galaxy S II is as attractive as anything out there.

      • Anonymous

        It’s very attractive, I’m just saying the build quality (not the guts) of the ip4 is superior to what android has right now.  Kind of like a high end watch with great fit and finish, but usually doesn’t tell time as well as a timex, citizen, or casio.

        • Anonymous

          The thing is made out of glass, give me a damn break.  You may hold form above all else and not mind having a shattered phone when you drop it but I personally prefer a phone that’s well built and will withstand more force.  Motorola and HTC both make phones better built (HTC is sort of a mix) than Apple and with antennas that aren’t flawed, design is purely subjective.

  • dima

    Does this include activations we do when we update the baseband or factory reset etc?

    • Not according to Google.

    • no but it does include phone’s sold for 49.99 without the android market or google app suite.

      • thats perfect, im sure if they could apple would count ipods as activations too

        • They do. $200 iPod touch which runs a full version of iOS with full access to App Store. 

  • Anonymous

    “If you don’t have an iPhone, you do have one of the 500,000 of devices activated daily, and, you don’t have an iPhone.”

    • Anonymous

      Who wants an iPhone?  😉

      • Anonymous

        Apparently anyone who doesn’t have one. Because, well, they don’t have one…

      • Anonymous

        Apparently anyone who doesn’t have one. Because, well, they don’t have one…

        • Anonymous

          That’s funny, because I know plenty of people without iPhones who don’t want to have an iPhone.  Plus I know an iPhone user who wants to get the next nexus phone.

          Their logic is flawed. 😉

      • 50% of all Europeans and 50% of all U.S. teens and 30% of current Verizon Android users. 

    • If you are not an iDiot then you are one of the 500,000 smart people getting new devices everyday, and, you are not an iDiot. 

      There, fixed for you

  • Slllllyyy

    People need to stop saying that iOS and Android are good for there own reasons.

    Fact is: iOS sucks. It’ll never change. 

    • There “change” is called copying every other smartphone OS and then calling it their own.

      • Never mind that Android’s UI looked a lot like a BlackBerry interface in 2007 and then mysteriously looked a lot like an iPhone’s in 2008.  They even assumed that you’d be doing much of your control through a D-pad.

        Companies grab good ideas all the time.  Android had some first, but it wouldn’t be the touch-focused platform it is if it weren’t for Apple.

        • Anonymous

          There were a lot of touch based phones before the idevices. That’s just another reinforcement that they take others ideas and convince everyone that they had it first. It was in evolution before the idevices and would have wound up in the same place either way. It’s just been adapted to peoples preferences in every evolution of software/hardware.

    • Fact is: people who say “iOS sucks, it’ll never change” are as narrow-minded as the fans they try to attack.

      Try to approach an OS from something than your own specific conditions and you’ll see why Apple is still doing very well for itself.

      • Anonymous

        It’s quite simple really.  Apple is doing well for itself because they make their products stupid simple (thus easy to use), emphasize form over function and have the best marketing department in the world combined with a media and zealous fanatics that adore them, nothing more.  They are a shitty company that takes others ideas then claims them as their own, lies and distorts facts to their own benefit and sues or threatens to in order to attempt to put their competition out of business; the brainwashed masses are utterly clueless or simply don’t care.  Their brand has become a fashion statement akin to the Gucci or Armani of electronics and thus many of its fans are pompous pricks who look down on anything without the fruit logo while replying that you’re just a poor loser who can’t afford it if you don’t own their garbage.

        Fact: Android’s features are far and above the massively hyped iOS based iProducts.  Apple has added about 30 features to iOS over the last two years that are more or less direct copies of features primarily from android but also from other operating systems and it’s still far behind unless you jailbreak.  I won’t even go into the implications of free and open versus limited and closed.

  • I agree.  The “this vs. that” is very silly.  Just enjoy what you have and do not worry about anyone else.

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  • DroidzFX


    No I have nothing to contribute to this article.