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Verizon’s Data Usage Calculator Can Help You Decide a Tiered Plan Already

Since the confirmations have come from a variety of Verizon representatives after our initial report on tiered data, we know for sure now that these plans are coming July 7.  As you also know, we received reports that pegged the tiers at $30 for 2GB, $50 for 5GB and $80 for 10GB which has probably led many of you to wonder which you should consider if you were to for some reason lose your unlimited plan.  Thankfully (yes, that’s snark), Big Red has this fun little data calculator that can estimate how much data you use in a month.  As you can see above, we went relatively extremely conservative, leaving out streaming video and still managed to eclipse 2.75GB.

So what can we gather from this tool?  That the majority of you will strongly consider jumping up to the 5GB tier which costs $20 more than your current unlimited plan.  Since you are charged $10 per 1GB after going over your allotment of data on the 2GB plan, you’ll be sold on the $50 plan since it’s like you are getting a “free” 1GB of data.  That’s right, if you were to go with the 2GB tier and then use say 4.5GB for the month, you’ll be charged $60 when you could have just purchased the 5GB tier and only topped out at $50.  Sneaky right?  Don’t think that was unintentional.

Fortunately for all existing customers, it’s looking more and more likely that we will be able to renew and upgrade for a least a period of time without having to give up our current unlimited plan.  (Please continue to cross those fingers for the next 3 weeks.)

You can calculate your smartphone usage here.

Cheers Brandon!

  • Bretfeltman

    Well I’ve always had verizon in the past but going forward if I need a new line of service i definitely won’t be stepping into a verizon store they’ve always been expensive but they’ve crossed the line greedy bastards verizon you can go f*** yourself!

  • Tomlynch41

    Wouldn’t it be considered a “material” change in the contract if your “unlimited” plan was taken away and changed to any other type not beneficial to you?

    A material change would negate the contract and void the relationship allowing you to leave VZW immediately and get sumpthin’  else. Like thos guys that sell “EVERYTHING” for $45 a month on the VZW system………. 

  • Edgar

    So if I have this down right then 3G=4G which means that since I have unlimited 3G I can upgrade to the Bionic and have unlimited 4G?

  • if big red seriously pushes dis BS on us im Saying screw verizon and head over to sumone who cares

  • This calculator sucks. Just go to your bill and look at what you are actually using and go from there. I averaged up my last 6 months and it was just under 1 GB a month. On a Tbolt, 4G area, stream pandora about an hour a day, surf the web and download a rom once a week or so.

  • Rain_king46

    I ran it. The result was “Sorry bro, your f*cked”..

  • Rain_king46

    I ran it. The result was “Sorry bro, your f*cked”..

  • Michael Dunigan

    According to their calculator… Smart Phone access of 50 pages per day is 2.2 gb / month.  3G/4G mobile broadband 50 pages per day is 0.57gb/month.  Smartphone web surfing consumes that much more data????

    • Anonymous

      So a computer uses 1/4 of the data to do the same thing (1/4 of the network strain), and they DON’T want us tethering?

  • Anonymous

    If you use Netflix, chances are the biggest plan still isn’t enough.

  • rs

    What about using GPS???  There’s no calculator for that! 
    How the  he!! do I calculate a 20 hr road trip using GPS nonstop??
    The reps won’t say anything. >I  Anyone know from experience about this?? Plz help, thank you!

  • Do you really send 50 text only emails per day? 50 websites a day?  Maybe upload 10 pictures per day… Set all your drop downs to say month instead of day, its a more realistic assumption.  I have an unlimited plan for work and I probably only send 50 text emails per month at that…  

    • Anonymous

      My niece sent a massive 5142 mssgs last month. It seems crazy to me as I usually have less than 20 but…

      • texts or emails? Texts aren’t in your data. I sent 4964 last month and i have unlimited texts.

        • Anonymous

          Oh, I guess I thought it was.

  • nessa

     says i use around 12gb

  • Anonymous

    yeah, i’m gonna get the 4g phone b4 the 7th, just used this thing and doing what i normally do got me 3gigs…no thanks…time to call vzw and see if i can get my n2 moved up 2 weeks

  • ricky siebold

    WOW.   just did my data conversion chart deal and it shows me at 4 gigs.   Just looked at last months bill (keep in mind both my wife and I have t-bolts).   She who rarely uses her phone (the biggest hog I can think of is she streams Sirius, other than that it’s facebook and yelp) was over 5 gigs, I was over 8.   It is pointless to have a 4g phone if you’re tiered.   What a joke. 

    • ricky siebold

      and by the way neither of us tether. 

  • Jammer71477

    The only thing I see being calculated is how bad I’m getting screwed if I renew my phone in December as I’m supposed to. Because I no longer have access to a computer at home, I go thru at least 4 gigs of data monthly if not more. I use my smartphone for the mini computer it’s intended to be, and I even watched streaming House MD episodes on it. They should allow those of us that are customers in good standing to keep our data plans. I was worried when Verizon bought out Alltel but it was actually cheaper to become a Verizon customer in some aspects. Now I wish my sisters and I would have finished our contract out and went to Sprint or US Cellular. My belief was that if I was getting good phone service I wouldn’t mind paying for it,but I’ll be damned if I’m paying an extra $20 per month for data.

  • I would like to know who gets a number below 2gb with this Calc… I reach 2gb every 2-3 months, but this thing says I need 5gb! (I use wifi a LOT, even with a thunderbolt, even though wifi is slower by 5 fold)

  • Dongwenal

    What should I do I’m on family plan 3 unlimited 2are smart phones.2 upgrades this april is up my Droid up august should I upgrade before July 7.

  • Anonymous

    9.93 gigs a month…I’m screwed…

  • Remember when cell phone bills used to go down over time?  I remember when they first came out for the average consumer, it was some ungodly amount of money for like 400 minutes.  Are we on the bottom of a bell curve now, and the prices are gonna go back up?  Doesn’t make sense, seeing as how technology gets cheaper as it advances.

  • Cat Williams

    This should be relevant to everyone’s interests here: http://www.androidcentral.com/verizons-new-data-plans-broken-down-complete-detail

    • “EXISTING CUSTOMERS- That current have the unlimited data WILL BE ABLE TO UPGRADE AND KEEP the unlimited data feature (No known end date on this as of this moment)”
      Praise Jebus!

      • Cat Williams

        Yeah the “no known end date” is a little scary, but at least we know we are safe for now.

      • Cat Williams

        Yeah the “no known end date” is a little scary, but at least we know we are safe for now.

      • RW-1

        The end date will conveinantly be the day before you choose to walk in and upgrade … wink wink wink ….

  • Professor X

    I can upgrade at a discount now… I never had a smartphone before but I know I will be using it a lot.  I’m always checking this site for news and app updates so I can tell my co-workers to update their apps! 🙂

    I want to upgrade before the tier data plan kicks in, but I think I also want a 4G phone.  However, the reviews I see for the Charge and TBolt don’t really see me.   The Droid Incredible 2 sounds a lot sexier, but no 4G 🙁

    My city will have 4G by the end of the summer so I know it’ll be here… I also don’t want to be with a phone for 2 years I didn’t necessarily want.  But also, anything will be an improvement over my Samsung Rogue!

    Can anyone help me out here?  I have a couple weeks to decide!

    • Professor X

      However, the reviews I see for the Charge and TBolt don’t really *sell me.  Oops.

    • RW-1

      What discount? There are no more discounts, you will get the phone at a reduced rate, and get screwed in the new plans … it evens out, they are worse than car dealerships now.

  • How about we just keep our unlimited plans & leave this exercise for the noobs, m’kay?

    And when will VZW just treat SMS TXT messages the same as data?  Big, festering sore there VZW!

  • Anonymous

    Pardon my language, but this is such bullshit.

  • Sylense

    Oh great. As if we didn’t already know how much we were getting f**ked over they went through the trouble of developing a nice little calculator. Now I know how strokes it will take before Big Red jizzes all over its customers faces. Thanks alot.

    sidenote: I wonder how much money WE spent for them to develop this nifty little tool

  • So… am I the only one who would SAVE money? The only time I hit 2GB was when I was on vacation and away from my computer for nearly a month… I spent a lot of time on pandora, texting friends back home and looking up restaurants and using maps…

    I was able to do a lot and only hit 2GB…

    In reference to above screenshot… really? FIFTY Websites a day on your phone? Look up from your phone once in a while, geeze… =S

    • Anonymous

      How would you save money?
      Now – $30 for unlimited
      7/7 – $30 for 2GB
      Same money for less service.

      You also fail to think ahead. The biggest data use is for video. There are a lot of apps just coming out, like Netflix, and HBO which will use up that bandwidth. Even if you are ok now, you are crippling your future use.

  • Anonymous

    WiFi does not count towards your data usage. Data usage is only based upon what you do while on 3G/4G.

  • Nyreyn

    Wouldn’t it be a breach of contact if verizon moved you from unlimited to tiered data?

    • Yep. They can’t move you to tiered legally until either your current contract is up or there is an action on your part causing a reset by a plan change/new subsidized phone. Forcing you out of unlimited now would be a breach of contract on their behalf and you could just walk away, or sue if they tried to hit you with an ETF.

  • They need Family Share Plan minute options expanded.  1400 with vzw-vzw and friends and family is too much…need to offer a 800 plan with vzw-vzw and friends and family that is cheaper.